Broke Down Car

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She looked out the door towards the curb. Peeking out from behind her front door, which was cracked open slightly, she saw some big kid or guy standing over his car. She couldn’t quite tell. She wasn’t wearing her contacts. He seemed like a taller guy and a younger looking kid from a distance. She wasn’t able to tell. The car had stalled out. Parked out front of her house with its hood up, steam definitely was pouring out from the engine.

She found a pair of glasses and put those on. He was a rather cute looking guy but in her estimation he was rather young. A tall guy standing about 6’4″, he had a husky body. Heftier with wide shoulders and muscular legs, he wasn’t fat by any stretch; just a big guy. It caught her attention right away. He weighed around 250 in her approximation.

“He’s a good looking boy that’s for sure” she first said aloud. “No don’t you go out there and help him out” she told herself. “You don’t know him at all. He could be some kind of weirdo or freak. No don’t do that to yourself. Don’t go thinking he’s a nice boy who needs help” she kept thinking.

“You’re gonna get yourself in trouble like you did a few years back with that other kid you thought you’d help out. Look what happened with….” she began to recall. “Just don’t even think about going and putting something on. Well getting dressed to help the young man out, it’s not gonna hurt anyone. I’ll at least put on a robe” contradicting herself.

“No Karen stop it! Stop kidding yourself woman! Boy he’s a handsome guy he is” she again said contradicting herself once more.

Karen Harper, one very attractive and full figured woman was all alone one Saturday. Her husband had decided to play another round of golf because of a wager he placed with some friends.

The young man out by the curb with his stalled car troubled her, but it intrigued her too much to be ignored. She didn’t like that he was having troubles however he was nicely dressed. He had a respectable haircut. He wore a sharp looking polo shirt with equally nice looking shorts. He looked like a good kid once she watched him a few minutes from behind the crack of her door.

He looked around to houses around him. Nobody was stirring outside their homes. Karen went and put on a robe. She put in her contacts. She brushed her hair. She came downstairs, opened her front door, and stepped outside. She looked happy in her early attire especially for someone who hadn’t showered or put on her makeup yet.

She called out to him asking if there was something wrong. She knew there was. She asked if she could do something for him. She wanted to help out at first. Anything would be helpful, she thought. Besides as she walked a bit closer, he was a lot better looking. She walked to the middle of her yard but no closer. She smiled as he looked up. He didn’t look that young any longer.

Looking up towards her he found it odd she stood smiling at him. She was pretty though while standing in her robe and holding a cup her coffee. It didn’t bother him. “Don’t you have a cell phone to call somebody for some help” the soft spoken woman asked. He said it wasn’t charged. She looked at him and gave in to her impulsive behavior.

“Then come on up I guess” she told him in a drawn out voice as though it was a bother. Waving him towards her house and turning towards it too, she said in the same hesitant tone “You can use my phone but only if you’re going to be trustworthy. Come on in I guess.”

He didn’t want to bother anyone. He hesitated at first. Slowly walking her way he wondered why a stranger would help out. She got prettier each step he took towards her. Seeing her eyes, he liked the comfort of them while following behind her. Even though she was bigger her plus size figure did not bother him. Her physical features were rather magnetic. They were attractive in a way. She was a pretty woman. Even though she probably was 10 maybe 15 years older then him from what he could tell it didn’t seem to bother him.

Realistically she was only 12 years older. He was 24. Age didn’t matter bother either. They were compatible personalities. She was already impressed. She told herself she liked the guy. She was on a mission. She gave into whimsical feelings. Dreams she occasionally had about guys stared her straight in the face. She was tickled pink. She tried remaining rational keeping her composure.

It had been several years since her one other affair. That boy was some 18 year old college freshman. Thinking back only made her smile. That young man was such a great guy; one special lover she recalled. Maybe this will be similar?

“No I’m a happily married woman. I am right? Ohhhh but he’s so cute and that body of his…”

“Come on inside. Here call someone you know. Your parents, brother, sister, or someone you know. Do you need to look up a number?” He said yes. She pulled out a phone book, sat down next to him, and looked up numbers of names he gave her. She loved it! “May I get you something to şişli escort drink?”

“Ohh and by the way I’m Mrs. Harper but please call me Karen. And you are” asking him as though she had been familiar with him for a while. She felt comfortable in his presence. It was easy to feel that way.

“Oh I’m sorry mam. I’m sorry” he replied reaching around to shake her hand and introducing himself. He tried hard not to look at any of her attire. Underneath the robe she only wore a bra and panties.

It dawned on him that’s what was underneath. “Thank you for helping me out” he told her as he looked away from her. “I appreciate it.” She wanted him to look at her robe. He called one number after another of those he knew off the top of his head. Nobody was home; nobody answered. He looked up a few other numbers and all his buddies weren’t around either. He was frustrated. She really wanted to help him out at that point.

“Umm I might be able to help you, but well you have to do me a favor first. Let me get a shower first. Can I put you outside for a few minutes? I suppose you could stay inside but well for the moment I’d be more comfy if you were outside while I showered.”

“If I make you some toast and juice can you sit out on the porch while I get a quick shower? So I can get dressed properly? Then you can come back in and we can figure this all out. Sit out back. I’ll make you some toast and get you some juice.”

He thanked her, said yes to the toast and juice, and sat on her back porch waiting for her. Within 15 minutes she was showered, completely dressed, and hair and makeup looking impeccable. She came down in a flattering pair of Capri pants, which surprisingly looked great on her wide set of hips. A short sleeve tee looked great on her too. The full figured housewife rushed through to be with her unexpected guest. She looked forward to being entertained or entertaining him for as long as possible. She helped out those in need.

Tim Baker, in his day, was an all state defensive lineman. In college he had some success in football too. Due to a career ending injury his football playing days were over. Now graduated from the local university he only played recreational sports.

Karen being Karen discovered many of his unknown talents. She quickly became more fond of him. She liked him right away. A seemingly good guy, he was well behaved.

Inside and talking, she asked him about everything including if he had a girlfriend. It made him uncomfortable and blush. “You should have one. I mean you are a handsome guy Tim Baker. A guy as handsome, as tall, and as intelligent as you are well even I’d be lucky to have a hunk like you. Any woman would.” She was flirting. He didn’t know it.

He thanked her but didn’t know why she was so free and easy around him. She loosened him up. “Look at yourself Tim. You probably do this a lot don’t you? Get a car to break down; go and tease a woman to fall for you, such as me. It’s not like I’m umm ogling you but you are handsome. It isn’t hard.” She was going a tad overboard. She was subtle about it. He didn’t notice her true intent.

Teasing him further she adds “Your car breaks down hoping there’s a girl or woman you think is attractive and well you probably put on the moves or something. Am I right? I’d say that’s a compliment to that woman. Thank you Tim.” He was baffled by her remarks.

She was wrong. Her assessment initially was off base. She was thinking and hoping he did see her as an attractive and hopefully sexy woman. She was flirting with him a little more hoping he would catch on she liked him a lot more then just being friendly with her.

He blushed and nodded his head yes. “Umm I better get going. Maybe I’ll walk home.” She wouldn’t have any of that. She told Tim she could drive him where he needed to go. It wouldn’t be a problem. He turned her down feeling like he was putting her out. She was falling for him; especially his good looks and his manly huskier physique.

He went out to her car. Just as he left the house her phone rang. She answered it. Her husband wasn’t going to be home until late. She didn’t care about him anymore. She was thrilled about her situation. Saying goodbye to her husband she called Tim back in. She asked him where he needed to get to. He told her nowhere in particular. He told her he was going shopping to buy his mom a gift.

“Ohhhh really that is so sweet. Tell you what. Would you like some advice or help with that? I could help you out with something like that.” The way she said it made him feel weird. For the first time he wondered if she was flirting at all.

“I don’t have anything to do either Tim.” She suggested calling a tow truck. She even offered t pay for it. She told him he could hang around for a while until it came. As soon as it was done she’d take him to pick it up. He felt she was going overboard with her generosity.

“In the meantime why don’t I help you shop for what you were going to buy your mom? How’s that mecdiyeköy escort sound?”

He lied to her. He was driving to a porn shop to pick up a couple of movies for himself and made up the story. He didn’t like that he told her a lie. He felt guilty. Oddly, he felt as if she already knew his true intentions.

He broke down and told her the truth. To Karen he was too cute. It was beautiful. She found his dilemma a bit erotic. She wished she thought of something like that for her own self that day. She wished she did something like that more often with or without her husband. She laughed and told him how she felt all of a sudden. She didn’t care what he thought. It was a turn on to her actually. She didn’t tell him about those feelings.

Thinking it was weird he couldn’t believe a 36 year old woman might do something like that. He told her too. She asked why he thought that. Why was it so weird? She asked him why couldn’t a woman have those similar desires. It was a strange conversation getting stranger by the minute. He was a little aroused all of a sudden. He wondered what he was getting into.

She told him “Mature women or men aren’t completely void of those feelings that he might have. She told him mature woman especially knows how to hide her feelings better.

“What do you mean by that” he asked her.

“Well I see lots of men who I think are attractive, handsome, and even sexy but Tim, unlike a guy such as you who may ogle a women, a woman doesn’t stand around ogling a man’s body. But it doesn’t mean we don’t desire to be with that man. We just show and hide our feelings for that man better then men do for a woman.”

Thinking about what she said and wondering to himself by being there in the house all alone if she felt that way about him. It was a weird situation for him. She did make comments about how she thought he was a hunk. He was attractive. She hadn’t expressed any feelings towards him other then to say he was a good looking guy.

Boldly, he outright asked her if she had feelings for him. He asked her to be honest.

Staring at him, she looked him straight in the eye. She looked down at his chest purposely as well as the rest of him. It made him feel more uncomfortable. Karen toyed with him.

“Well Tim let me ask you to be honest with me. How old are you actually? It’s hard to tell but if I was going to guess, I’d say you are about what 21” and she paused waiting for an answer. He told her he was 24. She didn’t believe it. He looked much younger but she didn’t tell him that.

“I’m going to do you a favor. I’m going to be more generous then ever. I’m going to put a lot of trust in you. Here are my keys. I’ll call a tow truck for you and have it towed. You take my car and go do what you need to do. Whatever it is, go ahead and do. If that means having to go to your porn shop to get your mom a gift” winking and laughing carelessly, “then go on ahead and do that. I’ll work it out so your car is done later today. Then we can drive over and pick it up. We’ll work it all out. I’m not going anywhere. If you wanna go back home and be by yourself then feel free to do so. I’ll come by later on and drive you back to pick up your car. Sound okay to you?”

Not knowing what to say or do it felt as though she was backing him into a corner. He said yes, but then said no thank you. He would walk up the street to a bus stop. She told him nonsense and insisted he take her car. Seeing as it was a Mercedes he told her he couldn’t drive a car like that. She offered him her other one. She gave him another set of keys to her Envoy. He felt more comfortable driving that. He loved it. A beaming smile crossed his face. She took him out to it and let him inside it. She asked if there was anything in his car he needed. He said no. He left it closed but left his wallet in it too.

He drove off. He drove around the town. He didn’t stop any anyone’s house, but he felt as if he was showing off his wares. He was having fun. An hour later he stopped at the porn shop. Initially he knew what he was going to get. But for whatever reason he got a movie about an older woman and a young man. Why he wasn’t sure, but the idea of it worked for him. He got two movies. He headed to the counter. Ready to pay for them, he realized he didn’t have his wallet.

“Damn ohhh shit” he said. The clerk asked what was wrong. I can’t pay for these. I forgot my wallet. I shouldn’t be driving even.” The clerk laughed and agreed. He thought about it. He struggled with it. He left the movies and walked out.

Meanwhile, Karen was changing again for another party that evening. While changing, Karen had visions of Tim sprawled out in front of her, in her bed room, and on his knees. Images of him flashed through her mind. In those images, she saw him kneeling down while trying to put on make up. All that was visible were a set of shoulders level with her tummy while his head was tucked inside a large t-shirt she was wearing. As she applied her makeup, his mouth sucked at her large bosoms. She fantasized how she might be fumbling with her makeup as his mouth sucked at her brilliant tits.

As she blow dried her hair, she wore a half slip. With her eyes closed and drying her hair, she pictured Tim up underneath her slip toying and tonguing her clitoris. She allowed herself to become horny while preparing for the country clubs summer party.

Putting on a nice dress it was quite premature for the social engagement. Seeing as her husband wasn’t around, she decided to go to the country club’s annual summer beach party alone. Wearing her silky slinky red dress it hung down off her by spaghetti straps. The dress hung down just below the middle of her thighs. It looked adorable and incredible on her figure. She appeared thinner in it and that’s why she bought it.

After slipping it on her doorbell rang. Her hair was done pulled back in a pony tail. She was spry and sexy looking. Anyone seeing her in it would think the same.

Tim came back to her house. His car would be ready in about 2 hours. She wasn’t due at the country club for about 2 hours. So why she put on the dress she didn’t know. She liked the feel of it on her. It made her feel especially sexy that day. She kept thinking about Tim. “Would Tim like me in this” she kept asking herself. “I hope he would.”

Looking through the peep hole she saw him standing outside. She wasn’t ready for him. She didn’t want it to look like she was flirting too seriously if he saw her in it. She already did that to a point. Wearing the slinky short red silky dress would give anyone the impression she tried appearing sexy and that’s what Tim thought right away!

Deciding to open the door and let him see her as is, he was shocked to see her in the dress. It was evident he was. His eyes went right down from her neck, to her cleavage, to her breasts, and all the way down past the bottom of it. Tim checked out her legs. He liked everything about her.

“Didn’t get your movies” she asked. “And why not” she wondered aloud. He told her he left his wallet in his car. Telling him she decided to go to a party that night, if he gave her a few minutes, she’d take him to the place. He could pick up the movies and she’d take him back to his place so he could entertain himself. “I’ll pay for those movies” she told him. “Don’t worry about it. It’s my pleasure. Trust me it is.”

He couldn’t figure out why she was so firm on paying for them. He went with the flow but in doing so he became enamored by her generosity along with how beautiful she was. She looked sexier then ever in her dress.

While upstairs putting on some final touches, such a little perfume, Tim sat downstairs wondering what she had up her sleeve. During that time he wondered if he was supposed to make a move on her. He decided after going back and forth several times, he was going to flirt with her or try and seduce her at some point. Crazy at it sounded to him, he was going to see if the older woman felt any attraction to him.

Driving off in her black Mercedes, he started feeling that burning excitement within. He felt a sexual attraction for her her. Her smooth hefty thighs appeared sexy to him as they slithered out from beyond her red dress. The dress hanging off her by its thin straps gave her an even more alluring look as far as he was concerned. She turned him on. She smelled terrific due to her perfume she wore. The mood was being set. Seeing her in her dress a luscious ravine convened between her boobs. He hard a difficult time resisting saying something to her. Karen’s full figured form appeared sexier and sexier.

Closer and closer to the porn shop he was increasingly hesitant to buy the movies he picked out earlier. Knowing she knew made him more uncomfortable he didn’t want anyone knowing he bought them. It was his own little secret. Not anymore it wasn’t.

Karen was more excited then he realized. Karen was more excited then she let on. Karen wasn’t even sure what her plans were, however she intended to go to the party eventually. How soon was the question? She wasn’t sure. She had time on her hands. She was very interested to put it mildly seeing what movies he picked out. She would like what he chose. He wasn’t sure she would because they were fantasies about her.

“Here’s some money. Bring me the change. You just give me the change” she said. He went in and embarrassed by the idea the woman he barely knew offered to pay for the movies. Carrying a bag with two movies, he second guessed himself the whole time.

He never gave it a thought she would come upstairs to his apartment and watch them with her. She slyly asked “So what are the names of the movies” she asked him sporting a half hearted nervous smile. She was intrigued however she was aroused too.

He told her she wouldn’t know them and she wouldn’t be interested. In truth she was real interested. He didn’t realize the depth of her curiosity. She became more intrigued, more aroused about his possible tastes. The car wouldn’t be ready for 2 hours. Her party wasn’t for a couple of hours either, so she enough time to enjoy his company and those movies too.

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