Brother and Sister Watch TV Ch. 03

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I awoke Saturday morning with the usual erection and as I touched it my mind went straight back to last night in the living room with my sister. Did those things really happen? How will we both feel when we see each other this morning? I had the most incredible images in my mind of my darling sister from last night, her amazing breasts were a sight to behold, so big yet so firm, Ah the beauty of youth, but even more appealing were those unbelievable nipples, they truly had a profound effect upon me and I couldn’t wait to see again if they really were as big as they seemed last night.

Then there was my hand on her pussy, how will she react to me now, after allowing me to do that? But then maybe that will pale into the background in relation to what she did to me.

My god! I let my sister wank me off, a memorable time it was too, but will she still feel the same about what happened when we meet this morning? I closed my eyes and can once again see her as she pumps me off and the hot seed that she is so closely related to, spews out and covers her small hand. With all this whirling around my head I am halfway to shooting another load so it only took a few more quick tugs and I was spilling another mess over my belly.

I dressed myself and strolled downstairs. I sat at the dining table with mum drinking tea and eating toast. One of my other sisters joined us and we started the weekend off with idle chatter, then Mary came through the door. I wasn’t looking and my heart fluttered as I heard her tired, shuffling feet dragging along the linoleum floor, and I imagined it to be Christine. I looked up and I felt a little relieved, and worried too. Was Christine staying in bed for a reason? Was she too embarrassed to face me this morning?

All these things filled my head and I was feeling terribly guilty about what we did.

At last I heard the bathroom door go and footsteps down the stairs. I looked toward the door at the bottom of the stairs and watched the catch lift, my heart really was racing as the door swung open. A hand curled around the door holding it, then Christine stepped into the room, and she closed the door behind her and walked through the room which last night witnessed our tender incestuous moments. I watched her walk into the kitchen, and she mumbled good morning to everyone. Mornings were never a good time for my sister so we always left her in peace till she awoke properly from her daze.

Breakfast time at weekends in those days was like any other meal time,we would all sit at the table together, something that few people do today, it was a good time for everyone to talk and map out what they had planned for the days ahead. I sipped my tea, Christine put her cup to her mouth and took a sip. Our eyes met at last, she swallowed some tea, and put her cup down. My heart melted as she gave me the smile I wanted, and then she looked away.

I couldn’t help yawn and stretch. Mum asked if I was tired. I told her I was, and she said that I must have stayed up late because she didn’t hear me come up. I told her I watched a film on the TV.

“Did you stay up too Christine?” she asked.

“Yeah, I did mum.”

“Was it a good film?”

“No not really.”

Christine’s eyes creased at the corners as she looked at me, suppressing another smile. I really needed to talk to her about things. I wanted to know how things stood between us. Eventually breakfast was out of the way and everyone found things to do, or disappeared, but still I couldn’t get Christine alone. I would just have to bide my time, but the waiting was killing me.

I planned on doing some work on the car today, so I made a start, and after about an hour I heard mum call to me.

“Do you want a cup Martin?”

“Yes, please, mum.”

“Do you want it out there?”

“Yes please.”

I was bent over the engine totally engrossed with the job in hand, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked around and there stood my lovely sister Christine with two cups of steaming tea.

“Here you are Marty. Take a break.”

“Thanks sis, you busy?”

“No why?”

“Just wanted a chat, that’s all.”

“Ok let’s sit in the car.”

We moved inside the car, the doors were left open and I turned the radio right down.

“You ok sis?”

“Yeah, course I am.”

“You seemed a bit quiet this morning.”

“I was you idiot, didn’t you feel awkward with everyone around?”

“Well yeah! Of course I did, so you ok then?”


“I mean about last night.”

“Of course I am Marty, what about you, any regrets?”

I told her I definitely didn’t regret anything. Then I asked if she did. Her answer was the same.

The heavy feeling which had been hanging over me all morning just drifted away and I felt like a new man again. She turned the radio up and started to sing along with it. Christine must have been feeling the same as I was because she too seemed to change. Back again was the happy carefree sister that I am used to.

“Look Chris, I need to road test this in a minute, I have a rattle from the front end on beşiktaş escort the near side, would you drive it while I sit in the passenger seat and listen for it?”

Christine gave me a wry smile,suggesting I had an ulterior motive. I really did have a noise from the front end, but it would be kind of useful if we could get away for a few minutes.

“Of course I will Marty, but you sure you want me to drive?” She was teasing me.

We soon drank our tea, and I quickly finished up under the bonnet. I went indoors to ask my sister if she was ready to drive. Mary, the eldest of my sisters said she was helping mum for a minute and asked if she could help. I tried to put her off, but it would have been difficult to explain why. I didn’t want her to come instead of Christine, but I guess I had a new driver. Off we went down the lane.

Mary is much older than Christine, but with a similar figure and you may recall that I mentioned a while back that I had previously caught sight of one of my sisters pubic hair, well, it was Mary’s. And with my new sexual awakening, I couldn’t help my mind drifting back to the time I saw it. As Mary got in the car, the short skirt that she wore rode up and I found it difficult to keep my eyes off her legs. I didn’t have any silly notions about trying anything on with Mary, but I was feeling horny just thinking about the possibility.

Well, we drove for a while and I thought I had located the noise, so we returned home to find Christine waiting and looking disappointed. Mary climbed out of the car and pulled down the hem of her short skirt, wriggling her backside as she adjusted it. I watched as she walked indoors, she really did have great legs and a very shapely bum.

“Thanks Mary.”

“No problem Mart, anytime.”

Fucking hell! I must control myself – I now had the hot’s for Mary too! Christine came over and asked why I didn’t wait. I told her the situation and said that once I’ve changed the bush on the shock absorber I’d need another driver.

“Don’t disappear.”

“I won’t.”

Fitting the bush was done in double quick time, and I told mum we were going for a test drive. Once on the road we began talking about things and we soon got on the subject of last night.

We both poured our thoughts out to each other, and there could be no doubt that we were both as keen as each other to take things a little further.

As we talked, I told Christine that what she did for me was just unbelievable, she smiled and giggled a little and jokingly said,

“Oh it was nothing.”

“Oooh! Yes it was sis, you were amazing,”

“Honestly Mart! Did I do it alright?”

I knew Christine was pretty inexperienced, but I also knew she had been with a few boys or men, what ever you want to call them, so I was just assuming that she would have done the same with them as she did with me last night. How else would she have known what to do? I told her again that what she did was just perfect, and I asked her if she had done that kind of thing very much before.

“You cheeky sod.”


“Asking that.”

“Sorry sis, I just thought that because you were so good, you must have done it before.”

“Well, I haven’t.”

I apologized for making that assumption, then asked how come she knew what to do. She explained that ok, she had been with a few fella’s and she had also touched them “down there” – but she had never gone as far as she did with me. It made me feel good to know that this was the first time Christine had made a boy cum. I didn’t feel quite so inadequate now.

I asked her “So how come you were so good at it then?”

“I dunno, you showed me and I just copied, didn’t I?”

“So you wanna do it again Chris?”

“Yeah! Definitely.”

“Me too – and more.”



“Like what Marty?”

“I wanna touch you more sis.

“I would like that Marty, hey can we pull over for a minute?”

“Ok, I’ll stop in the next lay-by.”

We were quickly upon it, so I pulled in and switched off the engine.

“We need to talk Mart.”

“Go on then.”

“I dunno how to say it Marty.”

“Just say it sis, you know we can say anything to each other.”

“I know that but.”

“Go on then.”

“It’s about what we are doing.”

“Oh, I see.”

“No, don’t panic, it’s just I think we should be open about things.”

“Yeah, I agree, so what do you wanna say sis?”

“Well, um, this is difficult to say, but how far are we prepared to go Marty?”

“I haven’t really thought about it sis.”

“I have Mart.”

So we began quite a long conversation where we both agreed that we would continue having our fun, doing basically what we are doing now, but we came to the sensible decision that we would not take things so far that we would end up actually having sex. I hadn’t really thought that far ahead, but Christine had. It was worrying her and it seemed the sensible thing to do, so long as we could stick to it. It was going to be difficult,but şişli escort Christine repeated her thoughts again.

“We have to stick to it Mart, deal?”

I didn’t want to jeopardize what we already had, I was quite happy going along exploring and learning the way we were, so I agreed. “Deal sis.”

The conversation returned to the events of last night, and Christine was quick to tell me how much she loved wanking me off. Oh my god! I loved hearing her say that. She said it wasn’t just that part she liked, but the build up, being able to take her time with no pressure. So often the fella’s she had been with rushed her and wanted too much, too quickly.

“You are different from them Marty, letting me take my time. I loved how you helped me by telling me what to do and explaining things.”

“I don’t know that much sis, not about girls anyway. But I do know what I like and I’m happy to share everything with you, and I hope you will do the same for me.”

“I will Marty, just so long as we stick to our rule. God, it was great last night, when can we do it again?”

“I dunno sis, but I’m desperate to touch you again.”

“Same here Marty – you wanna do something now, a bit quick before we go home?”

“Christ yeah! I do.”

“Come on then, have a quick feel.”

Christine leaned towards me pushing her chest out. “Go on have a feel.” I quickly put my hands on her big tits and began gently squeezing them.

“Oh Chrissy, you are gorgeous! They feel so bloody good.”

“You randy sod Marty.”

She was wearing a simple plain red Tee shirt which was quite loose, unusual for my sexy sister. She does like to flaunt what she has, and why not? But as she pushed her chest out it tightened over her body and the full extent of her large tits became evident. I slowly rubbed them and marvelled once again at their perfect shape. The smooth roundness of her bulging beauties gradually looked even sexier as my touch caused her nipples to harden and became visible against the plain material.

In my mind, I could see those rubbery nipples standing out from her soft tits and so desperately wanted to see them again. I told this to Chrissy but she said. “Not here Marty, it’s not safe.”

Of course, I knew that but when the hormones are bubbling away and racing round your body, not to mention a painfully hard cock, all rational thinking goes out of the window. She was adamant that they stay under wraps but offered to let me go up inside her shirt. We both looked around to check there were no walkers or cars about, and once she felt safe she said. “Go on then, hurry up.”

I was like a rat up a drainpipe, my hands were quickly up inside her top, I could feel her warm skin as it bulged out of the top of her bra. I still couldn’t feel those awesome nipples properly but this was good enough for today. It seemed strange playing with her tits as she kept “an eye out” for passers by. Christine kept twisting and turning her head. It was obvious she wasn’t enjoying this as much as I was, so I reluctantly called a halt to it. I tidied her shirt as I withdrew my hands from her tits and she relaxed and smiled at me.

“I bet you are hard now aren’t you?”

“As a rock, sis.”

“Can I feel it?”

“Too right, no need to ask.”

Christine’s hand was quickly on my groin squeezing the solid lump,and once again we were looking around checking that we were alone. This was just too risky and we shouldn’t be doing it in the open. Getting caught in this position with any girl would be embarrassing enough, but to be caught with your sister would be, well, I dread to think of the consequences. But as I said previously, hormones and things, not to mention Christine’s hand on my crotch.

“Let me see it Marty.”

“What, now?”


“It’s too risky sis.”

“Go on just a quickie.”

We were both looking all around scanning the hedgerows and listening for cars or tractors which often pass down this quiet lane.

“Go on Marty, hurry up.”

“Ok sis, but keep an eye out for anyone.”

I quickly popped the top stud open on my jeans and drew the zipper down, I yanked the waistband of my pants down with my thumbs and my cock sprang out. We both frantically looked around, then Christine took hold of it as best she could. Both of our hearts were racing as we continually looked around making sure that we were alone and safe.

Christine noticed that my cock was sopping wet with precum due to my earlier fumbling beneath her shirt. She was struggling to get a good hold on it because of the cramped position we were in and my little dick was only protruding a few inches from my clothes. It was so hard and her fingers felt unbelievable on the wet slippery head as she somehow managed to push my foreskin back.

“Marty, it’s really wet.”

“I know sis, I’m so bloody horny.”

“You wanna cum?”

“Fuck yeah! But we can’t here can we?”

“I dunno Marty – do you want to?”

“Yeah, desperately.”

“Will it take you long?”

“I don’t think so.” bahçeşehir escort bayan

“Come on then.”

And as she said it Christine began awkwardly wanking me off. She was using just a couple of her fingers and a thumb, and was unable to get much movement on my wet little cock, but didn’t seem to matter though because although Christine had only managed a few strokes of her fingers, I could feel the desired affect. It’s no way to impress a girl, I know, but my sister was happy enough knowing I was going to be quick,but not this quick!

“Fuckin’ hell sis I’m cummin.”

Using my thumbs, I wrenched my pants down further to enable Christine more room to finish me off, and with just a few more strokes I was spewing my cum over her fingers and into my lap.

Chrissy continued to look around scanning the surrounding area as her soft fingers emptied my balls. She was surprised at how quickly I came and so was i. She glanced down at the mess, giggled a little and said,

“Blimey, Marty, that was quick, and such a lot too.”

“I know sis, it was quick – sorry bout that.”

“No it’s ok Marty, I don’t mind. But what we gonna do with this?”

She raised her sticky fingers from my crotch and wiggled them about. I reached down and gave her my oily rag that I had used earlier. I watched as she wiped my cum away,then she handed the rag back for me to use. Somehow we managed to get rid of the mess and we smiled and giggled as we composed ourselves on the journey home.

As we made our way back, we chatted about our new found interest and it was clear to both of us that we wanted more of the same thing. We made another rule though, a sensible decision of not doing anything outdoors again where we could be discovered. Although very exciting, it was just too dangerous.

Although we soon reached home, we managed to talk so much about sex and what we liked,I even asked Christine if she minded it when I came and it got on her fingers. She asked me why, and I said that I noticed the way she held her sticky fingers and wriggled them about after she had made me cum. It looked as though she wasn’t keen on the mess it made.

I was relieved to hear her say that she actually liked the feel of it on her fingers, but she admitted to being a little embarrassed about what to do with it. She giggled nervously. I told her to try not to be embarrassed about anything with me, and I admitted to feeling the same at times.

“Like when?” she asked.

“Oh lots of times sis. Oh,I dunno.”

“Go on, yes you do, tell me,please.”


It’s difficult owning up to anyone, but it’s even more difficult when it’s your sister, especially in this kind of situation. But being open in every way seemed a good idea if we were to continue.

I started by telling her that because I haven’t been with a girl before, I was shy and worried about not doing things right (especially because she was older than me, and had been with a few boys). Christine interrupted to tell me not to worry about anything. She said she was no expert either, so let’s just learn from each other.

“Anything else Marty?”



“Oh, I dunno, well it’s like now. I feel embarrassed about saying too much.”

“Don’t be. Go on just say it. You said we should be open.”

“I love touching you sis, but I don’t wanna seem too eager, I don’t wanna seem too pushy and put you off.”

“You won’t Marty, I’ll say if I feel uncomfortable about anything, and you must too.”

“Well, you know what sis? Sometimes when we are, um doing it,I mean, well you know.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“I want to say things to you, but I am so excited and you won’t believe how nervous I get, and I cant even talk properly. I am just worried about saying or doing the wrong thing.”

She reached over touched my leg and shook it, telling me not to be silly.

“So while we are on the subject Marty, what is it you are scared to ask me? Come on, it’s truth time.”

I could feel the excitement building again and my chest was pounding just at the thought of telling my sister my most intimate wishes. I could feel that my voice was already trembling, and I had not even spoken a word yet. She told me to “calm down.” Obviously, she could see how I was feeling.

It was going to be even more difficult talking about such things in the cold light of day. I much preferred the dim lighting of our lounge late at night, but Christine is great at making me feel good and slowly my heart rate gradually returned to some kind of normality. Well nearly, until I opened my mouth to speak and the nerves returned.

“God this is so embarrassing sis.”

“It’s ok Marty, I feel the same too.”

“I doubt it sis.”

“Honestly, I do.”

I thought for a moment and considered what to say. There was so much I wanted to say to my sister, but I knew it would come out wrong. She urged me to tell her what was on my mind. I plucked up the courage and began.

“Well sis, you know the other night when I asked if I could touch you “down there”? Well, I know I didn’t do much, and that was because I didn’t want to go too far and spoil things by overstepping the mark. I really wanted too, but as I said, I was afraid you would stop me. I was even more afraid that if you weren’t as willing as I was,you may have had second thoughts and put an end to things. Does any of this make sense?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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