Brother Asked to Correct Bratty Sis Ch. 03

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Walking into the kitchen I sat Ava’s butt on the counter next to the brownies, her legs still wrapped around my waist. With her arms around my neck, my left arm squeezing her butt cheek, I reached over with my right hand and fed her a bite of brownie making her giggle, as she ate the moist treat, then I took a bite.

We were both enjoying the treat when she pulled my head down and kissed me. Then her left hand reached down and started stroking my semi hard cock, making me groan. She stroked me slowly as I tongue fucked her mouth.

Breaking the kiss, I used my right hand to grab her hair and tilt her head up, to kiss, nibble and bite the soft skin of her neck, my left hand to tug on her right nipple. She moaned and tried to scoot her butt forward while pulling my cock towards her wet pussy.

“Please,” she moaned when I held back and kept her from getting my cock in her pussy.

“The correct answer is please Sir,” I chuckled softly as I nibbled and sucked on her earlobe.

“Please Sir,” she pleaded, ” I want to feel you inside me.”

“Much better you little slut, now lean back on your elbows,” I growled, using my hands to grope her fleshy globes and run my thumbs over she sensitive nipples as she obeyed me.

My cock was hard as nails and I was tempted to thrust into her, but wanted to make this last. Her pussy was just at the right height for me to move my hips forward and lay my cock on my her wet slit and slide it back and forth in her juices, plus rub her engorged clit with the head of my cock.

She moaned, “Oh yes,” her eyes wide as she stared at my large, thick cock sliding up and down her slit and hitting her clit over and over. The combination of that along with me tormenting her large breasts and nipples, she was breathing hard, and biting her lower lip.

I didn’t let up, I continued running my cock up and down her slit, my cock was now well lubricated with her juices. When I pinched and tugged on her hard nipples, her head fell back and she moaned loudly, “Oh gawd….please Sir…..”

Damn she looked beautiful, her large breast, with a hickey on her left breast from earlier where I marked her, and the one I had just placed on her soft slender neck, her shaved pussy wet, the lips of her cunt spread out around my meaty shaft.

Taking my left hand away from her breast, I grabbed hold of my throbbing cock, “Open your eyes slut, and watch my cock stretch your tight little pussy,” I growled, as I pushed the head of my dick into her opening. We both had our eyes on my cock as her lips parted and I pushed slowly into her, when the purple headed monster slipped inside, she groaned softly, “Oh,oh,oh… big,”

Pushing slowly and inching at a time, I groaned when I was 3″ inside her tight channel. Even as well lubricated as she was, her vagina was tight and gripping my cock like a vise. “Fuck…..your pussy….is tight,”

“Oh my….gawd…..your…….so big……oh shit….,” her head fell back again, “wait…oh shit.. wait….give me…a minute,” she moaned softly her breath ragged.

Now that I was 3″ inside her snug channel I released my grip on my cock and started rubbing her swollen clit with my thumb. She fell all the way back on the counter and screamed, “OH FUCK.” Her core muscles tightened, released, tightened, released around my cock. “OH God…..more…..more….” she moaned.

The sound of her moans was music to my ears, and I continued pushing slowly into her slick cunt, my thick cock forcing her vagina to expand and accept the invader. I rubbed her clit faster while continuing to roll her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Looking down I saw I was almost fully inside her so I went ahead and thrust the last inch inside her until my aching swollen nuts were against her ass.

“Oh fuck Ava…..your pussy…..feels….sooo…..goood,” I moaned loudly as I leaned my head down and sucked on her right breast just to the inside of her nipple biting and sucking the tender flesh. I intended to mark her right breast just like her left one.

Ava’s hands came up gripping my head as I feasted on her breast, “OH FUCK….I’m..

so full….oh gawd….don’t move……shit, fuck,… deep…oh my gawd,” she moaned.

Sucking hard on her tender titty flesh until I was sure she was marked good, I held myself deep inside her giving her time to adjust to my size. Then I withdrew a few inches and then pushed back in, over and over, fuck her pussy felt good, between precum and her juices it was an amazing feeling. For the next several minutes we both got in a rhythm of slow fucking, her legs wrapped tightly around me, her heels tucked into my ass cheeks. My head was buried in her soft tits, her hands in my hair at the back of my neck, both of us moaning and groaning.

“Oh fuck…Lee….I’m…..about….to cum,” she moaned.

“Not yet……you little slut you don’t have permission…” I groaned, as I raised my head and grinned at her. At the same time I withdrew my cock until I was almost out of her slick channel and used both hands to grope her tits. Smiling down at her I thrust all the way porno videolar back into her balls deep.

“Ugh,” she groaned loudly, her eyes wide as my pecker hit her cervix. Her hands are gripping my forearms, her mouth opened wide O shaped.

I started stroking her faster and every other stroke I would hold my groin tight against her and grind my pelvis where it rubbed her clit. Pump, pump, rub, pump, pump, rug, faster and faster. “Cum on my cock Ava, cum on my big cock,” I growled my voice guttural and low.

OH FUCK, Oh fuck……..fuck me……cccuuummmmiinnggg,” she screamed loudly as a orgasm rolled through her body. Her finger nails dug into my arms, her feet tight against my ass.

Her response drove me to start fucking her harder. I was jack hammering into her slippery tight channel, her orgasm making her even wetter and slicker. I could feel my nuts drawing up and knew I wasn’t far from cumming.

“Oh gawd….oh….oh…oh…..fuck….cummmiiinnngggg… again,” she moaned this time her legs shooting straight up in the air. My forearms had to be bleeding from her nails buried in my skin.

My breath ragged I kept pounding into Ava harder and faster. My ears were ringing from her moans and screams, the sound of skin slapping against skin, the squishy sounds of my cock pounding her wet, sloppy cunt.

“I’m…..gonna…..fill….your….cunt…up…with cum…….” I scream as I pumped in and out, still roughly squeezing her fleshy tits. “Cum….again…Ava…..cum with…me.”

“GOD YES……yes….yes…..I’m..gonna….oh yes…..ahhhh..ccuuumminggg,” she screamed.

Her orgasm made her cunt clenched down on my cock and that was all I could take,

“AAAARRRRRGGGG,”I growled as my nuts emptied and my cock spurt 4, 5, 6 loads of creamy thick seed into her pussy.

Collapsing down on Ava my head is buried in her neck, her arms around me cradling my head. Neither of us can speak, we just lay connected, my cock still inside her cunt. The only sounds now are ragged breathing, moans and groans.

Hell I didn’t want to move, it felt so good. It felt like heaven, her scent, her tits against my chest, my cock inside her pussy. Our sweaty bodies connected from head to groin. I lost track of time and probably would have slept like that until I heard Ava groan. Raising up her arms fell to her side.

Her face, neck, chest was covered in sweat, a smile on her face, eyes closed, she looked like an angel to me. Opening her eyes, she moaned softly, “That was wonderful, I love you,” as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“I love you too, are you okay? Did I hurt you?” I asked her, worried I had pounded her too hard.

Bringing a hand up to my face she mumbled, “No I’m fine, really, sore but fine,” she chuckled softly, as she rubbed my cheek.

“Then why the tears?” I was afraid she wasn’t being truthful.

“Just silly me,” she said using both her hands to cup my face, “I’m sore, but sore in a really, really good way,” she giggled.

That made me feel better, but I felt like there was something she wasn’t saying. I wasn’t going to push it and spoil the moment.

“Best sex I ever had,” I smiled at her, then kissed her the tip of her nose, each corner of her mouth, then her full lips.

Raising up my cock slipped out of her, and cum leaked out of her gaping vagina and down the crack of her cute ass. Pulling her to a sitting position I told her to wrap her arms around me and picked her up. Her legs went around me and she giggled, “We’re so slippery I might slide off of you,” her head on my shoulder she licked the sweat off my neck.

“Careful, you’re liable to start something I don’t think you’re up to taking care of right now,” I chuckled, as my arms held her sticky ass against my body.

“Where are you taking me,” she groaned, I’m so sleepy.”

“A hot shower first then you can sleep,” I laughed, “you’re too sticky to put in bed.”

Next morning……….

The next morning I was up early and drinking coffee while I cleaned the kitchen up. I chuckled to myself as I wiped the counter down where we had fucked. I was wearing a thin pair of shorts and my dick was twitching just thinking about last night.

Pouring myself a fresh cup of coffee, after I cleaned the kitchen and sat at the kitchen table, my mind returned to last night. Sex with Ava had been the best sex I had in years, and there was no doubt in my mind I loved her, yet I felt guilty about it.

One voice in my head was telling me, ‘fuck her again, she wants it as much as you,’ and another voice was saying, ‘your her brother, your suppose to be helping her, not fucking her,’ both voices driving me crazy.

As I got up to get another cup of coffee, Ava walked into the kitchen looking sexy as hell, wearing white sleeveless night shirt that came down to mid-thigh. No make-up, hair in a pony tail, she looked beautiful. Her tits jiggled as she walked barefoot into the kitchen. My dick hardened, the little voice woke up, ‘there she is, she wants it, grab her and bend her over and fuck her dude,’ porno video izle it was screaming in my ear.

“Good morning Sir,” she smiled and went to get a cup of coffee, as I sat back down at the table.

“Good morning,” I mumbled, my eyes on her ass as she mixed cream and sugar into her coffee cup. Her ass swayed as she stirred her cup. My cock stood straight up tenting my shorts. The devil voice was back, ‘look at that ass, dude fuck her ass,’ precum leaked out staining my shorts.

“It’s almost 7 o’clock, would you like for me to warm you up some brownies for breakfast,” she asked in a sing song voice, as she came over and sat beside me.

I didn’t respond because the two voices in my head were arguing back and forth, and I didn’t hear her. Until she reached over and laid her hand on my thigh close to my tented stained shorts and giggled, “We could work up some special sauce to put on the brownies.”

The devil voice won out, but her ass would have to wait. “I think we will save the special sauce for special occasions, but you can relieve the pressure in my nuts by sucking my cock.” I growled scooting my chair back.

Sitting her coffee cup down she knelt on the floor between my legs, smiling up at me she pulled my shorts down as I lifted my butt, then threw them behind her.

With one hand on the chair and the other around my coffee cup, I told her to take off her night shirt that I wanted her naked. She didn’t hesitate and quickly she was naked on her knees.

I took a drink of my coffee, as I watched her slowly stroke my already hard leaking cock. I wanted to watch her and not use my hands to control her and see what she did on her own.

She had one hand on my thigh as she stoked my cock slowly, her eyes locked on my groin while she chewed on her bottom lip.

As I finished my coffee I was about to tell her to start sucking, when she leaned in and licked the precum leaking out of my slit. Then she used her tongue to smear more precum around the purple head and lowered her mouth taking my head fully in her mouth and sucked. I almost came but clenched both my fists, thankfully she removed her mouth and made a popping sound as she pulled my cock out of her mouth.

Smiling at me she used one hand to push my cock up against my belly, with one hand on my thigh she dipped her head down and bathed my balls with her tongue.

She moaned as she took my left nut into her mouth and licked and sucked on it, then did the same to my other swollen nut.

The little slut actually giggled as she sucked on my right nut making me groaned. Removing my nuts from her mouth, she took her hand off my thigh and palmed my balls, then licked my cock from the base to the tip. More precum leaked out and she licked it off and ran her tongue around the ridge of my cock.

Damn I hope the cameras are picking all this up, I thought to myself as I growled at her, “I said suck it Ava not lick it.”

With her eyes on me she pulled my cock toward her mouth and buried the first 3 inches into her warm wet mouth, while rolling my balls around in her other hand. She started bobbing her head up and down on my meaty shaft and jacking me with her other hand.

Fuck I was about to explode, the sight of her on her knees sucking my cock, her tits jiggling, nipples hard, jacking my dick, playing with my balls. And those damn blue eyes staring right at me. My fists clenched so tight my knuckles were white.

Her mouth came off my cock, she gasped for air, her lips and chin covered in saliva and precum, then she quickly started bobbing up and down on my cock again taking more of my cock in her mouth. When my cock hit the back of her throat she gagged but kept going. “Slurp, slurp,slurp, gag, slurp, slurp, ga-gag, slurp, slurp,” sounds bounced off the walls.

My balls were drawing up tight, she put both her hands on my inner thighs and started going faster up and down on my cock, her pony tail, tits bouncing around.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned my ass cheeks clenched trying not to come. She didn’t stop but she raised her head until just the head of my cock was in her mouth, sucked in air through her nose, then plunged down until all my cock was in her mouth and down her throat. She was making gagging sounds, her nose buried in my wiry pubic hairs, but somehow was able to stick out her tongue and lick my balls resting on her chin.

Her eyes were tearing up, her throat would spasm miking my cock, when my nuts went to emptying, my hot sperm racing upward and spewed 5 large loads of creamy cum down her throat into her gut. As the last spurt came out she had raised her head and caught the last load in her mouth.

“Holy shit, fuck, damn, holy shit…..”I screamed as she drained my nuts, “oh my gawd.”

As she sucked out the last drop she leaned back smiling at me. She opened her mouth showing me her mouth was full of my cum. Closing her mouth, she gulped and swallowed every drop, then opened her mouth to show me it was gone. “I finally did it,” she giggled

I was still trying to slow my racing porno video heart as I looked down at her. Her chin, chest and tits were covered in mostly saliva, and a few drops of cum, as she had certainly swallowed 90 percent of my load.

Pushing coffee cups back out of the way, in a husky voice I said, “Come here you little cocksucker,” as I helped her up, then picked her up and laid her on the table.

“Well look here,” I growled, “your pussy is soaked just from sucking my cock,” as I placed my hands on the back of her upper thighs below her knees and spread her legs. “Just remember you better not cum without permission.”

“Yes..Sir,” she murmured raising her head to look down between her tits. Her large tits slopped slightly to the side due to their size. Her hard buds are pointing skyward, as she gripped the edges of the table with her hands.

Her bare pussy was soaking wet, so much so it was leaking and running down the crack of her ass coating her puckered hole. The Devil’s voice was back in full force, ‘look at that tight little hole, oh man, bust that cherry dude!’ making me groan.

My eyes on Ava as I laid my tongue at the base of her slit and slowly licked upward slurping up all her sweet nectar, her eyes wide, a low moan escaping her mouth. When I flicked and licked her engorged clit, a little “oh” sound was made by her as her eyes shut and her head fell back.

Pushing her legs back more, raised her ass higher giving me a better look at her crinkled hole already soaked in her juices. My cock is going to be that tight hole eventually but my tongue was going to be first, I chuckled to myself.

Licking all the juices in her butt crack, I circled her crinkled hole with my tongue, and Ava squealed and nearly bucked me off. Using my hand I slapped her sex, “Slap, slap, slap.”

“Stay still you little slut, or no sex for a week,” I commanded her.

“Oh…yes Sir…oh…I’ll try,” she moaned.

Placing her legs over my shoulders to free my hands, I lowered my mouth to her pussy and ran my tongue up and down her wet folds over and over. Every third trip upward I would just flick her clit with my tongue and she would squirm and moan.

Chuckling I started tongue fucking her pussy going as deep as possible, my hands on her hips holding her steady. My lower face was coated with her juices, and I thought to myself, I could do this all day and not get enough of her sweet taste.

Bringing my left hand over on top of her mound, I brought my right down and started finger fucking her, as I licked and sucked up all the juices around her groin. When I used my finger and found her g-spot, her thighs squeezed my neck and she groaned loudly, “Oh gawd….please…please….let…me cum.”

“Cum for me you slut,” I chuckled, “cum all you want now.” Increasing the pressure on her g-spot and kept nibbling and sucking on the lips of her cunt.

“Oh yes….oh, oh OH…..ccuuummmminggggggg,” she screamed loudly and writhed and squirmed as she climaxed.

I didn’t let up my ministrations, instead I kept stroking her g-spot and started sucking and chewing on her engorged clit.

“OH, FUCK,” she screamed, and her body shook and shivered, and using the leverage of her legs around my head, she bucked and bucked so hard the table was shaking.

“Fuck, Fuck, oh shit….FUCK!,” she bellowed and bucked so hard the table shook and something “CRASH” to the floor.

Sadistic me kept up the pressure on her g-spot and kept sucking her clit like a tiny penis. Then she squirted, and I was soaked with creamy cum.

“OH GOD….OH FUCK…….wh….what…..oh fuck….CCCUUUUMMMIIINNNGGGG,” she screamed and squirted again. Making me choke a little from the volume that gushed into my mouth.

Ava’s body went limp, her legs loosened around my neck, her body would shiver, then go limp, then shake and quiver. She was making incoherent sounds, moaning lowly, her eyes shut, mouth gasping for air. As I looked up her body her breasts were rising and falling with each breath she took.

When her head rolled to the side I could see the hickey on her neck, and now the hickey on each breast where I marked her. My coffee cup lay broken on the floor, and her cup that had been almost full of coffee had splashed out and ran under her head and into her hair.


Seeing his tented shorts when I sat down with my coffee, made me tingle all over. As I took a sip of coffee, I glanced over and saw a wet spot on his shorts and laid my hand on his thigh. When he told me to suck his cock my pussy moistened, and I was more than ready, and this time determined to swallow his cock down my throat.

With his shorts out of the way his long, thick cock stood proudly. Stoking his cock slowly I was amazed how hard his member was, yet soft with veins running like road maps along his length. His large nuts looked full and swollen and I intended to get every creamy drop out of them.

Looking up I saw precum leaking out, and quickly licked up the musky, salty treat and used my tongue to smear more precum around his bulbous head. Wanting more of the salty treat I took the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked hard to get more of it. Hearing him moan I decided to give him a special treat and lower my head and sucked his nuts into my mouth and bathed them with my tongue His nuts were so large I had to bathe and suck one at a time, while still stroking his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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