Brotherly Love Ch. 06

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I lay back down on my bed, kicked off my shoes and shorts and cuddled under the blankets. My alarm clock beside me read: 9:34 p.m. Well, it wasn’t really bedtime, and I’d had that amazing nap earlier, but what else was there to do, alone in my room?

I reached over to my alarm clock and pushed the radio button. At least I still had music. I scrolled through the stations to a high-energy dance station.

I snuggled back down under my frilly pink comforter that my Mom had bought me for my tenth birthday. I brought it up to my nose and inhaled the scent of it. It didn’t smell like Mom, but it did smell like the detergent she’d always used. We kept using the same things she had to keep her alive with us. It was silly and sentimental, but it made me feel good.

I threw the comforter off my bed. Angry that she’d left me. Angry that she’d left Logan to be my boss. Angry that I was alone.

My breasts felt itchy, so I pulled my shirt off and rubbed my hands over my breasts to relieve the itchiness.

I imagined Mark’s hands on my breasts, kneading, squeezing, licking. Oh yeah. There was somewhere for me right now, in my fantasies.

Mark’s fingers traced around the edges of my nipples, and then they pinched the buds gently, harder, gently again. His other hand slowly moved down my body to my navel. His fingers traced around the edges. Then he licked a finger and made wet traces around it, and his finger trail began to move south. I could feel his fingers toying with the trimmed pale blonde hair covering my mound. He pulled it gently and then explored lower still. His fingertips brushed over my clit and it came alive. It stood up proudly and his fingers pinched it and twisted it gently. Then his other hand was down there too. First one finger, then two, entered my wetness and began to slide in and out slowly at first and then faster, harder.

I squeezed my clit harder and then started to rub it furiously. Oh it felt so good. My fingers continued their assault on my pussy and continued to fuck me as hard as I could make them.

I could feel the orgasm approaching and I slipped two more fingers in. I kept pushing as hard as I could, filling myself with everything I had.

I sat up with a jolt. I looked around the room madly and then my eyes found what I was looking for. On the top shelf of my bookcase was a blue gift box, and inside it was the toy Mark had given me as a joke on my 18th birthday. I jumped off the bed and grabbed the box, pulling out the obscene looking purple, glittery, rubber penis.

I went back to my bed and lay down again. I looked at the purple monster in disbelief and then remembering how good Mark felt inside me, pushed the end of it against my lips. I rubbed it up and down a little, to moisten it, and then started to slide it in slowly.

The dildo caught on my lip and started to pinch, so with my other hand I spread my lips open as far as I could hold them and tried again.

It was cold, and felt weird. It was definitely harder than Mark, less give to it, but it was not as wide. It felt so good as I slid it in further and further, pulling back gently to wet it in my juices some more.

Slowly, I began to push it in harder and further, then pull it out quickly and push it back in just as fast. I kept this up for a minute or so and then my other hand found my clit again. I rubbed it tenderly, every few seconds, giving it a bit of a pinch or a twist.

Both my hands worked diligently as I began to return to Mark’s bedroom, with Mark hovering over me, sliding his penis in and out, harder and faster, slowly and gently.

The waves began to start, first in my toes and up my legs. I could feel it in my shoulders and neck, and then down my chest. My heart pounded like crazy and I couldn’t contain it any longer.

My mouth opened to moan but the noise came out strangely as the best orgasm I’d had yet engulfed me. My hands shook as they tried to keep up with the waves of pleasure flooding my body. Finally I gave up with the dildo, but my other fingers continued to tease my clit. They stroked it more gently now, easing off as the orgasm slowed down.

I pulled the now favourable purple monster out slowly, sending shivers up my spine as the head of it finally popped out. I dropped it between my legs and reached over the edge of my bed for my comforter.

I snuggled down underneath it and my knee brushed against the dildo. I reached down and picked it up, placing it firmly up against my lips, length-wise so that one end stuck out behind me, and clamped my legs together on it. I rolled onto my side and let out a sigh.

“Oh Mark, where are casino oyna you?” I murmured as I let my exhaustion get the better of me.


It must have been the middle of the night when I heard the noises. I opened my eyes, but it was pitch black out. I started to sit up and then felt something strange between my legs. I reached down and then remembered as my fingers wrapped around the end of the dildo.

I listened carefully, trying to figure out what the noises were and where they were coming from.


I jumped out of bed as my door came down into my room. It slammed into the end of my bed and I could barely make out two shadowy figures in my doorway. They began to move towards me.

The first guy picked up the door and shoved it off the bed to make a path directly to me.

I couldn’t move, I was frozen to the floor as sheer terror enveloped me.

I screamed at the top of my lungs. Just noise, and as much of it as I could make in one breath. Then as I went to take my second breath a hand clamped over my mouth and an arm wrapped around my waist as I was hoisted up over his shoulder.

He kept his hand on my bare ass and he turned around to face his accomplice. I could see nothing as my face was buried into my kidnapper’s back.

My senses were filled with something suddenly so calming and I relaxed completely as a blanket was tossed over me to cover me up.

I closed my eyes and let him take me away from my prison.

I was carried out of the house and placed gently into the backseat of a car. I was only guessing, but it felt like I was lowered, as opposed to being lifted into a truck or SUV. A hand patted my head gently and the door closed. Both kidnappers got in and the engine roared to life.

We squealed out of the driveway and drove for what felt like close to an hour. I wondered where we were going. His house was only a five minute drive from mine.

Finally we stopped driving and the back door opened. Hands reached under me, tucking the blanket around me tightly as I was scooped up into strong arms. I leaned my head on his shoulder as I was carried away from the car.

I listened as his footsteps went from pavement to gravel, and then after a minute, silent footsteps. Grass? Carpet?

My kidnapper laid me down on something soft and untucked the blanket from under me so that I could move. I heard the click of a door and then another click, quieter. The light filtered through the blanket and I sat up, keeping it covering me completely. I watched the shadow in front of me and tried to strain my eyes to find the other one.


“So what?” I replied hesitantly. Where had the other one gone? I was not coming out from under the blanket unless I knew it was just the two of us.

“Don’t worry, he’s not here, he was just my getaway driver.” He could probably see my head turning side to side as I looked again for the accomplice.

“So it’s just us?” I asked and reached up to pull the blanket down off my head.

“Yeah, come on out sexy.”

Before I could pull it down, his hands grabbed it and I gasped. He lifted it up from the bottom and peeked his head under. I clamped my legs together and tried to shift my sitting position so I could cover up better.

“Get out you pervert!” I cried, but he didn’t. He climbed under the blanket with me and climbed on top of me as he pushed me onto my back.

“I’m not a pervert, you are. I can’t believe you sleep naked, that’s so dirty!” He teased and his lips brushed against mine.

“Mm, Marky.” I murmured as I kissed him back.

“Who’s Marky?” He jumped back off me, taking the blanket with him.

“Shut up! You’re such an ass!” I glared at the twinkling brown eyes in front of me as the light shone in his face with the cover of the blanket now gone.

“I’m an ass?” He cocked his head to one side. “I rescue you from that idiot and I’m an ass? Fine, I’m taking you back.” Mark reached over to grab me but I wiggled away and tried to grab a pillow off the motel room bed to hit him. He was way ahead of me and grabbed it first. I managed to twist under him and the other pillow was mine.


My pillow hit him square in the side of the head.

“Jaimes! That’s not nice!” Mark laughed and swung his pillow down on me. From our interesting position, I was laying on my side and he was straddling my thighs. He had an awesome view of my nude bottom and my back as I was twisting to cover my front. He brought the pillow down on my head again and I tried to buck him off. I succeeded in making him lose his balance, and it gave me just enough time to get another pillow canlı casino punch in before he took it away from me.

“Come on, give it back!” I whined.

“Thank me for saving your butt first.” He raised his eyebrow as he climbed off me and lay down beside me on the bed. He pulled the blanket up over us and snuggled close to me, his one hand propping his head up, his other hand possessively across my waist.

“How long do you think we can hide before he hunts us down?” I bit my lip nervously.

“Well, he’d have to know it was me who took you first of all. All that graffitti and the damage to the living room, makes it look like a couple of punks did some serious messing.”

“You destroyed my house?” I asked, in shock.

“Not destroyed, redecorated a bit aggressively, that’s all.” He smirked at me and I had to smile.

Honestly, I had nothing of real value in that house anyway. A few items that were sentimental, but those were all in my backpack.

“Hey, did you grab my backpack?” I asked curiously.

“The one with your lacy purple nightgown in it?” He smiled mischeviously.

“Oh you’re the best!” I flung my arms around him and kissed him hard on the lips. He kissed me back with more force than I’d anticipated.

He pushed me down and leaned over me, kissing me deeply.

I opened my mouth and our tongues met in his mouth. I licked his lips as he tried to suck on the tip of my tongue.

Mark’s hand found my breast and squeezed it gently. He continued to massage my breast as I brought my hand up and ran my fingers through his hair. I caught his hair between my fingers tightly and pulled his head back from mine.

“What?” He looked at me curiously.

“What are we doing? We can’t just hide from him.”

“No? Don’t worry baby, I’ve got a pretty good idea about what we’re going to do. Just trust me okay?” He looked at me expectantly.

“Trust you completely?” I released my hold on his hair and leaned closer to his lips. I planted a quick kiss on them and then continued, “I don’t see why I shouldn’t trust you, unless you’re planning on doing away with Logan.”

“No, my plan doesn’t involve Logan.” Mark kissed me teasingly.

“Hey, how did you know I was locked in my room anyway?”

“Your brother is a total dumb ass. He took Jacklin out to the bar and hooked up with Derek. And he was so proud of himself that he started bragging to Derek about the hammer and nails.”

“Oh my god, what an ass.”

“Best part was, Derek called me immedieately from his cell. And then he started buyin’ Logan more beer to make sure he wouldn’t be going home too soon. Gave me tons of time to figure out a heist plan.”

“Wow, I guess I don’t give Derek as much credit as he should get, huh?” I traced my finger along Mark’s strong jawline.

“Yeah, turns out he’s not such a geek after all.” Mark leaned his head on his shoulder, pinning my hand.

“So was he your accomplice too?” I wiggled my fingers, trying to tickle his neck.

“Nope, he had to stay and make sure Logan was occupied.” Mark smiled and squished my fingers still.

“I thought that was the bitch’s job.” I sneered, leaned forwards and licked his lips. “Hey wanna be occupied?”

“Yeah, I’ve been waiting for some of that action.” Mark kissed me again and his fingers wandered down my belly.

I spread my legs for him and his fingers found their mark. I groaned as he teased and tickled and rubbed.

“Hey, I’ve got an idea!” I announced suddenly and sat up, pushing Mark down. I reached for the button on the top of his jeans and opened it. I pulled the other buttons open too and found he was not wearing anything underneath. “Wow.” I breathed as he lifted his hips so I could pull his jeans down.

Now I was pretty new at this game, and although I’d heard a lot about blow jobs, I didn’t really understand what all the fuss was about until I was staring at Mark’s penis, inches from my mouth. I licked my lips and leaned closer. I watched as it grew in front of my eyes, anticipating my mouth closing around it.

I reached out and held it in my hand, stroking it gently as my tongue tasted the tip of it. Salty. But not too salty. It actually tasted a little sweet at the same time. I licked my tongue around the head, slipping it under the edges and then flicking it over the top. I opened my mouth wide and lowered my face down onto his penis. My mouth was filled with him and as I continued to push down, it happened.

I gagged. I had taken too much at once. I pulled back quickly as Mark’s hand landed on my shoulder tenderly.

“Hey, just easy there. You that hungry?” He kaçak casino teased.

“Yeah, actually, and this is delicious.” I smiled and proceeded to ‘eat’ it again. I figured out how much could actually fit in my mouth comfortably and placed my fingers at that spot so when I slid down it again I’d meet my fingers and stop. I continued licking my tongue over and around the tip every second or third time I moved up again and he’d let out a groan each time I did it.

“Oh my god, that feels absolutely amazing.” He whispered and reached down to fondle my breasts.

I smiled and a loud squelching noise came out of my mouth as I was on an upward stroke.

Mark laughed, “That has got to be the sexiest noise I’ve heard yet.” And his fingers began to tease my nipples.

“O – ah?” I asked and then tried to stifle a giggle of my own as my speech was so garbled.

“Oh yeah.” He replied and with his other hand, ran his fingers through my hair.

We continued to play for another few minutes before I felt his penis grow even harder suddenly and bigger too.

“Jaimes, I’m gonna cum. If don’t want to drink it, get ready to move.” He warned, his breath ragged.

I stayed where I was, but pulled back a bit, making sure there was extra room in my mouth for his load.

He let out a groan as hot spurts of his cum shot down my throat. It almost choked me but I swallowed it down as fast as I could, and just kept swallowing as more streams filled my mouth.

Before he was done, I had to stop. I moved my mouth away and his last spurt got me right in the cheek and ear. I smiled and leaned over to rub it off on Mark’s hard belly.

I kept my face there for a minute as I listened to his hearbeat and his breathing. He sounded so relaxed. His hands cupped my face and tried to pull me closer to him. I let him, and crawled up to meet his face.

He extended his lips in an oversize pucker and I let him have it. I pushed my tongue, still tasting of his cum, into his mouth and made sure he knew what he tasted like too. He kissed me back harder and gave my bum a squeeze.

I pulled away from him and gazed into his eyes. The twinkle was a bit dull and I could tell he was doing a lot of thinking right then.

“What’s up Marky?”

“Just trying to figure out why I was blessed with someone like you in my life.” He smiled devilishly.

“What, someone who sucks cock like she’d had lots of training?” I teased.

“No, somone as innocent and loving as you. You don’t seem afraid to try anything and that is so amazing.”

“Well, don’t forget I have zero experience in this field-“

“Zero? What about this afternoon? Doesn’t that count for anything?” He interrupted.

“Shut up! You know what I mean. Right now I don’t know what’s proper or not, and I’m just going to do whatever it is that feels good.” I finished with a sly gleam in my eye.

“Ah, like what you were doing with that friend of mine earlier tonight?”

“What are you talking about?” I sat up and gave him a dirty look.

“Oh I don’t know… something hard and purple.”

“How did you know about that?” I cried.

“Saw it on the bed when I threw you over my shoulder.” He replied calmly.

“OH! I am so embarrassed now! Thanks a lot, couldn’t have just kept that to yourself?” I put my hands over my face as I felt the hot blush scorching my cheeks.

“Now where would the fun be in that?” He reached up to pull my hands away from my face. “You know what?”

“What?” I mumbled, trying not to look at him.

“I think you’re amazing.”

“Yeah?” I forced myself to look him in the eye. He nodded. “Well you’re not so bad yourself either.” I leaned forwards and planted a peck on the tip of his nose. “And, I just might keep you around for a bit too. If you’ll have me that is.”

He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tight. “Oh, I’ll have you all right. I’ll be having you all night.”

“Hey, did you bring it?” I asked slyly.

“Your new best friend? Yeah, threw it in your backpack for ya.” He gave me a tighter squeeze for a second. “Don’t worry, I’m looking after you.”

“Good, cuz the last guy didn’t do such a great job. He let some maniac sex fiend steal me right out from under his nose.”

“Well the maniac sex fiend was also a genius and the last guy didn’t even know it was coming.”

I started to laugh. “Genius? Oh please!”

“Now listen you, did you want me to grab your backpack and punish you for being like that?” He warned.

“Yeah, punish me master. I’ve been very bad.” I smirked.


Okay, I hope this makes up for the less liked Chapter Five. I had trouble writing it and knew it wasn’t what it should have been. Hopefully this will help to reinstate your love for this story.

Thanks for trusting me to fix it…


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