Brother’s Secrets

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Travis was home alone, which was rare. At twenty six he has moved back home after a breakup. He wasn’t working, which was his ex’s fault, not his own. As soon as he could get work, he planned to get the hell out of his parent’s house. In the meantime he was kind of stuck back in his old bedroom, down the hall from his younger sister room and their parent’s bedroom.

It was late morning on a Tuesday, and his parents were both at work. His sister, who is twenty four was also at work. The house was all his and nice and quiet. Feeling horny as hell, he walked around the house completely nude with a raging hard cock. He felt more sexually frustrated than he ever had before. He hadn’t been able to cum since before the breakup.

He had tried everything! Well, everything short of finding a new woman. Porn, Skype sex with strangers, dirty stories…everything! He got rock hard, and came close, but for some reason couldn’t finish. Worst case of blue balls ever!

He’s try again today. He felt relaxed and not as depressed about his breakup. Surely today he could pump out a huge load of cum. Popping a particularly dirty porn DVD into his parents DVD player in the family room, he put a towel down on their leather sofa. It felt extra dirty to play with his cock in the family room.

Settling down and cozying back into the overstuffed sofa he watched the scene of filthy gang bang play out on the screen. Slowly he began stroking his cock. He was throbbing and hard. His balls felt tight and more than a little sore, but somehow that added to the pleasure. Several minutes passed and Travis kept stroking.

He could feel an orgasm rising, but it was just out of reach. He was getting frustrated and stroked harder, squeezing his eyes tight as he tried to concentrate. He was beginning to worry that his ex girlfriend had broken him some how. Would he ever be able to cum without her?

“Travis? What the fuck Travis?”

Hearing the shocked female voice, Travis whipped his head around quickly and spied his sister in the doorway to the family room. She was still wearing a coat so she had clearly just come in. Her face was a mixture of shock and disgust.

“Whoa…Payton! I thought I was home alone for most of the day. I’m sorry!” Travis grabbed a spare towel he had brought into the family room and pulled it over his still rock hard cock. Sitting up and he reached for the television remote and clicked off the screen. “I am really sorry.” He said more quietly.

“Don’t you have a room to do that shit in?” Payton asked. She seemed less disgusted now, just annoyed.

“Yeah, I do. I won’t let this happen again. Don’t mention it to the folks?”

“No I won’t tell them.” Payton rolled her eyes as she slipped her arms out of her coat. “That was the last thing I expected when I came in.” She actually laughed lightly.

Travis felt awkward, but his sister’s light laugh did put him at ease. “I need to re-adjust to living at home I guess.”

“Apparently you do. I’m going to my room, laters.” She hung her coat on a peg and turned to go toward the stairs.

Travis didn’t want her to go. He needed to talk to someone. “Payton?”

“Yeah?” She called, but didn’t return to the entrance to the family room. He could hear she paused at the bottom of the stairs to listen to him.

“Why are you home early?” He asked, panicking. How did he ask his sister to listen to him whine about his sexual problems. But who else could he talk to? The guys would laugh him into next month. Some would even stop talking to him. He didn’t have any female friends.

“Oh, I worked last all last week, so I actually had today off. I went in though because Kat was having problems with the accounting software. I left as soon as that was resolved.”

“Oh.” He said lamely. He could hear her take a step up the stairs. “Ummm…Payton?”

“Yes, Travis?” She paused again and laughed.

“Can we talk? I really need to talk to someone.”

There was a long pause. Travis and Payton has always been reasonably close, but he supposed it was weird to ask for a heart to heart when she had just caught him jerking off, or attempting to anyway.

“Sure…why don’t you go wash your hands. I’ll go change and meet you in your room. Sound good?” She said. She had a hint of humor in her voice.

Travis chuckled and agreed to wash his hands. Payton went upstairs, and Travis followed a minute later after wrapping a towel around his waist. He washed Zeytinburnu Escort his hands as promised and then went to his room. He hopped into bed with just the towel on and pulled his comforter up to his waist. When they were younger and both lived at home they would have chats all the time.

Payton knocked about ten minutes later. The door was partially open, but he supposed she was a bit gun shy about walking in on him again. “Come in, it’s safe.”

Payton crept in and closed the door most way behind her. She was wearing white yoga pants and a tight white tank top. Travis could easily tell she had no bra on. She went to sit in his computer chair at his desk, but Travis wanted her closer.

“Can’t we snuggle like we used to?” He asked. He shot her what he hoped was a boyish smile. He knew they were much older, but he needed to feel close to someone.

Payton seemed hesitant, but nodded and climbed onto the foot of the bed. At first she sat there, seemingly feeling awkward. Travis lifted the comforter and encouraged her to climb under with him. She did, and they both snuggled down. Essentially they were spooning. He was behind her and wrapped his arms around her. He felt thrilled to have a warm body near. He hated being single.

“So, what’s up with you Travis? You’ve been a bit off since the breakup.” She asked casually.

“I am way off. I don’t even know where to start.” He paused. There was no easy way to confess his issues to his sister. He might have to just dive into it and hope she didn’t freak out.

“I can’t cum.” He started.

Payton snorted with humor. “It sure looked like you were about to.”

“I know, but seriously, I can’t. I haven’t gotten off even once since the last time I had sex with Diana.”

“Give it time, Trav. You’re probably still pretty bummed over the breakup.”

“I am, but I think it runs deeper than that.” He knew it did, but how to explain it to his sister.

“Why do you think that?”

Travis took a deep breath. He was glad she had her back to him. “What do you know about dominant and submissive relationships?”

“No much.” She shrugged.

“Well, that was the type of relationship I had with Di. She was the dominant and I was the submissive. It didn’t start out that way, but kind of naturally went that way. I didn’t even know I was submissive!”

Payton made a sound that was a mixture of curious and surprised.

“I slowly became the feminine role in our relationship. That is why I quit work. She wanted me to be home and take care of the house. I cooked and cleaned. I took care of everything for her. She referred to be only by feminine pronouns. She made me wear women’s panties always. I still do actually. I can’t seem to force myself to go back to boxers.”

“Oh.” Payton said. “Wow.” She was clearly surprised.

“I wore women’s clothing quite a bit too, and heels even. I existed to take care of her and pleasure her. She controlled everything about me and my day to day life. Of course that includes sexually as well. I was rarely allowed to cum, and only when told to.”

Payton spun slowly on the bed to face Travis. His gut clenched as he was sure he would see harsh judgement in her eyes. He was surely a freak. Instead her face held simple concern. She placed a hand on his cheek.

“This must be really hard for you.” She said gently.

Travis nodded. Licked his lips. “She kind of broke me down and reprogrammed me. I don’t even know how to explain it, but now I feel different. I don’t know how to be the old me. I only want to be the me she made me into. I want to submit. I need to submit.”

Travis was rock hard all of a sudden and was very thankful his sister had put a little space between them when she has rolled over. “Maybe you should see someone?”

“Like a shrink? I’m not crazy, Payton!”

“No, you’re not crazy, Trav. Maybe you just need to work this out. Maybe a therapist or counselor could help you.” She paused. “Was your entire relationship like this?”

“Pretty much, I have lived as a submissive for the last four years. It’s what I know. It’s who I am now. Of course I can work and I know how to talk care of myself, but I don’t know how to move forward without a Mistress.” He looked at his sister’s pretty face. He saw no judgement there. “I didn’t even call her Mistress. She was the man of the house and I called her Master.”

“I had no idea, Trav. I mean, you hid Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan it so well.”

“We didn’t wish to impose our lifestyle on the family, so when visiting and such we didn’t overly

demonstrate it. I still wore a collar but I suppose you all thought it was a chain necklace.”

“Ah yeah, I did notice that!”

“I did anything she told me to do. Anything! Things I look back at now and can’t believe I did.”

“Like what?” Payton’s blue eyes were bright with curiosity.

His eyes shifted shyly away from her face. Could he really confess to things he did for his Master?


“Oh come on, you can tell me. You’ve told me this much!”

“I let her pee on me. Including in my mouth.” He blurted.

Payton’s eyes rounded. Of course she had heard of the fetish before, but to think of her brother drinking his girlfriend’s pee was something else.

“I let her peg me.” He said quietly.

“Peg you?”

“Yes, with strap-ons. She fucked me up the ass with strap-ons. Some huge strap-ons. My asshole is my pussy.”

Payton’s pretty pink lips formed an O shape. Her eyes danced with interest. “Really?” She asked incredulously.

“Yeah, really that was nothing compared to…” He stopped talking. Could he really confess to the next part?

“Travis! Come on! Don’t leave me hanging here! Compared to what?”

“Well..she would take me to these parties. They were BDSM parties. I was always a good bitch on a leash and collar for her to show off. It was fantastic fun and I would crawl or sit at her side naked and with my ass stuffed with a plug. My cock was always locked into a cock cage. She’d call me her pretty bitch.”

Payton shifted closer, and it was obvious she was enthralled with his story.

“Sometimes the other Masters and Mistresses would share their pets to gain favor with the others. Privileges came as you gained favor amongst your peers. She wanted those privileges. She wanted the higher prestige. So, of course she started to leaned me out. At first he put me in the sit chairs. It was basically a chair that the Mistresses could sit in and us submissives would lick their pussy and asshole.” He paused to gauge Payton’s reaction. She was clearly still very interested.

“But, then she moved me to the glory holes. I had to suck cock.”

“You sucked cock?!” Payton was beyond shocked now.

“I sucked a lot of cock.” Travis admitted. “I’m straight.” He added.

She nodded acknowledging him.

“Anyway, I didn’t mind it so much. I even got used to the taste of men’s cum. I knew I was straight. I was just doing as my Master told me to do. I was providing a pleasure service, and that didn’t seem so wrong. Then she put me in the breeding ring.”

“The what?” Payton asked in awe.

“Well, bitches get bred. I was a bitch. So, he put me in pen with several other male submissives and let them breed me.”

“Whoa…wait…does this mean what I think it means?” Payton asked.

Slowly Travis nodded. “Yeah, they fucked my pussy. All taking a turn and unloading inside me.”

“Travis, wow.” Was all Payton could manage.

“I liked it.” Travis said in a small voice. “It pleased my Master. Thrilled her actually. So, party after party this became my life. She would let Masters and Mistresses use me. I was well liked, and this earned my Master much privilege in the community. We got invited to exclusive parties. More prominent figures. It was intriguing. The people that fucked me would shock you, but I can’t say.”

“What do you mean you can’t say?!”

“Politicians and even celebrities.” Travis whispered. He wasn’t even exaggerating.

“Holy fuck, Trav! Are you shitting me?”

“No! I promise I am not.”

They stayed silent for a few minutes. Payton was clearly digesting all he had just told her. She believed him, and he could tell that. He felt relieved to finally be able to open up to someone.

“Why did she break up with you?” She asked softly.

“She replaced me.” Travis confessed.

“I am sorry, Trav.”

Travis looked at his pretty sister. He was still rock hard and so horny. “Thanks.” He said softly.

“What are you going to do?”

Travis thought for a moment. “I need to cum. I can barely think.” Gently taking his sister’s hand, he moved it down to his raging cock. She didn’t resist. “See?”

“Wow, you are rock hard.” She Escort Zeytinburnu giggled lightly. She kept her warm hand wrapped around his shaft but didn’t move it at all.

“There’s a Master, a male Master, that wants me. He has been sending me messages.”

“You’re not gay, though.” She said.

“I’m not, but I don’t know. The idea kind of intrigues me. Also, I just need to submit. There’s one

catch though.”

“What’s that?”

“He wants me to take hormones to grow breasts.”

Payton’s eyes rounded again. “Would you do that?”

Travis bit his lower lip for a moment before answering. “Yeah, I think I would.”

Again there was a long silence between the siblings as they both digested all Travis has confessed.

“How can I help?” Payton asked her older brother. Her hand still wrapped around his cock.

“Get me off. Please Payton.” It was a plea.

“Tell me what you need. How can I get you off?”

“I need you to shove as many fingers as you can get into my ass while jerking me really hard and calling me a bitch and a cunt.” Travis almost cringed. He couldn’t believe he said this out loud, let alone asked his sister to do it.

“I can do that. Do you have any lube?”

Stretching toward his bedside table Travis handed his sister a bottle of lube. She sat up and pushed the comforted back. Travis rolled to his back and tugged the towel fully away. He was naked, hard and exposed to his sister. He spread his legs.

“Are you going to be a good slut for me, Travis?” Payton asked almost shyly.

Travis wasn’t sure this would work, but she was trying so he would try too. “Yes, Master!”

“Good girl, now spread your legs even wider, bitch.” The words seemed a bit more comfortable

in her mouth this time. Travis felt a thrill run up his spine.

Like a good girl he spread his legs and bent them at the knee. “Yes Master!”

“Do you want my fingers in your cunt?”

“Oh yes Master. Please Master.” He begged. Payton was getting into her role, and Travis was already lost in it all.

She didn’t hesitate in getting on her knees beside him. She lubricated her fingers and then his asshole. Travis groaned with heady need. He clutched the sheets as she pushed the tip of a finger into his ass.

“You have a tight cunt, you little bitch.”

He grunted as the finger slid in to her knuckle. More he needed more, and he got it. She pulled back and added another slippery finger. She stretched his tight asshole and shoved the two fingers as deep as they could go.

“You know what you are?”

“What Master?” He almost whined with pleasure.

“A bitch in heat!” She said sharply.

A deep guttural moan escaped Travis as she began fingering his pussy hard. After several minutes of this she pulled them out again, but then pushed them back with a third fingers. It hurt and felt amazing all at the same time. He almost lost it when she wrapped a slippery hand around his cock and started to jerk him really hard. It almost hurt.

“You need to cum for me your little slut!” She demanded.

Travis kept his legs spread wide. She pounded her fingers into his pussy. Her other hand jerked him hard. She was calling him all sorts of filthy things. He looked at his pretty sister. Her nipples were hard under the tank top and her tits swung invitingly as she really worked her fingers into him.


“What bitch?”

“Please?!” He grunted.

“Please what? What do you want cunt?”

“Please may I cum!” Travis grunted hard.

“Hmmm, I don’t know. That’s awfully fast.”

Travis was panting, trying to control himself. He didn’t want to spill his seed without permission. “Please! Please! I can’t hold on. Please beautiful, Master!”

She kept ramming his pussy. Jerking his cock so fast and so hard. It hurt. It felt amazing.

“You can’t hold on?”

“I need to cum, please!”

“Not even a little longer? Be a good cunt for me.”

Travis tried hard to slow himself. He panted and breathed deeply. His hold on his pounding need to cum was tenuous at best. “Fuuuuuuuuuck, please!” He cried.

“Cum, bitch. Be a good cunt and cum.” She finally commanded.

She rammed him hard and jerked him hard and sure enough Travis exploded with a huge amount of cum. She aimed it all up toward his face where most of it landed on his chin and lips. Of course some dribbled down her hand.

Leaving her fingers in his ass, painfully now, she brought her hand to his mouth. “Eat all this cum now.”

Travis licked up all his cum from her hand. She then used a finger to swipe up the cum on his chin and feed it to him too. “Good girl.” She cooed.

Travis was glad he had confided in his sister.

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