Bruises Ch. 09

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“I’m going to meet some of my old work buddies that were fired along with me,” Martin announced out of the blue on Monday evening at the supper table. “We’re thinking of suing the company for back pay and for violation of our civil rights.”

Peggy watched as Walt’s head snapped up and his mouth opened as if he was going to say something. She caught his eye and gave a little shake of her head to stop the argument before it started.

“When is it? Tomorrow?” she asked hopefully.

“Thursday,” he replied.

“Are the wives going,” she asked with the hope that he would go alone.

“Nah, it’s a man thing,” he responded. “We’re going to rake them over the coals.”

Peggy could hardly wait for Thursday to arrive. She kept herself busy with the usual household chores to take her mind off of the waiting. Walt noticed that she managed to touch him every time they were near each other and he took advantage of the change in her behavior. He became more aggressive and soon she even allowed him to run his hands over her body even when Martin was nearby.

He wasn’t sure what was happening but he didn’t object to it nor did he question it. He only knew that it was an exciting time for him and he didn’t want to do anything to stop it. Her continuing attentions caused him to have to masturbate twice on Tuesday and again on Wednesday.

Peggy awoke early on Thursday morning and lay quietly in bed waiting for Martin to get up. She refrained from asking him what time he would be leaving since she didn’t want to appear too anxious to see him go.

“He doesn’t care what I do, anyway,” she told herself. “He’s the one that chose to live our lives without intimacy.”

She pretended to be asleep when he groaned and farted before rolling out of bed. She could hear him pissing in the toilet and the thought crossed her mind to wipe off the seat before she sat on it. She waited for him to get into the shower before she got out of bed and covered herself with her robe to go out and start the coffee.

She was surprised to find Walt already up and sitting out on the patio in the morning sun.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” she said and kissed him on the forehead. “You’re going to have to shave your head again, you’re getting prickly.”

“I’ll shave anything you want me to,” he grinned up at her. “How about under my arms?”

“Let’s not go that far,” she kidded back. “I like a little casino oyna hair on my men.”

“On your men?” he retorted. “How many have you had?”

“Only four, so far,” she replied with emphasis on the last two words.

“Four? I thought you were a virgin when you got married.”

“So did your father,” she replied.

“So far?” he repeated her words to himself. “Does she mean me?”

Martin refused breakfast saying he would eat on the way. She waited patiently for him to get his papers together and watched as he walked to his car and drove off. She was shaking with anticipation but she held off to make sure he wouldn’t return for any reason before she moved ahead with her plan. Returning to the kitchen, she poured herself a cup of coffee and stood next to Walt.

“Is he gone?” he asked.

“Yes,” she nodded and smiled.

They both knew what they wanted but they were confident enough in their playing around that they could tease each other. She leaned her hip against his shoulder and ran her hand over his back and then onto his chest.

“My big, strong baby,” she cooed. “You used to be a little skinny thing like your dad.”

“Dad wasn’t skinny,” he protested.

“I don’t mean skinny, skinny,” she laughed. “He was thin and so were you. The Marines put some meat on your bones.”

After taking a sip of her coffee, she put it down on the table in front of him and moved so that she was standing behind him. Leaning down, she kissed him on the forehead and holding his cheeks in her hands she tilted his head back so they could see each other.

“You know that I love you,” she started.

“Yes, and,”

“Hush,” she put her fingers against his lips. “Let me finish.”

“The last few weeks have been wonderful for me. I missed you so much when you were gone that I cried almost every day. I worried about you and prayed that you would come home to me. Thank God you survived.”

“Not all of me came home,” he said quietly.

“Hush. You came home a man and a hero. Even without your leg you mean more to me than ever.”

“Mom, I,”

“Hush,” she interrupted him again. “I have to finish this. We’ve done some things in the last few weeks that we shouldn’t have. We are mother and son, not lovers. I know I told you that just a few days ago, but I have to repeat it so I can hear me say it again.

I feel guilty about what we have done but canlı casino at the same time I feel a great sense of love for you. It is not a love that a mother has for her son, but it is a love that true lovers share. I don’t know if I’m using you to replace your father or if I’m using you because you are you.”

“You’re not using,”

“Hush, I don’t want to hurt you. I am afraid that what I have done and what I have allowed you to do will ruin our relationship and ruin your life. I’m torn because what we do feels so right to me yet, at the same time, it seems to be so wrong. I’m confused and I don’t know how to balance the two feelings. I want you so much but I don’t think I can continue.”

Peggy finished and rested her cheek against his. He could feel the tears on her face and he turned his head and tasted them with a little kiss.

“Can I talk now?” he said lightly to break the tension. “Or are you going to tell me to ‘hush’ again?”

“No, smarty,” she giggled. “I’m finished or at least I think I am.”

“Come here,” he said and tugged on her hand so that she came around in front of him.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he said and taking her hands in his he pulled her towards him.

“Thank you,” she replied. “Even though I know that I am not.”

“Sit,” he ordered and putting his hands on her hips he pulled her so that she was straddling his chair.

“No, I’ll hurt you,” she resisted him.

“Sit. I’ll tell you if you hurt me. You can’t hurt a Marine, you know that.”

Peggy gingerly let her weight down so that she was sitting on his lap with her legs on each side of his. He moved his hands up from her waist to her back and their bodies melded in an embrace.

Peggy put her arms around his neck and rested her chin on his shoulder. She could feel her breasts pressed against his bare chest and she almost opened her robe so that their naked skin could touch.

“You haven’t hurt me and you haven’t ruined my life. You gave me life and you continue to give me life. I love you, Peggy,” he said and felt her stiffen at the use of her proper name. “I love you more than anything in the whole world. I want to be with you forever and I want to love you like no one else ever has. Will you let me do that?”

A sob tore from Peggy’s throat at his words and pulling her head back she looked at him with tear-filled eyes.

“Please?” he begged and kissed her kaçak casino nose.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

Walt smiled and kissed her on her nose.

“Kiss me properly, young man,” she said through a grin. “Your girlfriend needs a kiss.”

Their lips brushed each other in a tentative test of their love. They searched each other’s eyes for permission and their lips touched again. This time there was no hesitation as their tongues teased at the juncture of their mouths.

Peggy took the initiative and swirled her tongue around his before withdrawing it. Walt followed her back into her mouth and she closed her lips around it and gently sucked.

A groan came from his throat followed by a similar sound from her.

She felt him fumbling at her waist and realized that he was trying to untie the belt to her robe. Sitting back she looked down and watched as he undid the knot and looked at her for permission.

She nodded.

Taking hold of the lapels, she pulled the robe off of her shoulders and they both looked down at her exposed breasts. Her nipples were standing out and she swore she could feel them throbbing with the rapid beating of her heart.

“My, God, you are exquisite,” he said and pulled her against his chest.

The feel of her soft breasts was almost too much for him to take. His erection had exploded into full size as soon as he saw her naked body and now it was trapped down inside of his jockeys and it hurt like hell.

Peggy could feel it under her thigh. The fact that she could cause her son to want her that much thrilled her. She, too, was lost in the sensations of her flesh pressed against his flesh. She wanted to move herself on his lap but resisted the urge because she had some plans that he didn’t know about.

Standing up, she backed away from him and stood with her open robe giving him a tantalizing view of the inside of her breasts. Closing the lapels, she belted it tight around her waist and bending over kissed him on the lips.

“I’m going to go and get dressed. I’ve got a surprise for you, actually two surprises. Why don’t you shower and meet me back out here in a little while. Your first surprise is in your underwear drawer. Go and look. I love you,” she finished and again kissed him on the lips.

Walt grabbed her by her bottom and tried to pull her back down onto his lap but she resisted and playfully slapped his hand.

“Naughty, naughty,” she laughed. “Now, git, before I give you a spanking.”

“I’d like that,” he grinned in response. “Can I spank you?”

“Git,” she repeated and disappeared down the hall to her room.

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