Bruna Gets Banged

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Bruna smiled as she looked out of her bedroom window and saw the sun shining across the street. There was nothing she loved more than being outdoors in the sunshine with her friends and today was not an opportunity she was going to pass up.

She reached for her phone and sent a text to Fabio, her friend who lived a few houses down the street; ‘park today?’ it read. A few minutes later, Fabio had replied with ‘yes baby! I’ll pick you up. Luís and Ricardo are coming too’.

Bruna was happy with this news; Fabio, Luís and Ricardo had always been the in-crowd in Londrina, the town where they all lived, and recently Bruna had started hanging out with them and a few of the others from the neighbourhood. Bruna had grown up on the same street as Fabio so had been friends for years, but this was different; now she felt cool with the others around as well.

Since she had turned 18, she had been taken under their wing and been taken to parties and raves that she would never have dreamed of going to on her own – there was even an impromptu weekend road trip to São Paulo that she was a part of. Her life had changed with these three guys and it was a seemingly endless exciting time.

An hour or so later, Fabio texted again to say he was on his way and Bruna should meet him at her front door. She shouted a brief ‘goodbye’ to her mum and went out the front door to see Fabio striding towards her from down the street.

‘Hey Bruninha,’ he said, smiling.

‘Hi Fabio,’ replied Bruna, reaching up to embrace her friend as he reached her house.

Fabio was 6’1″ to Bruna’s 5’2″: mixed race with black curly hair, he had grown into a good looking young man and Bruna found herself often attracted to the muscular physique and impressive cheekbone structure that her old friend exhibited.

‘The other two are in town, they’re going to meet us there,’ said Fabio, twirling his football on the end of his finger.

‘OK,’ said Bruna, ‘we should stop off and get some supplies on the way.’ Fabio nodded in reply and the two friends headed to the park, picking up food, beers and some spirits on the way.

Strolling through the town and over the road bridge that crosses the Ribeirão do Cambé, Bruna looked out at the twinkling reflections the sun was making on the water. So calm and peaceful, she thought, contrasting with the traffic whizzing past her other shoulder.

By the time Bruna and Fabio had reached the clearing that bordered Córrego Capivara, Luís and Ricardo were already there. Bruna could make out Ricardo’s tall, lithe body as they got closer, and saw him flick strands of his mop of thick black hair away from eyes. Luís was standing beside him, shorter in stature and with darker skin, he grinned as the two newcomers approached him before giving a warm hug to Bruna and pecking her on the cheek.

‘Hello sweetheart! I see you have brought beers for us!’ Ankara bayan escort he said with a chuckle.

‘Yep, plenty to go round as well,’ replied Bruna, delving into her bag and handing a beer to each of her friends before taking one for herself.

The clearing was as secluded as it was spacious – an open expanse of grass over a small stream that had very few passers by. Generations of young adults in Londrina had used it for all kinds of recreation, but these days it was where Bruna and her friends called home. They would come and while away summer afternoons drinking, chatting, laughing and today was no different.

The sun was beginning to set into the early evening as Bruna sat on the grass, her head spinning a little after a few hours in the sun, not to mention the effects the alcohol was having on her young mind. She was watching the boys kick the football around, tackling each other and gradually becoming more competitive – though it wasn’t clear from Bruna’s angle exactly what the rules were to the game they were playing.

‘That’s a foul!’ screamed Luís.

‘Nah, stop being a baby,’ said Ricardo, dismissively. Luís wasn’t having any of it though and ran around behind Ricardo, grabbing hold of his shorts and pulling them down before running away laughing with the glee of a successful prankster.

Bruna gasped and then let out a whoop of laughter as she saw Ricardo’s shorts and underwear fall, a brief flash of his flaccid penis caught her eye before he quickly covered himself up again.

‘I think Bruninha might have liked what she saw there, Ricky’ said Fabio, turning to grin at Bruna.

‘No, no, er… I was just laughing at Luís,’ said Bruna, blushing.

‘It’s OK sweetie, you can tell me if you were enjoying yourself,’ said Ricardo, looking at Bruna in a way she could never remember him doing before.

There was a glint in his eye, and Bruna found herself smiling back at him, almost feeling as though she was mimicking his expression.

‘Well, I… um…’ she started, ‘I mean… I suppose I wouldn’t mind seeing it again,’ Bruna bit her lip as her eyes flicked between the three young men. She knew what was on the cards here and in her contented, slightly inebriated state she knew she wanted it as well.

It occurred to her briefly that the three of them must have discussed this, planned it all along, but she didn’t have time to dwell on it before Ricardo’s shorts were around his ankles again and she was watching him stroke his cock before her very eyes.

‘Mmmm,’ Ricardo let out a moan as his fingers ran up and down his hardening penis, his other hand cupping his balls, ‘does this work for you, Bruninha?’ Bruna nodded and sat up so she was on her knees and beckoned for Ricardo to come closer.

He did so, stepping out of his shorts and removing his shirt so that he was naked but for the flip-flops on his feet. Escort bayan Ankara Bruna reached out her hands and stroked the top of Ricardo’s legs, her hands wandering up and over his slender torso as her lips closed gently around his bellend.

Her eyes closed as she sucked, feeling her friend harden in her lips as her hands writhed back down Ricardo’s body, one of them now grasping the base of his cock and the other cupping his balls. She began to slide her head back and forth, lubing Ricardo with her own saliva, her tongue making little flicking motions inside her mouth along his shaft.

So caught up in the moment was she that she flinched as she felt a hand against her shoulder, stroking her left arm. Looking up with Ricardo’s cock still in her mouth, she was met with the sight of Fabio’s naked muscular body, his handsome face grinning down at her. Without hesitation, Bruna leaned across and smothered Fabio’s cock with her mouth, her right hand still tugging on Ricardo’s sloppy, saliva-covered member.

Fabio’s penis was fatter than Ricardo’s, thought Bruna as she felt it stretch her cheeks. Looking up again she saw Luís – now naked as well – stand alongside Fabio. Bruna reached out her left hand and began stroking his long dick – comfortably the longest of the three – as Fabio thrust his hips gently against her face.

This continued for several minutes as Bruna got to work on pleasuring her three friends. She was alternating her mouth between each hard, tasty cock: Ricardo, Fabio, Luís, back to Fabio, Ricardo again. It was all a blur for the young lady as her talented tongue flicked against their bellends and ran up and down their shafts, all the while taking each one deeper and deeper in her warm mouth as saliva and pre-cum dripped over her chin.

Eventually, Fabio hauled Bruna to her feet and kissed her deeply, their tongues intertwining as their saliva sloppily swapped sides. Bruna could feel hands running over her body, tugging at her shirt and fumbling with the button on her shorts. She put her arms in the air as Ricardo and Luís lifted her shirt over her head to reveal her small, pert breasts.

The three men instantly got to work kissing Bruna’s little body; Ricardo and Fabio each taking a nipple into their mouths while Luís ran his tongue along her abs as they each stroked her back and shoulders. Bruna moaned softly, enjoying her friends’ lips on her body as she unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down her legs with her underwear. Standing naked, her toes curling in the long grass she looked down at the three men as they covered her in their saliva.

‘I’m ready to be fucked now,’ she said, smiling. Fabio responded wordlessly, by lifting her up and placing her on the grass on her back. Bruna looked up, still grinning almost manically as her fingers began to explore her moistening pussy. She started to rub her clit while the three men watched Bayan escort Ankara her, stroking their cocks above her.

Fabio was the first to move, kneeling down in front of Bruna and gently grasping her ankle with his hand. His fat cock was still glistening with her saliva as he rubbed the head against Bruna’s pink pussy lips, pre-cum mixing with her juices as her body quivered slightly at his touch.

Ricardo and Luís positioned themselves either side of Bruna’s head and she once again took turns to suck each of their throbbing penises. She could feel Fabio sliding inside her and wrapped her legs around his body, pushing him deeper and deeper.

‘Ohhhh yes!’ she screamed, as Fabio began to thrust in and out of her; his cock so fat, opening up her tight pussy like she had never experienced before.

Bruna closed her eyes tightly as her hands furiously tugged on Ricardo and Luís while Fabio continued to pound her. This was ecstasy like she had never known; she could hardly focus on what was going on – seeing stars, moaning loudly as her three friends used her in such a vulgar yet phenomenal manner. Ricardo let out a gasp to her right and spluttered,

‘I’m going to cum,’ as a warm jet of spunk splashed against Bruna’s cheek.

Turning slightly, she opened her mouth to catch the remainder of his load, but such was the power with which Fabio was thrusting against her, it was hard to stay still. Bruna felt drops of Ricardo’s cum hit her tongue, while others trickled along her lips and chin. She swallowed all she could before leaning in and licking all the excess off his bellend, just in time to catch Luís’ load from the other side.

By now, Fabio had slowed slightly so Bruna was able to angle Luís’ cock towards her gaping mouth and feel every drop of his thick cum her warm mouth. She lay back, took a big gulp and felt it slip down her throat.

There was just Fabio to come, and Bruna could tell he wasn’t far behind. His cock felt even bigger inside her as it started to swell with his cum and she was frantically rubbing her clit as he fucked her, her leg muscles tensing in anticipation.

‘Don’t stop… don’t stop… I’m going to cum on your cock,’ she gasped, her hair matted to her forehead with sweat, drops of Ricardo’s jizz running down her cheek. Fabio quickened his thrusts again, as though inspired by his hot friend’s promise, pounding his meat into her as her legs gripped around his shoulders.

‘Ohhhh FFUUUUCCCCKKKK!!’ screamed Bruna as her body convulsed with orgasm. Her hips thrust upwards, her legs writhed in the grass as she exploded with ecstasy. Panting, gasping to get her breath back, she lay with her eyes closed, Fabio still deep inside her. That was until he too was ready for orgasm: removing his cock from Bruna’s love chamber, he sat up slightly, tugging his cock aggressively as four thick ropes of cum splattered over Bruna’s body, the first reaching as high as her breasts while the rest flew across her abs.

The four friends lay silently near one another as the sun set over Londrina. Each one of them satisfied, fulfilled and closer to each other than ever before.

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