Build a Bear

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There was this strange flier under my door when I got home from work. It looked like an advertisement for some Gay circuit party or club. “Build Your Bear” was across the top in big bold letters, with a hairy muscle stud underneath in just a jock, his arms crossed with a friendly smile on his scruffy face.

I couldn’t find an address or phone number on the flier, just their website, I set the paper aside, tossing it on top of my coffee table before unwinding for the day. It was Thursday and I still had another mind numbing day staring at a screen and punching numbers. It wasn’t glamorous but it paid the bills.

The only thing that sucked more than my job was my love life. When I was young and careless, I had my pick of the men. I was a hairless twink with a bubble butt and dirty old men lining up to buy me drinks, drugs and what not. Now I was older and no longer a twink. I was still good looking and somewhat fit but not cute and thin like I was in my early twenties.

I was no longer the club kid that lived to go out on the weekends, get drunk and fucked. I was the responsible Gay adult that was in bed by nine most nights and spent his time cruising apps hoping for a connection that wasn’t some scammer or bot. It had gotten to the point that my hand and I were dating, sometimes having a three some with Bear. Bear was what I named my dildo.

That was another thing that had changed since leaving my twinkhood behind, the men I was attracted too. Back then I wanted them smooth, muscular or thin. Now my tastes varied, but I definitely got a hard on for a burly hairy man with a scruffy beard. He didn’t have to be ripped with muscles but he needed to be thicc.

I sat down on the couch with my dinner for one and turned on the television. That was when I noticed the flier again. I picked it up and really looked at it. I scanned it over and over again, shoveling food blindly into my mouth. The man in the flier was everything that made my cock throb and hole twitch. He looked like one of my favorite porn stars, Atlas Grant, but not as sexy.

I sat my fork down and grabbed my tablet. Curiosity had gotten to me. I opened a browser and headed to the site. It loaded with that same man smiling that sweet innocent smile in just a jock plastered on the front page. It looked like some strange dating site. I clicked the sign up, expecting it to ask for credit card information, but it didn’t.

Thirty seconds later I was registered and being prompted to “build my bear.” I was asked to build my perfect bear. I needed to choose body type, height, muscle, cock size and even eye color. I decided to indulge in the silly fantasy. I figured I’d be prompted for my credit card on the end to pay for some escort.

I made him six foot tall. I wanted him a little taller than me but not too much. I wanted him to have muscles. I was a sucker for muscles. Muscles and a hairy chest, like a carpet of thick black fur on his chest and legs. I opted for him to have stubble, black stubble that shaded his jaw and a shaved head. I gave him a sweet smile and a bubble muscle butt. You have to have something to grab onto besides a dick.

I was a bit naughty, and greedy, when I gave him an eight inch thick and veiny cock. It wasn’t like he was real or anything. This was all fantasy and I was always told to dream big or go home. I wanted him to be unique, different, so I gave him emerald green eyes. When I was done, I had the perfect bear for me, the bear of my fantasies. I even got to name him. Parker.

I admired my creation on the screen, wishing it was real. The last screen asked when I wanted him delivered and I laughed. Like this man really existed. It was probably some doll or something, so I indulged the fantasy a little longer and chose to have it delivered tomorrow. I could have him delivered at any time, to the exact minute. As a lark, I chose to have him delivered at six past seven.

I came to the last screen and got a, “Thank you, your order has been placed.” I hadn’t entered any credit card information or my address. I hit the back button, thinking I missed something but got “page not found.” I reloaded the page, hit forward, and even tried going back to the original web address and got the same error.

I shrugged it off, set the tablet aside and went about my night. I forgot about my build a bear till I was getting ready for bed. I was brushing my teeth, looking at myself shirtless in the bathroom mirror. My chest was decent, smooth aside from the small patch of dark hair between my pecs that trailed down to my seven inch cock. I still had a baby face and kept my brown hair short. At thirty I was definitely still hot.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Parker. I got horny at the thought of his strong arms holding me, the feel of his chest hair rubbing against my skin, and looking into those sweet emerald eyes while he pounded me into the mattress. I blew a load while fingering myself thinking about how it would feel to have him inside of me.

The next morning I escort bursa had forgotten all about it. I went to work, did my mind numbing job and came home. It was a Friday night and the only thing I had planned for the weekend was laundry. I jumped into the shower as soon as I got home, slipped into some sweatpants before starting my dinner for one.

I was sitting down on my couch, prepared to enjoy my meal while watching TV when there was a knock at the door. I let out a sound of annoyance. I checked my phone, saw it was six after seven. Who would bother me this late in the day on a Friday without calling first? I was just getting up when there was another more insistent knock at the door.

“Coming!” I yelled. I was ready to tear into whoever was on the other side of the door for disturbing my lonely dinner. I got to the door just as whoever it was pounded again. I flung open the door and started to yell, “What the,” then changed mid-sentence to, “the fuck?” When I saw the huge wooden crate blocking my door.

“You want to move, buddy?” Came a sharp voice from behind the crate. I was so stunned, I just did what he said. “Thanks, where do you want him?” The crate tilted and was pushed into my home by this squat muscled guy with a big nose. “Hey, mack, I don’t have all day.” He snapped at me. “Where do you want him?”

I pointed to the living room. “What is it?” I asked following behind him. “I don’t remember ordering anything.” He ignored me, setting the crate down in the middle of my living room. He wiped his brow with a handkerchief then pulled out some papers from his back pocket. “I think you have the wrong place.”

“Nope, I’ve got the right place.” He flipped through the paperwork. “And I have no idea what’s in it. I don’t pack them, I just deliver them.” He thrust the paperwork at me. “Here sign.” He shook the papers at me till I took them, then he handed me a pen. “Sign at the bottom to accept delivery and I’ll be on my way.”

I didn’t know what else to do, so I just signed. My name was at the top of the delivery sheet in big bold letters, Benjamin Taylor. I started looking at the papers, trying to figure out what was in the crate, when the delivery guy snatch the papers back. ‘Here.” He tore off my copies, slapped them into my hand along with an old fashion key. “Have a good day.”

Before I could stop him, he was gone, shutting the door behind him. I stood there not knowing what just happened or what to do. I looked at the paperwork and all it said was, “Open and Enjoy!” I walked around the box, finding a key shaped hole on one side. It was here, I reasoned, might as well find out what it is.

I slipped the key into the hole, turned it till I heard a click, and then stood back waiting for something to happen. After a minute, when nothing did, I pulled at the edge of the crate. The crate opened, spilling foam peanuts all over the place. I was about to curse at my luck when I saw what the packing peanuts were protecting.

There in the box, eyes closed, in just a purple jockstrap was Parker. He was just like I had made him the night before on my tablet. It was all there, the height, the muscles the hair, and judging from that full pouch, the cock too. The only thing I couldn’t see was if he had those emerald eyes.

I was in shock and awe. I reached into the box, toward his face. He had to be some sort of doll. I touched his face. It was so realistic, like my own skin. I was about to see if I could open his eyes when his eyes popped open, revealing the greenest emerald eyes I had ever seen.

I jumped back, falling onto my ass. He moved out of the box. He looked down at me, then smiled. “You must be Benjamin.” He came toward me. I scurried back, terrified, till I hit the sofa, terrified. He cocked his head to the side puzzled. “I’m Parker. You ordered me last night.” He said it as if it was completely normal. “On the Build Your Bear site.”

“What the fuck?” I said wide eyed. I looked around for anything to use as a weapon. I grabbed the first thing I could find and held it out defensively. “Stay back or I’ll, I’ll,” I looked at what I had grabbed, “spoon you.” He laughed. I tossed the spoon at him, bouncing it off his deliciously hairy chest. “This is some weird dream, I’m going to wake up at any moment and be disappointed that I didn’t get to sleep with you, aren’t I?”

He squatted down and stuck his hand out at me. “You know we can make sure you’re not disappointed when you wake up.” I thought for a moment, biting the inside of my lip. “Come on, if you’re not completely satisfied you can return me, no questions asked.” I took his hand. I was convinced I was dreaming. His hand felt so real though.

He pulled me up with him, causing me to bump into his hard and hairy chest. I looked into those sweet emerald eyes. This had to be a dream. They even got the small mole under his right eye. “Why don’t you finish eating, while I clean up?” I was awe stuck and speechless. “If I do a bad job you can punish me,” he looked at the utensil bursa merkez eskort in my hand, “by spooning me.”

He sat me down on the couch and handed me back my spoon. He winked at me then turned around to clean up the mess. I had the best view of his fuzzy butt. I knew what I was having for desert, even if it was just a dream. I watched him while I ate. He would look back every now and again. Sometimes he’d wink, other times he flashed me a smile but the best one was when he wiggled his ass at me.

When he was done cleaning up the mess from the crate, he took my empty plate and dishes to the kitchen leaving me dumbfounded, wondering if this was really a dream or some weird home invasion. I still wasn’t sure what was going on when he sat bare assed on my sofa beside me.

He smiled at me then said, “Woof.” I just looked at him confused, trying to keep my eyes from roaming over his tempting and delicious body. “Relax, Benjamin.” He threw an arm over my shoulder, pulling me to him. I closed my eyes and indulged myself in his manly scent. “It’s okay to look, even touch. You ordered me.” I looked back into his eyes. He waggled his bushy eyebrows then repeated, “Woof.”

I sat there mesmerized by his rugged features. I wasn’t sure what to do or what was going on. He reached up with his other hand, brushing my cheek before guiding my face towards his. “What are…” I stopped when I felt his lips touch mine. I felt the bristle of his whiskers. His tongue slipped into my mouth.

Dream, hallucination, or strange sexual encounter, I was going to enjoy this. I reached over with my hand, running through his thick fur. I moved on top of Parker, straddling his lap. Parker’s rough hands went up my shirt, running over my skin sending shivers through my body. I sucked on his lower lip, enjoying the feel of the scratch of his beard.

Parker worked my shirt up my body. We broke the kiss only to have him pull my shirt off. My fingers combed through his chest hair. It was coarse but soft to my touch. He moved from my mouth to my neck, the scratch of his beard pulling a growly moan from me. I could feel the fiery lush deep in my loins.

Parker’s hand slipped into the back of my sweats. His hand explored my cheeks before taking a firm hand full. My groan turned into a gasp because Parker took that moment to latch onto my nipple. I had his insistent finger pressing against my backdoor his teeth gently biting my nipple and his scruff rubbing over my body. I was in heaven.

If this was a fantasy or hallucination, it was a damn good one. If it was a strange home invasion, I wanted to be invaded on a nightly basis. Several times a night if possible. Parker was just too hot and he knew my body. It all felt too good to be true. I was certain I’d wake up at any moment to be disappointed it was a dream.

“I love the feel of your body.” Parker moaned into my skin. He was running his face all over my chest and stomach, giving me beard burn that hurt just so good. “Let’s get you naked.” He stood and laid me on the couch. He tugged at my sweatpants and boxers. I lifted up letting him yank them off me pulling them down my legs. “Nice.” He smiled when he saw my hard seven and a half inch cock standing at attention.

I flushed red then thought to myself, “Fuck it, you only live once. If it’s a dream it’s going to be a damn good dream. If it’s real, what a story to tell at the office on Monday.” I launched myself at Parker, burying my face into his hard furry belly. “Oh, my God. You feel so good.” I said, rubbing my face all over his hard belly.

I reached around and took hold of each firm muscled cheek. He ran his hands through my hair. I moaned into his skin. I needed to have him. I needed him in me. I needed to have him fuck me like the neglected whore I was and then hold me like the lover I needed him to be.

I tugged at his jock, slipping the band over his plump ass. I looked up at him, hesitant to pull the pouch down. I looked up at Parker. “Go ahead,” there was command in his voice, “take it off. I’m anatomically correct.” I swallowed nervously returning my gaze to his crotch, my prize. I pulled the taunt fabric down till he came bouncing out. “It’s all for you.”

“Fuck.” I let his jock fall to the floor. It was just as I had designed, thick, veiny, eight inches and the slight curve up that I liked. I wrapped my hand around his girth. I was in awe. I looked up, Parker smiled back at me, nodding his encouragement. I looked back at his magnificent member.

I stroked him. His tip glistened with precum. It looked so delicious, so tempting, I couldn’t resist it. I leaned forward, stuck out my tongue, ran it over his tip. His flavor exploded across my tongue. The groan that escaped me was pure unadulterated bliss. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I had to have him.

I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and took him in. His spongy head slipped across my tongue. I paused, enjoying the feel of him in my mouth. I took my time filling my mouth bursa sınırsız escort with his man meat. He slipped easily into my mouth and down my throat as if his cock was made for me.

I rested it there, his cock nestled in my throat, my nose inhaling his scent. I reached up, running my hands through the fur on his chest. His hands ran through my hair. “That’s it, baby.” He held my head. “Let daddy fuck your throat.” He pulled back slowly, just a few inches, then pushed back in.

He continued, slowly at first, letting his cock pull out a little more each time till he was full on skull fucking me. He pulled out till the tip was resting on my tongue then slammed back hard into me. It was rough, it was raw, and it was wonderful. I grabbed his ass, pulling him into me. Spit and cum dripped from my chin.

“Fuck.” He pushed me back off him, sending me sprawled out on the couch, my face glazed over with the lust filled craze. I looked at him. He looked back at me, nostrils flaring as he growled. He picked me up, slinging me over his shoulder like a sack of flour. He held me steady with one arm. His other hand rubbed over my smooth cheeks. “That ass needs attention too.”

I gasped with pleasure when I felt the first swat on my ass. He carried me through my place. I didn’t know how he knew where my bedroom was, but three more hard swats later, we were in my bedroom. Parker laid me on the bed then covered my body with his. He looked me in the eye, a content smile on his face.

“Woof.” Was all he said before he took my arms and pinned them beside my head. He explored my body with his mouth, my nipples, my pits, my sides and my flat stomach. He went over them over and over again. I was helpless under him, flailing with orgasmic jolts. He’d pause then attacked another sensitive spot.

I was gasping for breath by the time Parker gave me a brief break. He let go of my arms, slipped down between my legs. I felt the warm touch of his tongue on my balls as he massaged each one in his mouth. It had been so long since someone else had touched me down there, I had forgotten how good it felt.

Parker moved from my balls, his tongue flicking along my shaft as he made his way to my cock head. He watched me, a devilish glint in his eye, as he swallowed my cock down. I felt his tongue massaging my cock. He would slowly rise then bury his nose in my groin, rutting so that his beard scratched me.

Parker kept bringing me to the edge then pulling me back. It was maddening, knowing that my orgasm was so close, but not quite able to get to it. Finally he pulled off my cock, leaving me frustrated and needing to cum. I was then flipped like a pancake onto my stomach. The next thing I felt was Parker’s hands prying my cheeks apart, and his tongue lashing at my hole.

I arched back and up, crying out disbelief at the rapture Parker was sending coursing through me. I fell back onto the bed, raising my ass so Parker could plunge deeper into me. “Eat my slut hole. Get it all sloppy wet, baby.” Parker slapped my ass, the sting feeling so dirty, but so good. “Fuck me.” I said, my voice wobbly from sexual pleasure.

“Patience, baby.” Parker nipped at my ass. “That’s next.” My eyes rolled back in my headnat the thought of Parker plugging my hole. I felt the exploratory press of his finger run along my crack. “This ass was made to be fucked.” He pressed his finger into me. I pushed back, the need to be filled consuming me. “That’s it, ride my finger, baby. Get yourself ready for this dick.”

I felt his spit hit my hole. I groaned, rocking back and forth, impaling myself of his fat finger over and over again. His other hand gripped my ass, squeezing and kneading my ass. “Do you want me to put my dick in you, Benjamin? Do you want me to fuck the cum out of you?” He slipped a second finger beside the first then smacked my ass when I did not answer. “Say it. I want to hear your filthy mouth say it.”

“Yes!” I cried. “Fuck me, Parker!” My cock throbbed at the thought. “Fuck my slut hole with that big cock. Fill me with big fucking man cock.” It was like a release, letting my true desires come forth. “I need you in me, Parker.” I looked back to see him grinning. I commanded him through clenched teeth, “Fuck me.”

Parker twitched his finger into me, stroking my prostate. I let out a small cry of pleasure, then he did it again, and again. My arms began to tremble. “Oh, you’re going to love this.” He pulled his fingers from me, that empty feeling hitting me. I felt him rub the tip of his cock up and down my crack. He tapped on my ass, precum splattering across my back. “Ready?”

I didn’t get a chance to answer. He grabbed me by my hip. He lined himself up behind me. I felt the head of his cock on my hole, then the stretch as he pushed into me. “Mmm… fuuuccckkk.” I drawled out. I felt him slowly stretching me, filling me. “Damn, you feel so good in me, Parker.” My body rolled at the feel of him in me. Parker pressed deep into me till I felt the brush of his hair on my ass.

“This hole was made for me.” I heard Parker sigh. He grabbed my other hip then began rocking me slowly across his dick. “Damn, this is such a sweet fucking ass.” Parker began moving his hips, slicing into me with ease. “Oh, baby, you’re in for the ride of your life.” Parker’s fingers dug into me. “Get ready.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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