Buoyancy Pt. 03

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Kevin waited and waited. And waited some more.

He had a bunch of emails and stuff that he had to get done. Had to return a call to his mother. Needed to approve a project budget for work. He threw himself into one task after the other.

It helped to occupy his mind. But it wasn’t nearly enough to keep his mind off of the Christmas-day level of joy he was expecting in a few hours. He ran out and got some candles and flowers. The hours ticked by. He showered, he shaved. He poured himself a drink and checked his phone.


He couldn’t text her – at least he knew that much. He couldn’t make his lust for her any clearer so anything that he sent her now could only be seen as desperate.

He listened to a podcast. The time was 6:55 pm.

He watched some Netflix. It was 7:32.

By 7:45 he was in the shower, his phone’s ringer volume and vibration maxed out on the counter. He’d poke his head out every few seconds, thinking that he’d heard something.

But by 8:15 the only messages on his phone were work related and an email from his mom that he was in absolutely no mood to open.

By the time 8:45 rolled by, he had had enough of playing it cool. He was disappointed, sure, but more than that, he was questioning whether the feelings had actually been mutual. She didn’t even call to say she was running late. That didn’t make any sense to him – that after the last few hours he was just an afterthought.

It was 10:00 when he finally said to hell with it and caved. He told himself that it was out of concern but Kevin knew that he was just any old dog begging for his dinner. He had no shame and if making the first move got the ball rolling, he didn’t much care that he was reduced to grovelling for the woman.

[Ur late]

[Everything okay?]

Nothing. Not 5 minutes later, not 10. Not 30 minutes later…

And no response when he finally decided to call her. Straight to voicemail. He threw in the towel and went to bed.

[Turning in. Hope you’re okay]

You just read her wrong, he thought to himself as he tried to get comfortable. He closed his eyes and saw her smiling face from the phone; her eyes happy and bright. He could ignore the way his dick ached again.

But his heart hurt in his chest and he knew it would be a rough night.


The spectacular shitty mood that he was in when he woke up to still no message from her infected him. His morning shower sucked. The burnt breakfast sucked. The ride to work sucked. The morning conference call with the team leads was a total clusterfuck.

Then he bombed the 10 am meeting with the new vendors hard. Watching them walking out of the conference room, he did a little quick math in his head and figured that the damage control would cost him probably in the 5 digit range.

Everyone in the office was giving him a wide berth. His Slack had 4 requests from some of his guys to push their afternoon meetings to another date – word had gotten out that he was not in the mood for saying ‘Yes’ today. If they wanted his sign-off, they were keen to roll their dice on another date.

He shouldn’t even have come into work today, he thought to himself, as he waited on hold to order some lunch. He should have just stayed in bed and licked his wounds.

“Boss,” came his assistant Terri’s voice at his door.

“Not now, Terr,” he said shutting her down. “I’m on lunch…if these fuckers would ever take my order…”

“It’s just…I have a Brooke here – she says she had a meeting that fell through…I didn’t see anything on the calendar…”

His head snapped up, he slammed the phone down just as a voice on the other end began to say hello. Terri’s head was just peaking through the crack in the door.

But just beyond it, he could see the golden curls, and then Brooke’s face struggling to look past his assistant. The glimpse of a sheepish smile. Her mouthing the words “I’m sorry.”

“Uh…uh…yeah, Terri…sorry, I…didn’t…I penciled her in…show her in…umm, close that behind you,” he said in a rush, stumbling over the words like a moron, bumping into his desk as he stood.

Terri turned to Brooke then moved aside, ushering her in and closing the door.

She looked…Jesus, she looked phenomenal. A high-necked navy blue trenchcoat, collar popped, with white piping around the pockets. Green stockings. A small red purse over her shoulder the exact same color red as her heels with the little ankle strap.

She looked like a pinup version of a busty Mary Poppins.

She was biting her lip and her hand raised the moment the door closed. In it was a ziplock bag full of rice and her cellphone.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t know any other way to reach you. I left a message on your LinkedIn. It was all I could think of.”

The one place that he hadn’t checked.

His head fell to his chest. Exhaustion to be sure – but also fucking relief.

“What happened?” he said motioning her to the couch. He leaned back on the edge of his almanbahis adresi desk.

“Was at the airport. Fell in the toilet. Not my finest hour,” she said, crossing her legs. The blue, green and red of the ensemble had no doubt turned every head in the office as she walked in. For his part, Kevin was astonished at how quickly his brain had moved on from wanting an explanation to wanting her to be naked under the trenchcoat.

“In my defense my mind might have been wandering to what I was going to wear later that evening for a certain someone, before my phone fell in the drink,” she said her eyes dancing.

He chuckled.

“Look – it’s not a good look, but I swear to you…” she insisted.

He smiled looking down at her trying to convince him. She had a face that wouldn’t be able to lie well. She was too fucking gorgeous. It was so impossible to take your eyes off of her that people would memorize all of her tells. “Hey…I believe you. It’s…it’s good…to see you. I was going back and forth between worry and…well, despair, if I’m honest.”

She frowned and pouted. “Oh Kevin…”

“Nevermind that. How’d you find me?”

“I asked Miguel on LinkedIn. I was gonna just call but I figured…” she paused, tilting her head. “I owed you an apology in person.”

Kevin smiled and bowed his head. Her perfume was in his office. His day was turning around rapidly.

“I assume that when 8 o’clock came and went without a word from me that you ups and went to bed ,” she said, a cruel twinkle in her eye.

She had come ready to play. She looked so good, smelled so good. And, man did he want to go back and forth with her…

But here she was in his office. And the windows were dependably frosted.

Kevin looked her square in the eye. “You promised,” he said. He’d never played the James Bond angle with a girl before, never believed that he could pull it off. But there was something different about looking down at Brooke on his couch there, her oozing sexiness all over his office, him being desperate for her, but also being the wronged party.

She did owe him, after all. And there’s no way she didn’t think about that before coming to his office.

Her eyes met with his and he could feel his cock twitch and start to firm up, bulging his trousers as the moment drew on. But she didn’t take him in. Instead she just placed her purse and her phone on the couch next to her before flattening the bottom of the trenchcoat and standing. She took two steps towards him and he parted his legs so that she could stand in the space between them.

Brooke didn’t say a word. Didn’t have an expression on her face.

Kevin’s blood was boiling as his hands came to her waist. He had to blow out a breath to control himself. His fingers found their way to the belt of the trenchcoat, untying it and freeing the buckle before starting at the bottom button of the coat and working his way up. She was staring at his fingers then back at his eyes, her mouth hanging open as he slowly unwrapped her.

The last buttons undone, Kevin’s hand snaked its way inside the coat. The heat coming off of her body was like a blast furnace as their eyes met and his fingertips touched the fabric of the white lycra top she was wearing and took hold of her by the waist.

Her breathing was shallow now. His left hand went in the opposite direction – inside the coat and around the her right side as he stood, pulling her firmly against him. Her arms raised, coming round his neck as she stared up into his eyes.

His dick was tented and he did a thing with his hips to flatten it between them. Her mouth opened wider at the roughness of him pulling her close, the bulge of him between them. He knew he should kiss her then, but again, the dog in him was crying out.

His hands went lower, onto her hips, and then, moving of their own accord, starting pulling and bunching up the bottom of the short black skirt in his hand, drawing up fabric until his hands were on the smooth sheerness of the leggings. His hand wandered her fabric covered bum and she turned her head laying her head against his chest. Then his thumbs hooked the hem of the leggings, pushing it down beneath her rump.

His hands roamed her bare ass, feeling its fullness and indulging. And when her head finally came back up to look at him, she had a guilty look on her face. Guilt at being groped by him in his office. Guilt at wanting it.

And that was all he needed. He grabbed hold of her soft flared ass in both hands and pulled her entire body up to him until his mouth was fused to hers.

She tensed up as his hands first kneaded her ass like baking dough, before relaxing into the soothing pull of his mouth as the kiss deepened. The sound she made in her throat sounded like a purr. The kiss was every bit as good as the one in the stairwell, with the exception of Kevin’s increasingly desperate hands, making more persistent demands of her backside with each second. He lifted and clenched and warped almanbahis adresi and rubbed them with childlike eagerness and Brooke for her part seemed to concentrate on holding her arms around him gently as their lips melted and spread over each other’s.

It was only when Kevin’s mouth wandered right of her, to her neck, that Brooke seemed to rouse from the spell. And her hands were busy fiddling with the front of his pants.

Kevin knew that he should give a shit. He knew that he had to set an example. He knew that doing this here, at the office would have been a fire-able offence.

He knew all of that and pulled on Brooke’s ass with even more force, spanking her once and clenching, lifting her off her feet for a moment as his mouth worked on her neck. He hadn’t a clue how far she was prepared to take it but if she was willing to undo his pants, there wasn’t a chance in hell that he was going to stop her.

She was panting now, the belt was undone and his fly was open. His cock was straining the elastic of his underwear, bulging out of the opening of his pants like a growth. Kevin’s lips did some crazy thing on his neck that made her eyes roll and teased a moan out of her, even as she tried to get her hand inside his pants. She finally managed in the small space, managed to caress him over the cotton underwear, caress the length of him up and down from the tip of him down to his nuts. Her hand went up and down over him, teasing him and fueling him, and his lips went round the front of her throat and to the other side of her – hot, wet kisses burning its way around her neck like a choker, before his lips were on her earlobe, suckling on her like he was going to swallow her whole.

Brooke grimaced and turned her lips into his again.

The phone rang.

Kevin was in no mood to even acknowledge it. He was half a second away from pushing her back on the couch and undressing her when, to his surprise and confusion, Brooke reached past him and picked the phone up and off the receiver.

She broke the kiss, her eyes sparkling, her mouth hanging open with the receiver next to his ear.

“Answer it,” she whispered. He took the receiver in hand covering the mic.

“Baby…” he started before balking at the sensation of her warm palm against his bare dick as she pushed her hands down into his underwear. It felt like her fingers were doing a hula dance on his cock.

Brooke bit her lip, clearly enjoying his reaction. “Concentrate,” she mouthed, her eyes sparkling.

Kevin swallowed. Her hand already had him at a 7.5 out of 10. And that was without any lube. He knew that if she put even a dab of hand lotion into it that he’d be at the boiling point in under 3 minutes. Her hands swirled and sculpted his hardness in the confines of his underwear, his mouth came desperately forward onto hers. She kissed him quickly and then prompted him to the receiver, and Kevin’s jaw fell in disbelief as he moved his hand and put the receiver to his ear.

“Uhh…yeah,” Kevin said.

“Kev? You okay?” It was Sandeep, one of his e-commerce managers.

Brooke’s hand was moving lower, stroking and lengthening his shaft.

“Umph…Yeah, I’m…What can I do for you, San?”

He was too off-sounding. It was natural for San to push the issue. “Boss, I’m serious. You don’t sound so good…”

Yeah, you wouldn’t sound too good having to concentrate through a dick-tug either, San – went the thought through his head.

He cleared his throat. “Time is money, San. What’s up?”

His voice sounded authoritative enough for San to move along. “I got some numbers about the San Diego rollout. Some promising stuff. Was wondering if you could come now and take a look at it.”

Brooke was smiling, looking down at his cock as her hands continued to work on him like a slow tornado. She pulled his pants down farther now – his whole cock was exposed, jutting out of him like a fencepost, her hands massaging him like she was tending to a campside fire – and when Sandeep asked if he could ‘cum now’, he could swear that God was fucking with him.

“How…uh…how promising…do you mean?” he managed to force out.

“Like…15% bumps across the board. Enough to offset the drop in traffic due to the ‘misunderstanding’ with AWS last month. Could actually save our ass come filing time.”

Now it should be stressed that Sandeep was one of his best guys and what he was talking about was super important.

But it was at that very moment that Sandeep was taking him through his million dollar discovery, Brooke had started to fondle Kevin’s nuts like they were a pair of Chinese meditation balls, and Kevin’s mouth fell open and came looking for Brooke’s. His hand slapped over the mic and Brooke’s tongue was swirling around his mouth in time to her hands swirling on his cock and her fingers tickling with his balls and his patience for this game had run out.

“Yeah San…” he said quickly into the receiver. “Can you set something up with Terri almanbahis adresi for tomorrow morning.” He didn’t even wait for his response before saying, “Sounds good,” and dropping the receiver back on the cradle.

The moment he turned back to her, her mouth was waiting for his. Her lips were in a smile before shaping back against his; he held her under her arms as her hands came off of his dick and she grabbed hold of his ears. Kevin’s furious cock bobbed in the space between them as he pivoted and turned, lifting and dropping her onto his desk, clearing most of the contents out of the way and hiking her dress up.

She was breathing hard and grimaced as he stepped in between her knees, green covered legs and red heels spreading wide apart in invitation. She braced herself on the desk as his weight came over her and his cock pushed helplessly against the leggings that covered her crotch. He dry rubbed himself on the nylon surface, pushing hard so that she’d feel the ridge of him through the fabric. Her eyes fluttered closed signalling that he’d found the mark and he rubbed his cock hard between her thighs a few more times, still getting no sign from her that they should stop.

Can I rip this thing open? he thought to himself. His cock was pulsing untended, and his tip was a colour he’d never even seen it before. He needed to finally, finally mount her. He deserved it.

But he didn’t want to rip her clothes. He didn’t want to have to be quiet. He wanted to hear her scream as his cock pushed the air out of her lungs on its way into her, wanted to hear her bawling for dear life from what he was doing to her.

And he especially didn’t want to have to start something that he couldn’t finish. Because he knew that once they started, nothing was going to stop them.

“Fuck!!” he whispered in frustration.

“What’s wrong?” she said quickly.

His head fell back, trying to catch his breath. When it came forward he had a plain look on his face.

“I bought champagne. I bought candles and flowers,” he said, staring down at her.

She was pouting, looking up at him through her lashes. “Bullshit…” she said quickly before seeing the look on his face. “Really?” she whispered, looking away.

His hand was on her cheek, guiding her eyes back to his. “You promised me that we’d do this. But I promised myself – that I would kiss every fucking inch of you. I can’t do that here.”

His mouth fell on hers again, this time trying to remember the taste, savouring her as he stuffed his cock back into his trousers, doing up his belt. When he backed away her lips were kiss swollen and he wanted to stuff his cock into her mouth in the worse way.

He took yet another step away from her and she came off the desk onto her feet. He took her hand in his and lifted it to his mouth, kissing her knuckles. Then he reached into his pocket and fished out his house key and fob, placing it in her palm.

“When I get home, please tell me you be there waiting for me,” he said staring into her soul.

Her grip closed tight around his keys. She closed her eyes and nodded up and down slowly.

He stepped forward, into the warmth and perfume and her hands went to his cheeks as his went to hers. They kissed with their eyes open. Her mouth meandered off his lips to his chin and he knew that if he didn’t shut that down, they’d be fucking on the couch in a matter of minutes.

He stepped past her, still holding her hand behind him. “Go. Go. I’ll be outta here in like 3 hours.”

“You’re the boss,” she whispered. “Take the rest of the day.”

She was the fucking definition of trouble. She was the devil on his shoulder. He had already wasted his morning pining for her. He had to make something of the afternoon.

“3 hours,” he said. “And don’t be cute and undress for me. I want that pleasure all to myself.”

She bit her lip. She backed away from him, still holding onto his fingers until their touch finally broke. Brooke picked up her purse, stuffed her dead phone into it with his house key and gave him one last look before quietly letting herself out of his office.

Kevin blew out a sigh. Holy shit, he thought.

He tidied the stuff on his desk, picked up the phone and asked Terri to call Sandeep back.


He had ridden his e-bike to work that morning. But the moment his 3 o’clock meeting had ended, he called an Uber and took the stairs to the lobby to work out some of the madness inside of him.

Even as he was getting into the car, all that Kevin could think about was Brooke, waiting for him in his apartment. An open bottle of champagne. Pulling every piece of clothing off of her. Fucking her once then again and then again. On his couch, on his bed, in the shower. The shower – he had to remember to put down the anti-slip mat. He put a reminder in his phone.

He wondered if he should excuse himself to rub one out before they really got into it. His brain was fried: he didn’t think he could last for thirty seconds even if she gave him the worst blowjob of his life right now. No, no – he wanted to drain every drop inside of him with her hands on his body. The thought of her hands jerking him empty onto oil covered tits flashed through his head and his dick started to go up just as the car came to his condo.

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