Burning Desires: Paradise

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It was a strenuous day at work. As I sat at my desk going over what seemed to be an endless mountain of tasks fighting for my attention, I could feel the stress of the day building up inside of me, waiting to be released somehow. The fact that we all worked from home these days only made things worse. I missed watching my colleagues and other people at work from across my desk. More importantly, I missed watching my female colleagues, watching their perfectly crafted faces with impeccable make up and their sensual bodies complimented so well by their figure accentuating outfits. To be honest with you, I missed watching Her.

Her desk was not too far from mine. We rarely talked while we worked, she is very dedicated to her profession and hated wasting time. Over the course of many well-planned casual lunches socializing with each other and a few after work meet ups, I succeeded in getting close to her. So close indeed that my crotch started throbbing as I thought of her. I knew my body desired her. I grabbed my phone and sent her a text. It was formal at first, some straightforward talk about work lest someone else was holding her phone. A few messages later I was sure it was her. She too desperately needed rescuing from the shackles of her mundane home. We planned to meet up at our usual spot. I worked like a maniac for the next few hours fueled by the arousal in anticipation for our late-night activity.

She made her well-practiced excuse and drove out to the parking lot at the strip mall. She parked her car and walked to the ice cream place that was open late. She grabbed two cups with our favorite flavors. As she came out of the shop, she looked around making sure no one was watching her and swiftly walked in the opposite direction from where she was parked. I unlocked the door and she climbed in.

She was wearing a mask but one look at her big honey-colored eyes made brighter by long eye lashes complimented by perfectly shaped eyebrows was enough to get my heart beating faster. Her hair fell graciously over her face. istanbul escort She moved the few stray strands from the front to the side of her face as she looked at me. Her eyes glowed and I knew she was smiling from behind the mask, I swear my heart literally skipped a beat at that moment. Almost as if reading my mind, she took her mask off giving me the pleasure to once again see her gorgeous smile. She was in a mood to tease me. She knew I would want to kiss her full, lush lips as soon as I see them. I pulled myself together, started the car and drove out of the strip mall. I did not want to waste any time.

I drove to the outskirts of the city, towards the park that sat on top of a hill. There are many spots that offer beautiful views of the city and these are usually packed (even in times like these) with people who come to enjoy the view sitting in the comfort of their vehicles. Those adventurous enough to explore the woods would be rewarded with secluded spaces away from urban intrusion offering mesmerizing views of the night skies.

I turned the car onto an off-road dirt path that hid behind a thicket of shrubs. The path was flanked by tall trees with their branches forming a natural canopy above us. It was dark, and you would be forgiven for thinking the place looked scary. And rightfully so. The place does have an eerie feel to it, but for us it provided the perfect camouflage to express our forbidden love to each other. This actually gave the place a hauntingly beautiful appeal to us.

After driving for a few minutes, I finally came out of the woods onto a small open pasture, just big enough for a few cars to be lined up next to each other. The grass was not too tall. The trees with their tall trunks and lush canopy made a nice perimeter around the green landscape. The heavens were now free from the confines of their tall branches, welcoming us with open hands. The weather was cool, and the skies had a few clouds, so the stars could play hide and seek avcılar escort with us. There was a half-moon peeking from behind one of the clouds, shining just enough light to complete the ambience. It was a perfect night.

Watching the stars in the sky through the sunroof sitting next to her made me feel at peace. It also aroused me. I looked at her. She was still gazing up at the sky. She slowly titled her face towards me looking at me with her eyes, they were filled with love. I placed my hand on the back of her head and gently pulled her towards me as I kissed her lips. I could not wait any longer. We slid our tongues into each other mouths as we swapped the first of our many bodily fluids.

We moved to the back of the car where I had already placed down a blanket making the space into a nice comfortable love nest. I took off her blouse as she unbuttoned my shirt. I kissed over her neck like a mad man. I kissed and squeezed her ample, fair breasts while I unhooked her bra, finally freeing them from its harsh confines. I took them in my hands and sucked vigorously on her stiff, dark pink nipples. Like a music instrument whose strings were being pulled, she made melodious moans as I played with her body. She pulled down my pants, as her favorite toy was standing proudly waiting for her. She stroked it nice and easy. I removed the rest of her clothing eager to once again see her in her glory.

I opened her legs and was invited to the invigorating smell of her wet flower. “Dessert is ready!” I said as she giggled. I licked it hungrily. She moaned louder, holding my head with her hands. Her whole body shuddered with an orgasm. She pushed me on my back, slid my pants off and took my tool into her hand like it was her property. She stroked it with her hand as she opened her mouth and took it in. She looked up into my eyes as she sucked me to the moon.

It started to drizzle outside and a few minutes later it was raining. We stopped and looked at each other. We smiled as we read each other’s minds. şirinevler escort We walked outside fully naked letting the rain soak our bodies. It aroused us even more. The entire landscape around us changed as the showers put a hazy blanket on the trees. You would think it might be pitch dark with the clouds hiding the moon away. But somehow there was always a glow to this place, almost as if the trees, the grass, the shrubs, the dirt on the ground and even the dark clouds all gave out a surreal light celebrating our arrival. We walked out onto the open; we embraced our wet bodies against each other as we kissed. The rain does this to us. It drives us mad with ecstasy.

We both knew we had to finish up quickly. She got down onto her knees and bent forward on her hands. I took my tool and slowly slid it into her. I caressed her breasts from behind her as I slowly pushed it inside her. The best part of the rain, we have a natural lubricant. She moaned loud as I thrust deeper into her. We don’t have to worry about anyone listening in on us. I increased my pace, and thrust harder and faster, as she moaned louder syncing in with the rhythm of my thrusts.

It has been a little less than a year since we have decided to openly express our love to each other. We were more restrictive at first, but we tore through our inhibitions as our bond intensified. We made love in all kinds of odd places before I found this beautiful oasis by chance. It was almost as if the Gods themselves wanted us to have our own little Eden so we can make love to our hearts content.

The Gods and any other dimensional beings are always welcome to watch as they please, and I am sure they do. There was thunder and lightning, all of which intensified our carnal desire. She turned around and lay on the wet grass. Her rain-soaked body glistened and glowed. I thrust back into her harder as she looked at me with lust-filled eyes. I couldn’t control myself anymore. I pressed deeper into as she wrapped her legs tightly behind me; we were on the verge of our desire. It wanted to go into her, to be one with her. On this perfect night as we lay on our beautiful paradise, soaked in the showers from the heavens, once again bringing our bodies and souls together, I unleashed a flood of thick seed into her fertile womb as the ultimate embodiment of pure love.

We are home!

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