Business Trip Encounters Ch. 07

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John was on another of his business trip; this time his work took him to Pattaya in Thailand. It was supposed to be a short 3 day trip, and as usual, John had arranged to stay over the weekend to spend a couple of days there for leisure.

On the business side of things, it turned out to be a non event and John managed to clear all his work by Friday afternoon. He was looking forward to hitting the pool, and by the time he reached the hotel in the late afternoon, he wasted little time and changed to his trunks and made his way to the pool. He was planning to stay at the poolside for the rest of the afternoon and then hit the famous bars in Pattaya in the evening, have a few drinks and maybe bring a bar girl back to the hotel for a quick shack to round off his trip.

John settled into a poolside chair with the sun shining gloriously down at him. He looked around and there were plenty of eye candies on show, mostly tourists from the West.

John thought to himself, “Well, all these boobs bouncing around should set my mood up for tonight.”

John looked around and was enjoying the sight of all the skimpily dressed western women lying around with their boobs squashed under the weight of their bodies, when someone across the pool caught his attention. It was easy to pick this one out as she was petite amongst all the bigger western women and had black hair, and obviously a Chinese. Most importantly, she looked like somebody John knew.

John decided to pick his stuff up and walked over.

The lady was lying on a poolside chair, had her eyes closed and was not aware of John standing by the chair.

“Jenny….?” John called out lightly, still not so sure.

The lady opened her eyes, dropped her shades a little, paused for a while and on recognizing John, said,” Oh, John, is that you?”

“Hi, Jen, I thought it was you. What are you doing here?” John said, placing his stuff on the chair next to Jenny.

“Oh, I am here for a short holiday, how about you?” Jenny said, pushing herself up.

“I am here on business trip and will be spending the weekend here, I am really surprised to see you here,” John said, obviously pleased.

John and Jenny goes some way back, they started as colleagues about 5 years ago and have got on really well. When John first met Jenny, she was 30 years old, and married with a son, so things never really got the chance to develop sexually. Jenny, although already a mother, kept herself in shape by working out. She was a petite lady, about 5 feet tall, with black hair flowing down her shoulders. She was an average looking woman, but there was always something about her that oozes sex from her body. Relative to her petite body, her handful B cup boobs stood out and John never failed to steal a glance at them whenever possible. Although average looking with average features, Jenny was always at the top of John’s MILF list.

John found out that Jenny was in Pattaya for a short get away, and what surprised him was that she was alone.

“Why didn’t your husband come along, Jen?” John asked.

Jenny seemed a bit annoyed at the question, shakes her head and then put her shades back on.

John could sense some frustration in her reaction and left the question as it is.

Jenny had a bikini on which revealed her still very firm body. It seemed like motherhood never caught up with her although she was already 35. John took a peak at Jenny and thought she had her eyes closed, although he could not be sure as she had her shades on. Nonetheless, John took a chance and started checking out her body. He started from the neck down and noticed Jenny’s boobs were as firm as he had imagined them to be.

Prior to this, the closest look John had on Jenny’s body was when it was hidden under a tight workout outfit.

John let his sight lingered on Jenny’s boobs a little longer then he should and thought he saw the outline of her nipples straining against the thin fabric of the bikini top. He then let his glaze dropped down further and was amazed at Jenny’s flat tummy. He looked further south and could not help but imagine how she would look like without the bikini bottom, and below that, was a pair of legs that John could only imagine how they would feel like wrapped around his waist. By the end of John’s little uninvited sight seeing tour of Jenny’s body, he felt his cock getting hard and had to use a towel to cover himself up before anybody saw the bulge straining against his trunks.

After spending some time at the pool, John arranged to have dinner at the hotel’s restaurant with Jen that evening and went back to his room.

With the image of Jenny’s firm body still in his mind, John contemplated jacking off in the shower, but decided against it as he had plans for an adventure in the bars that night.

During dinner, Jenny wore a body hugging white t-shirt, which accentuated her perky boobs. Below that, she wore a mini denim skirt which showed quite a bit of legs. John felt his groin twitched again and was prepared almanbahis adresi to have a long “hard” time at the dinner table.

Both Jenny and John had always kept in touch, so there really wasn’t much to catch up on. They have always been on good terms and over the years, gotten close enough to talk just about anything from work to sex.

“So Jenny, are you still staying with your in-laws?” John asked. He knew that she had moved in with her in-laws after she sold her previous apartment during the property boom to cash in on some profit.

That’s when John saw Jenny frustrated look again and she said,” Yeah, very much stuck in the tiny room for all 3 of us.”

“Oh, it must be a little cramp for you guys, why don’t you buy another apartment?” John asked.

“Sigh, that’s what I have been telling my husband to do, but he was always going to wait,” Jenny said, her tone of voice suggested that this could be the reason why she was there in Pattaya alone.

Sensing that he has just lighted a fire, John changed the subject to work and soother the atmosphere a little.

They had Thai food during dinner and with all the frustration and holiday mood, they had a few extra wine and got a bit tipsy. However, when the subject turned to her husband, almost immediately, Jenny’s mood would turn for the worse.

Sensing the frustration, John tried to turn the subject to sex, but realized almost immediately that it was only going to make it worse,” So Jen, with both of you and your son in the same room, how do you and your husband….you know….do it?”

Jenny rolled her eyes and said, “Well, John, we don’t have a problem with that, because, we don’t do it anymore.”

With the source of her frustration well defined, John tried to stir away from the subject as much as possible.

When dinner was done, Jenny asked John,” Do you have any plans tonight?”

Of course, John had planned to raid the bars and hopefully get laid, but as close as he was to Jenny , he was not about to tell her in plain English that he was going to look for a fuck later.

“Oh, er, not really, er, actually I was just going to go for a drink later,” John stumbled on his words a little.

Jenny had a smirk on her face and flicked her finger at John, saying,” C’mon, John, this is Pattaya, no bars? No bar girls tonight?”

There was a moment of silence, and then Jenny broke the awkwardness, “C’mon, lets go to my room and have a drink there, I will make sure you won’t miss the bars too much.”

Jenny then pulled on John’s arm and dragged him towards the elevator.

Not really understanding what Jenny meant, he followed her to the elevator and went up to her room.

Once he was in Jenny’s room, John could almost recognize the smell to be Jenny’s perfume. John always found it amazing how women could make their hotel rooms smell like their body, it’s almost like magic.

Once in the room, Jenny took off her shoes and the look of her naked feet just make John’s blood rushed to his groin and very soon, his cock was hard as steel. Jenny then went to her luggage and took out a bottle of wine, obviously prepared to drink her sorrow away. John took the wine from Jenny while she went into the bathroom, probably to wash up a little.

After about 10 minutes, Jenny came out from the bathroom, looking fresh. She also smelled like toothpaste and probably had a fresh splash of perfume on her.

“Oh, that feels good,” Jenny obviously has washed away the effect of the wine and is feeling as fresh as morning.

While John was pouring the wine into a couple of glasses, Jenny asked, almost teasingly, “John, you sure you want to stay here? The bars are waiting.”

John shrugged his shoulder and said, “Well, I will give that a miss if you would give me a table dance.”

Both John and Jenny let out a laugh on that comment but one could sense the sexual tension building up in the room.

John excused himself to use the bathroom while Jenny started on the wine.

When he returned, he saw Jenny sitting on the carpet floor with her knees up against her chest, this gave John a clear view of Jenny’s lace panties and immediately, his cock sprang to life again.

Jenny passed John a glass of wine and they started drinking, all this while, Jenny never changed her sitting position and John could not help but stared at her crotch. Even in the dim lights of the room, John thought he saw a glimmer of moisture on Jenny’s panties.

After a few drinks, Jenny asked, “John, remember when you asked about my husband and our, know …sex life? It’s really frustrating you know?”

Thinking that Jenny, like most women, just wanted him to lend a listening ear, John kept quiet and listened.

“We have not fucked for like 4 months already, and he did not seem to mind at all,” Jenny continued while sipping at her wine.

John listened, stealing glances at Jenny’s panties.

“I thought he might be cheating on me,” Jenny said.

John felt obliged to say almanbahis adres something, “No, Jenny, you don’t know that.”

“Well, then why is he not fucking me?” Jenny said.

“Well,….,” was all John could say.

Jenny then said, “I am still in good shape for a thirty five year old, would you fuck a body like this?”

With that said, Jenny spread her arms, inviting a response from John.

Without thinking, John spurted out, almost regretting immediately” Yeah , sure!”

There was an awkward silence before John said, “Oh er, Jenny, that’s not what I meant.”

Jenny then looked at John and said, spreading her arms again, “Well, seriously, would you want to fuck this?”

John knew he had said something he shouldn’t and was looking for words to end the conversation.

“Well, yeah, I would, you know, have sex with someone like you,” John said, trying to stir away from the f-word.

“No John, I did not ask you if you would have sex with someone like me……… I said, would you fuck……..THIS?” Jenny said while pointing both her hands at herself.

John then stood up and said, “Jenny, are you drunk?”

“I could pretend to be if it will make it easier for you,” Jenny said.

Jenny then stood up, looked down at John and said, “I saw you checking out my body at the pool, and all those times when you tried to look up my skirt in the office, please don’t tell me you never wanted this.”

John knew he was caught.

“Moreover, you have been staring at my panties for the last 30 minutes; surely you need some kind of relief now? And if you were still thinking of fucking those whores at the bar, it might as well be me,” Jenny said, placing her face right in front of John’s.

“Jenny, are you sure about this? We are friends ….” John said, although his cock was screaming to be released.

Jenny then held John’s hand and led him towards the bed, “In that case, let’s treat this as a fuck to commemorate our friendship.”

John was still hesitating while Jenny sat herself down at the edge of the bed and crossed her legs, ever so slowly, just to make sure that John caught another glimpse of her lace panties.

John was still hesitating when Jenny said, “John, I like you a lot, and I know you have been wanting to do me for the longest time. We are in the right place, at the right time, and the mood is right. I have not being fucked for more than 4 months so I am horny like hell now. I love my husband and have no plans to leave him for any other man. So from what I can see, either you could turn your back on me and let pass the opportunity to fuck the pussy that you so wanted to fuck for the last 5 years, or you could just drop your pants and make a few dreams come true. I am not asking you to make love to me; I am asking you to fuck me for the hack of it.”

And how right Jenny was, she had always been on the top of John’s MILF list and he had always fantasized about this moment. And here she was, telling him in the simplest of English that she was ready to fuck him with no obligation attached. John knew that Jenny was not a loose woman so he might never get this chance again. And moreover, he was ready to fuck just about anyone he would see in the bar, and Jenny looks like she needed a good fuck herself, so it seemed like a perfect combination.

With a deep breathe, John took one step towards the bed and Jenny let out a low moan and smiled at him.

When John was close enough, Jenny wasted no time and reached out for his belt. She pulled him closer and started stroking his hard cock through the fabrics of his pants. John let out a soft moan himself and softly placed his hands around Jenny’s head. Jenny looked up at John, smiled and started undoing his belt and pants, all the while with one hand stroking his cock.

With well practiced move, Jenny undid John’s pants and briefs and let them dropped to his ankle. Immediately, John felt a breeze of cool air blowing at the skin of his cock and finally, after all these years, he felt Jenny’s cool and soft hands on his cock.

Jenny’s mouth was agonizingly close to John’s cock and she could see the anticipation on his face. Jenny looked up and said to John,” So, ready to have your fantasy come true?”

John run his palm through Jenny’s hair and said, “Jenny, I do not know how you found out, but you were right, I have been wanting to stick my cock in your mouth since the first day I saw you in the office. So before I wake up from this dream, you can start sucking my cock now.”

Jenny then looked at John with her most hungry look and said, “Well, let me make this your best dream ever; when you are done fucking my mouth, you could fuck my little pussy and if you are still up for it, you could stick it in my ass. This is a once in a life time offer for you, so make full use of it……or me if you’d like.”

With that said, Jenny plunged her mouth into John’s crotch and started savoring his hard meat.

The sudden warmth of Jenny’s mouth wrapped around almanbahis adres his cock sent a sensation up his spine. John tilted his head back and let out a much audible moan, “Ohhhhhhhhh.”

He then looked down at his crotch where Jenny was pulling her head back, leaving just his cock head in her mouth. Jenny gave a hard suck and then started teasing his cock head with the tip of her tongue.

That makes John sucked in a mouthful of air, adjusting to the new sensation of Jenny’s tongue on his hard cock.

Jenny flipped her tongue around John’s cock head, savoring it like it was her favourite lollipop. She then took a few big swipes across the head, just like she would do to an ice cream cone.

Showing his appreciation, John let out a louder moan,” Uhhhhhhh!”

After having Jenny lapped her tongue at his cock head for five tantalizing minutes, John instinctively started pushing his cock into Jenny’s mouth. Jenny accommodated him a bit and took about an inch of his cock into her mouth and started sucking. John tried to push more of his hard meat into Jenny’s warm mouth but was blocked by her skillful tongue.

After been ignored by her husband for 4 long months, Jenny felt good that she was still being wanted so badly by a man. Jenny was starved of sex of any form for the last 4 months, neither her pussy nor her mouth had been fucked during this drought and she was determined to have some hot sperm in her body tonight. Whether she took it in her mouth or her pussy she couldn’t care, she just wanted to feel the warmth of fresh sperm again. Jenny was determined to make John cum in her mouth before fucking him with her hungry pussy, and maybe even her ass.

Jenny knew John was as hungry as she was. She decided there and then that she would let John fuck her anyway he wanted that night.

After another 10 minutes, Jenny felt she had teased John enough and opened her mouth slightly, and with the sudden void opening up, John pushed forward, almost crushing Jenny’s face. Jenny could feel John’s cock head poking at the back of her throat, almost gagging her.

John felt Jenny’s throat relaxing, and pulled his cock out a little until only his cock head was still inside Jenny’s mouth. He then pushed his cock back into Jenny’s mouth and started fucking it. He held on to Jenny’s head and started moving his hips back and forth, his cock sliding in and out of Jenny’s mouth. Jenny was not satisfied in just having her mouth fucked by John and she started bobbing her head and sucked on John’s cock. Every time John pushed his cock in, Jenny would push forward to take in the full length of his cock.

“Mmmmm, mmmmm…….slurp……..emmmmm,” Jenny knew how badly she wanted to be fucked, but she also surprised herself on how badly she wanted a cock in her mouth. She was desperate to have John’s cock in her pussy, but she was also determined to feel his hot fuck seed in her mouth.

John looked down at Jenny’s bobbing head and was surprised at what he was seeing; the woman whom always got off work on time so that she could pick her son up from school, was fucking him orally. John was pushing his hips forward and could see Jenny’s mouth getting crushed. He could also feel his balls knocking on Jenny’s chin every time he pushed forward. He has always wanted this but could never have imagined it actually happening.

After five minutes of mind crushing blow job, John could feel his balls tightening up and knew he was not far from cumming. He held the back of Jenny’s head in his hands and continued banging at her face, his pace quickening.

Jenny continued fucking John orally and showed no sign of slowing down either. While John was banging his hips into Jenny’s mouth, Jenny was also forcing her face into John’s crotch. She seemed determined to have a good fuck tonight.

“God, Jenny, you are such a good cock sucker,” John blurted out, his reservations thrown out of the window.

John could feel his face burning and knew he was mere seconds from exploding into Jenny’s mouth. He regained a bit of control, grabbed Jenny’s face and then whispered a warning to her, “I am going to cum soon.”

Jenny then took hold of John’s hands, placed them back at the back of her head and continued banging her face against his crotch. She flicked her fingers towards herself, seemingly giving John the go ahead signal to cum in her mouth. She then wrapped her arms around John’s ass, not letting him go anywhere.

John grabbed Jenny’s head and continued banging his cock into Jenny’s mouth, “Urh…urg….urg…”

As much as John did not want to, he was fucking Jenny’s mouth like she was one of the whores from the bars.

The movements at John’s crotch level were such a blur now, all rhythm has gone out of the window and John and Jenny were just fucking each other like there was no tomorrow.

Suddenly, a flash appeared in front of John and he felt his hips jerking uncontrollably, and he exploded all his pent up lust into Jenny’s hungry mouth, “Ahhhhh……….huh….huh….”

John pulled Jenny’s head into his crotch, almost suffocating her. He jerked a few more times and emptied all his fuck juice into Jenny’s mouth. He felt Jenny’s throat moved and knew Jenny had swallowed everything he had offered.

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