But, Daddy?

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Inspired by an Anonymous Fan.

This story is fictional and all characters involved are over the age of 18.



“Babydoll, do we really, REALLY have to go live with your father?” Asked Jake after he threw himself down onto his and his wife’s bed before heavily sighing and staring up at their ceiling fan as it twirled around in circles.

“Yeah? My father just lost my mother Jake. He needs to have some company around,” Jenny responded after rolling her pretty blue eyes at her overly dramatic husband.

“Jenny, your mom passed away a year ago. He’s fine. Your dad had a whole year to cope with your mothers passing,” Jake replied. He quickly shut up when he realized what he just said.

Jenny pauses what she was doing and stayed silent for a moment.

“I…alright. I mean I like your dad. He’s cool. A little weird, but he’s cool. I’ll help you with the bags dear,” Jake finally spoke up after it felt like an eternity of silence.

“I know how you feel, but this is my dad. I love him and he’s been there for me since my mother died. Now he’s going through a rough time and drinking a lot so I think it’s best if we move in and stay a few months with him. I think it’s do him some good?” Jenny softly spoke, watching Jake pick up the bags stuffed with clothes and other items.

Jake just sighed and threw the bags into their car.


Jenny’s father watched the birds in the sky while he sipped on a warm beer that he’d held onto for far too long. He scratched his stubbly chin which hadn’t been shaved in days and he spat tobacco onto his front porch before sighing and taking another swig if his beer.

He loves his only child. He wanted a boy, but got a girl and he didn’t mind that fact. She grew up to be a beautiful woman and he loved seeing pictures she would post of herself on social media wearing bikinis and sexy dresses. He had unknowingly developed a lust for his own daughter, but he kept it to himself. He would never tell her or anyone, for that matter, that he would break down every few weeks and rub one out after scrolling through her feed and popping a boner. He never thought of his own daughter this way until his wife passed and he was stuck with just porn and his hand. He saw a lot of his wife in Jenny, and that only drove him further into a rut.

He had to stop himself from thinking about how his wife’s pussy felt and if his daughters was even tighter than that. Just the thought alone stirred his cock in his pants.

He took another sip of his beer and tossed the empty bottle into his front yard before scratching at his erect penis hidden away in his shorts.

Jenny was on her way over to his house to stay with him for a few months and he looked forward to that. He missed his daughter very much and it was going to be nice to have company again.

“Maybe”, he thought, “maybe I’ll catch a glimpse of her in her bikini or something. That should be enough to quench this unnatural desire.”


Jenny and Jake pulled up to her father’s house and Jenny ran quickly ran up and gave her father a big hug. He wrapped his arms around her thin waist and hugged back.

“Hey there honey.”

“Hi dad!! How have you been??”

Her father let her go and smiled at his beautiful daughter who had turned 23 a few months ago. He waved over at her husband Jake who was pulling their bags out from the trunk.

“Oh you know. Nothing really Sweetie. I got spa put in a few weeks ago so you and Jake can enjoy it. It’s helped my old bones out, so it’s all yours,” he smiled.

Jenny gave him a kiss on the cheek, “Thanks Daddy! So, Jake and I are gonna take the guest room and dinner is on us tonight ok?”

He smiled wide when he felt her soft lips touch his rugged, old cheek and he felt a twitch in his pants when she Friend around to wave Jake over. His eyes locked onto her short shorts and he could make out the bottom part of her ass that hung out from below. Normally, he would scold her and ask why she would dress like that, but she was married now to a great guy and he didn’t mind staring. He quickly looked around to cover up his thousand yard stare at his own daughters ass when she turned around and told him she was headed inside to grab water and see the dogs.

His cock was semi hard from the brief viewing and he did his best to tuck it away to avoid suspiciousness. How long had it been since her jerked one off? He couldn’t remember. It was probably around that time for his monthly release. The doctor told him he needed to ejaculate occasionally to keep his prostate healthy. So, he’s look up his daughters profiles online and jerk off to them. His personal favorite was a picture of her laying on her stomach in a bikini with her soft yet firm ass slightly angled upward. Her bikini tucked itself between her mounds of flesh and he could only imagine what her pussy looked like.

“Hey there Francis. How’ve you been holding up?” Jake asked, ruining Jenny’s father’s casino oyna day dream.

“Oh, uh hi there Jake. I’ve been alright. How’ve you and my daughter been doing?”

“We’ve been good. She left her job to stay with you for awhile. I’ll be going back and forth between here and work so I hope I’m not too much of a bother.”

“Oh no. Not at all. Mi casa is your casa,” Francis said with a large smile on his face.

“I think it’s goes something like that, yeah. You’re getting old there Francis,” Jake slapped his father-in-laws shoulder before heading inside to join his wife.

“I’m only 55! I’m not a senior citizen yet punk!” He shouted back at Jake as Jake flew up the steps and into the house.

Francis stayed out in the sun for a moment longer, waiting for his semi erect cock to die off before heading inside. He needed to keep it cool and avoid his daughter finding out what his secret fantasy was. He loved Jenny and he didn’t want to lose her over some perverse idea.


A few days later, everyone was getting settled in living together. Jenny’s father kept his ideas to himself and Jake regularly left for work every morning and returned every evening. Jenny would wake up a little later and grab coffee and hang out with her dad all day helping him around the house or cleaning the house for him. One morning, Jenny came into the kitchen running her tired eyes and yawning. Francis looked up from his newspaper and sipped some coffee. She looked cute in a pink onsie that hugged her curves perfectly. She was a petite girl but she had her mother’s ass and wonderful breasts. He could see small bumps where her nipples would be as she stretched upwards and side to side.

“Good morning sweetie.”

“Morning dad. You got any coffee left?”

“Sure do. I left you some over in the pot on the counter,” he responded while pointing a bony finger at the coffee pot opposite of where he was sitting.

Jenny smiles and spun around to grab her coffee. That’s when Francis’ eyes grew twice their size. She had a butt flap on her onesie and it was halfway open. “She must’ve forgotten to snap it shut all the way or maybe it popped open while she was sleeping.” He thought to himself. He could see half of her ass in the onesie and it was even better in person than on the bikini picture. His eyes traced her curves and the plumpness of her cheek. It was only a single cheek, but it was enough to make his cock hard instantly.

Jenny was blissfully unaware that her father was eye fucking her hard. His eyes stayed locked into her porcelain ass and how it slightly bounced with each step she took while making her morning coffee.

“Oh fuck. What I wouldn’t do to touch that body…” Francis whispered to himself.

“What daddy?” Jenny asked her father as she spun back around and bent over the table to blow on her coffee before smiling at her dad.

“Oh nothing honey. Just talking about the crime rate in this here paper. It says it keeps climbing. I don’t know what we’re gonna do with kids nowadays,” He skillfully replied. He didn’t expect her answer though and it nearly blew him off his chair.

“Yeah. Kids need a good spanking nowadays Dad. Like the ones you use to give me whenever I did something bad. I remember my butt use to hurt so bad afterwards, but look how I turned out. Thanks for spanking me daddy,” Jenny replied innocently.

Francis’ heart picked up pace even faster than what it was when he saw her bare ass. He was speechless for a second as he thought about bending her over his knee and spanking her firm, round ass.

“Yeah well, just because you’re grown up doesn’t mean I won’t still spank you.” Almost as quick as he said it he instantly regretted it. That was it. She would know how he felt.

“Haha I know dad. And that’s why I love you,” Jenny replies before leaning over the table and pecking a kiss on his forehead.

Francis smiled and casually tucked his erect penis into the waistband of his shorts before standing up and returning to his room to quickly rub one out before she noticed the pitched tent in his shorts. It made it worse when he walked by her and looked over his shoulder to see Jenny leaning over the table to read the article about the crime rate. Her other button had snapped loose and both of her cheeks were now on full display for his eyes. He could barely make out the shaved lips of her smooth pussy before he walked into the wall which caused her to quickly turn around.

“Are you ok????”

“Oh I’m fine honey. Just bad vision is all. Probably need new glasses.” Francis fixed his glasses and quickly scuttled off to his room where he let his boner free and jerked himself off. The whole while he pictured her round ass on display and imagined touching it and slapping it before shoving his cock into her tight cunt. He exploded all over his bed within a minute after masturbating.

“Fuck. I don’t know how I’m going to keep this hidden,” he thought to himself as he cleaned up his cum from the floor and bed.


Later canlı casino that night, Francis woke up in the middle of the night and decided to go into the kitchen to grab a beer or two to help him fall back asleep. On his way down the hallway, he heard wet, slapping noises echoing from the bedroom that Jenny and Jake were staying in. As he got closer, he saw that the door was cracked open and he could clearly hear that they were having sex. He could pick up his daughters voice from a mile away and this was the first time he had heard her moaning.

Carefully, and very slowly, Francis peeked through the crack only to see his daughter sitting on top of Jake riding his cock. His jaw dropped when he saw his daughter fully naked and sliding up and down on her husband’s thick rod. His cock became erect (which was rare seeing as he had already rubbed one out earlier in the day) and it began dripping with precum. His eyes watched her smooth skin glisten in the moonlight from their open window and he could see her beautiful breasts bounce up and down as she rode Jakes cock.

Jake grabbed her breasts and fondled them before moaning quietly as Jenny leaned back and grinded on his cock even harder, bringing herself or an orgasim. Francis popped his cock free from his boxers and began slowly stroking himself to the view he had. He watched her ass bounce each time she landed on Jake’s thighs and he could see how tightly her pussy wrapped around his thick cock. He imagined Jake’s cock being his own and how amazing it must feel as he stroked himself.

Before he came all over the door, Francis quickly returned to his room, forgetting about the beer, and jerked himself off once again, bringing himself to an even bigger eruption of cum. He came harder than he ever had before. He felt guilty afterwards, seeing his daughter fuck her husband like that. He felt bad for spying on them like he did, but he came the hardest that he ever had in a very long time.


After the first month, Francis felt he was safe. He would spy on Jenny while she sat in his spa or when she would sunbathe he would be opposite of her with sunglasses and a newspaper to cover his growing erection. Ever since he saw her naked he couldn’t think of her any other way. Every time he saw her he would imagine her naked and riding his cock like she did to Jake.

He liked Jake. Jake was a great man for Jenny and always took care of her. He was proud to hand her off to him in marriage. His little girl, his angel was now taken away from him and he wasn’t too upset about it. It was just his lustful thoughts and himself he had to deal with. He also handy had pussy in a few years, even before his wife passed away. He could kill for some good pussy right about now, but he was too old to jump into the dating game again. So, he kept to himself and handled all urges by himself.

Jenny, however, noticed what her father was doing. She also noticed his long stare in she first moved in. She didn’t know what he was looking at until she noticed her buttons on her pajama bottoms had come open and at first she was skeptical about why he was looking at her like that. He was her father after all. He raised her from birth and held her in his arms when she’d come home crying from a broken heart. She was daddy’s little girl and now he was looking at her with lust in his eyes. To top it off, she spotted him watching her have sex with her husband Jake that same night she caught him staring at her exposed bottom. She knew he was watching from the shadows, but for some reason it only drove her lust higher and she came on Jakes cock multiple times that night.

After that night, she began to think more and more about her father lusting after her and it began to turn her on more and more. She would tease him innocently by sunbathing in her bikini and hiking her bottoms up between her ripe cheeks so he could get a good view of her ass and outline of her pussy. It turned her on to tease her father whom always happened to be walking by or “happen” to need to use the restroom shortly after seeing her in some kind of compromising position. She was holy that her father respected their boundaries between father and daughter, but after a month of teasing Jenny was ready for more. Jenny decided one day when Jake left for work, she was going to let her dad enjoy the very pussy he created. Nothing was wrong if no one found out right?


The day came. Jenny was ready and Francis had no idea what was about to happen. Jake left for work as usual, giving Jenny a big, warm kiss goodbye and he waves to Francis as he left for work. Soon, his car revved off and it was just Jenny and Francis. Her father sat at the table sipping his morning coffee and reading his magazine. Jenny walked out into the kitchen wearing her pink onesie and rubbed her eyes with a yawn.

“Morning Daddy.”

“Good morning sweetheart,” her father replied, lowering his newspaper to take a long look at his beautiful kaçak casino daughter. He gave a warm smile and took another sip from his coffee.

Jenny went to the coffee pot and began making herself a cup of coffee and that’s when Francis noticed that her buttflap was wide open and her round, soft porcelain ass hung in the breeze. He nearly spit his coffee out as he stared at her gorgeous ass. He hadn’t seen her body like this since that fateful night when he saw her fucking her husband. His cock stirred in his shorts and he quickly developed a woody. Francis quietly sipped his coffee and stared at her gorgeous round ass while Jenny made her coffee.

“Hey Daddy? I might have done something bad…” Jenny’s voice trailed off and became shaky as her heart raced in her chest with what she was about to start.

Her father sat his coffee down and folded the newspaper up before responding. “Oh yeah sweetie? And what that?”

“Well…” Jenny started off shaky. She took a moment to steady herself and and slightly bent over a little more to let her ass poke out from the opening in the onsie. “…so Jake and I were…you know…doing adult stuff…and I accidentally left the door cracked and I think I might have woke you. Please don’t spank me daddy.”

Francis’ heart fluttered with lust and desire. His daughter sounded so sweet and innocent, yet her bare ass was exposed to him and he wasn’t sure if it was on purpose or not. This was his chance to touch her ass. He could spank her just like he said he would and she wouldn’t ever know his true desire.

“Well, honey, this IS my house and that’s kinda disrespectful. You did in fact wake me up and I lost sleep because of it. Come over here, now.” Francis stood up and walked to the couch, his large erection, which was pulsing in his shorts making them slightly move up and down with each heartbeat, visibly exposed, but he figured she wasn’t paying attention so he didn’t bother hiding it. He sat down onto his chair and tucked his erect cock between his legs to better hide his excitement.

Jenny sighed and walked over to her father before standing in front of him, “Yes, Daddy?”

“You know what happens when you do something bad. Over my knee right now.”

Jenny blushes softly and slowly nodded in understanding. She slowly laid across her father’s lap like she had done so many times before, but never at this age. As she settled in her father’s lap, her ass was lifted up and into the air while her breasts rested against his other leg. She could feel a hard, wet thing between his legs and she could tell he was horny. Jenny adjusted herself in his lap while his boner rubbed against her tummy making him softly groan.

“Be gentle daddy. I haven’t been spanked in a long time. Plus, Jake might wonder why I have had prints on my butt,” Jenny told her father who was now gazing directly at her ass that was fully exposed.

Francis slid his hand across his daughters round ass as he felt her skin and firm cheeks. His cock twitched hard as he casually glided a few fingers down the crease of her butt and to her thighs before returning to her ass. He gave her butt a hard slap with his hand that made her wince and rub against his erect cock. He knew she had to have felt it by now and yet she said nothing to him. He brought his hand across her soft, round ass again making it jiggle and bounce with each slap. His cock spring out from between his legs and slapped her stomach as it was freed.

“She had to have felt that,” he thought to himself, yet she did nothing.

He spanked her a few more times leaving a small red marks across her butt. Jenny winced and bucked with each spank he gave her. She felt his rough hand glide across her ass again, rubbing her butt lovingly as he explored her firm ass.

“I’m sorry daddy. I won’t do it again…” she whimpered out before he spanked her again. This time, she accidentally let a moan escape her lips and she quickly became silent. She couldn’t let him know that she was enjoying this. Her pussy ached for attention or something to be put in it. Francis rubbed her ass again becoming more rough and eventually he began groping her round, young ass. He slid his hands all over before sliding his hands between her thighs. His fingers were met with wetness. Jenny was leaking and her thighs were coated with her juices. His daughter really was getting off on this.

“Oh what’s this sweetie?? Are you enjoying me spanking you?”

“No! Daddy I’m not!”

“Prove it then! Take off your onesie. I need to see for myself,” Francis responded, his cock now oozing copious amounts of precum from his swollen tip. His balls ached in their sack. He needed release.

Jenny hopped off of his lap and stood in front of her father who did nothing to hide his raging erection. She stared at his pitched tent that had a wet top to it from all the precum that was oozing free. He was really turned on and it was showing. She never thought about how big her father was or what his cock would look like, but now that she could see it outlined by his shorts, he was pretty well hung. Probably the same size of her husband and Jake was pretty impressive. Her eyes watched it as it twitched and pulsed in his shorts.

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