Butt Hanging Out

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“What was your first sexual experience?” He looked into her eyes. He looked a bit blurry so close to her face. He saw the details of her iris, all the blotches and lines. He turned away to gaze out of the window to see the snow covered mountains outside. She played with her finger in his face. She gently let the fingertip run down his cheek and over both lips. The lips gave a soft snap, when the fingertip passed on.

They were lying in bed on a cozy Sunday noon. The lazy winter sun was barely a half light. She had her black pajamas with the spaghetti strap and the triangular boob fabric on. His striped PJ’s were all twisted on his body from rolling around in bed for hours and refusing to get up. If he had that dog that he dreamt about, the dog would fetch him the paper.

“When I was eleven, my best girl friends had a sleep over. Of course, there were lots of giggles. However, around 10 pm, when my parents would be fast asleep, I got out the finger paint. We all stripped naked. We’d paint each other. On the surface, it was all innocent. However, we’d paint each other’s arm pits and giggle. We fingered each other’s butts and giggled. It was all really an excuse to be touched and ask for touch. I asked my bestie to draw spirals on my boob.”

“Oh, I got this tingling all over my body. Her fingers were so soft that I almost got tickled. After she was done, I wanted to feel her fingers again. So, I pointed out spots that she missed. And, I think that she really liked touching me, because her face was so earnest. My other friend was painting around my leg. I kind of ignored her. However, it was so wonderful to be surrendered to touch.”

She pushed herself up on her arms with her long black hair falling down in matted locks. She looked over the dirt spotted carpet of their cheap rental to better remember the scene. He turned on his back to look up at her and trace the shape of her boobs hanging loose under the black pajamas. They were small, like most Asian boobs are. However, they were large enough to hang and have all the concave shapes that hanging boobs get. His fingers caressed up her forearm and found the scar on her elbow. It was a childhood scar from falling back on roller skates. He loved to move the thick scar tissue back and force, knead it like a cat kneads skin. That’s what he did, when he was nervous.

“Maybe, this will connect you to a naughty fantasy that I have. Do you remember the story of O? Do you remember all the bondage and being handed over to other people by her lover to do how he pleased?”

“Yes, I remember us reading it together last month. Your studied European background is so different from what I grew up with. But, I really like it.”

She starred at him strong, almost defiantly to underline that she was not like her shy Chinese cousins. She could hang with the cool and enlightened European ideas of great writers and thinkers. He was smart. He was a professor in school. She had coped out on an academic career. She was caught cheating on tests a few times and sent to the principal’s office. She had settled for an admin job. She organized convention booths. She gathered clients to meet with her boss. She organized her boss’s schedule. Mostly, she had to show up, dressed to the T, and be fun and engaging. She was good at it.

“You asked me what kind of kinky dream I have the other day. Well, I thought about it. I’d like to tie you up and offer your butt to my friends to touch however they want. It’s kind of like the sleepover with your girls. I bet you thought something like that would never happen anymore, now that we are grown up.”

Her eyes widened. She laughed. She thought.

“Which guys would you pick?”

“I was thinking about Ronald and Tan!”

“Ronald!? He is such a slob. He kind of is a sweet heart. However, he is so needy. I don’t think he ever had a girl friend.”

“Yeah, I think he never had a girlfriend. I know however that he called an escort once. He was more a gentleman then gentleman. He brought her flowers and chocolate. He was super gentle. And, he wrote her a handmade thank you card. That’s kind of the fun of it to have total random energies meet and see what happens.”

“Wow, Tan is a very sirly professor at the local catholic college. Doesn’t he have a girl friend?”

“Yeah, but they are taking space right now. So, he is free. He has read a whole textbook without any pictures about pleasing a woman. He is really serious about the whole thing of a woman’s body being a temple and all.”

There was a standoff in the air, hesitation, deliberation. He just started softly kissing her body all over. She smiled gently and rolled onto her back to pull him into an embrace, enmeshed into the sheets that tumbled all between them. They didn’t really need sheets. The heater made the bedroom comfortably warm. They drifted into a daze of sensual touches.

Later that day during washing dishes, the towel moved circularly across a big white plate. She looked up at him and said, “Yes, let’s do it.” The orange luminescent light glowed. The kitchen cupboard was full of condiments, pots, and travel Cebeci Escort memorabilia. The excitement slowly lit up, like a fuse burning with sparks flying. With shaky hands from adrenaline, he pulled the phone out of his pocket. “I’ll call them right now.”

She pulled him closer to her, so that her body hugged him from behind, and she could press her ear against the other side of the phone. Her little hot fingers clutched his firm biceps through the sweater.

“Tan, yo what’s up?”

“What’s up?”

“Hey, I got a proposition to make me of a delicate nature.”

“Sure, shoot.”

“Ceci and I have a little kink. We want to involve other people. I’ll tie her up and you get to explore and touch her butt with your hands however you like.”

“Are you serious? Why would she like that?”

“It’s that feeling of surrender, letting go of control. It’s a mix of feeling helpless and knowing that nothing bad will happen, because I am there.”

“She is hot. I have a thing for Asians.”

“Really, you’d do us a favor. And, there is no downside for you.”

“So, how would you want me to touch her?”

“However, you want. It’s really about the surprise and not knowing what’s going to happen.”

“Okay, I’m down. Why not? Just don’t get mad at me later.”

Click. Ceci beat his back soft and fast with her fists out of excitement. He was gasping for air from all the excitement, doing something deviant that could fall on its face at any time, yet proceeded smooth as butter, so unreal.

“Yo, Ronald.”

“Good to hear from you.”

“Remember how you told me how gentle you were with that escort? You told me how you massaged her first, then kissed her all over, and then gently played on her body with a feather and so on?”

“Oh, yeah, she was really happy. She said that nobody was as sweet as I am.”

“Well, your skills are needed, man. Ceci and I have a secret dream. I’d like to tie her up and offer her butt to you to be touched however you want.”

“Wow, the timing is so right. I’m just reading this book about sensual massage. It would be really good to have someone to practice.”

“So, are you in?”

“I will be super gentle with her.”

The next day after work, Ceci stood in the hallway with the stairs to the second floor of their house. The railing rested on round, drilled wood sticks in dark brown mahogany. She was decked out in her good looking clothes. Her jet black hair was turned into a bun behind her head. The tips of her hair stood out like the wheel of a hand fan. She wore tight, deep blue jeans and white socks. The socks made the small feet of the 5′ 0″ girl always look so cute and sultry. She wore a dark brown top with sheer material that clearly showed the bra strap.

Her eyes were black and nervous. She was quieter than usual, yet her body was quick to follow his orders. She held her wrists together in front of him. He pulled them apart to leave a thumb width space in between. Her hips tilted slightly forward to let her body slouch to obey his touch.

The rope ran through his hands. He had folded it over to find the center. He placed the center on her wrist. Then, he looped the rope around and pulled it through the center to fold it into the opposite direction. Her arms gave so little resistance that every tug on the rope pulled her whole arm and had her slender body counter move for balance. Her eyes were big, big with surrender, as she watched him, letting everything happen to her. With every loop of rope, she felt more of her own will and ability to protest slip away.

The rope was neatly coiled around her wrist down to the center of the forearm. Now, he coiled the rope crosswise around the existing rope to take up the slack between her hands. The rope synched close like a tight fighting stretch jeans. All the loops distributed the pull over a large area of skin to avoid cutting off the circulation. Her eyes were dreamy in a trance like state from all the tugging and being moved around and feeling the rope being pulled across her skin.

He paused to take one last look over her body. Her body looked more like a piece of meat, kind of like a cow hanging from hook. Rather than, during normal social discourse, where people have all kinds of postures to hold themselves up or put up barriers with their arms, she was simply a pile of hips, belly, torso, long limbs. It’s like the social grace had left her and she was distilled to being a body held in place.

Him being much taller than her, he reached up to loop the rope across the wood railing. He found the highest stair that he could still reach. Then, he pulled the rope up. Her arms raised up. With the hands together, her arms almost raised like one would raise a prayer. Then, she was dangling from the rope on her tippy toes. He enjoyed her helplessness, the distillation of her down to a dangling object. He liked seeing those little feet squirm for a hold. Her hands were holding onto the rope to take the weight off her wrists.

He lowered her down a bit, because this stress position Kolej Escort would be too hard to maintain for half hour. She could stand comfortably. She would be able to squirm around. Yet, her arms would keep her mostly in place. He liked seeing her shoulders that were popped up and raised high. It made him think of all the medieval movies, where people were hung for torture. He gave an evil smirk.

The bondage tape was on the lower stairs. He pulled the tip of the bondage tape of the roll. It was a black fabric that stuck to itself. He held the tip to her temple. Then, he rolled it around her head. He pinned the tip with the next roll. Her head turned into a mummy head with the spikes of her hair standing up out of it and her nose free to breath. She could see absolutely nothing with that many runs of tape around her head. Her whole face was covered.

He turned her body around to face the stairs. She was easy to move in his hands like a well-greased bicycle wheel. He reached around her belly. His inner forearms brushed against her hip bones. He popped her jeans button. Her being such a shorty, the zipper was so short, almost pointless. She pressed her butt back to feel his erection in her clothes. He ignored the loving gesture and pushed her forward. The jeans was wiggled slowly down her hips, because it fit so tight. She wore a black laze panty. That was pulled down as well. It rolled into a bunch. He left them hanging just beneath her tight, porcelain white butt. She was exposed like in a movie.

She could feel the cold draft of winter across the bare skin of her butt, when he opened the door. He waved them to come in from their waiting car. They were bundled up in parkas and hats. They eagerly stepped up the concrete tiles across the front lawn. There was a strong stomp in their steps.

Ronald as usual gave a sloppy clingy hug. He had never understood the manliness of a bro bump. Instead, he’d drape like a wet kitchen towel all over his body. Tan bumped fists. He had a smoke pipe in his mouth.

“What’s that for?”

“Well, I thought it would be Hefner like to pull on a pipe while fondling her butt. Don’t worry. I didn’t put tobacco in.”


They pulled their parkas off to put them on the hooks that were overflowing with his coats and her cute, tiny jackets with luxurious fur lining. They kicked their shoes onto the pile of the couples shoes, the high heels, her boots, his Oxfords, the couple’s matching sneakers, only his twice her size. All the while, they stole glances over his shoulder to see Ceci behind him. She was the hot Asian girl with her butt hanging out. They would have starred at her body full clothed. However, they were impatient to see her butt to find out, if they could see her asshole or even peek her pussy.

By the time that the heavy winter clothes were shed, everyone had a boner. The musk smell of male erections was in the air. Their body language had become awkward to avoid touching each other too much. Tan was the first to strut forward with a cowboy gait and leaning back to admire her butt. Both his hands, were stretched out with the fingers plied. He pushed her cheeks together and mumbled with his pipe in the corner of his mouth: “This is so awesome.” Ceci giggled and switched her weight to her other leg.

“Let me,” said Ronald. He reached over Tan’s hands. He placed his fingers left and right of the coin slot at the top. Then, he tapped his fingers individually on her and slowly moved down. It was like rain moving down her butt. He did that with a big smile on his face up and down. Soft goose bumps chased across Ceci’s butt. She never shaved or waxed, because she is Asian. Her hair is so fine and pile that it is barely noticeably. However, she has barely visible white hairs on her butt. They stood up, lifted by the skin pulling into bumps.

Tan kneaded one butt cheek in his hand. The flesh poured in and out of his hand like batter. With a pensive face, he leaned back and asked, “So , what are the rules of engagement?”

“You can do with your hands to her butt whatever you like. Actually, only what you like. We want your full self to be expressed.”

Tan pulled her butt cheeks apart to expose her butt hole, the point, where skin is pulled together into folds. The point, where the skin gets a little darker.

“So, that would be fine?”

“Totally, and more. Ronald why don’t you take a look?”

Ronald kneeled down to look at her butt hole from a foot away. He knew that he could see her pussy lips as well in darkness of the hallway and deep under her ass.

“Have you seen an asshole before, Ronald?”

“No, this is my first time.”

Ronald looked mesmerized. He reached forward with his index finger. His fingers were flat and big. He had scars all over his hand from accidents with military equipment. He had washed out of the military for failing too many physical tests. Now, he was unemployed.

Ceci shrieked a little bit. Her feet were stomping left and right, instinctively trying to get away. Her breathing was fast. Then, Rus Escort she slowed down her breathing. Her whole body relaxed. Ronald had a concerned face. “Is she okay with this.” “Yes. It just startled her. Keep going.”

Ronald pressed his finger into Ceci. The dry skin on skin stuck. He only pressed her butt hole deeper, yet the finger did not slip in. Ceci had the feeling of fullness and being manhandled. Tan swiftly held onto her hips. The two were ready to push past the resistance.

He was quick to grab the lube of the stairs. “Hey, guys, use this.” He pushed down the plunger to deliver lube onto Ronald’s finger at Ceci’s asshole. The cold gel ran down his fingers, her ass and into her jeans leaving a dark blue stain there. Ceci shivered sharply from the cold sensation at her sensitive opening with millions of nerve endings.

Ronald’s finger slipped in effortlessly. It slipped down to the second joint. Then, he pulled it out to smell her ass aroma in his nose. “Wow, I never thought, I would smell her ass, when we were sitting at that posh restaurant with her dressed all elegant with a sexy dress. Tan, smell this!”

“No, Ronald, I’ll get my own stinky finger.”

Tan greased up his finger. He dipped it into her asshole all the way in one plunge. He was not shy about twisting it around and pulling his finger in a come here motion to around the inside of her anal passage. He smiled, “Woa, I can feel a little piece of shit here.” Ceci immediately stomped her foot in protest. She hated having found out that she had shit inside of herself and wasn’t completely clean. She cried out muffled. But, he had wrapped the bondage tape all around her mouth as well.

Tan said encouraged, “and we’ll do that much more.” With his finger inside of her, he knew that he was touching so much of her inside, like the backside of her vaginal canal. When he pulled, he’d pull her perineum. He vibrated his finger at the base. Her ass wiggled in fast, small vibrations. Tan knew that he was moving her whole inside of her belly as well. He enjoyed making her feel how much he was touching.

“Let me,” said Ronald. He was looking on how his two best friends were piling onto his girlfriend’s ass to probe her however they wanted. All of them could smell the aroma of her pussy. She was turned on. Heavy, white pearls of vaginal juice must be pouring out of her. Yet, everyone knew that they weren’t allowed to touch her sex or have sex with her. They could only touch her butt. And, when her butt was all violated, and imprinted by the energy of the other men, he’d take her, step into that humiliated and torn open feeling.

While Ronald got into position, Tan turned over: “This is so horny. We brought porn mags in the car. You know this experience is going to be imprinted on our mind’s video recorder for a long time.” There was something raspy and manly in his voice that spoke of deep arousal.

Just when Ronald was ready to put his sloppy index finger back into the small Asian frame, Tan interrupted him, “Let’s put two in. Let’s see how much we can get out of this.” Ronald greased up the middle finger. The second finger would not go in easily. So, he circled his fingers around her anal muscle to find an entry way. He was way too gentle. Tan would have none of it.

“Here let me stretch her for you. Your fingers are pretty big, no offense.”

“No offense taken.”

Tan wrapped his left arm around her hips like a lap belt. He cocked his two fingers on her ass and shoved firmly. Ceci was taken so aback that she lept of her feet and was dangling from her hands on the rope for a moment.

“Good girl.”

He moved his fingers in and out of her ass rhythmically. It was clear that he was trying to get her off. The rhythmic motion made her jeans and panties drop down quarter inch by quarter inch, until they were mid-thigh, when the simply dropped down without juicy thighs holding them up. She was naked from her top down with her panties between her ankles, which made her look even more sexual.

Ronald wasn’t sure what to do with Ceci’s asshole occupied. So, he went back to drawing spirals all over her butt. He started feeling a little uncomfortable, if having an orgasm was really part of the package. He started feeling jealous about the idea that Ceci might dream later about the orgasm. Somehow violation was part of the kink. But, having an orgasm was more of a tantric bond. In the spur of the moment, he decided, “Okay time’s up.”

The two friends thanked him profusely. He shooed them out saying that he had to give her the release. They nodded understanding. He let them graciously wash their hands before they left in polite hurry with their shoes unlaced. They were probably out in the car in front of the house wanking. The area was suburban to be empty enough.

He came back to undo her head cover. She begged him to “put your dick in me. I so need it.” He slipped his dick into her. She was so wet. He had never experienced anything that slick, not even ice. He could barely feel his penis in her pussy, because everything was so slick. She moaned. Her whole body writhed. He could feel that her pussy juices had run down her inside thighs. She was out of control, begging him to ‘push harder.’ He felt her round, smooth butt pushing against his pelvis. A deep, visceral cry rose out of her chest, echoed through the halls, and made his blood curl. She came. She came as hard as she had ever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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