Buttholing Ch. 02

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This story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author’s consent. For fans of my stories, they know what kinds of things to expect. This story deals with similar themes as the stories by wannabeboytoy, seducedHylas, and Dark Betrayal, namely cheating, betrayal, and heartbreak. If stuff like that isn’t your cup of tea, then you probably shouldn’t bother reading it. I do not condone any of these actions in real life. This is just a story. Enjoy.



“It’s just… wow,” Cecilia said wistfully, looking at her phone, looking at the picture I had sent her earlier.

“That’s the biggest white dick I’ve ever seen,” Skye stated bluntly, also looking at her phone.

“I can’t believe he actually sent this to you…” Devon said, biting her lower lip, stunned, staring at her phone, her nipples stiff beneath her top.

“I didn’t know dicks could be this big,” Julie said. Even though, other than that one picture, she had taken no part in the Buttholing adventures, an event this monumental brought us all together. We were standing by my car in the parking lot after school, standing in a circle, each of us in awe by the picture Dad had sent.

It was perfect. Beautiful. The most perfect, amazing cock I had ever seen. My normal, Dad-joke making, ‘boring’ Dad had the most perfect pussy-pleaser between his legs. And those big, swollen balls, filled to the brim with boiling hot semen… mmm-hmmm. It was perfect. I was in love already! The other girls felt the same way. I knew them all enough to know when they were turned on, and yeah, we’d all be touching ourselves tonight, for sure.

I’d shown them the last message too, the warning to stop, so they knew where things stood with him. And they were as excited as I was.

“Sabrina… you’re actually gonna fuck your DAD!” Cecilia stated.

“I know, right!” I replied excitedly. As seemingly dire as Dad’s last message seemed, we all agreed that it wasn’t what it seemed. That long gap in his texts let us all know what he was up to on the other end. That last warning was in fact gonna be the last warning. Right on the edge of giving in and just fucking his own daughter, he was putting up one last fight. He was so close to succumbing. So close to indulging himself in his slutty, hot-bodied daughter.

“So, what now?” Skye asked.

“If, like… I push it too hard, he’ll clam up. But… if I keep it low-key… then I might just drive him so insane that he’ll just HAVE to give in!” I stated.

“Sabrina… are you seriously, like… if he… will you actually do it?” Julie asked with wide eyes.

“Yeah!” I stated with a brilliant smile. No doubts. None. I’ve come this far. I gotta take it all the way. “I’m gonna fuck his fucking brains out. I just gotta drive him crazy. Just be subtle… understated…”

“You’re many things, Sabrina,” Devon began. “But subtle… that’s not one of them.”

At this, I smiled wickedly.



As crazy as my day had gone, I probably looked amazingly well put-together. No one knew what a bundle of nerves I was. No one knew I had jacked off in my office while texting with my daughter. But now I had to go home, and I couldn’t stop the sweat from forming on my brow at the thought of being around Sabrina again, one-on-one, alone at least until Charlotte got home.

I walked in through the front door, and saw no signs of life. Sabrina was most definitely home, as I saw her car on the street. With recent events being considered, I wasn’t exactly seeking her out, but I knew an encounter was inevitable. I set my stuff down and walked slowly through the living room, seeing nothing. I moved towards the kitchen, and only then did I stop in my tracks.

I found Sabrina.

She was standing in the middle of the kitchen, bent over the kitchen island, fussing with her phone while absent-mindedly picking at leftover Chinese food. She had changed from this morning, now wearing a different top, and also changing from normal stylish pants to a short, thin, flowy black-skirt. And with the way she was bent over the island, with her legs straight, her skirt raised up completely, allowing me a full view of her almost bare, thong-clad ass.

I’d seen so much of her via photo, but seeing her ass right in front of me was jaw-dropping. Her ass was incredible. Two, round, firm, juicy cheeks, bisected by a teeny, tiny black thong, highlighting the immaculate shape of her perfectly-formed ass. I gazed at her perfect, tanned, shelf-like ass in awe, and I couldn’t find any words to say. And she just stood there, absentmindedly eating, giving no sign that she had noticed me, although she had to know I was here at this point. In a daze, I took a step towards her, getting closer to her perfect rear. Then another. Then another, my shoes making noticeable noise against the flooring. But again, she didn’t budge. Only her ass moved, swaying slowly, side-to side, hypnotically, drawing me forward. I could see the full length of the tiny string of her black thong traveling the full length of her ass-crack, and behind it, I could see the butthole I knew so well. Despite having the biggest orgasm of my life a couple hours earlier, nişantaşı escort my cock had turned to granite in my pants. I got closer and closer, the hypnotic swaying drawing me closer, and then…

“Oh!” she called out, suddenly surprised by my presence. She stood up straight right in front of me, her skirt falling down, covering her ass just barely. As this happened, she spun around in front of me, turning to face me. A bright, friendly smile lit up her face as she looked up at me. “Sorry. Didn’t notice you there.”

“What?” I said, my brain still in a daze. At this moment, I realized why she switched tops. The top she was wearing now… it’s not one she could wear to school. A thin lacy light blue number, it showed off a lot of skin. And by skin, I mean an almost obscene amount of perfect, mouth-watering cleavage. My eyes went straight down to her tits, hungrily gazing at the smooth, tender flesh. My eyes consumed the full expanse of cleavage, her top exposing almost three quarters of the full canyon of cleavage there. Her massive round breasts strained to escape her tight top, the smooth flesh almost oozing out of it. Since her top was thin and lacy, it allowed me to see the sexy black bra struggling to contain her huge boobs. She leaned back and rested her arms against the edge of the counter, allowing me to stare shamelessly.

“I said, I didn’t notice you there,” she said, looking up at me, a knowing smirk on her lips. But then that smirk transitioned to an innocent, bright grin. “How was your day?” she chirped.

“What?” I said, confused. She was just bent over lewdly, showing me her juicy, thong-clad ass. This was mere hours after I put an end to the Buttholing onslaught she had unleashed on me by sending her a picture of my cock, after which I had jacked off while she teased me with the prospect of illicit, incestuous sex, and she asks how my day was?

“How was your day?” she asked again, with that brilliant smile of hers.

“Uh… fine,” I answered, still confused.

“Hey, I have a question…” she began, looking up at me with those big eyes of hers. She let that question hang for a moment, but the silence between us was deafening, as we both stewed in the tension that had ratcheted up between us lately.

“What?” I croaked out.

“Do you mind if I go out to the movies tonight? It’s kind of a late show, so I wanted to ask?” she asked. That was not the question I expected. While she had always been relatively well behaved, at least until recently, she was rarely this deferential. I was a bit taken aback, for a lot reasons, and could only croak out an answer.

“Sure… okay,” I replied. Normally, we didn’t let her out on school nights really late, but the prospect of getting her juicy body out of the house for the night would be a weight off my mind.

“Perfect! Thanks Dad!” she said warmly. As she did this, she brought her arms forward slightly, pressing her huge breasts together, and despite myself, my eyes went straight into her cleavage again. She leaned back to grab her phone, and as she did so, her fleshy breasts jiggled immaculately. And lucky for me, my eyes were ready to receive this jaw-dropping sight. I was able to bring my eyes up by the time she faced me again. She looked up at me once more, her lips parted slightly. Despite me putting my foot down earlier and putting an end to this weird thing between us, the tension between us peaked right in this moment. Looking down at her, my cock hard for her once again, I didn’t know whether to scream at her for what she had put me through or fucking ravage her tasty body, but before any decision could be made, a door closing in the garage announced Charlotte’s arrival. As the door from the garage opened, I looked back just in time to see Sabrina walk around me towards the living room.

“Hi Mom!” she called out, getting out of sight before her mom would see her in that outfit and begin asking questions. Like why was she dressed like a slut.

And why I was letting her get away with it.


The next day was one of the strangest of my life.

It was like things were back to normal. Work was like any other day. Charlotte was in a good mood. And true to her word, Sabrina had called off her friends and herself, so my phone wasn’t being barraged by pictures of girls’ buttholes. It was like none of it ever happened.

And it was fucking agony.

I should be cool. I should be relieved. But the events of yesterday had changed me. Me putting my foot down was supposed to end this, but… I couldn’t just forget about what had happened. I couldn’t forget about what I’d seen. And how I’d reacted.

At first, I tried to carry on as if things were all good. But every few minutes, I’d find my eyes darting to my phone, seeking out a message that wasn’t there. I would hear phantom buzzes, and for reasons I couldn’t explain, I’d be disappointed to find nothing there.

No stray texts from my daughter. None of her friends were feeling ambitious and tried reaching out to me. Nope. Nothing. When I did get a text, it was from Charlotte, and it was about regular monotonous stuff, like what I wanted to do for dinner. That’s it. That was literally the most exciting moment şişli escort of my morning. It was just a regular, boring day. With my regular, friendly coworkers. At my regular, steady job. I ate my normal Thursday lunch, like I did every week. Overall, it was a representative slice of my regular, domestic life.

It was rare for something exciting to happen to me. I wasn’t a guy who needed the flashiest life in the world. Steady was just fine with me. But these last few weeks, despite everything… it was like a livewire. A vibrant current of excitement that I had never experienced before. Me, a normal forty-something, domestic dad, suddenly found himself as the target of a gang of twisted, teasing, gorgeous teenage sluts, young women who were willing to expose themselves lewdly for me. And looking at it now, slightly removed, part of me wondered if I had missed my chance. If I had missed out on something truly exciting just to maintain the status quo.

For good or bad, this Buttholing thing was the biggest event that had happened to me in years. There would be plenty of men who would look at me in shock for what I had turned down. A group of teenage sluts so aggressively pursuing them would be plenty of men’s fantasies. Even the added wickedness of my daughter being the one leading the charge wouldn’t be enough to stop plenty of men. If they had a daughter who was as hot and sexy as Sabrina and as a big a tease as she was, there wouldn’t be much that could stop them from indulging in her forbidden flesh. They’d be amazed that I hadn’t.

I saw it as this big forbidden thing. It was incest! It was so fucking wrong. Plus, you know, I was married. Happily. But so many would be baffled that I hadn’t given in. That I hadn’t sampled her luscious body for myself. Sabrina seemed baffled that I hadn’t, as if the whole incest thing was no big deal. That it was almost incomprehensible that I wouldn’t join her in sin. Bury my stiff, fatherly rod in my own daughter’s waiting and eager snatch and make her scream with pleasure. Was that how things were these days? Were incest and cheating no big deal? Is that what the most promiscuous of girls were willing to do today?

Was I the fool here? Was I the only one missing out on the party? Was I missing out on the thrill of the forbidden by living by outdated rules? Was I clinging to a boring, dull, regular life, when I could be experiencing something far more exciting and fulfilling?

I couldn’t say for sure.

I felt like I was a good guy. I felt like I was a good husband. I was doing the right thing here… right? I shouldn’t even think about fucking my own daughter. That’s a fact. A rule set in stone. Was that what made it so exciting? Was that what made it so much fun? Breaking the rules. Sampling the forbidden fruit. I could understand that, at least, and it would explain why my cock got so hard during every step of this crazy adventure. But fantasy was one thing. Yeah, it was wrong, but I knew better than to actually indulge, despite how wickedly exciting it might be. That was the point of no return. If one were to give in to this ultimate temptation, there’d be no coming back.

I hoped that I could wean myself off the illicit thoughts I’d been having, and eventually return to normal. I was hoping that I could throw myself into my normal everyday life, and eventually just move past it. But the inanity of my standard day was agonizing. I had dipped one toe into the sea of the forbidden, and all I could think about was that experience. It was so much more interesting than my ordinary life that it was consuming my thoughts.

By lunchtime, I found myself sitting at my desk, phone in hand, drifting through the catalog of Buttholing pictures I’d been sent, nursing a hard dick, knowing that I couldn’t do anything about it. I wasn’t about to jack off at my desk again. I wasn’t about to relapse into what I was trying to leave behind.

That being said, part of me couldn’t help but think about it. Think about the large part of me that wished the game was still going. Man, what I wouldn’t give for more. What I wouldn’t give to still be getting barraged by pictures of sexy buttholes. What I wouldn’t give to have more teasing glimpses at their huge tits, seeing the soft flesh but never seeing the full deal. I’d give anything to be withheld the sight of their huge, bare breasts but still teased to the point of insanity. But that is how I got into so much trouble, so I knew deep down I just couldn’t do that stuff anymore.

For the rest of the day, I kept one eye on my phone, getting angrier that I was getting sent nothing from those girls. They so easily upended my life, doing it almost casually. Now, they think it’s cool to just walk away? Leave me in this state? They get to just continue on as if all was normal? How was this fair?

I was glad to reach the end of the day, anything to escape the doldrums of my normal workday and find some distractions anywhere else. I got home, still a little nervous to be alone with my daughter. Even though she hadn’t done anything over the phone, I still recalled the teasing she did at home the day before, and part of me was worried she’d try to pull something like that again. Once more, I came home to silence, mecidiyeköy escort but this time, she was nowhere to be found. My heart dropped slightly when I heard footsteps coming downstairs, dreading what she had cooked up for me.

“Hi Dad!” she chirped with a bright smile, walking by me with a normal teenage lack of interest, heading towards the kitchen. She was dressed in a loose yellow tank top, dark grey yoga pants, and a pair of sporty sneakers. She walked towards the kitchen and grabbed a thermos of water from the fridge. She returned to the edge of the living room, glancing towards me. “Going for a run!” she announced, pulling her chestnut hair back into a ponytail before putting in her earbuds and moving towards the door. It was a typical, innocent interaction, the kind we’d had thousands of times. She was acting like the daughter I’d always known, and not the tease who’d sent me dozens of pictures of her butthole. As she walked towards the front door, she still acted like none of what had recently transpired between us happened. As if all was back to normal, and she’d been unaffected by what had occurred between us. But I remembered. This interaction wasn’t normal for me on my end, because all I could do was admire was how delicious her juicy ass looked in those tight, form-fitting yoga pants.

Shaking any thoughts I had of yanking down those tight pants and getting an up-close look for myself, I tried to focus on returning to normalcy, turning on the TV, hopping online, anything to drown out all these wicked thoughts.

When my wife got home, I happily chatted about her day, and made dinner alongside her. And for a bit, everything seemed good. I felt as if I could do this.

But I was filled with those old feelings when Sabrina returned from her run. She came in through the back door, and she looked like she’d had a good workout. She was breathing deep, her cheeks were red, and she was coated with sweat. Her top was slightly soaked with her perspiration as well. As she walked in, she wiped her brow with the back of her hand and pulled her earbuds from her ears.

“Hi!” she said to Charlotte, greeting her mom, breathing deep.

“Good workout?” Charlotte asked.

“Oh yeah!” Sabrina said with a light smile. At no point did she acknowledge me or even glance my direction. It was probably for the best, because I was lost in my own thoughts, thinking about other things that could get her so sweaty. “I’m gonna hop in the shower,” she said to her mom, setting off more fantasies in me. And again, she didn’t even give me a passing glance.

That’s how it was the rest of the night. No stray glances. No teasing comments. No knowing grins. Nothing. I had my phone in my pocket, but I got nothing there from her either. She had seemingly moved on, as she said she would. But I hadn’t. I hadn’t forgotten.

I never would.

The rest of the night was ordinary. It was everything I should want. Uneventful. Quiet. Peaceful. Sabrina was out of the way, hanging out in her room for most of the night. And Charlotte was in a great mood the whole night, being joking and flirty, reminding me of some of our younger days. We even made love that night. We didn’t have a ton of sex anymore, and she said as much, sensing my need lately, and she was there for me in this moment.

So why wasn’t this good enough?

Everything was being impacted by what I’d been through. In the quiet, domestic moments of peace, my thoughts kept drifting to my teasing, wicked, crazy-hot daughter who wanted my dick. When Sabrina ignored me, I was filled with a jealous fury. Had she moved on from this game she was playing with me? Was she texting other guys, looking to get what I wasn’t willing to give her? It was infuriating. Why couldn’t I move on?

Even during sex, my thoughts drifted. I did my best to hide my conflict from my wife, but I was really struggling not imagining Sabrina in my wife’s place. And all I could do was look at my wife and wonder what I was missing out on. I looked down at my wife, the women I pledged my life to, and I saw her as the middle-aged, slightly overweight, flat-chested woman she was. I looked down at her, the woman I loved, and saw all her flaws. My daughter had her beat in every way. She was prettier than her mother, by a lot. She had better lips. Better eyes. Better hair. And then her body… ooh, her body. My daughter was a tall, fit young woman with a flat tummy, massive knockers and a perfect, juicy ass. My wife… she didn’t compare. Her aged, still pretty, but slightly wrinkled face. Her hair, still nice and sensible but slightly greying. Her stomach was soft and fleshy, not taut and tight like Sabrina’s. Her breasts were barely there, and even saying that, they seemed slightly saggy, if that makes sense. But the biggest thing was, during our lovemaking, Charlotte just lied there. We’d never had the craziest sex in the world, but sex had never seemed less exciting than it did that night, reserved and quiet, with her just lying there, me on top. If this was Sabrina, she’d be riding me hard, screaming out like a complete whore as she fucked me into the bed, with my hands all over her lustful body, a huge grin on my face. But with Charlotte, it was slow… and gentle… and quiet. Even when I came, it was unsatisfying, as I came in only the fraction of the amount I now knew I was capable of, and it was into a condom, since my wife wasn’t on birth control due to the infrequence of our sex life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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