Bye Bye Virginity

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It had been eight weeks since Kyle had celebrated his eighteenth birthday and so it was eight weeks since he had promised himself that now was the time to get rid of his unwanted virginity. But in those eight weeks he had not made any progress in that direction other than managing to get a quick grope of a girl’s breasts at his birthday party. That in itself had made him feel quite grown up, but there seemed little prospect of him becoming what he thought of as a real man anytime soon. The problem was basically that he was a natural introvert who was painfully shy around girls and who had absolutely no idea anyway how to chat up a potential partner. It bothered him, especially as all the girls he knew had laughed at his coyness as one time or another and so put themselves out of bounds

But a couple of weeks ago a divorced woman and her very beautiful daughter had moved in next door and he immediately began lusting after the daughter. This, he decided to himself, was his chance, a girl who knew nothing of his character and so she would be the one to whom he would surrender his virginity, although how he was going to do that he wasn’t so certain.

As usual he did nothing and so nothing happened – until on one particular day when he was wandering aimlessly around his backyard and he heard music coming from the yard next door. Creeping down beside the garage he peeped around the corner of the building, hoping to find the daughter alone in her yard and praying that somehow he could strike up a conversation with her. At least perhaps he could find out her name, because dreaming of a nameless girl was annoying to say the least. The first thing he saw as he peered round was the pair of gorgeously long and slender bare legs belonging to someone sunbathing on a lounger. He froze, the first thought that entered his teenage mind being was she naked? Legs as lovely as that could only belong to the daughter and he hoped vaguely that he would see her naked. It didn’t help, for he had no idea what to do if she was, and so he stood just out of sight wondering what to do next. Embarrassingly his body knew exactly what to do and his cock rapidly expanded inside his pants in pointless anticipation, making him fumble awkwardly to straighten it out more comfortably. He peered a little further, suddenly disenchanted but strangely relieved to see the bottom half of a black bikini. He had hoped – but then if she was sunbathing nude he certainly wouldn’t have gained enough nerve to talk to her and he knew it. As it was he having difficulty summoning up the courage.

‘Hello?’ A soft melodious voice came from above the visible bikini part.

He pulled back quickly without answering, his heart hammering.

‘I know someone’s there, I heard you coming down the path. So at least say hello.’

‘Hello.’ He answered this time, almost stammering with nervousness.

‘Hello.’ She repeated. ‘Are you going to show yourself?’

Eyes lowered he forced himself to walk slowly around the end of the garage and stand by the picket fence that separated the two properties, hoping his erection wasn’t visible and almost certain that he’d blown his chances with his timidity. He raised his eyes to look at the girl.

But it wasn’t the girl of his dreams — instead the person relaxing on the sun lounger was her mother. His hopes were dashed, but he felt as much thankful as disappointed. Now he wouldn’t have to try a corny chat-up line and at least he hadn’t made a fool of himself in front of his hoped-for sweetheart. Maybe he could find out a bit about her from her mother. One thing he had already found out, if she took after her mother the daughter must look absolutely stunning in a bikini, for the older woman was undeniably attractive, even to his young eyes. His erection refused to lie down.

Some disappointment must have shown though, because the woman smiled. ‘Were you expecting Millie?’

Millie, that must be her name. Millie. He savoured it. ‘I didn’t know who.’ At least he managed not to stammer.

‘She’s gone to stay with her father for a few days, so you’ll have to make do with me.’ There was a playful smile on her lips as she said this.


She laughed a tinkling little laugh of genuine pleasure. ‘I’m Lori, what’s your name?’

‘Kyle.’ He told her almost inaudibly. ‘My name’s Kyle.’

‘Would you like to chat? Perhaps tell me a little about yourself?’

Perhaps that might be a good way of finding out about Millie. ‘If you like.’

She frowned and shook her head. ‘Then come over here, I can hardly hear you.’ She indicated the ground alongside herself.

He hesitated, unused to talking to mature women in bikinis and definitely unused to the attraction he felt.

‘Come on, don’t be shy.’ She held out a hand towards him. ‘I’ve been looking for a chance to get to know you.’

He didn’t believe that for one minute, but in some way it gave him confidence and he swung a leg over the picket fence that separated the two yards. His erection Maltepe Escort shifted inside his pants and he felt himself blush, wanting to turn back and avoid the embarrassment of being caught with a hard on. But he was committed, he had to carry on and so he clambered over the fence, briefly turning his back so that he could swiftly adjust his cock. He turned back to face her, his back against the fence.

‘That’s better, but come a bit closer.’

He walked across until he stood beside her, suddenly mortified when he realised that her head was nearly level with his disobedient cock. He quickly thrust his hands into his pockets to hide his embarrassment. It didn’t help that his eyes seemed to be wandering up and down her body of their own accord, so that he was staring first at the two mounds that were her partly covered and beautiful breasts, and then her other mound, the tantalizing pussy mound that showed beneath the material of her bikini. He felt another blush flood across his face and he forced himself to look her in the eyes. This was a mature woman for God’s sake, and a mature woman with a knowing little smile on her face.

‘It’s all right.’ She told him. ‘I don’t mind you looking. If I did, then I wouldn’t be dressed like this, would I?’

Oh God, she’d seen his eyes looking her over. ‘I suppose not.’ He agreed.

‘How old are you, Kyle?’ She asked, her voice betraying a more than usual interest.

‘Eighteen.’ He replied softly.

‘A man then?’ She chuckled gently, her eyes alighting on the bulge behind his zip. ‘No, don’t answer that, I can see you are.’


‘Don’t be.’ She told him, looking more serious this time. ‘It’s nice to know I can still appeal to a younger man.’

As she spoke her hand came out and laid her fingers across his bulging fly, gently rubbing his cock. He jumped back, shocked by her action. But he was thrilled too, because no female, girl or woman, had ever shown much interest in him in that way, and to be touched like that by such a beautiful woman was out of this world.

‘No, don’t back away.’ She made a beckoning motion with her fingers and he found himself automatically obeying.

This time she didn’t stroke across his cock but along its length, with a pair of fingers running up and down each side, pressing harder as if to better feel it through his jeans. He took his hands out from his pockets and then, wondering what to do with them, he crossed his arms just to keep them out of the way, unknowingly looking for all the world like a petulant adolescent.

Lori laughed. ‘You’re not going to stamp your feet as well, are you?’

The reference was lost on him in his present nervous state.

‘Never mind.’ She told him, still smiling. ‘Just relax; I’m not going to hurt you.’

He didn’t think she was, but that didn’t stop him feeling scared to death. He simply stood there, feeling her slender fingers stroke along the shape of his shaft, unsure how to respond and wondering if she was going to do anything else. He soon found the answer to that, his zip buzzed downwards and cool fingers were fishing inside his fly until they found his hot hard cock and wriggled it free to stand proud in the sunlight. He could feel himself shaking, but whether it was from fear, excitement or anticipation he wasn’t certain. Maybe — probably – all three.

He stood there, watching her running her fingers gently up and down his shaft, feeling the coolness on his hot skin and the gentle firmness of her grip. She smiled up at him.

‘Nice?’ She asked.

He couldn’t risk speaking in case his voice failed him, and so he just nodded silently, helplessly letting her play with him. It was nice, there was no denying that, but it just felt wrong. It shouldn’t be a woman knocking on the door of forty, it should be her daughter, a girl his own age, and yet he knew that neither he nor she would have had the nerve to start something like this. What could he do, he wasn’t about to stop her, it was too damn nice for that. He’d never thought about a woman playing with him, in his mind it had always been the other way around where he played with his partner. Women were not supposed to take the lead, or maybe that only applied to girls. He forced himself to relax a little, unfolding his arms and putting his hands behind his back, trying to give the impression of sophisticated consent.

But his air of sophistication soon almost evaporated when, after she’d stroked him and played with him for just a few delightful minutes, she leaned forward, gripped his cock at the base of the shaft and pointed it towards her lips. Surely she wasn’t thinking of doing that? But she was, and his cock was quickly enveloped in the soft warmth of her mouth. He gasped with astonishment but forced himself not to jump back in alarm again, submitting to whatever she wanted to do. He wondered as he did so if the fantastic moist warm feeling was the same as he would get inside a vagina. He soon decided that it couldn’t be because a vagina Anadolu Yakası Escort didn’t have the same amazing tongue that was doing such fabulous things to him. His only concern now was that if she kept that up there was a good chance that he would blow his wad.

It didn’t take long, soon he felt the sensation building, getting stronger and becoming imperative. He tried to pull away, but she gripped his shaft more firmly, her other hand going around and grabbing at his backside, holding him tightly and even pulling him closer.

‘No, don’t or I’ll….’

Somehow he couldn’t say the word ‘come’. But she knew what he meant and her head nodded briefly over his cock, silently telling him that she wanted and intended it to happen. He could hardly believe it, this was a neighbour, a mature woman twice his age who wanted him to come in her mouth. There was nothing he could do, part of his mind rebelled, telling him it just shouldn’t happen, but the rest was screaming ‘yes, let it happen because this might be the only blowjob you’ll ever get’. On top of that his body wasn’t about to take no for an answer. He felt the pressure build, the intense sensation creep from his balls to his cock and then suddenly, with no more warning than the quick gasp he uttered, it happened and he shot his first spurt of cum flooding straight into Lori’s mouth. He heard her unexpected little ‘mmm’ of pleasure, feeling the sound vibrate through the head of his cock just as the second spurt followed the first, flooding her mouth again. His legs turned to jelly and he had to lean forward, propping his hand on her shoulder and gazing down at what she was doing. He could see her mouth working on his cock, her hand massaging the base of his shaft, milking him, wanting all he had to offer. He closed his eyes and just let his balls empty themselves into her mouth, loving the sensation but wondering what he had done to deserve it.

Eventually it was over and he was drained, his cock already softening in her mouth. She pulled her mouth away and let him fall from between her lips, smiling up at him as her tongue flicked out to rescue a little trickle of cream that was escaping from the corner.

‘Mmm, I liked that.’ She announced. ‘Did you?’

What could he say? He was still panting for breath, still hardly able to stand up and unsure if he should zip his cock away or leave it in the cool air to dry. He nodded quickly. ‘Yes.’

‘Good.’ She looked questioningly at him. ‘Shall we go inside?’

He knew instantly what she meant. For the very first time in his life a woman wanted to have full sex with him. This was his chance to become a man at last, but he just daren’t.

‘Can’t.’ He told her breathlessly. ‘Got to go back in.’ It wasn’t true, how could it be with nobody else at home?

He regretted saying that the minute the words passed his lips. He was chickening out and he knew it, but what if his innocence made him a laughing stock with this experienced woman, what if he came too soon, or couldn’t perform at all? Or what if she told him that he just wasn’t any good? He could possibly try with someone as inexperienced as he was, but not with a mature woman. But all the time he was telling himself this, he knew that he was lying. Who better to take his virginity than someone who knew what they were doing, but he didn’t have the nerve. He was turning down the chance to take it ‘all the way’ because he was simply too scared.

‘Yes you can.’ Lori contradicted him. ‘Because we can’t have you having all the fun, now can we?’ She reached out and took his wilted cock between finger and thumb, and gently pushed it back into his pants. ‘Come on, let’s go indoors.’

She stood up and draped her towel around her shoulders before taking his hand and leading him towards the house, refusing to take no for an answer. This time he went with her, submissively allowing himself to be led. All the while with his mind in a total whirl because it had just occurred to him that she had sucked him off, and that was oral sex. So, did that count the same as normal sex, and did that mean he wasn’t a virgin anymore? He didn’t know. Confusion reigned as he walked along the path, was he a virgin or not? Not that it mattered because one thing he was fairly sure of, if he was then he wouldn’t be soon. She turned and smiled at him as they reached the door and he gulped and tried to smile back. Oh God, she was going to let him fuck her, he was certain of it and he was petrified.

She led him straight through the house and up the stairs. He walked in a dream, not seeing where he was, he even stumbled as he climbed the stairs; his legs trembling with the same mix of anticipation and fear as before.

‘Here we are.’

They were in a bedroom, a beautiful bedroom, but he didn’t notice the expensive modern furniture, the paintings on the walls, or even the soft carpet they walked on, because all his attention was on the woman in a bikini, a bikini that in his mind’s eye had suddenly morphed into İstanbul Escort underwear, sexy black underwear.

‘What do you think?’ She swept her arm around, wanting to make him take notice of his surroundings.

He made an effort to look around but his eyes couldn’t get past the king size bed with its dazzling white duvet. ‘Beautiful.’ He croaked, not sure if he meant the room, the bed, or her.

She laughed, that same tinkling laugh as before. ‘You wouldn’t care if it was a cow shed, would you?’

Truth be told he wouldn’t have noticed, but he couldn’t say so. He just stood and gazed around, his eyes inevitably drifting back to the woman beside him, though he tried hard not to let her see him staring. He failed.

‘I’ve already told you, I don’t mind you looking. In fact I take it as a compliment.’ As she spoke she reached around her back and unclipped her bikini top, letting it slide down her arms and then shaking her wrists until it fell free. Kyle felt the blush race over his face as her breasts swung in front of him, taking advantage of their freedom and moving in time to her wrists.

He heard the same tinkling laugh, but this time he imagined he heard a note of amused mockery. ‘Don’t look like that; you’ve seen boobs before, haven’t you?’

He didn’t speak, he just stood and stared and mutely shook his head. The only time he’s seen a woman’s boobs, apart from in porn mags, was when he happened to spot a girl changing on the beach. He’d felt a pair at his party of course, but that was just a hand up a jumper and he hadn’t actually seen anything.

‘Really?’ She asked, obviously surprised.

He shook his head again, not daring to take his eyes from Lori’s breasts as if convinced they would disappear if he did.

‘So are you telling me?’ She asked slowly. ‘That this is all new to you?’

This time he nodded.

‘So what we did outside, you’ve never done before? Nor anything else?’

He nodded again, feeling a blush of shame rise this time instead of one of embarrassment.

‘Oh my god.’ Her hand went to her mouth, making her full breasts swing once more. ‘So you’re a….’ She didn’t finish it but he nodded anyway.

For a moment or two they stood gazing at each other. He felt absolutely certain that she would send him away. What use was a virgin to an experienced woman like that? He prepared himself to hear the words.

‘I had no idea.’ She gasped. ‘I never thought.’

She looked at him for a moment and then as if she had made a decision she placed her hands in the middle of his chest and pushed him onto the bed, surprising him so that he struggled to get up only to be pushed firmly back down.

‘Stay there a minute.’ She told him. ‘We’re going to make your first time memorable.’

He was so shocked at this confirmation of her intentions that he just lay there while she pulled off his sneakers and then climbed onto the bed and gathered his t-shirt together, pulling it over his head before laying herself beside him, propped on one arm.

Kyle’s eyes fixed upon her breasts, profoundly aware that now they were both naked to the waist and that her hard pink nipples would quickly be pressed against him if she should happen to lean over. He had not realised that nipples could engorge like that, he’d always thought of them as soft little bumps, but he was learning quickly. And then she did lean over, her breasts and nipples making thrilling contact with his chest as she pressed her lips against his for his first ever mature, half naked kiss. It took him by surprise, so much so that he didn’t even get the chance to open his mouth or even kiss her back.

She pulled back a little. ‘You can do better than that.’ She told him, frowning. ‘Kiss me properly.’

She was clearly intent on being in charge, which suited Kyle fine. He wouldn’t have known how, wouldn’t have dared, to take things further, his heart was hammering its way out of his chest with apprehension as it was. But he did know how to kiss; he had at least done that before. As she moved to kiss him again he put an arm out and around her, tentatively pulling her down to him and at the same time opening his mouth a little, hoping he was doing the right thing. He hadn’t expected her tongue to probe his mouth, but it was nice and he quickly learned to do it back, their tongues fencing back and forth. This time when Lori pulled away she was smiling.

She came back for more, kissing him as passionately as before, but this time her hand ran down his body to the top if his jeans, searching for his belt and then his zipper, and undoing both. She broke away, sitting up so that she could push down his jeans and underwear in one go, and then rolling away until she could everything off over his feet, embarrassing him by making his erect cock flip back noisily against his stomach. He hadn’t even realised that it had recovered enough to stand upright again.

She stood at the bottom of the bed, looking down at him, taking in his naked form. His hands went instinctively to cover himself, bringing a smile to her lips.

‘It won’t be much use if we can’t get to it.’ She admonished him gently, still smiling. He moved his hands to the side, letting her see him naked, his eyes like a frightened rabbit’s fixed on hers as she gazed down at him.

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