Cabin in the Woods Ch. 03

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Author’s Note:

I found this short chapter of my guys. This got me going again. Hope you like it, it is short just to get us going.



We took a shower before going to bed as was our usual custom. I helped him with his back and he with mine. As we let the warm water settle over us we kissed and explored each other.

I said, “This is what I think Tom needs to do with his lovers, he is not intimate with them long enough and is then blaming his sexual prowess.”

“You may be right but since we’re not going to do that anymore, he’ll have to learn that on his own.” He said as he was washing my cock.

“Oh well, so much for that idea.” I was soaping up his cock and balls, he was still sensitive there. Once we toweled off we made our way to bed and we got under the covers. Josh was reading some of his notes and I was finishing up a book I was reading. We were getting tired and Josh put his notes in his folder and I had read the same sentence over a few times. Putting escort bayan bursa the book down I turned off the lamp and snuggled up to Josh. The window was open giving us some fresh air. Josh had his arm around my shoulder as I scooted down a bit,

My head moved up and down with his breathing, I was spooning his side and rubbing his hairy chest that we bear have all over our bodies. The hair on my arm was mingling with his chest hair as I rubbed his chest. Moving down to his stomach, his skin was reacting to the sensation, and I nibbled one of his nipples. My hand moved to his stomach and played with his navel a bit. He always felt that all the way down to his toes.

He moved a leg above the covers. This gave me a glimpse of his cock head, I was still nibbling on that nipple working it good as he moaned in appreciation. I moved my hand to his semi-hardening cock. I held it upright by the base and waved it in the fresh air a bit. He looked at me and smiled as I stroked it up once to the tip. It was pliable in bursa sinirsiz eskort this state and I could just hold it erect or point it down.

I moved down towards his cock. I nibbled along his body on the way down stopping at his navel and stuck my tongue in it, kissed it even. He moaned again. I moved down to the base of his shaft and grazed amongst his pubic hair. I was still slowly stroking his cock as I moved my tongue along its length. I moved up the shaft to the head and rubbed the head on the tip of my tongue. He moaned again deeper as I moved his cock back and forth on the tip of my tongue.

I could taste his pre-cum and the soft underside of his cock. I took his cock in my mouth and moved down to the length to his pubic hair. He would have come, if I hadn’t pulled on his balls. I was watching his face writhe in pleasure. I moved my tongue down to his balls and took each one into my mouth, his pre-cum oozed out and I lapped it up. I decided that it was time to make my baby escort bayan come and hard.

I clamped down on his cockhead and stroked his shaft up and down. it didn’t take long for him to shoot into my mouth. I let some of it ooze out onto his cock as I looked up at him. His face was the expression of pure pleasure.

“Give me your cock now baby.” He said.

I moved up and straddled him as he took my cock into his mouth. I felt his tongue wrap around my shaft as I move it in further. I moved my hips towards his face so that I was fucking his mouth. He pulled on my balls to make it last longer, but after getting him off I was too much in a frenzy. He placed his hands on my hips and greedily forced my cock into his mouth further down his throat. With the sucking and his warm mouth, I couldn’t hold back anymore. I tried to hold back and he knew it so he moved a finger into my ass and pushed it inside and rubbed my prostrate and that was all I needed. I came hard and had to hold onto his head to stay up between the cum spasms.

I finally came down and laid down next to him exhausted. I looked up at him and he came down to kiss me.

“That was a great way to relax.” He said.

“It always is and I knew you looked a little stressed so we both needed it.”

We drifted off to sleep snuggled up next to each other.

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