Camilla Ch. 029

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As soon as Baker sat on a couch in the private room he Camilla walked into, the naked girl sat on his lap. She put her right arm around his neck, and her left hand played with his chest hair. She was pleased with the size of his erection, which poked out in a big bulge in his pants; around six and a half to seven inches, it was quite thick, too.

“So, what goes on during these lap dances?” he asked.

“This is your first one?” she asked with surprise.

“Yeah,” he said shyly. “I don’t get out much.”

“Oh, sir, you’re in for a treat. You can put your hands anywhere you want. I’m not shy at all about that.”


“Yeah,” she said. “You can put your fingers as deep inside my pussy and ass as you can reach; just be gentle, OK? My holes are perfectly clean, so you don’t have to worry about your fingers being stinky or anything. Also, you can suck on my tits if you want. It’s a lot of fun. I’ll rub up against you, too.” A new song began. “Ready?” she asked.

He nodded timidly.

She slid her bottom off his left leg and onto his pointy groin. She slowly rubbed her soft buttocks on his erection, moving in circles, counter-clockwise. She moaned as she felt the tip of his hard penis pushing up against her moist vulva. She took his inhibited hands off her waist and put them on her breasts. He gave them gentle, slight squeezes. She turned her head around and looked into his eyes as she continued grinding on his groin; her eyes told him how much she liked the size and shape of his phallus. He blushed. She took his right hand from her breast and put it on her wet vulva, having him rub his index finger against her clitoris, and putting his long finger inside her vagina, to massage her G-spot. She sighed and moaned her thanks. He was panting loudly.

She got up, turned around, and pushed her breasts against his cheeks, sliding them slowly down his face as she sat on his lap again. He felt her erect nipples brushing against his cheeks. She put his hands on her buttocks, opening them wide and putting one of his fingers on her anus and guiding it to rub against the orifice in circles. Then she put her hand on his erection and fondled it. This got him particularly excited; he was getting closer and closer to orgasm. She put her face against his, her forehead and nose gently pressing against his, and she gave him pecks on the lips. The song then came to an end.

“Do you want another?” she asked.

“Let’s rest for a song,” he said. “I’m so excited, I’m worried I’m gonna mess my pants.” Then, in his excitement, he unwittingly allowed this revelation to slip out: “That’s the most intimate I’ve ever been with a girl.”

Her eyes and mouth popped open. “You’re a virgin?”

The balding, somewhat overweight 43-year-old nodded in embarrassment, looking down at his lap.

“You poor man,” she said. “You’ve never had a girlfriend or anything?” Avoiding her eyes, he shook his head in shame.

“How could such a sweet man like you miss the boat like that?” she asked. “You must be so lonely.”

He seemed on the verge of tears.

“Sir, as my former kindergarten teacher, you were really sweet and kind to me when Etiler escort I was a little girl, making me feel pretty when all the other kids used to say I was ugly; it’s time I did something kind for you. I wanna make you feel desirable, something you’ve obviously not been made to feel. Sir, take me home and have sex with me–now. I’m not taking no for an answer. You have to make up for lost time; we have a lot of intense fucking to do. Let’s go.” She grabbed her purse, took his hand, and led the nervous man out of the private room.

As they walked by the stage, she saw Candice getting naked during her third song, ‘Come To My Window,’ by Melissa Etheridge. This was Candice’s first time to strip on the stage. Camilla, still naked, wanted to be a part of this special moment. “Can you wait a minute, sir?” she asked Baker. “I wanna play with my roommate for a little while, then we’ll go.” She got on stage on all fours, and with a lascivious look in her eyes crawled toward naked Candice, who was on her back. The audience cheered as Camilla got on top of Candice and started sucking on her breasts. Then she slowly went down Candice’s belly towards her vulva, kissing her skin all the way. The crowd went wild when Camilla started licking Candice’s clitoris. Camilla then moved around so she’d be on top of Candice in a 69 position. Candice put two fingers inside Camilla’s vagina, each finger stimulating Camilla’s G and A-spots. Her other hand tickled Camilla’s clitoris, and she licked Camilla’s anus.

The men watching shouted and screamed their enthusiasm. “Yeah! Jam your fingers up her cunt!” said one.

“Lick that pretty pink pussy!” shouted another.

“She’s eating her butt! That’s so fuckin’ hot!” said a third.

The encouragement the girls were getting only increased their own arousal, and their licking and fingering got faster and faster. Camilla pulled Candice’s legs up so she’d get access to her asshole; she gave Candice a ‘shocker’–she put her index and long fingers in Candice’s vagina, and her pinkie deep in her rectum. Candice screamed with pleasure; she returned the favour by quickly tickling Camilla’s G and A-spots, as well as by vibrating her tongue and sucking on her hard clitoris. Both girls were squealing and screaming louder and faster, and the audience was chanting “Yeah!” in rhythm to the girls’ screams. Conveniently, they both came simultaneously at the end of the song. Candice squealed and put her head back during her orgasm, and Camilla gushed her plentiful discharge in Candice’s wide-open mouth.

“She shoots–she scores!” a man shouted.

As the girls lay there moaning and catching their breath, all the people watching–men and lesbians–got up and gave the girls an extended standing ovation. When the girls regained their breath, they got up and took a bow.


A half hour later, Camilla–having thrown on her dress before leaving Luvlee’s with Baker–was now in his apartment; and her dress and shoes were on the floor by the front door before he’d even closed and locked it. The naked girl took him by the hand and led him towards where she assumed his bedroom was.

She Beşiktaş escort opened a door, and found the bathroom instead. “Oh well,” she said. “I need to pee anyway.” She walked in and sat down on the toilet. “A lot of men like to watch me go pee-pee: do you, sir?” she asked him as her pee started pouring into the toilet water.

“Yeah, OK, sure,” he said, looking down between her wide-open legs to see the golden liquid paint his toilet water yellow. “Why does that act–so revolting when most people do it–look so lovely when a goddess does it?”

Giggling, she said, “That’s funny–I remember a man saying something like that to me earlier today when I peed at the park. One guy I was once with wanted to watch me poo–I thought that was kinda gross, actually, but I let him watch, because I wanted to please him. He loved it: how weird!” The last few drops of urine came out, she wiped herself with some toilet paper, got up, and flushed the toilet. “Can I use your shower for a second? I wanna clean my pussy: I hate it when it smells of pee.” She got in his shower stall and washed herself clean. Then she dried herself, and they went into his bedroom.

She got on his bed while he nervously pulled his pants down. He removed everything except his shirt because he didn’t want her to see too much of his–as he saw it–unattractive body. He got on the bed, lay on his back, and she got on top of him in the cowgirl position.

“I just want to say now, sorry in advance if I’m not v-very good,” he stammered.

“Don’t worry, sir,” she reassured him. “Just relax. I’ll guide you through the whole thing. Now, I’m the teacher and you’re the student.”

He smiled his appreciation as she guided his rock-hard phallus into her moist vagina. He’d been so afraid she’d laugh at him for his lack of sexual experience, but she was so kind and understanding. After all, she, a mere month ago, knew the embarrassment of being a virgin longer than she’d wanted to be, though waiting until she was 18 to lose her virginity was nothing compared to what he had gone through.

She squealed with pleasure when his phallus went all the way in. The wetness and tightness of her vagina was such a surprising sensation for him, so different from his hand. His thrusts were clumsy at first, hurting her slightly, but in a way she liked the pain: it reminded her of her first time with Wayne. She tried to forget Wayne’s passing away, however, by telling Baker to push slower and gentler; this turned pain to pure pleasure, and she could now focus on how good Baker’s cock felt inside her. He fondled her breasts as she bounced up and down on him. She looked lovingly in his eyes. “Do you like it, sir?” she asked in sighs.

“Yeah,” he panted, feeling her wetness soak his pubic hair. Though he was obviously enjoying the sex, she sensed in his eyes that he wasn’t as thrilled as he could have been. She, on the other hand, was loving every second of their lovemaking, and every inch of his cock. She was inching closer and closer to orgasm as she felt his phallus’ length and thickness massage all of her vaginal walls thoroughly: not one cavity was left unstimulated. The tip Taksim escort of his shaft reached her A-spot, and she splashed her come all over his lap. He, however, didn’t come: he’d always relied on masturbation to climax.

Not willing to disappoint him, she got off his cock and put it in her mouth. She licked, sucked, kissed, and tickled his rod with all her skill, remembering everything Wayne had taught her when he’d let her practice on him. Though Baker remained as hard as ever, he still didn’t come. He was sitting on the bed, and she was on the floor, lovingly looking up at his eyes as her head went up and down on him. Her eyes sent this message to his: “You sweet, kind man, I want to give you the greatest pleasure you’ve ever had–you deserve it.” Using her fingers to play with his balls, she looked for signs in his eyes that he was increasing in arousal, but the climactic delight she’d hoped to provide didn’t…spill over.

She took his cock out of her mouth, reached for the anal lube in her purse, and got back on the bed. She put some lube in her hands and his. With her ass pointed out at him to expose her anus, she reached back to lube his phallus as he lubed her rectum. Though she realized that her hand was giving him the greatest pleasure he’d had so far, she wanted him to experience anal: this man unjustly had had nothing for 43 years, and she wanted him to experience as much as possible this night to compensate. “This’ll be lots of fun, sir; my asshole’s so tight, your cock will explode. You’ve got to come this time.” He pushed his member against her opening anus. She looked back at him with her mouth wide open as he slowly slid his dick deeper and deeper inside her rectum. She moaned with pleasure, in rhythm with his grunts; she wanted him to know how much she enjoyed anal sex, so he wouldn’t be inhibited from thinking he was hurting her. He pushed his phallus all the way in and pumped for several minutes. He was surprised to feel the tight anal orifice open out into the rectum; all of this was so new, and so fascinating to him. The stimulation of her anal wall adjacent to her vaginal wall reminded her of how much pleasure she felt when his cock was in her cunt, and she was nearing orgasm again.

Though he was enjoying the anal sex, he still wouldn’t orgasm. It became increasingly obvious to her, and she said, “I guess giving you a hand job is the only way.”

He pulled his phallus out of her asshole, and she rolled on her back. She brought her legs up over her head and took his cock in her hand. As her hand manipulated his penis, he admired her divine duo of holes, both still wide open from their recent penetrations. Camilla realized that looking and masturbating was what had always satisfied Baker; she assumed he must have enjoyed a lot of pornography to cope with his frustrated urges. Her facial expression took on the attitude of a porn star as she allowed his eyes to study her breasts, pubic hair, vagina, and anus. This helped his growing excitement considerably, and her helping hand expertly stroked his shaft, tickling his corpus spongiosum just below the knob. As she was masturbating him, he was fingering her still very hard clitoris. Finally, he came, shooting his plentiful ejaculation far enough to get all over her breasts; and her come gushed in an arc onto his penis. They shot, they scored. As they were catching their breath, a grin of satisfaction shone on his face, mirrored by her own smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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