Camilla Ch. 094

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On the sixth day of Camilla’s ongoing nightmare in the Montreal aquarium, her naked body was hovering over the fouled water tank in what seemed a state of unconsciousness. The news cameras and lechers, always getting video of her endless gang-bangs from spirits, were wondering why she had been a particularly long time not waking up this time.

“She isn’t dead, is she?” one man on the upper ledge asked while recording her on his cell-phone camera.

“Nah, she couldn’t be dead,” another man beside him answered while switching to a new cell-phone, since his previous phone had just run out of memory. “She’s still spouting come out of her pussy…see?”

Indeed, a big wad of come had just spewed out at that time.

“The naked woman hovering over the water has been positively identified as Dr. Camilla Mennon-Fox, a 37-year-old professor of English literature at McGill University, and widow of Dr. Cameron Fox, a former English professor there,” said a female on-the-spot reporter for CBC’s The National. “Why this is happening to her we still don’t know: what power is holding her up? Is she being gang-raped by ghosts, as certain conspiracy theorists claim, of no-longer-living members of the Green Party? Why is no one doing anything about it? Why can’t anyone do anything? Is she going to die? Will she ever be released? These are all unanswered questions.”

“How a 37-year-old woman has the body of a 25-year-old is what I’d like to know,” said a forty-something woman watching from the viewing area below.

How Camilla’s pitifully small number of friends plan to stop us is what I’d like to know, thought a man in a black suit, standing next to the woman. (His mask was in his car.) They’re hopelessly outnumbered.

When she’s going to wake up is what we’d like to know, thought the spirits of Don, Agape, and Candice. All three of them, as well as Dr. Singh and his helpers in Vancouver (the ones he’d used Nigrovum on to cure them of their AIDS), were still using their psychic powers to keep the glass of the water tank from breaking, and to disintegrate as much of Camilla’s come, piss, and shit in the water as they could. The masked men were keeping those disintegrations to a minimum, of course.

The spirits of Clara, Mercedes, a lesbian waitress at Club Ritz, and a young man Camilla had seduced were enjoying her body at the time. Mercedes’ invisible pussy was in Camilla’s face, and Camilla’s tongue and lips were hard at work, moving automatically in spite of her mind’s being elsewhere. The boy’s invisible cock was between her tits, and his invisible hands were squeezing them aggressively against his cock. Clara’s invisible tongue was all over Camilla’s pussy, flickering against her flapping labia. The waitress’s invisible tongue was digging its way inside Camilla’s gaping asshole.


Of course, the state of unconsciousness that Camilla was in was really just her having another vision of a memory. Fourteen years before the aquarium incident, 23-year-old Camilla was sitting on the sofa in the living room of her house in Toronto, with 4-year-old Eros on her lap. It was a Saturday afternoon in early August. She, in her black-haired, black-eyed, pale ‘Goth’ look, was cuddling with her son and watching the news on TV.

She was wearing heavy makeup and perfume, and a tight, white dress that was unbuttoned at the top, showing off a lot of bra-less cleavage. Eros felt the temptation to look down her dress and see her breasts, and she psychically sensed his urges, even though he’d never looked.

“Nice boys don’t look down their mommies’ dresses, sweetie,” she told him.

“Sorry,” he said.

On The National, there was a story about Garth Van Duyne, who’d finished his term as Toronto mayor, and was now running for Ontario premier, for the Green Party. She stared at theTV screen with no less dazed a facial expression than those people would fourteen years later in the viewing area of the Montreal aquarium, looking up at her through the glass of the water tank.

“What do you have to say to all the conspiracy theorists out there, who claim that a secretive, unscrupulous elite is secretly making not only the Green Party here in Canada, but also the Greens in countries all over the world, so surprisingly successful in recent years?” a female reporter asked Garth.

He chuckled, then said, “Oh, them? I’m not aware that many people even listen to them. I know very little about the ideas of the conspiracy theorists, and I keep up with current events all the time. I have to, as a man in public office. If I don’t read much about the conspiracies, it’s probably because they don’t deserve to be taken seriously. To their propagators I say, ‘Your ideas are fantasies. People want to know the truth instead.'”

“And what is the truth?” she asked him.

“The Muğla Escort truth is that the Green Party is quickly growing here and everywhere else, because more and more people are waking up to the truth that we all must help our Mother Earth. The forests, the air, and the oceans are all being ravaged and poisoned for profit, and the people are getting sick of it. They know that we’re the answer to this problem, for only our plan for extensive government intervention will solve the problem. This is the answer: vote Green Party.”

Camilla heard a voice whisper ‘Vote Green Party’ in her ear. She repeated those three words, in a by-now-typical monotone.


That night, Camilla had left Eros with Emily to go stripping in Club Ritz.

An eighteen-year-old boy with blond hair and blue eyes came into the bar and looked around. He saw naked Camilla giving an older man a table dance in a corner of the bar; the young man sat at a table several tables away from where she was, but he was close enough to see all her delicious anatomy.

She’d psychically changed herself back to her original blonde, blue-eyed, peach-skinned look before coming to work. She was bent over with her legs spread out wide; from where he was sitting, the boy could see her brown asshole and purple pussy, and his dick was already hard.

She’d finished the table dance and got paid. Then she put on a tight-fitting blue sling bikini and left the older man. As she was walking away from the table, she saw the boy wave to her to come over to him. She went up to his table, and as soon as she saw his cute, boyish face up close, she was as charmed with him as he was with her.

“Hi, sweetie,” she said in her uninhibited ‘Kitty’ persona, psychically sensing that that persona would be the right one to use on him. She sat on the sofa opposite his. “My name’s Camilla. What’s your name?”

“Danny,” he said shyly.

“Nice to meet you, Danny,” she said, shaking his hand. “You have beautiful eyes, sweetie.”

“Thank you,” he said bashfully, turning his head away.

“Oh, he’s so shy. My little baby.” She caressed his cheek in a maternal way. His dick got harder.

The song that was playing was about to end, and Camilla, anticipating the next song, got up, put her knees on Danny’s sofa right at his crotch, and pushed them against his hard-on. She then unclipped her bikini. It flew off her body and onto the floor; the naked woman removed her high heels and leaned forward so his face was now between her large breasts. That new song, however, didn’t begin to play.

“Sorry, everybody,” the DJ announced. “We’re having some technical difficulties.” Camilla quickly turned her head to the left to look over at the DJ booth, and her right breast slapped against Danny’s left cheek. “Please be patient, and wait a minute.”

A waitress came over to take Danny’s order, and she ogled Camilla’s body. “What d’you want, honey?” she asked him.

Camilla quickly turned to the right to see the waitress, and her left tit slapped against Danny’s right cheek. The waitress smiled as her eyes went up and down Camilla’s curves, and Camilla smiled in flattery back at her.

“Well?” the waitress snapped at Danny. “What’s your drink gonna be?”

“Oh, uh, a Long Island Iced Tea,” he panted, trying to say the words with Camilla’s nipple in his mouth.

“I’ll have a Jim Beam and Coke, Vera,” Camilla said, remembering Agape’s old drink. “Buy it for me, sweetie,” she told him.

“OK,” he said, then Vera left to get their drinks.

Camilla turned back to look down at Danny, and her right breast slapped against his left cheek again. She took his hands and put them on her hips, moving them up and down along her sides. ‘Kitty’s’ total lack of inhibition about her nudity amazed him as much as it excited him.

Finally, a song started to play, and the DJ apologized again. “Wow, lucky you,” Camilla said to Danny. “You had me here naked for free that whole time.”

“Yeah,” he panted, moving his hands up and down the sides of her torso.

She began her table dance with a thorough rubbing of her breasts against his face. She put her tongue in his right ear, pushing it deep inside, then letting it slither around the hole. Her saliva went in, and with it, a touch of Nigrovum. She gently nibbled on his earlobe, blew softly in his earhole, then let her tongue slide along his right cheek towards his nose. She adored the boy’s pretty face so much that she wanted to taste it. She went over to his left ear, and licked, nibbled on, and blew in it the same way she had the right. Again, her tongue came out of his left ear and slid along his left cheek to his nose, against which she then rubbed her nose.

Stupefied, he gazed at her up-close, smiling face. Her blue eyes had an Muğla Escort Bayan absolute hold over his. Though she had no makeup on, her natural beauty made cosmetics unnecessary.

She took his hands off her hips and put them between his knees, with the fingers curled up. She pushed her breasts against his chest and slowly slid down between his legs, deliberately allowing his fingers to touch her vulva and pubic hair. All the time as she went down, her approving eyes stayed locked on his. When she knelt down on the floor between his legs, she’d allowed his hands to touch her breasts. She moved her chest around a bit so his hands could get a better feel.

Now on the floor, she spread her legs out wide and pushed her ass out; her asshole and pussy were in clear view to anyone looking from behind. Indeed, a man sitting on the sofa behind Camilla turned around and got a good look at both of her holes, as did Vera, who was coming back with Camilla’s and Danny’s drinks. Camilla, always lewdly looking up in Danny’s eyes, was gently nibbling on the bulge in his pants.

Vera put their drinks on the table between the sofas, then bent down and whispered in Camilla’s right ear, “You’re so hot, even your asshole’s pretty.”

“Thank you, Vera,” Camilla said with a smile. Danny paid Vera, and she left.

Camila got up and sat on the couch opposite Danny’s, and spread her legs so he could see her pussy. With her fingers, she opened her labia out wide. She looked in his eyes with a calm smile, the same Mona Lisa look that had mesmerized Father Josiah five years before. The shy boy couldn’t understand how she could be so confident, always naked before all those strangers.

She stood up and turned around so he could see her buttocks. She swayed them around, her anal cleft just a few centimetres from his face; then she bent over and spread her legs out wide. He stared in awe at her asshole and pussy, still only an inch or two from his face, and displayed perfectly, with absolutely no embarrassment on her face. Indeed, she looked back at him upside down from between her legs, just calmly smiling and curious about his reaction.

She giggled in flattery at his agape eyes and mouth, then she put her arm between her legs and reached over to him, her fingers tickling him under the chin. “Wow,” she said. “You sure like what you see.”

“Yeah,” he chuckled timidly.

“Wanna come closer?” she asked.

“How much c-closer?”

“I’ll say when; but beware–I’m a little stinky.”

He came closer and smelled the faecal odour of her asshole, as well as the pee smell from her pussy. Normally, he wouldn’t like the former smell; but because he already adored her divine beauty, he was more than accepting of the smell–after all, it was her smell.

He noticed a small, brown bump on her asshole; it was at two o’clock from the orifice. He didn’t know if it was a beauty mark or a spot of shit; he didn’t care, for he was happy to know every wrinkly detail about her pretty anus, the anus she wasn’t at all shy about showing.

With his nose now just a few millimetres away from her asshole, and his mouth just as close to her pussy, he felt her fingers tickle him under the chin again. She just giggled at the dopey look on his face. He couldn’t believe how permissive she was being with him. Did she like him?

She felt his breathing on her holes, and appreciated his acceptance of her natural smells. “You are so sweet,” she said, still bent over. “Just so you know, I’m all stinky and without makeup because the man I just table danced before you likes me that way. He has a coprophilia fetish, if you can believe it. He likes me to smell natural, all natural. To him, stinky is the new fragrant.”

“I’m open to that, if it’s your stinky,” Danny said, still sniffing her butt.

“Thank you,” she said, still bent over. “I’ve known quite a few guys who are into my stink: it’s weird, but I appreciate their devotion to my divinity. My dirty sides should be appreciated.” She then began to move her ass down, and her anus brushed against his nose. “Oops!” His cock got even harder. She pushed her buttocks against his chest as she slowly went down, and she took his hands and put them on his lap, with the fingers of each hand pointing in, touching those of the other. She sat on his lap, then, holding him by the wrists, slowly pulled his hands out to each side, causing his fingers to touch her anus and his hands to slide along her buttocks. With his hands out of the way, now she did some grinding on his pointy hard-on. “Mmm. That’s a long, thick penis you have, sweetie.”

“Uh, this is…just a…table dance, right?” he groaned.

“Mm-hmm,” she said, still rubbing her ass on his dick. “If you want more intense fun, we have to go into a private room, and it costs more. It’s Escort Muğla up to you.”

The song ended, and she, still on his pointy lap, reached over to get her drink. He got his, and they took a few sips.

“Can I have another table dance?” he asked after putting his drink back on the table.

‘Sure,” she said, putting her drink back.

He had several more table dances, with her stimulating him in the same wild ways. Finally, by the end of the fifth table dance, she’d finished her drink.

“Can I have another table dance?” he asked.

“Oh, baby, I gotta pee,” she said urgently.

“Please?” he begged, getting turned on from watching her squirm in desperation. “The last one?”

“OK,” she said, “but you have to buy me another drink.”

“Deal,” he said, thrilled to have her indulge his urolagnia.

She started dancing for him, often squirming and groaning from needing to pee. She could have used Nigrovum to get rid of the discomfort, but she knew he was enjoying it, and she wanted to seduce him, and make him a new ‘priest’ of hers.

When Vera had come to give them their drinks, Camilla had her knees between his legs, pushed up against his hard cock, and her tits were in his face again. Vera put the drinks on the table, then patted and caressed Camilla’s buttocks. Camilla turned her head quickly to the right to see Vera, and Camilla’s left tit brushed against Danny’s right cheek. The girls smiled at each other as Vera walked away.

Towards the end of the song, Camilla was bent over again, showing him her asshole and pussy. Sensing his urolagnia, she allowed a small squirt of piss to drip out on his hand. The Nigrovum in her piss went inside him through his pores.

“Oops!” she said, though slightly relieved.

“That’s OK,” he said. “I kinda have a fetish for that.”

The song ended, and Camilla said, “Quick, pay me. I gotta go pee.” Danny gave her the money as fast as he could. “Wanna watch me pee?”

“Oh, yeah,” he panted.

“OK, come on,” she said, grabbing him by the arm with one hand. “Get my purse.” He did, then she led him to one of the private rooms. As they were rushing there, he noticed little drops of her piss dribbling onto the floor. He was getting turned on all the more.

They went in, and Danny looked in amazement to see not only couches, but also a built-in shower and toilet. She didn’t go sit on the toilet, though: she went to the shower instead.

“Hurry up,” she said, squatting over the drain. “You’re gonna miss it; I’m not holding it in any longer.” He rushed over to her and squatted, facing her. “Ahh!” He looked down and watched in fascination as her piss poured out in a golden line from her urethra down into the drain. He tried to sniff in as much of the odour as he could. Finishing, she squirted out a few last bits, then got up.

He was still squatting, so he had her pubic hair and urine smell an inch or two from his face now. He sniffed away, and she stayed there so he could enjoy it.

“Now I’m really stinky, as you can tell,” she said, still without the slightest embarrassment. He looked up at her in pagan adoration. Making him my priest is going to be easy, she thought. “I wanna get clean; wanna rub the soap all over my body?”

“I’d love to,” he said, standing up.

She turned on the shower water, and he started lathering up the soap. She raised her arms up over her head and said, “Start with my pits, please.” He soaped up her armpits, then her breasts–very thoroughly, then her abdomen and pubic hair. “OK, baby, now get down and clean my legs and feet.”

“OK,” he panted, squatting and lathering her legs. She smirked at the sight of the bulge in his pants. He was especially thorough in cleaning her feet: getting soap between each toe and carefully cleaning each nail, which she’d psychically changed back to its original transparent look. Seeing the fetishistic adoration and attention to detail he was giving in cleaning her feet so well, she just looked down at him and smiled.

Devotion to the Goddess, she thought. I like that. Then she squatted down with her legs wide open. “Clean my pussy, please,” she said.” He soaped up her vulva, thoroughly cleaning her hard clit, wet vaginal and urethral openings, and swollen labia. “Clean inside,” she sighed. “Oh!”

“How far in?” he asked.

“All the way, of course. I’m getting horny,” she said as his soapy index finger went in, brushing against her G-spot. “Ah!” He pushed his finger all the way in, gently poking at her A-spot. After thoroughly cleaning all her vaginal walls and taking his finger out, he saw come spew out of her pussy in a glorious arc. “Oh!”

“Incredible,” he panted, watching her come go down the drain.

“Sweetie, you made me come!” she sighed with an ear-to-ear grin. “Thank you!” She kissed him on the cheek. “OK,” she said, getting up and turning around so her ass was in his face. “Clean my bum now.”

He soaped up her buttocks all over, going all around her anal cleft, but not touching her anus, whose smell he oddly found himself liking.

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