Campfire Stories Ch. 10

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Dan had just left to meet Ashley. Nick and Mike were back at the cabin, wondering is they had made the right decision. They had spent all day looking forward to getting off with the girls, and now they had nothing to do.

“Damn, I wish we woulda went, all I can think about is the girls in that shower.” Mike complained.

“I hear ya brother, that shit was hot.” The guys had tried to return there at night, but found that the lights from Arapaho’s bathrooms would’ve given away their hiding place. Nick looked around the room. Everyone was asleep. As he gazed around the room, he noticed the bunk across from him. The guy there, Jimmy, was asleep wearing only boxers on this unbearably hot night. Jimmy’s legs were spread wide open, and his limp cock and balls were completely exposed. Nick stared, and was startled by a sudden movement. He thought Jimmy was waking up, but it was just his cock. Jimmy’s dick gave another twitch, and Nick realized it was getting hard. Nick had never really seen a penis get hard, other than his own of course. It was fascinating, watching it grow with every heartbeat. Eventually, Jimmy’s once flaccid member now stood at an erect five inches. Nick watched as Jimmy’s manhood stood tall, and began to sway. Nick looked down and saw the swaying was caused by Jimmy’s hips, which were ever so slighty thrusting into the air. Nick was wondering why someone would Sakarya Escort do that in their sleep, and the answer came quickly. Spurts of semen shot out of Jimmy’s cock and high into the air, falling back down mostly on his legs and his balls.

“I see you’re thinking about the shower.” Mike’s voiced snapped Nick from his peep show. Nick gave Mike a confused look, and Mike nodded at Nick’s crotch. Nick’s cock had grown rock hard and was sticking out of the front oh his boxers!

“Heh…yeah, I guess so.” Nick said. “I’m gonna cool off in the shower and take care of this guy.”

“That sounds like a plan. I’m fucking hot, and I have some business to handle myself.” Mike pushed his sheet off, revealing he was naked in bed, and his cock was at it’s full eight inches.

Nick slipped out of his boxers and grabbed a towel. The two naked boys walked to the showers, hoping no one would wake and see their hard cocks bouncing in front of them. Mike turned on the water and let it hit his face, and just stayed like that, trying to cool off. Nick couldn’t help but stare at Mike’s huge dick. Nick didn’t quite understand why watching Jimmy cum and seeing Mike’s penis turned him on so much, but at that point he really didn’t care. He was just horny and needed a release.

“Hey Mike, I have an idea.”


“Well, we both were expecting Adapazarı Escort to get off tonight, but we didn’t. Now, we’re both fucking horny as hell and need some action, but the girls are asleep, and we can’t get to our spot.”

“And there’s nothing we can do about it.”

“No there is. I know it might sound gay, but it might work, and no one would know cause everyone’s sleeping, but, maybe if we stood here and closed our eyes, we could jerk each other off pretending it was Gina or Keri doin us.”

“That ain’t gay, I did that with a few friends at home watching a porno. It’s better when someone else gets you off, it ain’t gay.”

Nick was thrilled. He grabbed Mike’s cock and began slowly stroking it from head to base. Mike returned the favor for Nick, then got into a rhythm and began jerking off Nick’s hard cock. Nick was incredibly turned on and began bucking his hips against Mike’s hand. Nick fucked his cock into Mike’s fist, and came within two minutes, he was so turned on. Mike looked over at him questioningly.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll finish you off.” Nick said. Mike leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Nick used both hands to rub Mike’s large penis. Evidentally, Mike like this, and began fondling Nick’s limp, cum soaked cock again. Nick was hard instantly. Nick formed an oval with his hands so Mike could fuck his big Serdivan Escort dick into the mock pussy. Mike let go of Nick’s cock and Nick could tell he was about to cum. Without thinking, Nick dropped to his knees and took Mike’s cock into his mouth, and Mike just continued his thrusting motion, fucking Nick’s face. Seconds later, Mike shot his load and Nick could feel the cum hitting the back of his throat. On the verge of a second orgasm, Nick stood as Mike continued shooting his cum all over Nick’s face, chest, and then crotch once he stood. Mike opened his eyes to see Nick facing him, covered in cum, stroking his cock furiously. Nick shot off his second load of the night, coating Mike’s stomach with his seed. The levity of the situation sunk in, and Mike broke the awkward silence after a few minutes.

“I think that was a little much dude…”

“Yeah. Yeah me too. I dunno what I…”

“How about we just don’t mention this shit, aight?”

“Yeah that’s cool.”

Mike rinsed himself clean and went to bed. Nick remained in the shower. He didn’t know why he did what he did, but it didn’t seem to bother him. In fact, he kind of liked it. He got back to his bed and Mike was asleep. A few bunks down, he saw Sam toss and turn before the sheet fell off of his bed, revealing he had also chosen to sleep in the nude on this hot night. Nick checked out his roommate’s cock and began to stroke himself. Nick laid on his back and aimed his cock at his face, so he could catch his cum in his mouth. Just as Nick was milking his cock of it’s cum for the third time that night, Dan walked into the cabin to see Nick empty his load all over his face.

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