Can I Make It Up? Ch. 04

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Tammy’s tanned skin nearly went white with fear; her naked teeny-bopper body locked tight as a wire, resting on top of her brother Dirk’s muscular and equally-naked form as he lay back on the cushions from the gazebo’s lounge. All the passion that had been lingering in her sweaty, golden flesh vanished like a puff of smoke in the breeze. Staring up with wide eyes, colored like rich bee-honey, the twenty-year old looked at the big, tanned smiling man standing at the open entrance to the sheltered alcove.

“Having fun, kids?” Daniel said, his barrel chest clad in blue khakis, beach sandals and a white T-shirt, over which both of his huge arms were crossed. Standing in a cavalier posture, Dirk and Tammy’s father didn’t rave or start shouting accusations… something that puzzled the frightened, auburn-haired co-ed as she crouched on the wood floor before him.

From between Dirk’s legs, Wendy finished cleaning the last drops of the young man’s cum; smacking her lips with satisfaction before she looked at Daniel, saying, “Mm, I know I am, Uncle Dan. Been watching us long?”

Daniel shook his head. “Naw, I missed most of it . . . but from the way Tammy sounded when she popped off, I’d say the main act must’ve been something hot.”

Tammy, who was trying to cover her nakedness up with her tiny hands, blushed at her father’s words. Shit! He’s just caught his adult children naked, in a sixty-nine no less . . . and he’s acting like he’s missed the last hand of a game of Texas Hold-‘Em? She started to shift herself off Dirk — who was still holding onto her bare thighs beneath her — while her mind was racing; Just what are we gonna do now? I just know he’s gonna kill us for fucking around with each other!

Daniel saw the look of panic on Tammy’s face, and he shifted to drop down onto one of the gazebo steps, bringing himself eye-to-eye with his naked daughter and son, and their nearly-naked cousin. “Sweetheart, calm down a bit, ‘kay? Things aren’t as bad as you might think.”

She gave her father an arched look. “Oh, you think so?” She glanced back at Dirk, who still had a grip on one leg. “Dirk, you dork! Leggo of me for a minute,” she said flatly.

Complying, Dirk let her get off of his prone body, before he propped himself up on his elbows. “Sheesh, don’t get mad, big-sis.”

“I’m not mad,” Tammy said. “I’m practically about to go out of my mind at the moment! Bad enough you seduced me, then I find out you lost your innocence to Wendy…” Glaring at her red-haired cousin, she finished with a huff, “Now, my father’s found out, and I’m just wondering what else is going to crop up as a surprise today!”

Clearing his throat, Daniel rubbed the back of his buzz-cut covered head and muttered, “Geez, you sound like your dearly-departed Momma when you’re upset.”

Groaning, Tammy crossed her arms over her nude chest as she knelt there. “Oh, great, you had to mention Mom, too!?”

Daniel dropped his hand to his thigh with a loud crack! “Okay, that’s enough, little girl,” he said, his tone even as he stared at Tammy. “I guess we all need to come clean here, if only to stop you from raving on about this situation.”

Wincing a bit, Tammy scooted back a bit from sheer reflex. Daniel wasn’t a violent man by nature, and he certainly never saw the need to strike either her or her brother out of discipline. Still, the brawny man’s sheer size was more than enough to intimidate anyone, so she stopped talking as she stared at his rugged face.

“Okay,” Daniel sighed. Rubbing his chin, he glanced at Wendy and Dirk. “Dumb question, but I take it you found out about these two already, hm?”

Tammy nodded, making her auburn ponytail bob behind her head.

“Well, as you can see, what your doing with your brother isn’t that big of a shock to me… because, the truth is I caught them both at this some eight months ago.”

Blinking, Tammy squeaked, “What!? Y-you… you knew about them fucking before now?”

Daniel gave Tammy a rueful grin. “Well, let me tell you the whole deal, little girl.” He shifted so he was more comfortable on the wooden step. “You see, After Dirk’s date disaster, about two months or so, I noticed that he and Wendy were hanging around each other a lot more often than usual.” He gave a small smile to the two cohorts-in-question. “I wasn’t too concerned at first, since I knew how much Wendy and Dirk were good friends, and if anyone had gotten my son out of his funk, it was her.

“Still, there was something amiss,” Daniel admitted. “I couldn’t peg it down at first. There was just something between these two that set off a red flag in my head.” He chuckled. “Maybe it was how they looked at each other, or the lingering touches after they hugged when she came ‘calling–?” Daniel shrugged. “In any case, I decided to find out, so I started watching both of them like a hawk.”

Wendy piped up just then. “I think I first twigged what Uncle had suspected… so I begged Dirk to cool things for a while.” casino oyna She gave Dirk a wry grin. “But we know what the boy’s mind is like when he has something he wants, right Tam-Tam?”

At that, Tammy nodded, shooting her brother a pointed look. “Ooh, yeah, he’s like a thick pane of glass, all right!” She suddenly squeaked when she felt a sharp pinch on her posterior.

“Hey, the ‘pane’ is right here, Tammy,” Dirk admonished.

“Boy, are you ever a pain,” Tammy shot back, sticking out her tongue saucily.

“Kids, behave,” Daniel said, getting their attention back to him. “So, as it goes, I’m no grand-master detective, but it doesn’t take rocket science to put little bits and pieces of info together; an overheard word here, a bit of slap-and-tickle there. . . .” He chuckled, shaking his head for a bit. “When they eventually tried to sneak off to Wendy’s place one day, after I made a big showing of leaving for some errands, I tailed them and used the spare key I had to sneak inside.”

Tammy cocked her head. “That’s where you found . . . what? Them fucking?”

“More or less,” Daniel replied. “Save it wasn’t just what I was fearing; either Dirk taking advantage of Wendy, or the other way around.” He shot both his son and his niece a look that was equal-parts warm and stern at the same time. “What I found was actually the hottest thing I’d ever witnessed in my life — outside of what your Momma and I used to do in our bed. Dirk was practically giving Wendy a loving screw to the Madras, making her scream so, I thought she’d be dead by the time their orgasms were through!”

Tammy’s jaw dropped in shock; both that her brother was apparently that good, as well that her father found them fucking was as hot as it appeared to be. Shit! I can’t say that’s not right… after what I, um, we’ve been doing here in our own backyard.

Daniel noticed her expression. “So, you’re wondering what I did then?”

“Just what did you do, Daddy?” Tammy asked.

“Well, he didn’t blister my backside, that’s for certain.” Dirk quipped.

“I should have done that, you wise ass,” Daniel said with a growl, before he grinned. “As it stands, the truth is I was just too aroused from the sight of these two fuck-birds going at each other, that I just . . . well, I just watched until they got to a stopping point. Then, I let them know they had an audience.”

Tammy couldn’t stop the giggle from spilling over her lips. “Bet they never expected that!”

“We didn’t, cousin-dearest,” Wendy said. “I imagine it was as big a shock as it was for you, just as when I showed up while Dirk was fucking you in the pool.”

At that, Daniel glanced at his children. “Oh, hell. Dirk!” He made a show of raising his fist, to which Dirk ducked with a look of mock-terror on his face. “Bad enough you fucked your cousin, so now you had to put your dick in my baby girl, too?”

“Oh come on, Dad!” Dirk nodded at Tammy, who was watching this verbal ping-pong match from the sidelines. “Can you blame me? Big sis has a body made for sex! I’ve been lusting after her for years… it was just my luck my cousin got to me first.”

“Be glad of that, my young apprentice,” Wendy said, laughing. “If not, who knows what your poor, virgin dick would’ve done to poor Tam-Tam.”

Daniel had to chuckle at the look on Dirk’s face. “That red-headed gal’s got a point, boy. From what I saw, she schooled you good back then, so you know how to treat a woman right. Though I hope you had sense to do the same to your sister.” He looked at Tammy with concern. “Did he, baby?”

Tammy finally got her wits back, nodding at her father’s query. “Oh, he didn’t do anything to me… well, anything that I didn’t end up wanting him to do in the end, Daddy.” A shiver raced along her spine with the memory of her earlier orgasms.

With a sigh, Daniel smiled. “Good. I never want to hear it that you kids started doing stuff that the others didn’t want to do.” He pointed at all three in turn. “The one thing your Momma — and your Aunt, Wendy — always stressed with me is that two people could always do beautiful things to and with each other, so long as everyone was on the same page; emotionally and sexually. You get me?”

“Yes sir,” Wendy said.

“You got it, Dad.” Dirk echoed.

With a nod, Daniel grinned. “Well, actually I didn’t get one thing . . . a piece of this action, that is.” He looked at Tammy, who was arching her eyebrows in surprise. “What? You think all I did was just tell off these two when I caught them?”

“Well, didn’t you?” Tammy asked.

Wendy grinned. “Hell no, he didn’t. Uncle Dan was so worked up, when he saw Dirk wasn’t going to continue, he dropped his pants and took up where his son left off.”

That made Tammy gasp and gape at her father. “You . . . you mean you–?”

“I just did what my heart and my dick told me to do, baby. “With an abashed-if-stubborn look, Daniel said, “After all, with your mother gone from us, it’s been nigh on six years canlı casino since I had some pussy. Until that day, that is.” He grinned at Wendy. “Damn near burned my wick off, too!”

Tammy fell back on her backside, landing near Dirk, who put a hand on her shoulder to keep from toppling completely over. “Oh, geez-us!” She stared at Wendy. “You fucked my daddy?”

“More like he fucked me till I was one raw, yet satisfied slut, little cousin,” Wendy said, her cheeks coloring a bit. “Since then, there hasn’t been a week that’s gone by, where I haven’t missed out on either your daddy’s or Dirk’s fine dicks. You can’t blame me, or them either, Tam-Tam. So far, we’ve had a pretty good arrangement together.” She shot a fond look to both father and brother. “Both of these men have had the chance to share their cocks with me, and gotten something in the exchange; Dirk got experience and a loving environment to get his confidence back, and Uncle Dan got his chance to have sex without strings, with someone who cares and he cares about in return.”

Tammy tipped her auburn-haired head, staring at her cousin. Well, she’s got some good points there . . . hell, I can’t really say she’s wrong. Fuck! I’d be a hypocrite if told her or Daddy or Dirk otherwise! Finally, Tammy nodded and sighed. “Yeah, I guess you’re right, Wendy.” Looking at Dirk, she smiled softly, adding, “After all, can’t say the ends didn’t justify your means, girlfriend.”

Wendy laughed. “Well, what wasn’t planned, did turn out all right in the end.” She gave Dirk’s leg a squeeze. “Overall, the game-plan seems to have hit all of the sweet spots, I figure.”

Daniel grinned. “Well, now that you mention it, little gal… I have been missing out on today’s game-plan.”

“What’s that mean, Daddy?” Tammy asked, though a small part of her mind had an inkling of what he was driving at.

“Meaning everyone else is getting trim, ‘cept for your old man! Soooo…?” He looked at Wendy with a lecherous smile. “Hey, red-headed gal… got any ideas on what I can do about that?”

With a smoldering look, Wendy eased up onto her knees and fondled one of her tits as she crooked a finger in a ‘come-hither’ motion at Tammy’s father. “Mmm, I think I know of a good appetizer, Uncle Dan.” She ran the tip of her tongue over her sweet lips. “C’mere. I know you’ve got something I’ve been craving for weeks!”

With a chuckle, Daniel got up and moved over to stand in front of the redhead; crossing his arms as he brought his crotch up close to her smiling face. “Oh, you know what I’ve got, Wendy… question is, are you still woman enough to handle it, even after sucking my son’s bone?”

Tammy gasped, then looked over at Dirk, who was shifting to stand up himself. “Oh, fuck!” she said softly.

Dirk grinned. “That’s a good idea,” he said, reaching down to scoop up his naked sister, cradling her in his beefy arms as the both watched Wendy scoot closer to Daniel’s legs; the redhead’s hands snaking up his legs, her hands palming the large bulge in his khakis.

“Shit, she’s not gonna–?” Even though she’d heard what she did earlier, it was still a fresh shock to think she was going to just witness it happening, right there and now. Closing her mouth with a soft click of her teeth, Tammy’s eyes went wide as China cups as she watched her cousin unzip her dad’s shorts, reach in and fish out his thick, semi-erect dick. From what she could tell, it seemed that Dirk took after his father, where their equipment was concerned.

Wendy purred, slowly rubbing the stiffening column of cock-meat in her fist. “Yesss, this is just what I’ve been missing!” Peering up at Daniel, she dragged the flat of her tongue across the bottom of his prick, grinning as she heard the older man moan with delight. “A nice, fat sausage; juicy and just oh, so, delicious… and I’m one hungry little, redheaded, slut.”

With a hiss of pleasure, Daniel gazed down and growled at her. “Go for it, little gal. Suck your Uncle’s meat-pop and get what you’re hungry for!”

Tammy’s head spun nearly off its kilter at the lavicious sight before her. Wilder than having Dirk eat her puss… hotter than watching Wendy swallow his cream… it was just too weird, yet sizzling to see her cousin slurping down on her father’s thick dick. Shuddering with a new wave of horny sensations, Tammy tossed her arms around Dirk and whimpered. “Oh, geez!”

With a warm chuckle, Dirk nuzzled her cheek. “Better get used to it, big sis. It’s gonna be like this throughout the whole picture show,” he said, rubbing one paw down her back. “After all, the family that loves together….” He smooched her briefly, before nudging her to make her look up at him. “In any case, why don’t we leave them to each other’s tender mercies? I’m thinking you and I have some unfinished business to take care of.” Smiling lovingly at her confused expression, he said, “As I recall, you did mention something about a nice, warm bed earlier.”

Her hands tightened on Dirk’s shoulders. kaçak casino “Oh my! Di-i-irk? You can’t be serious!” She glanced down between their bodies. “After all this, you still want to fuck me?” A quick gasp slipped past her lips, when she felt Dirk’s arm under her knees shift a bit; the hand attached to it brushing softly over her exposed pussy lips.

“Considering how wet your kitty still is, Tammy,” Dirk said gently, his dark eyes glittering as he stared deep into hers, “I don’t wanna just fuck you. I wanna make love to you, big sister.” He grinned, turning to look over his shoulder at his dad and cousin; Daniel had gasped sharply and groaned; the big man was now standing with his legs spread, shorts down around his feet, while Wendy was clearly sucking his nuts off through his dick while she rubbed his balls with both hands.

Following Dirk’s gaze, Tammy snapped her eyes closed and moaned. “Oh, fuck… Dirk, I don’t care any more! Incest-schmincest! Take me inside and love me, baby brother!” Hugging her nude body to his, she shuddered in his arms as fresh sensations and a new gush of cream saturated her loins.

With a soft laugh, Dirk turned and marched down the gazebo steps and across the back yard. “A-now, yew ar’ get-ting the idea-ah,” he rumbled.

# # #

Dirk carried Tammy through the back door, straight to his bedroom on the second floor. Pausing to kick at his door to close it, he smoothly deposited his big sister on his bed; leaving her nearly drowned in the ocean of the plush comforter covering the wide, super-twin bed.

All along the way there, Tammy’s mind was awhirl with desire and just a touch of trepidation. Fuck me, I just can’t believe this! She moved back until she was up against the headboard, watching as Dirk quickly stripped the comforter and top blanket down to the end, before he slowly climbed over the foot of the bed and started to crawl towards her.

“Now, I have you where I’ve always wanted your sexy body, honey,” Dirk said, his low voice rich like whiskey and brown sugar.

Shivering with agitated lust, Tammy half-crouched as her nineteen year-old brother got closer. “Oh, really . . . and, just what are you gonna do to me, Dirk?”

Grinning, Dirk closed the distance between them, lifting up so he was kneeling over his petite older sister. “What do you think?”

With a moan, Tammy stared into Dirk’s eyes; her amber-hued orbs gleaming with anticipation. “You’re gonna fuck me, ’till you cum in me, baby?”

Dirk nodded once, reaching out to pull Tammy up against his beefy torso. “Oh, yeah. Except I’m gonna finally make love to you, big sister . . . and I ain’t stopping until we’re both satisfied.”

Dirk lowered them both down into the comfort of his bed, covering her body with his as he rubbed her silky golden skin with his large hands. Tammy’s hands were just as active, flowing over his arms, back and chest as if committing every muscle, every surface to memory. Nearly melting into him, her lips scorched by the passion in the kisses they shared, she felt her pussy clench and flood with her cream. Fuck me! I’m more than ready for this. she told herself. To think all I wanted was a day alone . . . hell, am I glad this day turned out like this!

Dirk’s head dipped lower, trailing his lips down her neck in a wet line that led to her heaving chest. With a soft growl, he wrapped his mouth around her left nipple and sucked it. Once again, like he’d done earlier that afternoon when he seduced her out by the pool, Dirk proved his oral skills by lavishing tender love to her tits. Licking her fragrant skin, nipping firmly yet gently on her stone-hard nipples and bathing both boobs in his warm saliva, Dirk didn’t leave an inch of her chest untouched.

“Ooh,” Tammy groaned with bliss. Running her hand up into Dirk’s hair, she threaded her fingers into his brown locks. Pressing him closer to her body, she writhed and arched up into him. “Don’t . . . don’t you dare stop!”

With a chuckle, Dirk said, “That’s the general idea, Sis.” Eventually, he did move lower, grazing along her trim tummy, before he used both hands to spread her thighs apart to reveal her copper-fleeced pussy. “Mm, now that looks good enough to eat!” He glanced up at Tammy’s face, a slow, loving smile spreading across his rugged features.

“Oh, Dirk! Don’t tease me like that!” Tammy grasped his shoulders with both hands, looking down into his eyes with her honey-colored ones literally on fire. “You s-said you were gonna–?”

“Oh, I am,” Dirk said, bending down to run a single, flat-tongued swipe along the length of Tammy’s dripping slit, only to pull back when her hips bucked up off the bed to prolong the contact. “Honey, I’m through with foreplay . . . I’ve got to get back inside that hot puss of yours!” With that, he pulled himself up over her prone body once again; his arms sliding her legs back, elbows crooked to catch her by the knees, holding her legs wide apart as he moved his pelvis down between them.

With a sigh and a mewl of anticipation, Tammy slid her hands down to hold onto his upper arms. “Oh, yessss . . . do it, little brother! Put that dick inside my sweet, sweet kitty,” she said, lust filling every syllable.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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