Candace and the Frat Boys Ch. 03

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Candace and the Frat Boys (Chapter 3)

Kathryn M. Burke

Josh began coming over twice or three times a week, bringing a change of clothing in his backpack. Candace had to admit it was nice to have a man in the house—and in her bed—again, and the age difference didn’t mean a whole lot. Well, that wasn’t exactly true: every now and then it did flutter through her mind that she was basically sleeping with a guy who could be her son, and whose naïveté and ingenuousness made Josh seem even younger than his years.

But there was one night when, after a particularly vigorous session that left them both exhausted and sweating, he asked a question that Candace had been dreading:

“Why did you go to the frat house that night?”

Candace sighed. “Oh, Josh, I don’t know,” she said wearily. “Maybe I was bored. Maybe I was frustrated that I hadn’t had a man in weeks or months. Maybe I just wanted to make sure that I was still attractive to guys.”

“How could you possibly doubt it, Candace?”

“Oh, you’d be surprised. After all the stupid and pointless and tiresome dates I’d gone on, a woman begins to wonder. Anyway, given that my good-for-nothing husband is now comfortably shacked up with a little piece of fluff about fifteen years younger than me, I began to be haunted by the idea that no guy ever wants to be associated with a woman of his own age, let alone an older woman—even for crudely carnal purposes.”

“I do!” Josh cried valiantly. “Um—but not just for that purpose, of course.”

“That’s very sweet of you, dear, and it’s one of the reasons why I like having you around. You’re different. You’re special.”

“I don’t know about that,” he muttered. “The other guys at the frat house . . .”

“Well, yes, those guys did seem to receive me with open arms. I hope it wasn’t just the prospect of free, guiltless sex with a reasonably presentable woman that led them to poke me over and over again.”

“I’m sure it wasn’t that!”

“I hope not. Anyway, they’re all sweethearts—nothing like you, you’re in a class by yourself, but they’re charming boys, and I like them.”

Josh was humbled by her compliment and remained silent.

“And that brings me to something I wanted to ask,” Candace went on, surprisingly tentative given how forthright and outspoken she usually was. She gazed directly at Josh—she was lying on top of him, covering his entire body with hers—and said: “Would you mind if I, um, spent another night with them sometime?”

Josh, in fact, had been anticipating such a request; but now that it was actually uttered, he didn’t know how to respond. He opened his mouth, but only some inarticulate croaks came out of it.

“Look, Josh,” she said, “it’s perfectly okay if you want to say no. If this is something that would bother or annoy or offend you, just say so.”

“I’m not the boss of you,” he said almost inaudibly.

“I know you’re not,” she said with a smile, “and I’m grateful you’re not possessive like so many other men. But I owe you something—maybe a lot—and I don’t want to upset you.”

“The guys really like you,” he said. “I know they do—they say so all the time, and they’re super-envious that I get to spend so much time with you.” And so much time getting into your pants.

“Do they? That’s nice. But—”

“I think you should go back! They really miss you. And I won’t mind.”

Candace peered into his face to see if he really meant it. She sensed that he didn’t, but didn’t want to seem controlling. Here was a guy who’d never had a girlfriend before; and even though she was twenty-three years his elder, it was natural for him to want to keep her all to himself.

“Okay, well, maybe I will sometime. But if you want to put your foot down and say no, I’ll stay away.”

She did go back to the frat house in mid-October—a Saturday night this time, since she liked to have Josh over on Friday nights to unwind after a tough work week. Josh did express some worry that she might not be able to endure the onslaught of men, as had happened last time; but she said that, largely because of his own efforts, she had “gotten back into the swing of things” and was more confident of taking all comers (oops! bad pun).

Josh felt hugely proud having Candace on his arm as they walked into the frat house—to the expected applause of all the assembled guys. They had given several days’ notice of their arrival, and so the guys had done their best to give her a queen’s welcome. They let her use the best bed in the house—a huge king-size four-poster in the room that Matt, the fraternity president, occupied. All other women were banished for that night, and Candace felt a bit intimidated—an unusual emotion for her—at the presence of so many testosterone-filled males surrounding her lone female self. But she said to herself, I know I’m up for this, and carried herself with the confidence and pride that came from being a superbly lovely and desirable lady.

Matt hadn’t let Candace know ahead of time, but Bayan Eskort he had summoned even more guys—a total of thirty-two—from all corners of the campus to enjoy her. Even though Josh had told him that Candace had found the previous batch of twenty-six guys (several of whom, as Matt had said, had come back for seconds with her) a little too much to bear, Matt was confident that she could take all these guys on. Maybe he’d restrict them to one discharge per customer, although he wasn’t entirely sure that he could feasibly enforce that rule.

And so the party began. As before, a certain number of guys—about a dozen—insisted on being with her by themselves, even though this meant that, for more than an hour, the other twenty guys didn’t have much to do except occasionally watch the proceedings. Some guys came in as little as five minutes; others took as much as fifteen. After that first dozen, the guys started descending on Candace in pairs—or trios. This went on for the next three hours, with almost no break for the poor woman. And yet, she seemed vigorous and alert until the end. There was a widespread violation of Matt’s informal rule, and it was determined that the guys had sent a total of forty-eight discharges into—or onto—Candace by the end of the proceedings.

Josh had prudently stayed away from the fray, retreating to his own room most of the time. Every so often he checked what was going on, just to make sure Candace—or the guys—weren’t overdoing it. But it became obvious to everyone that he really couldn’t endure to watch his “girl” being poked and prodded so many times and in so many novel and unusual ways. He just wanted to make sure she didn’t pass out from all the attention.

She didn’t, but she did need a shower afterwards to wash all the come off of her. And Josh was happy to oblige, stripping and leading her into the bathroom as he had done before on that previous occasion which—so it seemed to him—had become a defining moment in his life. Afterward, he toweled her off, put on one of her own nightgowns (which she had brought for the purpose). and led her back to his room, where they would spend the night.

“So how was it?” he said, as he tucked her in like a little girl.

Candace’s eyes were shining, although she looked pretty tuckered out. “It was great!”

“You did even more guys than before,” he said, half-chidingly.

“I don’t doubt it.” She gazed up at him as he remained standing, naked, in front of the bed. “You sure you didn’t mind?”

“No. I like to share the good things I have.”

“Well, you certainly did that. The guys are all grateful, I’m sure.”

“I guess.”

“You, um, haven’t done me yourself tonight. Would you like to?”

“You aren’t too tired?”

“I think I can take one more—especially if it’s you.”

They coupled tenderly and lovingly, and then went to sleep.


Josh moved into Candace’s house soon thereafter. He didn’t have a lot of belongings—mostly books and clothes—so it was pretty easy to stash the stuff here and there. But it was only a few weeks after he moved in that an awkward development occurred.

It was on a Friday night, and the couple had just indulged in a vigorous session of both vaginal and anal sex. In accordance with Candace’s strict instructions, Josh trotted to the bathroom to wash his member. He’d heard her say often enough, “If you expect me to put that thing in my mouth, you’ll wash it thoroughly—and with soap, buster!”

But just as he was sauntering along the upstairs corridor and back to the bedroom, the front door opened and a woman entered the house.

The stairs leading to the second floor were in a direct line with the front door, so that the woman got a good look at Josh’s nudity as he suddenly picked up steam and rushed back into the bedroom—but not before he heard the woman scream, “Omigod, Mom! Who’s that?”

Josh, eyes wide in alarm, looked at Candace, lying prone on the bed, her face buried in a pillow.

“Um, there’s a woman downstairs who’s calling you Mom,” he said.

Candace languidly turned her head in his direction. “Well, I guess that’s because she’s my daughter.”

A shiver went through Josh. “You never told me you had a daughter.”

“You never asked,” she said, her voice heavy with sarcasm. You seem keen on only talking about yourself.

But their discussion was cut short by the sound of feet thundering up the stairs and a ferocious knocking on the bedroom door.

“Mom!” the woman cried. “Who on earth is that? Why is he naked? What—?” She cut herself off, as if in stupefaction.

Candace rolled her eyes, got up from the bed, trudged over to the door, and opened it only enough to poke her head out, keeping her body well out of sight of the intruder.

“Julie,” she said sharply, “will you keep your voice down? It must be close to midnight.”

“I know what time it is!” Julie shouted. “You need to tell me who—” After an appalled pause: “Are you naked too, Mom? Jesus, are you having sex with him? He—he must be a college student!”

“So are you,” Candace said blandly. “And I imagine he’s a year older than you. He’s a senior, and you’re only a junior.”

“Oh, so that makes it all right!” Julie exploded.

“Julie, what are you doing here?” Candace said sharply.

Somehow the whole situation at her family home had made Julie forget her own troubles. “I—I left my boyfriend. He showed himself to be a scumbag.”

“Yeah, well, I never liked him much.”

“Well, I hate him!”

“Exactly what did he do?”

Julie blushed. “I’ll tell you later. I just wanted to—to stay here for a while. Is that okay?”

Candace adopted a put-upon air. “I suppose. Your old bedroom is still available. I was thinking of using it as a guest room, but I haven’t had any guests lately.”

“Except the guy who’s in your bed right now!” Julie said acidly.

Candace cracked a smile. “Oh, yeah, him. He’s a sweet boy, Julie. You’ll like him.”

“I very much doubt it! I hope you two are—are finished with whatever you were doing.”

“I guess so. Best for everyone to get some sleep. We can talk this all out in the morning.”

And with that, Candace peremptorily closed and door and let her daughter fend for herself.

She turned back to Josh, who had retreated into the bed and covered all but his head with the sheet and blanket, as if this daughter who had materialized out of nowhere might force her way in and tell him where to get off.

Candace slipped into bed herself, saying, “Never mind her. She’ll be fine.”

“You could have told me about her!” Josh whined.

“You could have asked!” Candace spat back. “Look, she’s a junior at our illustrious institution.” She suddenly let out a peal of laughter. “Maybe you’ve taken a class with her! That would be pretty funny!”

“That wouldn’t be very funny.”

“Well, who knows? Anyway, I’m afraid we’re stuck with her for a while. Boyfriend troubles.”

“I don’t think she’s gonna like me.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that. She probably got a good view of your posterior—and you do have a cute butt!”

Josh turned away from his lover, signaling it was time to go to sleep. But the thought of what all three of them would have to deal with in the morning wasn’t conducive to good repose.


Josh and Candace were up first the next morning, and they were already sipping their coffee and chewing on some pastries by the time Julie made her way downstairs to the kitchen.

Josh had to admit he liked what he saw.

Julie was a few inches shorter than her mother, and there was a kind of touching innocence about her face that contrasted starkly with Candace’s radiant but somewhat brittle sophistication. In the full-length nightgown she was wearing, Josh got fleeting glimpses of nice curves here and there, although it was evident that Julie didn’t have quite the robust bosom that her mother sported. But the delicacy and fragility of her overall bearing brought out all the primitive male protectiveness in Josh. He only wondered if this fresh-faced young woman—who, if Candace’s remark that she was a year behind him in school, would be about twenty years old—would ever give him a chance to direct it toward her.

Her initial comments weren’t encouraging.

Josh stood up when she appeared, and extended a hand. “Hi, I’m Josh.”

She didn’t trouble to shake his hand, heading right to the coffeemaker to pour herself a big mug of coffee. “Julie,” she said curtly. Then, looking him up and down: “I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on.”

Josh blushed furiously, and that caused Julie to laugh—and, also, to soften her expression into something less than implacable hostility.

“I—I’m sorry you had to see that,” he blundered.

“I’m not,” Julie said shortly. “You have a nice butt.”

“Didn’t I tell you?” Candace said. “All women appreciate a good male butt.”

“I don’t know if I like the trend of this conversation,” Josh said sulkily.

“Oh,” Julie said accusingly, “so you guys can evaluate female body parts to your heart’s content, but we can’t do the same for yours? You should be lucky we even take notice: you men don’t have a lot of parts that would be of much interest to us.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that,” Candace said judiciously. “Aside from the obvious”—she glanced significantly at Josh’s groin—”I’m getting to like that area of a man’s body that leads from his shoulders to his neck. There are some lovely muscles there: they just make me get—”

“Mom,” Julie said severely, “we don’t need to hear about what turns you on.” She directed her attention to Josh. “I trust you’ll be heading out pretty soon? You presumably had a fairly satisfying night with my mother, so it must be time for you to go.”

There was a cavernous silence. Candace and Josh looked at each other, and both of them had trouble looking at Julie.

“What’s the deal?” Julie snapped. “Does he need to shower? Well, let him! I can keep out of his way until he’s ready to leave.”

Candace extended a hand toward her daughter’s arm. “Julie, dear, we need to explain something to you.”

“What?” she said. She didn’t like the sound of that “we.”

Candace sighed. “Josh—well, you see, he lives here.”

“He what?” Julie exploded.

“Just until he graduates next June,” Candace said quickly, although in fact that hadn’t actually been agreed upon. “It just seemed easier—”

“Easier how? So you can fuck him every night with minimal inconvenience?”

“Julie, don’t use language like that.”

“You’re criticizing my language while you’re bedding down with a guy who could be your son? Jesus, Mom!”

“Josh is not my son, Julie. And he’s a very nice boy—I mean, young man. You should be so lucky as to meet someone like him.”

Julie winced at that, since her own ex-boyfriend clearly wasn’t a “nice boy.” “Mom, are you so desperate for sex that you have to pluck some undergraduate and take him to your bed?”

“Julie, that’s none of your business.”

“How did you two meet, anyway?” It was an accusation.

It was now Candace who, uncharacteristically, blushed. “I—I can’t tell you that.”

“You can’t tell me? Why the hell not?”

“Look,” Candace said desperately, “that’s not important. I met him, we’re very fond of each other, and now he’s living here for a while. You’re just going to have to deal with it.”

During all this time, Josh just turned his gaze from mother to daughter as if he were watching a tensely contested tennis match. He didn’t entirely appreciate being talked about as if he weren’t there, but couldn’t think of anything to add that wouldn’t make the situation even worse than it was.

Finally he said, “Maybe I should go.”

Candace turned to him fiercely. “Go? Go where? All your stuff is here.”

“I could just go back to the frat house. My room is still available.”

“Oh, so he’s a frat boy!” Julie said in a kind of baleful triumph.

“Julie, please,” Candace said. “I didn’t think you liked to engage in stereotypes. Not all frat boys are—are whatever you seem to think they are.”

“Brandon was a frat boy once,” Julie muttered. This must be the unsavory ex-boyfriend.

“Okay,” Candace said, “but they’re not all the same.”

“Look,” Josh said, “maybe it would be better if I got out of the way while—um, while Julie figured out her living situation. It would just make things more comfortable for everyone.”

“What rubbish!” Candace cried. “You’re not going anywhere, my man! And my daughter had just better realize that this is my house, not hers.”

There was no arguing with this magisterial command, and the two young people lapsed into an uneasy silence. Julie, her coffee finished and with little appetite to eat anything, flounced up from the table and headed upstairs.

“I don’t think this is going to work so well,” Josh said to his lover.

“Oh, she’ll be fine. She’ll just have to get used to it.”

After showering, Josh decided to make a further stab at mollifying Candace’s daughter. Fully dressed, he knocked tentatively at the closed door of Julie’s bedroom. It took her quite a while to open it, and when she did so she glared at Josh and said tartly, “Yes? Can I help you?”

“Listen, Julie,” he said, “I’d really like us to be friends. Can we talk for a bit?”

Julie initially didn’t seem inclined to move out of the doorway and let Josh in, but at last she relented. Turning her heel on him, she resumed putting some clothes—which she had brought in a large suitcase that was now lying on the bed—into a dresser.

Josh stood irresolutely as Julie pointedly kept her back to him.

“Would you like to tell me what happened with your boyfriend?” he ventured.

“Not really,” she said in a clipped voice.

“Oh, come on. Maybe I can help somehow.”

She deigned to turn around and glance at him. “I doubt it. He just proved himself to be—how can I put this?—not the guy I thought he was. I thought he was sweet and kind and caring and sensitive, but he just ended up being like all the rest.”

“All the rest of what?”

“All the rest of you males!” Julie thundered in sudden anger. “Why are you all a bunch of sleazeballs?”

Josh could have taken offense at that, but he chose to be diplomatic. “I hope some of us aren’t.”

Julie felt a tad mortified. “Sorry, I didn’t mean that. I’m just a little upset.”

“But what did he do?”

Julie colored. “I—I can’t tell you. Maybe later.”

“But you’re really finished with him?”

“There’s no way I’ll ever see him again!”

“You were living with him, right?’

“Yeah. It was a crappy little rooming house, but it seemed cozy for the two of us.”

“Was this the first time you’d ever lived with a guy?”


“It must be tough.”

“It wasn’t at first—it was lovely. Then—” She stopped suddenly, and her anger flared up again. “Is this the first time you’ve shacked up with a ‘girl’?”

Josh’s face felt hot. “Your mom’s not a girl.”

“You bet she isn’t! She’s my mom!”

“I understand why you might be upset, but you gotta believe that I’m not here just for—” Just for sex. “I really care about her. She’s a sweetheart.”

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