Candice Does…

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“I’m Bi-sexual” said Kelsey, even though she had never been with another woman before.

Candice was a little surprised by the tall and slender woman sitting next to her and the revelation she just admitted too. Candice too was bi-curious. Yes, she had on occasion, made out with a girl, even played with their boobs, but never anything more than that.

It all started with Candice’s confession of attraction to another parishioner of their church. Both woman found the man tall, dark, and handsome in their own separate way, but when Kelsey dropped the bomb on Candice, she felt an increased attraction to her.

They had gotten to know each other at the local church. Kelsey began playing softball with Candice’s team and they really hit it off. Kelsey was tall and tanned with long dark hair. She would’ve made a good Pocahontas, thought Candice.

Her slender figure drove Candice wild with thoughts of seduction long before today. She looked deep into Kelsey’s dark, almost pitch black eyes before replying.

“I’ve always thought about how you’d look naked. I hope you don’t mind me saying that, but I’ve wanted you since the first time we met.”

Candice could feel herself getting wet at the thought of kissing Kelsey and touching her firm breasts. She just hoped that the object of her desires felt the same way.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Kelsey leaned over and kissed Candice, whose hand reached up to Kelsey, fingers running through her long dark hair before dropping to her breast.

“I want you too!” Kelsey breathed.

Candice often thought about that first encounter. She remembered how Kelsey looked, smelled, tasted. She remembered the curve of her hips, her breasts, and her ass. She also remembered when she brought Kelsey home to her husband the first time.

He was taken by surprise. While they joked about her bringing someone home, he never thought she would actually do it. The sex was amazing as Candice made him watch as she went down on Kelsey. She positioned herself so that he could fuck her while she ate Kelsey out.

He would finish himself off as he watched Kelsey return the favor on Candice. They hooked up a few more times before Candice noticed a change in Kelsey. She became controlling and didn’t want to be a third person anymore. She wanted Candice for herself, but Candice was ready to move on.

After a few months of stalking, Kelsey gave up and Candice started a new friendship with Lauren. They would go out and party together, many times Lauren and Candice would be very drunk and they would make out and play around. They’d laugh it off as being drunk, but Candice already had plans for Lauren.

The first opportunity presented itself after a softball tournament. Candice and Lauren’s team finished in second place, but that didn’t matter. While they were all competitors, they played for fun and the parties after games were exactly that. Fun!

Most of the women on the team were married. Lauren wasn’t. She and Candice went over to Lisa Ann and Bobby’s house. The party lasted well into the night. There was drinking, laughing and teasing. Some verbal, some physical. Candice’s husband excused himself from the party saying he had to work, and she told him that Lauren offered her a ride home. Satisfied with the situation, he left.

The party dwindled down to Lisa Ann and Bobby, Candice, Lauren and Dustin. Bobby had always hinted to Candice that he had an interest in her, and she sensed that Lisa Ann was a willing participant. She and Lauren had fooled around some, but Dustin was a wild card. He was good looking. Tall, younger than Bobby and muscled. The bulge in his pants hid a mystery that needed to be solved.

Candice decided to push the envelope. She took Laurens beer, set it on the coffee table and kissed her in front of the other three. The room went quiet for a moment as the two women made out with each other. Candice put her hands up Lauren’s softball jersey and helped lift it off.

“Woohoo” yelled Lisa Ann, “Take it off!” she followed up with.

Dustin and Bobby repeated, “Take it off! Take it off!”

Lauren reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, exposing her ample breasts as she swung her bra around like a lasso before throwing it at Lisa Ann and Bobby.

Candice grabbed Lauren’s breasts and buried her face in her chest before taking first one, then the other nipple into her mouth. That set the stage for the rest. Bobby helped Lisa Ann take her top off as he stripped down. His already hard cock sprang loose as he removed his boxers. Dustin soon followed suit. The last one with clothes on was Candice, but that only lasted for a moment.

Candice and Lauren kissed and fondled each other, before Bobby came up behind Candice and slide his cock between her thighs and ass. Lisa Ann stood behind Bobby and pressed her naked body against him and said,

“Take her Bobby. I want you to fuck Candice while she eats out Lauren. I’m gonna fuck Dustin and his big cock.”

Candice pushed Lauren onto the casino siteleri couch and spread her legs. She kissed her first before working her way down Lauren’s body. Bobby wasted no time as he slid his cock inside Candice’s soaking wet pussy. Lisa Ann took Dustin by the hand and led him to the love seat.

Lisa Ann sat down and took his large member into her mouth.Sounds of sucking and moaning filled the room. Each taking a turn with the other. Lisa Ann was the perfect hostess as she moved from Dustin’s cock to Lauren’s tits, before she put her vagina above Lauren’s face. She rubbed her clit first, giving Lauren an invitation to put her tongue on her most sensitive spot. Dustin stood on the other side of Lauren, his cock dangling above her face.

Candice and Bobby moved to the love seat and Bobby fucked her hard as they watched Lisa Ann, Lauren and Dustin take turns pleasing each other. Only after everyone had been satisfied, did the party finally break up. Lauren and Candice kissed Lisa Ann sensually, before leaving.

On the drive back to Candice’s home, she again fondled Lauren’s breasts while she masturbated until she came again. Lauren found it difficult to focus on her driving, and asked Candice to lick her pussy before exiting the car. It didn’t take long for Lauren to cum. She drove home feeling satisfied on so many levels.

Candice woke the next morning to a hard cock pressed against her ass. Not one to ignore such a thing, she spread her legs and let her husband fuck her. It was over quickly and then he got up and showered. After he left the house, she opened up her laptop and went to her favorite porn site and searched group sex. She found a video of interest and got out her favorite vibrator. She too came fast.

She got up, showered and went about her day.

A few weeks had passed. Candice would wait for her husband to leave for work and then get up herself. From time to time, she would watch more porn. Each time bringing herself to orgasm.

It had been weeks since she had the little party at Lisa Ann’s, and she was dying to party again with the voluptuous woman. Lauren would call from time to time and they would get together for a quick tryst. While Candice loved every sensual minute of it, the kissing especially, she still felt unsatisfied.

It was a Friday morning and Candice was preparing for a friend’s wedding later that day. Her husband was out of town and not expected to return for several days. She couldn’t decide if she wanted to take Lauren or go stag.

She thought about the soft lips and the sensuous curve of Lauren’s breasts, the way she smelled and tasted, but Candice was getting anxious. She wanted something, someone, new and different. She decided to go stag to the wedding.

She got up, showered and shaved, always keeping herself smooth just in case. Put on a floral print dress, perfume and medium heeled shoes. She took her silver bullet vibrator too, just in case. She sat on the groom’s side, knowing fewer people would sit there. It gave her fewer people to look over and around.

The wedding was typical. Groomsmen and bridesmaids walking down the aisle together as the ceremony ended. This gave Candice the best opportunity to see who was there and if she might want to pursue anyone. Most people dressed comfortably, some wore dresses and a few older men wore jackets and ties. Then there was a couple that really stood out. Not the bride and groom, but another couple.

The man was tall, six three or more she thought. The woman also tall. She had short blonde hair while the man’s hair was cut close to the scalp. He wore an open collar shirt that looked like it was fresh from the cleaners.

The woman wore a sleeveless top, with a v-neck that plunged below the breast line. Candice saw the woman wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts were medium size, points sitting firm and high. She thought of the Bob Seger song, Night Moves.

As the couple were following other guests down the aisle, the man caught Candice’s hazel colored eyes staring at him. He smiled broadly and whispered something into the woman’s ear. She smiled and looked up at him before whispering something back. She didn’t look Candice’s way, but somehow Candice could almost sense they were talking about her.

The reception afterwards was also typical. Speeches were made, toasts were drank and food was eaten. Candice sat with people she knew from work, but they were boring. She wanted excitement, so she surveyed the tables until she found the man and woman she had seen in the church.

She could only see their backs but was unable to make eye contact again. So she excused herself from her table and made her way to the bar. She saw one person she sort of knew. A friend of a friend sitting at the table with them. With a fresh drink in hand, she planned to work her way over to mingle but she literally bumped into the tall stranger.

“Oh! Excuse me!” she said, and then laughed, “I didn’t see you. I’m sorry, I think I spilled on you.” she followed canlı casino up with.

“Don’t worry about it. After seeing you, I wasn’t planning to keep this shirt on much longer anyway,”

Candice didn’t blush easily, but his bold statement took her by surprise. As she tried to recover some composure, he added,

“You’re Candice, Right?”

He didn’t wait for a reply,

“I’m Brett. We played softball together once.”

“Oh. We did?”

“Yes. Winterball tournament. Tim’s coed team. I had a full head of hair to keep me warm.”

“Oh God! I almost forgot about that. Some party afterwards huh?”

Candice did remember Brett now. He looked completely different with his hair cut to the scalp. She liked it better. She also remembered that he was hitting on her the entire evening after the game. If it hadn’t been for her husband she’d have taken him up on the offer.

“Where’s your date?” he asked.

“He’s away on business. Doesn’t come home for another five days.”

“Oh. He was the older guy right?”

Brett was making reference to Candice’s husband, who was nineteen years older. She was frequently asked about him. She simply said he was a customer at the bank where she worked. He was nice and polite at a time when she needed it most. So they started dating and eventually married. A mistake she often thought these days, as he rarely wanted to go out and sex was only good if she brought Pocahontas or Lauren over. So Candice ventured out on her own most times.

“Yes. He’s older.”

“Well, Joann left a few minutes ago. So now I’m here all alone, and you’re the only one I know. She was friends with the bride.”

Candice didn’t know if this was an invitation to leave with him or not, so she played it cool for a while. They talked about softball, people they knew, what they had been doing, and they continued to drink. Eventually their conversation turned to the wedded couple and sex.

“Think they’ll do it doggy style?” she asked out of nowhere.

Without missing a beat, Brett replied,

“I’d do her doggy style. You too for that matter.” He said confidently.

“Oh? And what about Joann?”

“Candice. I’ll be blunt. I’ve seen how you flirted with several girls on the coed team. I think you enjoy the company of both men and women. Am I wrong?”


“Have you ever been dominated before?”

“No. Not really.”

Candice was getting excited. Was this what he had whispered to Joann in the church? That he wanted to dominate her? She was nervous, excited and suddenly wet.

“Joann is my submissive. She’ll do whatever I tell her. Tonight I told her to go back to our room and wait for us.”

“Us?” asked Candice.

“Yes. How does that make you feel?”



Brett held out his hand as he stood up. Candice took it and they walked the short distance to her car.

“You’ll have to drive. Joann took my car.”

“Um. Okay. Where are we going?”

“To my house. You can drop me off, or you can come in. It’s up to you.”

She put the car in reverse and followed his directions. She found herself only a little disappointed that he didn’t try anything while she drove, but it wasn’t a long trip, maybe fifteen minutes. Twenty perhaps. She lost track of time as she drove.

With the exception of a turn here, there was silence which was almost unbearable. Any attempt to carry on a conversation was met with muted replies.

“Third house on the left. You can come in.”

It was almost a demand, and Candice couldn’t resist the offer even if she wanted too. He opened the door as they walked in. There in the middle of the great room was Joann. She was blindfolded with her cuffs around her ankles and attached to what looked like an exercise machine without any of the weights.

Each leg spread slightly more than shoulder width apart and above her head. The cuff chain over the top of the stand. Joann was completely naked.

“Joann!” said Brett in a demanding voice.

“Yes Master?” came her reply.

Joann licked her lips in anticipation. She loved being in a position of helplessness, of not knowing exactly what to expect. The blindfold heightening her other senses.

Especially the sense of touch.

“I’ve brought you a surprise.”

“Thank you Master,” Joann purred.

Brett leaned close to Candice and whispered, “She’s yours to do with whatever you want. Don’t disappoint me.”

Beside Joann were whips, crops, and vibrators of all shapes and sizes. As well as nipple clamps, a ball gag, and butt plugs. Candice was beyond excited. She took her time as she walked around Joann, her heels clopping on the hardwood floor. Joann listened and her body tensed from time to time in anticipation.

Candice looked in Brett’s direction hoping for a clue where to start. She picked up the crop and he nodded. Candice had never done anything like this before and was nervous. She slapped Joann on the ass, the crop barely making a sound. kaçak casino Joann had a disappointed look.

“Harder,” demanded Brett.

Candice swung the crop harder. The flesh turned pink, leaving a small mark on her bottom. There was a small gasp, and Candice had a concerned look.

“Again,” said Brett

The smack on Joann’s ass filled the room with noise. Candice felt her pussy get wetter still. She didn’t think that was possible. This time Candice didn’t wait for Brett’s command. She smacked Joann once more; causing Joann to moan a little.

Candice slide the crop between Joann’s legs, rubbing it against her clit. She tapped Joann’s pussy a few times with the crop and Joann squirmed. Candice took the crop and brought it up to her mouth. She looked at Brett, to gauge his reaction as she licked Joann’s juice from it.

She then held the crop against Joann’s cheek, who instantly opened her mouth to receive her reward. Her tongue tasting herself. She kept her mouth open and Candice moved around and kissed her.

She didn’t expect the kiss to be as passionate as it was. She wanted Joann like no woman she’d ever been with before. Joann was hers for the taking and she was going to take.

She held Joann’s mouth open with one hand and reached down to her smooth and very wet pussy with the other. She slid her fingers across her clit and then inside her. Joann let out a soft moan. Candice then took her fingers out and put them in Joann’s mouth.

“Taste yourself!”

“Tell me Joann. How do you taste?”

“Good Mistress. Can I taste you now?”

Candice lifted her dress, slid her panties aside, and slide her fingers inside her vagina. She was so very wet and her fingers felt good inside her.

She rubbed her clit hard and fast, almost forgetting where she was. Joann wanted to watch, but remained blind-folded. Brett stood up and walked over to Joann and Candice. He removed her blindfold.

“Taste your mistress,” he said, breaking Candice’s concentration and bringing her back to her role as mistress. She removed her fingers from her pussy and brought them up to Joann who again sucked on her fingers.

“You like that? You like tasting my pussy juice?”

“Yes mistress. I like the way you taste.”

Candice was experiencing a powerful feeling. She now understood what the Master/Submissive relationship entailed, and she wanted more. She took the crop again and lightly tapped Joann’s pussy as she stared into her eyes. She pulled her head back a little and licked her neck, across her upper chest before taking a nipple into her mouth. Joann murmured how good it felt.

Candice thought it was time for her to get naked. She removed her dress, unhooked her bra, releasing her large breasts. She slowly removed her panties, making sure Joann kept her eyes on her. She took her panties and brought them up to Joann to smell. She told Joann to open her mouth and pushed her panties in.

Joann was still cuffed to the bar. Arms still spread wide, feet and legs also. Candice walked back to the table to look over the toys and paraphernalia. She picked up a vibrator and a strap-on dildo.

She fastened the strap on around her waist and took a purple rabbit vibrator. Turning it on, the apparatus buzzed, a fully charged set of batteries making it hum. She first slid it across her own pussy before telling Joann how good it felt. She showed Brett who nodded his approval.

Brett removed his shirt, revealing his muscled body. His broad shoulders sloping slightly, his biceps looked like chiseled appendages, his chest was tight, his pecs, like his biceps also chiseled. His mid-section showed off a solid six-pack of muscle and slender waist. He asked Candice if she wanted Joann tied up still or not. Candice was almost oblivious of his physique as she continued to focus on Joann.

“Leave her tied up. I want to ravish her body like this first.”

She moved behind Joann. The strap on dildo placed between Joann’s buttocks. She pressed her body against Joann’s back.

She reached around and turned the vibrator back on while moving her hands down to Joann’s soaking wet vagina. She slid the vibrator across her clit and Joann instantly let out a moan of pleasure.

“Hmm. You like that do you?”


Candice didn’t want Joann to cum yet, so she removed the vibe from her pussy. She reached up and removed her panties from Joann’s mouth.

“Tell me Joann. What do you want me to do?”

“I want Mistress to fuck me in the ass with the dildo”

“And what about your Master?”

“I want to suck his cock!”

Brett removed his shorts and Candice saw for the first time just how big he was. She thought he had to be nine inches at least. And thick. She wanted to suck his cock too. Brett removed Joann’s cuffs, taking charge of the situation.

He left Joann’s blindfold on and led her to the brown leather couch nearby. He waived Candice to follow.

Brett sat down, placing his hands on Joann’s head guiding her to his engorged member.

She reached for his cock, but he grabbed her hands and put them behind her back. He then re-cuffed them. With Joann on her knees, her mouth taking Brett’s cock, she raised her ass so that Candice had easy access.

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