Candlelit Delight

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“Just a few more steps, darling…”

Those words were purred in a hot whisper by her left ear. Jenni was blindfolded and naked and being led by her lover. She knew she was in their en suite bathroom. The sweet smell of lavender and lush citrus fruits could be tasted in the steam that was rising from their ornate Roman tub. The steam was not overwhelming just enough to stimulate her senses and sensitize her skin. The room also smelled like candles melting, and she could feel the warmth of their proximity.

Sammi led her to the tub. Placing Jenni’s hand on her shoulder for support, she bent down reaching for Jenni’s ankle.

“Lift, sweetheart.”

Jenni’s foot was gently guided into the already prepared bath. Delighting in Jenni’s purr at the perfectly warm temperature of the mixture of water and oils within. Sammi assisted her in guiding her other foot up and into the tub and allows her to settle gloriously.

Slipping on a pair of soft skin gloves, letting her eyes roam over the flawless form of her lover, Sammi reached for Jenni’s arm and guided her to stand in the tub. Softly inhaling the intoxicating aroma drifting off of her lover’s delectable curves, she steadied her and began to rub her down with the soft caress of those gloves.

Delighting in the soft writhing of Jenni’s excited form and the delicious mewls from her throat, she ran her hands over every inch of perfect flesh, rubbing those oils into her soft smooth skin.

“MmMmmm how delicious you look, Jenni….so sexy!” Sammi stepped around the tub and drew her hands over her lover’s toned tummy, and up over the ample swell of her chest. Allowing her exquisite skin to absorb the exotic aromatic oils. Sliding her hands up those endless slender legs and up over the pert expanse of her heart shaped rear, between her legs and over the heat of her core.

Allowing the tub to drain, she finished Jenni’s rubdown, getting excess oil off of her soft calves and sexy feet. She then removed the gloves and dried her hands before assisting Jenni from the tub.

“Stand still one moment and let the air kiss your skin, darling, I’ll be back in one moment.”

Jenni stood, her body tingling, she felt beautiful, smelled divine and was very excited in anticipation of what Sammi had prepared for her.

Sammi returned and guided Jenni over to a large istanbul travesti chair and footstool. Jenni then felt her lover’s arms snake around her waist and secure a thin strip of soft satiny fabric at her hips. The cool feel of metal dangling against the fronts and backs of her upper thighs told her it was a garter belt, and her deduction was further proved by the sexy soft feel of sheer nylon spread over her soft toes, and slowly drawn up her ankle, and smoothed over her calf and thigh, her lover’s fingers simply kissing her legs. After affixing both stockinged legs to their garters, Sammi lifted Jenni’s foot and slipped on a black satin platformed sandal, enjoying the enticing sexy look it gave her lover’s legs.

Buckling the sandals, Sammi guided Jenni into the chair, it was reclined, very comfortable lounging but felt like a dentist’s chair. She gasped as Sammi lifted her ankles and set them in what seemed to be stirrups, causing her legs to part wide.

Sammi then stepped between those legs, and Jenni felt as a large rubber ball was inserted into her mouth, tightly confining her jaw, her hair was then lifted as straps went around her head, buckles were secured; in effect silencing her. Then to her immediate surprise her blindfold was lifted. Jenni blinked but didn’t take her long to adjust to the candlelight.

“Oh Jenni, you are so deliciously vocal so often for me, but tonight I just want to hear the sound of your chest as it heaves while you pant, and the muffled sounds of your pleasure.”

Sammi leaned to Jenni’s mouth, cradling her jaw and kissed the round rubber ball keeping her lover silent, her tongue trailing wet over those stretched lips.

She then stepped back and went to the gorgeous platter of honey vanilla scented candles and picked one up. Bringing to Jenni as she stands between her legs, and, biting down upon her bottom lip in concentration, tipped the candle to allow the melting wax to drip over her lover’s nipples. She delighted at Jenni’s reaction, thrashing instantly in the chair as the hot wax stimulated those sensitive nipples, her muffled cries were glorious. The way her nipples stood out was breathtaking as she coated them fully in wax. Sammi had to moan just watching this stunning creature writhe before her was exquisite. The wax cooled to a smooth glossy coating istanbul travestileri outlining her nipples like pasties. She smiled to herself, closing her eyes and listening to her lover’s panting like a heartbeat.

She trembled and knelt between her lover’s legs drinking in the sight of those rolling hips in that deliciously excited puss, glistening wet. Slender fingers cupping her heated mound and kneading those swollen aching lips, caressing her eager sex.

“Mmmm Jen….i can’t wait to see this puss filled tight with the monstrous toy I have waiting for you…. you do want it yes??”

Sammi clenched her thighs and shuddered at the eager insistent nodding of her lover, feeling her core burn and moisten at the thought of ravishing this delicious morsel.

At that she peeled back the hood of her clit and let drop one splash of hot wax, and then relished in the uncontrollable convulsions of her lover as she squealed behind that gag and climaxed so beautifully.

“Ooooh simply gorgeous, good girl!”

Sammi then helped Jenni out of the chair, watching her trembling legs, leading her over to a low padded bench, and guiding her to straddle the bench.

“Lie back, get comfortable honey, I will be back in a moment.”

Sammi steps away and swiftly disrobes, stepping from her long satin robe and picking up a thick veined dildo of massive proportions, licking at its engorged tip she sauntered back to her treat.

She helped Jenni get comfortable, and then lifted her legs ALL the way up, pressed almost behind her head, and then proceeded to straddle her lover in this manner, her body weight keeping Jenni’s legs pressed to the side of her head, settling so that she faced her treat’s glorious wet puss, and delighted in the fact that her own wet hot sex hovered inches above Jenni’s mouth but the poor girl’s mouth was completely and tightly gagged shut by that ball.

She smiled as she admired that gorgeous puss now displayed wide open that her legs were held contorted as such. She brought that cockhead down and teased along those parted folds, purring to herself, letting the length of the shaft with its ridged veins stimulate those aching lips. Teasing the wonderfully soft velvet petals of her sex, and listening to the muffled pleas of her lover, causing her to tremble, pushing travesti istanbul that thick cock past her lips, just its head, teasing her, coaxing her to a state of delirious ecstasy.

“Mmmm so so delicious doll, moan for me….”

Sammi bites her lip hard in excitement at the muffled moans that spill from around that gag. She stifles her own honey drizzled sounds of desire, as she pushes that dildo deep into that needy pussy. Gasping as she watched her treats hips and rear shiver gloriously. She pushed that dildo down into that delicious sex to its hilt and let it remain there til Jenni’s tremors subsided.

Then she began to work the girl’s puss for all it was worth. Thrusting that enormous shaft into that decadent lil purse, plunging deep into her wanting sex spurred on by the muffled squeals coming from behind her, and feeling those long slender legs simply quivering underneath her.

Gasping as she simply plowed into that delicious sex, delighting in the fevered shuddering of her love pinned beneath her and smirking as she feels the round surface of the ball gag reach up to her own pussy as Jenni tries desperately to taste of her own sex that she knows is glistening wet hovering over her face.

Moaning in delight at the excited lust of her lover spurs her on, and she pistons that monster deep into her relentlessly.

“Jenni you are allowed to climax whenever you desire”

Almost instantly her muffled whimpering cries become more feral, almost growling into the ball. And she began to thrash and convulse, leaving Sammi’s jaw to drop in delight as that pussy began to cream so beautifully, coating her fingers wrapped round that phallus as it split her wide and filled her tight. Enjoying the soft bouncing she was experienced as Jenni’s legs were kicking in her throes of passion, like a bucking bull threatening to pitch Sammi off of those pinned up legs.

Removing the dildo, Sammi leaned over to that sex and began to lap at it, eagerly drinking up that sweet honey as it coated those sugary lips, delighting in her treat, moaning into her sex, fingers teasing to coax more of that sweet cream from her. Lapping her clean and lifting off of her lover, drawing her legs back down, sitting her back up to where she straddled the bench.

Sammi then straddled the bench in front of Jenni, admiring her panting quivering form; leaned over and unbuckled her gag, pulling it free from her mouth. Capturing those lips and kissing her deeply.

Jenni took her lovers mouth passionately as her body trembled after the delicious onslaught of her love’s ministrations, lost in the clutches of desire…

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