Candy and Kate’s Fantasies Ch. 03

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The next day they all woke up in bed together. Bruce was in the middle of a pussy sandwich and woke up with a morning woody. There was about fifteen minutes of rolling around and stroking and hands and pussies and asses and then a three way explosion.

The girls went and took a shower together then Candy went home to get dressed promising to “cuuuum back later.” Kate made coffee and a snack for them to enjoy together and brought it in to where Bruce was, still in bed, propped up with pillows and looking very smug and self-satisfied.

“You look like the cat that ate the canary,” said Kate. Bruce let a grin break through. “I hope you enjoyed getting yours, because Candy has it all set up for me to mine tomorrow.”

“What do you mean?”

“Two cocks. Mine. Tomorrow.”

Bruce swallowed and didn’t look quite so happy anymore. “Well who’s the guy?”

“It’s two guys actually. Candy’s brother and his friend.”

“Two guys. Wait a minute. I didn’t agree to that.”

“Oh yes you did.”

“But I assumed that one of the cocks would be mine.”

“Don’t assume. Anyway you and Candy will both be there and Candy will kiss your cute little dickhead for you and make it all better.”


“Actually, here’s how I want it to go. At some point of course, I want a double penetration. I want you and Candy in front of me so I can watch Candy suck you and I want to be sure that you are watching me get it in both holes at once by strangers. But at the end I want whoever has the bigger cock to be fucking me in the ass, Candy’s pussy in my face and you in front of me blowing the guy with the smaller cock. You don’t mind getting the smaller cock do you?”

“Wow, you are perverted. How long have you been thinking about this?”

“My whole life, silly. After we are done with this we can talk about it and if we want to we can cut out the wildness and have a normal sex life, just you and me and a blowjob on your birthday if I feel like it. But I want this and if you ever want Candy’s ass again or another woman at all for that matter as long as you are with me, you need to let me have it.”

“You’re a hard woman to argue with. I don’t know though. This is pretty weird. I mean, why do you want me to suck another guy’s cock? I’ve never done that before. Are you trying to turn me queer?”

“Of course not. It just turns me on. I don’t know why. Why do you like assholes so much?”

“Well, they are tight and hot and stinky and forbidden.”

“Okay, never mind. It just turns me on. Do it for me.”

Bruce thought about having a phallus in his mouth. Secretly his gonads swelled. It always looked like the girls were enjoying it so much. “You should try everything once before you die,” he told himself.

Kate slipped a finger into his mouth simulating what it would feel like when the penis slithered in for the first time. “Come on. Say ‘yes.'”

“Yes,” he said around a mouthful of finger.

“Whoopee!” She kissed him on the end of his nose and grabbed his penis, which she noted was semi-erect even after all the cocksucking talk.

The next day went slowly for both of them, Kate in Christmas Eve anticipation and Bruce in uncertain, queasy dread. Neither said anything about it during dinner, but after the dishes were cleared, they held each other’s hands and went next door to Candy’s house. Candy had done quite a bit of preparation. The lighting was low and subdued. Red scarves covered the table lamps and candles illuminated the corners. Pillows had been brought in from all over the house. The heat had been turned up. Mood music throbbed with a lot of bass.

“Oh here they are,” said Candy jumping up to answer the door. “Come in, come in.” Bruce and Kate shuffled in. Bruce had his arm around Kate and she had her hands clasped in front of her, like she was protecting her pussy. This had seemed terribly erotic when she was dreaming it up but now with two actual men in front of her she felt pretty nervous. Suppose they thought her tits were small or noticed that the left one was a silivri escort little smaller than the right one. She had spent a long time scrubbing her asshole before dinner and at least she was confident that it was squeaky clean.

“Kate, Bruce, meet my brother Edward and his friend Leon. Ed and Leon remained sprawled on the couch. They gave Bruce a quick nod and then looked Kate up and down.

“Why don’t you come over here and get to know us better?” said Ed. He held an arm out towards Kate. She hesitated for a second before she took a step in their direction and accepted Ed’s hand. Like a ballroom dancer he pulled her onto the couch and in between him and Leon. As soon as her rump hit the cushion, both guys started rubbing her body with their hands, working a leg, a thigh, an arm, a shoulder and then down across her chest. They didn’t waste much time. Leon took her chin in his hand and turned her face to his. Kate closed her eyes and let Leon’s tongue slip into her mouth. A hand worked its way into the junction of her legs and for the briefest second a finger touched her pussy.

Bruce stood silently to one side watch two complete strangers molesting his girlfriend. His mouth was slightly open in shock. He saw her turn her face the other way and French kiss Ed. He saw Leon’s hands grab her blouse and rip the top three buttons off. Then he felt Candy’s hand trace the outline of his cock through his jeans and a tingle ran through him. Candy got behind him and began rubbing him through his pants with both hands. Her tits massaged his back. He reached around and put his hands on her thighs. He watched his lover reach into Ed’s pants and extract his already hard penis. Ed lifted his ass and removed his pants in one gesture. He had done this before. Ed had long straight black hair and a mustache. Bruce didn’t really like guys with long hair. Ed looked Bruce right in the eye and smiled. Then he looked down and watched Bruce’s girlfriend’s hand stroke his cock. Bruce felt a little anger and jealousy stir in him. Then he felt his belt come unbuckled and his pants unhooked and one of Candy’s hands reach into clothing and touch his penis. It was semi-hard as he tried to decide if this was erotic or disturbing. Candy helped him out by coming around to the front and popping the tip into her mouth. In the wet warmth he swelled like a flower bud before it bursts.

Kate was living her fantasy. She was on her knees on the couch. Her blouse was in tatters on her shoulders and on the floor. Her tits swung free. She had a nine incher in her hands in front of her. She was thrilling in the final seconds before she sucked it in for the first time tasting that seminal fluid and the sweat and urine residue, feeling the unique shape of the cock head as it bounced off the roof of her mouth and headed down her throat. Oh, she loved cock sucking. She couldn’t wait to watch Bruce try it out for the first time. At the other end, her pants were down around her knees and her thong was sucked up into her cracks just like she was going to suck that cock into her mouth. Leon had his mouth on her inner thigh, two inches from her cunt and going north. The most thrilling part of all though was that Bruce was watching it. She sneaked a glance at him and made sure. He looked confused, angry, horny and heated all at the same time. She squirted a little.

“Hey,” said Leon. He had gotten hit right in the eye. Everyone had a good laugh and it kind of broke the tension. After that everyone seemed more relaxed and the clothes just kind of sloughed off like unnecessary skin. The threesome slowly flowed off the couch and the couple got down on the floor too and eventually everyone started getting less concerned about whose ass they were fingering or which cock went where. Bruce was busy rimming Candy’s delightful anus when he felt something touch his pucker. At first it tickled and he jumped away, but the finger was persistent and well lubricated and after a few minutes he relaxed and let it enter. It felt pretty good in there. He breathed deeply bakırköy escort into Candy’s pussy and his sphincter relaxed a little more. Then he adjusted a little bit and could see that the finger could only belong to Leon who was facefucking Kate. He tightened up when he realized it was another man that was digitally manipulating his ass, but the finger began fucking him more vigorously and Candy ground her ass and pussy into his face and he decided to relax and go with it. After all, nobody else thought it was weird.

Kate felt cock enter her. Her sopping pussy accepted it gladly. She moaned and grunted. Her ass got slapped. “Yes, spank me again, Daddy,” she cried. She got her wish. “Again. Harder.” The cock went in then the hand went smack. Stroke. Smack. Stroke. Smack. She pushed against the rhythm. The river of her juices flowed onto everything that touched it. It slopped up onto her anus and made it easy for Ed to hook his thumb in there as he pumped into her pussy. Her pubic hair dripped. She was sweating all over, her ass and back slick. The underarm hair that she never even trimmed volatized the oils oozing from her crescent of sweat glands packed in the humid spots where her arms hung from her chest.

“Fuck my pits!” she suddenly cried. “Fuck my fucking armpits!” That was a new one on everybody. Even Kate wasn’t sure where it had come from, but the idea of cock rolling in her stinky, sweaty pits suddenly turned her on. Ed was always up for something new and pulled out of her cunt so he could comply. Leon went around back to pick up the slack.

Bruce had turned Candy around so he could get at his favorite part of her, her asshole. He was priming it with his tip and the juices that were oozing out. Candy had her head down and her chin on her hands. She opened her eyes just in time to see her brother’s fully erect, slimy cock as he brought it around to Kate’s armpit. It wavered during the journey like a flag in a breeze. She saw his insert it into Kate’s pit and then realized she could see his cock head poke out of the front of her pit every time he stroked.

Bruce’s cock slipped into her past the first ring. Ed’s head poked out towards her face. She relaxed and the penis entered her ass fully.

“I’m in!” yelled Bruce and everyone stopped and looked at him for a second.

“My boyfriend is fucking Candy’s ass,” thought Kate.

Bruce pounded Candy and she scooted forward, accidentally. She was only a few inches from her brother’s crimson head when it made its next appearance. He pounded her again and she scooted forward a little more and the next time her brother’s cock head poked through, she kissed it.

Ed felt something, but he wasn’t sure what it was. He was trying not to cum. Fucking an armpit was so fucking erotic.

Candy kissed it every time it came through. She was so focused on Ed’s cock that she almost forgot about the one in her ass. Bruce slapped her ass to remind her and a bright red handprint appeared. Bruce was ready to fire his load.

Kate saw the look on his face and said, “Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Everybody stop!” Kate always was a bossy one. “Time for the measurement. I want to see who has the biggest cock.” She lined the three men up and she and Candy sat back and studied the situation like judges at a dance contest. All three stood up nice and proud. Bruce and Ed’s sacks hung nice and relaxed while Leon’s was pulled up tight. Leon was also the hairiest one. His hair hung down between his legs almost like a beard. Candy asked him politely if he would turn around so she could she if he was that hairy in back. He was. There was no doubt though. She loved her boyfriend, but Ed’s cock was easily two inches bigger than Bruce’s and Leon’s was the smallest at about six and a half inches.

“Okay,” said Kate. “This is my fantasy and this is how I want it to go. Ed, you lay down on your back and I will get on top and take you in my pussy.” Then she did just that. “Okay now, Leon, you get the back door. Easy now. No hurry. I’ve never had şirinevler escort a DP before. Bruce and Candy watched as Leon took his pointer in hand and directed it at Kate’s browneye. Ed kept wanting to pump and Kate had to stop him several times as they worked to get the second penis inside her. Then it was in.

“Hold still. Hold still.” Cried Kate. The three of them paused, locked together. Then Kate said, “Okay, Candy, back your sweet pussy in here. Bruce you can have her mouth while you watch me get double fucked. Okay boys, rock and roll.”

All five of them began moving together as a unit. It was a ballet of sex. At first, the boys just wiggled in unison like weeds dancing under the ocean. Slowly they began to work their cocks opposite each other, one going in as the other came out. Just an inch or two at first, then more until it looked like a piston engine. Her anal sphincter sucked in and out as it tracked the penis inside it. Her lips were loose and slapped at the shaft and scrotum that penetrated it.

“Yes, yes! Fuck my ass! Fuck my pussy! I’m so fucking full I’m going to rip apart.” She screamed all this into Candy’s juicy cunt.

“Fuck my girlfriend,” answered Bruce. “Fuck her ass. Fuck her ass hard!” He slammed his hips into Candy’s face.

Ed and Leon fell into sync and began stroking together. The whole huge ramrod was slamming in and out of her as a unit.

Everyone was lost in another world. The reality was definitely altered. Everybody could have all cum at once and it would have been glorious, but Kate knew this was her big chance

“Stop. Stop,” cried Kate. “Everybody wait a minute. Bruce, time for you to suck cock.”

“Oh yeah,” cried Leon as he extracted himself from the beast with three backs. “Candy told me about this. I’m gonna get your cherry.” And he came towards Bruce with his erection in his hand and a glint in his eye.

Kate reached down and slipped Ed’s cock out of her pussy and reinserted it into her asshole. “Ahhh,” she said. “That’s really more comfortable.”

Bruce was down on his knees with his cock in Candy’s mouth. When Leon walked up to him the poker was right in front of his mouth. He grasped it with the thumb and two fingers of each hand. It was slick with the juices of Kate’s ass. It didn’t bother him though. He had had his tongue as far as he could get it up Kate’s ass many times. He looked at the tip and then looked up at Kate. Her eyes bored into his. A smile was on her face and a cock was in her ass. Bruce took the tip into his mouth and tasted the seminal fluids of another man for the first time. He closed his eyes and went with the sensations, working his hips against Candy’s face and cupping the balls in front of him as he took the shaft all the way into his throat.

“You’re a natural,” said Kate. Her empty cunt was swollen to flood stage so she filled it with a handy dildo. Ed filled her ass. She had moved Candy out of the way so she could see the cocksucking but Candy’s juices still clung to her mouth and nose. Bruce was getting into it. She could tell. It was so incredibly erotic watching him suck shaft and love it. Look, he was fingering Leon’s ass while he sucked his cock. Her pussy throbbed. Her ass throbbed. Candy pinched one of her nipples and the wave began reverberating, building. It became unstoppable.

“I’m cumming!” screamed Kate. I’m cummmmming!” That was all it took. Candy screamed right back and squirted spasmodically all over Kate and Ed. Bruce suddenly stopped rocking and after a seconds pause, ejaculated down Candy’s throat. She took the first squirt then pulled it out and let the next three hit her right on the face. Ed released his load nine inches up Kate’s rectum.

At first everyone thought it was over, then they realized that Leon was still in the game. Faster and faster he went. His eyes squinted closed. His face was a mask of concentration. Bruce had both hands on Leon’s ass cheeks and was helping him ram it in. Then Leon stopped, forced Bruce’s head onto him with both hands and fired a pulsing load deep down Bruce’s throat.

Everyone was quiet and still for a moment, then Kate waved her hand and gave a subdued but earnest “Hooray.” Bruce smiled at her around the penis still throbbing in his mouth.

Candy swore to herself that next time she would get a better taste of her brother’s body.

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