Can’t Get Enough Ch. 01

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Steven Kincaid stretched, sighed and rolled over onto his back. The sun’s rays penetrated through the small crack in the bedroom curtains telling him it was time to get his ass out of bed. Glancing at the clock he was surprised to see it was already ten thirty in the morning. Having driven home late last night, it wasn’t surprising he passed out and slept most of the morning away. Today was the first day of his summer vacation having just finished his second year of college and he was ready for some serious relaxing.

Climbing from the bed, his shorts tenting from his very hard morning erection, Steven went to the window and drew open the curtains. He let out a soft moan when he looked down into the yard. His mother was lounging in a chair talking with her best friend Danielle. “Aunt” Dani. Steven sighed again. It was “Aunt” Dani who captivated his attention more than anything.

Far shorter than his six foot two inch frame, with long black hair and sexy green eyes, Dani was Steven’s all-time wet dream. Ever since he’d figured out what women were, and their multitude of talents, Steven had been hooked — and on none other than his incredibly sexy “Aunt” Dani. She wasn’t tiny and slim like so many women today. No, Dani was shaped like a woman should be: trim sexy legs, round plump ass, small narrow waist and natural full breasts. And her mouth – God, she had full lips that were made for sucking.

Her ex-husband Phil had been a class-A idiot to have left Dani for a whore fifteen years younger. It had devastated Dani and it had taken every ounce of self-control for Steven to not go find Phil and beat the ever-loving hell out of him. How any man could walk away from that, he’d never understand. And Dani was the whole package. Sexy — hell yes, but also incredibly smart (she was a developmental biologist), funny and just a wonderful woman.

And Steven had been in love with her since he was seventeen years old.

Childless, Dani had spent a lot more time with his mother after the divorce, not that he would ever complain. It nearly killed him to go off to college and not see her all the time. He’d come to rely on being near her — smelling her lovely lavender scent – and come he did. Every time Steven was around Dani he got hard. Rock hard. He wasn’t sure he could turn it off even if he tried. And that led to some serious issues with being discrete.

And now summer was here and he was home again. Back near the object of all his desires. Sure, he’d fucked some girls in college, but he only ever thought of Dani, whether he be between their legs pounding away or grasping their head and shooting his load in their mouths. It was always Dani in his head. That only became a problem one time when he accidently called out her name instead of the girl who was riding him. Opps.

Steven looked down at Dani whose knees were bent and open slightly and he groaned again. Slipping his shorts carefully down and over his throbbing cock, Steven grabbed himself and started to stroke all the while watching Dani as she animatedly talked with his mother.

He watched as her breasts rose and fell with each breath she took and he pictured his mouth on those tits, pulling on the tight nipples he’d long to see and taste. He imagined sliding inside her wet heat while sucking on her nipples. His hand moved along his cock faster. This wasn’t going to take long at all.

When Dani suddenly grabbed her own breasts and squeezed, Steven grunted and shot his load onto his bedroom window. He had no idea why she’d done that — whatever she was talking with his mother about — but he thanked her profusely for the visual aide.

Wiping up his come from the window, Steven bolted to the shower in the private bathroom off his bedroom. He wanted to get down to the pool to greet his “Aunt” in person. Showering quickly, Steven dressed in another pair of shorts and a tight black t-shirt. He was a lot more muscular than the last time he’d seen her having worked out a lot this past year while away at school. His legs were muscular and strong, but he also knew that Dani’s favorite part of a man was his chest and arms. He’d overheard her and his mother talking one night after having a few too many glasses of wine and he’d been shocked to hear some of their very private thoughts — but he couldn’t have pulled himself away for anything in the world.

The thought of her running her lovely hands up and over his chest and down his arms, feeling his naked body made his cock twitch again and he willed himself to calm down. Can’t greet Aunt Dani with a hard-on. Yet.

Racing down the stairs, Steven fought to control his emotions. He was twenty-two now and needed to stop acting like a horny teenager. He had no idea how, but he was trying.

As he stepped out into the patio, his mother was getting up from her chair. “Oh there he is!” She greeted him with a small kiss on the cheek and a quick hug. “Be back, have to visit the ladies room. Go say hello to your Auntie.”

He saw Dani getting up off the chaise as he approached her. Her smile was bursa escort beautiful and he offered one back to her. “Steven…I’ve missed you! Good grief, look at you!”

Steven pulled Dani into his arms and tight up against his body, his arms wrapping around to her back as she put her arms up onto his shoulders, hugging him just as tightly.

“Auntie…I’ve missed you too. So much.” And with that, he moved his hands slightly lower on her back to the top of her ass and pulled her even tighter against him. He felt his cock harden and fought back a groan. “So much.”

“Mmmm…you’ve filled out very nicely, Steven,” Dani said as she pulled back slightly, though Steven kept his arms around her. “Very nicely.” He blushed at her praise, knowing full well that she would like his new bigger body. Just her type, he thought.

“I bet the girls are lining up to get a piece of you.”


Dani stepped back and turned back to her chair but Steven could have sworn her heard her say “Lucky girls.”

Could she be attracted to him in that way? His heart pounded in his chest at the idea of having her the way he’d always dreamed.

“Sit down, honey. Tell me about school.”

It was a few minutes later that his mother returned and they spent the next half hour talking about his classes, in particular the human anatomy class he was taking and had actually enjoyed. He beamed with pride when he told her he’d gotten a 4.0 in that class and she told him how happy that he liked her field so much. “Yep, I really love biology. So many things about the human body are fascinating.” He smirked and the women laughed.

“Yeah I bet,” his mother teased. “How much study time did you spend going over some college co-ed’s body?”

Steven blushed. “Mom!”

“Becca, leave the man alone. You remember what it was like in college.”

Steven was secretly pleased that she called him a man and not “boy” or “young man”.

“Yes, I vividly remember college which is why I’m glad that despite the distractions, Steven has been pulling in excellent grades.”

“Well, that’s great, honey. I’m so glad how well you’re doing.”

“Yeah, it’s great. But I do miss home a lot. And you guys.”

“Awww…” both women said in unison.

They spent the rest of the day swimming, talking and the women drank wine. At dinner time, Steven lit the BBQ and threw on some burgers just as his father got home from work.

By the time dinner was finished and the dishes were done, both women were slightly drunk and more than a little daring. Steven feared his mother would hump his father right there on the couch in front of him and Dani. He offered to drive Dani home, wanting some private time with her so after biding goodnight to Dani and Steven, his parents happily retired to bed. No doubt to fuck like rabbits because Steven knew that they were very sexual people and they never tried to hide the fact that they were from him. Or anyone it seemed.

Steven and Dani climbed into his truck and he leaned over close to her with the pretense of helping her fasten her seatbelt. “It’s tricky sometimes,” he offered as an excuse.

“Thank you, Steven,” Dani said, her sexy voice all the sexier because of the alcohol. She reached out and rubbed her hand down his right arm, feeling the taut muscles. “You really are a fine man. Very fine.”

Steven felt his cock twitch when he saw the look she was giving him. Desire. And his mind went back to the idea that she was indeed attracted to him.

At 43, Dani looked like she was thirty — a very hot fuckable thirty. But he also knew she didn’t date much. Her idiot ex-husband had done a number on her self-esteem but she never seemed to be the type for one-night stands. The last “boyfriend” she’d had was two years ago and Steven had hated him. He’d just started college and when his mother had told him that Dani was dating some lawyer, Steven nearly lost it — jealousy enraging him. The thought of her having sex with any guy but him drove him nuts. So he’d been happy — selfishly he knew — when she’d broken it off with him. He’d overheard his mother telling his father that lawyer-boy had been too timid in bed. Apparently his Dani liked some spice in bed.

They drove in silence for a few minutes and Steven thought Dani had fallen asleep. She wasn’t so drunk that she could have passed out but clearly it’d been a long day and she was now feeling it. It surprised him all the more when she slipped off the seatbelt and lay down on the bench seat of the truck, her head lying on his right thigh. His cock jolted again. Fuck!

“Ah, Dani…? Whatcha doing?”

“Getting comfortable. You don’t mind, do you honey?”

“Ah no, make yourself at home.”

And with that, Dani pushed her head more into Steven’s lap and it took all of his control to not rip his cock out of his pants and beg for her to take it in her hot little mouth.

Dani chuckled deeply, settling in. “You’re hard.”

“And you’re so fucking observant.”

She chuckled again, not offended by his language. bursa escort bayan He knew that between her and his mother, they both swore like sailors on leave. The first time he’d heard Dani say “fuck” was a year ago and he nearly came in his pants to hear that word fall from her full pouty lips.

She was drifting off to sleep but she mumbled, “Why are you so hard?” Steven was momentarily taken aback. Did he dare tell her the truth? That he was hard any time he got near her. Or did he hedge? “Mmm…Steven?” she whispered when he didn’t answer.

“Because you make me hard,” he said in barely a whisper.

Dani sighed and Steven had no idea if she heard him or not because she offered no further comments or questions and appeared to now be sleeping.

Steven let out a sigh and tried very hard to keep his eyes on the road as they neared her home. But it was very hard (pun intended) to concentrate on driving when one had their ultimate dream laying on their hard-on.

When Steven pulled into Dani’s driveway, he turned off the engine and sat looking down at her. God, he thought, she’s so fucking beautiful. He knew that she didn’t see herself as beautiful, or hot, or sexy. He’d overheard enough of her conversations with his mother to know that Dani suffered from some serious self-esteem issues, particularly after her tool of an ex-husband left her for a younger woman. Fucking fool!

Reaching down, he pulled some of her hair away from her face and gently smoothed his thumb over her cheek to her full lips. What he wouldn’t do to kiss her there. Everywhere. She sighed and moaned softly as Steven rubbed his thumb over her lips, but when she opened her mouth and sucked in his thumb, he drew in his breath and froze. Did she realize what she was doing?

Steven groaned as her tongue swirled over this thumb. She had to be awake and know what she was doing, his mind screamed. “Fuck me,” he whispered, and he felt his cock jump in his pants. Surely she must have felt that. His mind thought about how if she could do that with her tongue on his thumb, he could only imagine how good that mouth and tongue would feel wrapped around his cock. “Oh god…” he groaned.

“Mmm…” Dani moaned.

Steven was torn between wanting to see how far this would go and not being sure whether she was fully aware of what she was doing. He wanted to spare her any embarrassment, but at the same time…God…her mouth was doing things to him that he’d only dreamed of and she was only tonguing his thumb for fuck’s sake!

“Dani…Dani wake up, you’re home.”

Dani stopped sucking on his thumb and opened her eyes, not even the least bit shocked or surprised, and he knew then that she hadn’t been sleeping. Taking one last long suck of his thumb, she let it slip out with a wet plop. “Oh, good. Thank you, Steven,” she said, sitting up and straightening her hair.

Steven got out of the truck and walked around to help her get out — her legs being a bit too short to climb in and out easily. As she slid out of the seat, he watched as her shorts rode up her ass and without thinking, he reached out to steady her, his big hand grabbing her right ass cheek. “Oh! I think we need to get me a step stool for this truck.”

Steven smiled. “No worries, Auntie. I’ll always help you in and out of my truck.”

“Ah huh,” she said with a smile as she looked down at his hand which still sat on her partially exposed ass cheek.

Blushing, Steven pulled his hand away. “Can’t blame a guy for trying.”

“No, I guess we can’t. Thank you for the ride home, honey. I appreciate it. I’ll have to go and pick up my car tomorrow.”

“No worries, Auntie,” he said again. “I’ll bring it to you in the morning.”

“That’d be great. And say, if you’re not busy, maybe you could help me out with a few things around the house tomorrow? Then I can drive you back home?”

Steven smiled but inside he was jumping for joy at the idea of spending more time with her. Leaning down, Steven kissed her cheek quite close to the corner of her mouth and lingered only briefly but longer than a normal good-bye kiss between “nephew” and “aunt” should be. “Goodnight Auntie,” he whispered in her ear.

“Good…goodnight my sweet Steven.”

He watched as she unlocked her front door and entered the house with a small wave. Steven climbed into the truck and didn’t even bother to start his truck. Instead, he unzipped his jeans and fished out his raging hard-on. “I am going to have her before this summer is out. No fucking way I’m not planting this cock in that tightness,” he grunted as he began to stroke his cock, remembering the feel of her mouth and tongue on his thumb. He again imagined that mouth on his cock, sucking him dry and it didn’t take long before he was thrusting into his hand and coming, his seed spilling all over her shirt.


Early the next morning Steven climbed into Dani’s reliable but boring Volvo and drove to her house, his cock already hard at the thought of spending the day with her — no matter what they did.

To escort bursa his surprise — and thrill — Dani greeted him with a big smile and wearing only a robe.

“Hi honey, come in. I was just going to jump in the shower. I’m a bit slow this morning from all that wine last night.” She reached up to hug him in greeting and Steven noticed her robe rising up in the back, displaying some of that fine ass. Fuck she wasn’t wearing any panties!

“No worries, Auntie,” Steven replied suppressing a groan. A tingle shuttered through his body and he fought to not grab her ass with his hands and grind himself against her. “I’ll wait till you get out and then you can tell me what tasks you need help with.”

Dani smiled knowingly. “Alright, honey…you wait here. I’ll be back soon.” She winked, turned and headed for her bathroom. Her house, a ranch, was all one floor so her bedroom and bathroom were situated on the same level as the rest of the house so Steven could hear when she turned on the shower.

Sneaking down the hall, he paused outside the bathroom door, listening to the shower. He imagined her soaping up her body, her hands running over those beautiful big breasts before moving down to her pussy. God, what he wouldn’t do to help her with that task.

Just as he was about to turn and return to the living room to wait for her, Steve heard a gasp from the other side of the door, which was followed by a deep moan. He wasn’t sure he was hearing clearly enough until he heard her moan again and gasp out, “Oh yes, honey…fuck me…”

It took every ounce of self-control to not burst into that bathroom and take her. Take her hard and fast. She only called one person “honey” — HIM!

It wasn’t long before the shower shut off and Steven hurried back to the living room and sat down on the couch — waiting. Moments later, a still wet Dani came into the living room dressed in pink shorts and a halter tankini that showed a lot of her gorgeous body, particularly her large breasts. She was flush from the hot shower but he also knew from her recent orgasm.

“Whew…that was nice. It was fast and I’m still a bit wet, but…” she trailed off and Steven bit his lip. “Come on, honey…ah…I’ll show you what I need done.”

Steven then spent the better part of the morning doing several repairs around Dani’s house. He was happy to help her and she never strayed too far from his side the entire time so he was always aware of her presence. It kept him constantly hard — that and knowing that she’s frigged herself off that morning in the shower, thinking about him fucking her. It became impossible to hide his raging hard-on, so he just gave up.

Just before lunch, Steven finished the final task and stood on the patio cooling down with a lemonade as he watch Dani putter about in her garden. She turned to face him, a huge smile on her face. “All done? You finished them all, already? I thought it might take you a least a few days…” She looked disappointed and Steven realized that he should have paced himself because he had no excuse to come back to help her now.

“Sorry Auntie. I love the work so I just plowed through it. But hey, if you come up with more stuff you’d like to do, maybe paint your bedroom or something, I would love to help.”

Dani approached him and wrapped her arms around his waist, pulling him against her soft body. “Thank you, Steven. That’s a great idea. I’ve been meaning to repaint some rooms.” He hugged her back and offered her a warm smile. “Would you like some lunch?”

“Love some.”

“Good, follow me. Must feed the hungry man.”

As Dani prepared a couple of roast beef sandwiches for Steven, and he wondered whether she was intentionally pretending last night hadn’t happened or if she simply didn’t remember any of it.

“Steven, honey…can you reach up and get this for me?” Dani was pointing to a platter on the top shelf that she obviously was too short to reach. He momentarily wondered how she normally would reach it but that thought was cut off when he stretched up slightly to grab it and he pressed his cock into her back — because she hadn’t moved out of the way. “Hmm…” she sighed.

“Here Auntie,” Steven said, putting the platter in front of her but not pulling back. The feel of her lower back against his cock made him shiver.

“You’re hard again,” she whispered.

Steven leaned down close to her right ear, his warm breath tickling her. “Yes, I am.”

“You said last night that I made you hard.”

Still leaning against her, his mouth nearly on her ear, he said, “You heard that, huh? Well it’s true. I can’t stop getting hard around you…Auntie.”

Dani moaned when he added “Auntie”. It was very…taboo. Even though they weren’t really blood related, it was a term of endearment used for a friend who was very close to the family. But right now, neither of them was thinking of it as a loving, albeit innocent endearment.

Steven ground his hips against her, letting her feel how hard he really was. He knew if he didn’t stop soon he would spill in his pants but he was too far gone to care. “Oh God, honey…” she moaned at his gyrations against her. He put his hands on her hips and thrust against her. “Oh God…” she moaned again.

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