Carley’s Breasts

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This is my first story so hopefully it won’t be too bad. I’m hoping to write some extreme mind break and body modification stories later on but first I’ll start with a simple bimbofication inspired story.


Geeky Carley finds a new unused diary. It begins to change her but she realises too late.


I wrote my name nearly along the dotted line “Carley Nelson”. I smiled to myself as I ran my hand over my new diary. It had been my 19th birthday recently and I had found this strange new diary so I took it as a lucky birthday present.

I started to write my first entry.

“Today it was my first year in college. My lectures were easy and the girl next to me Georgina I think, was trying to copy my notes again and the teacher got cross with me!”

I stopped writing closing my new diary and took off my glasses, Rubbing my freckled face. I removed my black wiry hair out of its pony tail and sat back on my desk chair as I rubbed my pale bare feet together thinking.

I picked up the diary it was very strange. Interwoven fabric and thick high quality paper. Id found it out on the roadside and it had been completely untouched. Somebody must have lost it just after buying it.

It was very beautiful with a velvet feel, with purple and blue watercolours on the fabric cover.

I really wanted to finish my first entry in the diary and it was such a joy to write in, but I was so tired. I yawned thinking of my bed and besides I couldn’t stay up too late as I had school tomorrow.

Getting up I undressed quickly into my soft pyjamas and got into bed. I was sad as I didn’t really have any friends and I never really go out much, also most other people didn’t like me because I was socially awkward and didn’t get on with others.

I was self conscious because I was stereotypically quite geeky. With my glasses and freckles and flat chest but I was good at school which only made the other girls want to know me only so I could do their work.

I was sad I just wanted things to be different.

Pulling the bed covers up I turned over to go to sleep wishing for the dark bliss of unconsciousness.

I had strange dreams. Of the slutty ‘popular’ girls in my school taking about sexual things and other embarrassing things. Booming voices in my head. It was nightmarish.


I woke in the morning flustered. I felt wetness between my legs. I shut my eyes I hated when that happened.

Putting on my small bra over my mostly flat chest. Slipping on a skirt and tights with a white top and placing my glasses on my freckled face I went down stairs to have breakfast then left for school just after finishing my toast.

As I walked to school I ignored everybody else and just thought of my new book and what exciting things I would learn in lessons. Ignoring the fact as I walked passed a group of girls in my year they stopped talking and waited for me to pass them.

I got to school early as I always did and then I went straight to the room my class was in. Sitting down in my chair at the front of the room. I got out my new diary running my hand over it half remembering my dreams from the night before. I felt the tingling wetness like in the morning. I shifted uncomfortably as the teacher Mr Hurly came in as he walked passed saying good morning I felt strange that sensation between my legs. I shut my eyes stammering back a reply as I felt my freckled cheeks flushed.

All through the biology lesson I kept getting distracted by the warm wet feeling between my legs. All through the day when I passed Boys and teachers alike I felt something like a tingling.

I started feeling faint by the time I got back home.

I collapsed on my bed feeling the sensation again. It raged through me I had to touch it I thought, as I started to lose myself. My fingers stroked my sodden vagina as my hand reached down my tights. The tingling intensified as I pushed my glasses off my face and slid my fingers into myself moaning and writhing. I curved my fingers rubbing my soaking insides. The pleasure peaked as I crammed a third finger into the tight wet space between my legs.

I moved my hand away breathing heavily thoroughly disgusted at what I’d done. I ran to the shower stripping off my clothes. I stooped there under the boiling hot water as it made my skin red. I scrubbed hard and tried to think of something else.

I wrote many things in my diary anything that came to mind. I became tired as I poured my thoughts into the book. I lay on my bed holding the book as I drifted off to sleep having more of the same strange dreams from the night before.

Again I awoke the following morning flustered and uncomfortable. I carried out my usual routine. I started to get dressed clipping my bra together spinning it round to pull over my small breasts. But I found that it was too tight. I stopped looking down at myself and tried to put my bra on. It was too tight I couldn’t. I sighed I removed it putting it back into casino siteleri the drawer. I put on my usual thin top and skirt with tights. But I added another jumper to hide the fact I wasn’t wearing a bra. I’d just have to buy a new one later after school or before if I left now.

Then I thought what was the time. It was 9:00 I was going to be late!! I had never been late. I hurried out of the house half running down the road towards school.

I was panting heavily as I made it through the gates and into the class room a few minutes later. Most of the class was there I acted normally and sat in my usual seat at the front. Trying to focus on my work but I was distracted staring at my biology teachers crotch. I thought about his.. His penis. I felt heat flush again and the tingle between my legs which was getting too familiar. I struggled through double biology and then history.

After that all I had was free periods. I would usually study in the school library but I thought going home would be better as I wasn’t feeling myself and buy a new bra on the way.

I walked along the main street passing shops thinking how strange it all was all these changes to me in the last day and a bit. I bought a larger bra one size bigger than what I usually was and one larger than that just in case.

When I got home after buying a sandwich from the supermarket I though there wasn’t any point in trying them on just yet so I just studied in my room. Mainly biology and some history. I was bored I’d been at it for awhile. I got out my diary and started writing deep in thought about my day. I zoned out still writing unconsciously.

I started back to full consciousness. I looked down at what I’d been writing. I read the words below some messy scrawls of what my day had been. It said ” I want to suck a cock”. I took in a breath suddenly as I felt the tingling between my legs. It was so strong I almost couldn’t resist placing a hand near my wet vagina. But this time my breasts felt good too I touched one up my jumper. It’s soft warmness filled my hand which it never had done before. I pulled up my shirt and jumper and fondled them hard. They felt and looked too good. I squeezed them and pinched my nipples as I breathed deeply.

I stopped. I realised what I was doing again the other day. It was horrid all this sexual stuff. Then I felt as if my breasts had become bigger. Worriedly I opened the bag and took out the smaller bra. Clipping it together and placing over my hard nipples I sighed as I felt the relief of it making me feel less exposed.

I made myself coffee as I walked from the kitchen back to my room and continued to work at my subjects. The exams were not far off.

Around midnight I heard father get home and go straight to bed. Such was his job and we never got on much. I crept downstairs after father was hopefully asleep to wash my plate from my room from dinner and after that was done with more coffee I returned to my room.

I looked at the work on my desk. I just didn’t feel like it I would go to bed and my new bra was uncomfortable. As soon as I released the bra straps

My breasts sprang forwards. I was shocked they were definitely larger than earlier. But it couldn’t be maybe I just bought the wrong bra. I smiled as I’d bought the next size up a 28 D as I reached into the bag I dropped it stunned as I read the label it was a 28 C. I was already using the larger size.

I struggled to find sleep feeling all the extra flesh strange to sleep with. I dreaded what morning would bring as I drifted into a fitful sleep.

I opened my eyes with only one thought. How big they were.

I whipped back the covers. They were huge. At least double what it was before. They were larger than half tennis balls which for me was a large difference. I brushed my teeth keeping my mind of my chest. I looked long at myself, what was going on.

Then I looked again. My freckles were gone!!

Not all of them but most only a few remained. And my course hair was now flatter and softer looking. What was more I was seeing all of this without my glasses!!

I was late for school again. This time even my second top probably didn’t obscure my obviously newly large breasts. All of my lessons were horrific all these sexual thoughts coursing through my mind.

I tried to catch up in my work in the library. It was easier but not by much. I wanted to touch myself. I worked solidly thought till 6 in the evening then the school library closed so I packed up to go home. But I bumped into a guy from my class I thought his name was mark. In the back exit from the library building to the main street.

“your not wearing a bra are you” he said confidently. I was so shocked.

“well no” I replied quietly

Why was I telling him this. I couldn’t stop myself from blurting out I just felt so on edge.

“You want to touch” I asked in a strange voice I never knew I had in me.

He smiled as he placed his hand on my left breast. I let canlı casino out a breath of air as it tingled and the moistening between my legs went into overdrive. He was about to say something. But I turned tail and ran as fast as I could away.

On my way home I walked through the main town going into a different shop and bought two more bras. One 28DD and one 30 DD as I was about to leave the shop I thought I didn’t want a repeat of yesterday so I bought one spare size a 32DD.

I hurried home hoping these would support my now much larger chest obviously bulging through my top and starting to bounce just a little bit.

I ran to my bedroom after flinging the front door open and running up the stairs much to the discomfort of my new enlarged appendages. Undressing I was shocked to find they were bigger than they had been in the morning. I held them in both my hands as they easily filled My palms and over them I took a bra out of the bag it was the 30 DD. I sighed it did look too small so I thanked my foresight and took the largest bra out and put it on now having to help my large breasts into the cups.

It was on the loosest strap and it was still slightly tight. I stated at my swelling chest and I thought at this rate even this bra won’t fit me and I’d have to go to school without a bra again which should have made me annoyed and embarrassed but it seemed fine now. I took off the bra and donned a light baggy top which was far more comfortable.

I sat in my desk chair and got out my diary to write the happenings of the day. I read over the words I wrote the other day about sucking a…

My thoughts were interrupted by a wave of tingly pleasure shuddering through me. I closed my eyes breathing deeply. Whatever was happening to me wasn’t going to make me do anything so horrid as touching myself. I remembered in a moment of horror that I asked that mark guy if he wanted to touch them.

I focused all these thoughts onto the pages of the diary writing quickly everything I could think of. It always helped to calm me down even before all this happened when I was teased for being nerdy and ugly and so on. After my hand started to get tired from all the writing I went to the loo.

The strange feeling of all the extra mass on my chest as I say down and peed. As I wiped, flushed and washed my hands I saw my face was now completely free of freckles or spots and my hair was now soft and straight not course and greasy as it had looked before. I touched my skin lightly it was soft and not bumpy. It was lovely I though as I smiled to myself and for once I actually though I was pretty.

I returned to my desk getting out my books from my bag and to work as I was going to fall behind and the exams were getting close. But as I stared at the books it seemed so boring and I couldn’t be bothered to find a pen or anything. Instead I has a better idea as my hand slid up my loose top towards my newly enlarged breasts as the other hand slipped into my tights feeling out the centre of sticky moisture that lay there.

My alarm clock went off again. I opened my eyes feeling tired I just wanted to sleep and I didn’t care about going to school. I didn’t remember getting into bed or even putting on my pyjamas maybe I was just that tired. I got up feeling a bounce a big bounce.

I pulled off my PJs top and looked as a smile came to my lips. They were huge! I held them now actually slightly heavy to hold. They must have been at least a 38DD. I was excited although I didn’t know why but they just looked very pretty and sexy.

I dressed in my usual clothes a different skirt and tights and not having any bras that could fit my large boobs I put on a loose white top that was thick enough to stop people from seeing my bare boobs underneath.

As I was about to go down stairs my legs felt quite itchy and uncomfortable. I rolled down my tights and looked rubbing my legs. Maybe I wouldn’t wear these today I thought grabbing my flats instead of my usual converse and slipping them on my bare feet. I had a cup of coffee and some toast before leaving for school just as I saw the time on my phone it was 9:20 I was going to be so late.

I couldn’t run much towards the school as any attempt to try resulted in my boobs bouncing and moving so much it felt really uncomfortable so I just walked quickly. As I made it through the school gate about ten minuets late I was so worried I’d never been late ever.

My worrisome thoughts forgotten as I saw mark from yesterday. He was late too I walked over to say hi. He said

“I’ve never seen you so late before Carley” he laughed. Then he looked me down in my unusual attire and said

“you look nice today.”

I smiled and told him thanks as we walked towards the classroom. Then I got an idea and I told this to mark and grabbed his arm.

Surprised he said “aren’t you going to the lesson.”

I ignored him and led him to the disabled toilets and closed and locked the door as he stared at me leading him kaçak casino into such a strange situation.

I looked at him standing staring at me. I smiled back I felt good.

“you know yesterday” I asked happily “well I thought I’d do the same again today.”

I took a deep breath and lifted my top exposing half my bare breasts to him. My nipples almost visible I could feel him looking at me, it turned me on. Suddenly my breasts slipped from under the rest of my shirt and they came into full view with a definite bounce.

“What do you think” I said he seemed shocked then recovered and he said

“they really are nice and big, but I’m sure you used to be flat-chested and nerdy”

I smiled “I kept them hidden I just didn’t like them before” I lied “and I’ve been having a growth spurt of recent” I said lying partly but I didn’t care what he thought.

“you can play with them if you like, just do whatever.”

He hands touched my sensitive skin I gasped and smiled as his fingers and palms moved over my boobs. He tweaked my nipples as they became Hard and erect. Gently squeezing them pushing them together so they pushed against each other making my cleavage look so deep and sexy. I closed my eyes with pleasure and he kept playing with them. I even felt his tongue on my nipple which made me gasp again.

After a long blissful while he said ” we should probably go now before anyone finds us”

I nodded and reluctantly put my top back on and then before he opened the door I said ” you’ll play with them tomorrow too won’t you.”

He looked at me and smiled ” of course just let’s do it after school instead less chance of getting caught.”

He walked off ahead as I stared at his bulging jeans. It looked so big. I was too ashamed to go to my mostly finished lesson I went to the library and tried to study but in the end I just thought about when he could next touch my boobs.

My other lessons that day went fine and boring only a few raised eyebrows when people realised that the class nerd didn’t look so nerdy today.

All that week and the next I met Mark in the disabled toilet and he played with my boobs. I couldn’t write anything in my diary except him playing with my chest it was the most amazing thing ever. I stopped buying bras after I tried on a 44DD is the shop and by the time I got home it was too small. that night I wrote in my diary

I was in the toilet waiting for mark and when he eventually arrived he said to me

“I’ve got an idea for today.”

I nodded happily as I took of my increasingly tight top letting my boobies free. I had a feeling what it might be I hoped I was right.

He undid his jeans. His boxers bulging he lifted them off and down and out it sprang. My boobies tingled and my vagina become wet as I saw his hard erect cock.

I knelt down on the toilet floor beckoning him to come over. I wanted it between my breasts. He stood there as I held my boobs waiting as he moved his member towards my bare boobs. It touched and I couldn’t not watch as he rubbed his cock on my right boob as I held it. I moved so his cock was between my chest.

I took a deep breath and pushed them together around his warm cock. It was amazing the feel of my chest sliding over his cock. I kept my hands together holding my boobs against each side of his cock. I rocked my body and tried to slide my boobs up and down on his cock. I just kept going watching my cleavage swallow up his cock each time I slid over his hard member.

He grabbed me and thrusted into my big boobs I felt his cock twitch as he breathed heavily as his urgency increased. It was coming I knew it I stared into my boobs as he fucked them. Then it happened. White semen erupted from the tip of his cock. It splashed up my cleavage and onto the sides of my boobs.

He slowly moved his cock over my boobs wiping a trail of cum along my left boob.

I looked up smiling at him. It has been so amazing. He was about to speak but I interrupted and said

“can we do that tomorrow too” he sighed as he put himself away and he said ” no sorry I’d love to but I have an exam tomorrow” I’ll see you the day after.

As I put my top back on leaving his warm cum on my boobs I suddenly remembered my exams. If he had exams soon I would too. I was worried. That day when I got home I revised for several hours all my subjects I might have done sexual stuff with mark but I was still as smart and nerdy as I was before. I wasn’t going to fail my exams.

I even tried to go to bed early that night because I’d started a habit of. But when I removed my top I saw the dry traces of his cum from earlier today. Nothing I could do could stop me from bringing my boobs up to my mouth and sucking my skin trying to taste his cum on my boobs. It was amazing.

I revised as best I could in the library that day ignoring the demands of my boobs to be played with. I also used my lunch break to plan a surprise for mark tomorrow.

That evening because I’d worked so hard revising Id bought a few large bras. I hoped my chest would grow out of them. It made me so happy that my body did what it did. The only bra that fitted me was the largest one I bought it was a 48DD!

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