Caroline 07 Tentacle Monster

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Caroline 07: Tentacles

Copyright Oggbashan July 2020

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


At the end of Caroline 06 I had said that Tom and I would test Caroline’s next creations. I was wrong. We would be bystanders most of the time.

Over the last month Caroline had been asked by several of the club’s female members to create something specific for them. Yes, they could use the male equivalent of The Ideal Partner; they could be reborn from The Fertility Goddess; they could enjoy being trapped by The Room and the Spider-Woman, but the Lamia; Cleopatra; the Wench; and Durga did nothing for them except for the vicarious pleasure of seeing their male partners humiliated.

While creating Cleopatra, the Wench and Durga, Caroline had been thinking about the women’s requests. The snake-like tail of the Lamia, and Cleopatra’s failed gaging asp had been her inspiration. She would make a tentacle monster.

The body was large, obviously male with a six-pack and a bushy golden beard. But it was an octopus with eight tentacles. Some of those tentacles had hands, some ended in phalluses. Her first trials were of tentacles on their own. She tried a hand-ended tentacle on me for a few minutes before turning Angela into her test pilot for everything else. On me, the hand gagged across my mouth or caressed my nipples. On Angela it cupped and squeezed a breast. When Caroline had created four tentacles with hands, two worked at Angela’s breasts, another gagged her into relative silence and the fourth slid fingers inside Angela.

Tom was horrified to watch as Angela was the tentacles’ victim, writhing sensuously and groaning past the gagging hand as she reached orgasm after orgasm. When she was released Tom held Angela on his lap, stroking her hair and trying to help her to recover from the ordeal. Angela had to reassure Tom. It hadn’t Göztepe Escort been an ordeal. It had been a very satisfying sexual encounter. Tom wasn’t convinced. Angela dragged tom off to the bedroom to prove that although she had enjoyed the tentacles, she could still make love to Tom until he was exhausted.

While Angela was reassuring Tom that no machine would replace him, Caroline wanted to try a couple of variations in case she decided to make a tentacle monster for men.

I was on the bench, my arms held by my sides by two tentacles as a third seemed to gently ease a soft breast with an erect nipple in my mouth. The fourth tentacle had variations. At first it was a hand, firmly gripping my erection and manipulating it. Before I reached emission it changed to a woman’s mouth. It stopped short when I was almost beyond stopping myself and changed to a warm wet woman’s cleft.

This time it took me to release and beyond. I couldn’t hang on despite being embarrassed by Caroline watching the interaction between her tentacles and me. She retracted them before pushing a very real, soft and demanding breast of her own into my gaping mouth. Her hand cradled my diminished erection until it recovered. But not for long. She pushed her breast further in as she expertly aroused me.

Shortly afterwards Angela returned. She had left an exhausted Tom asleep on the bed.


Over the next two weeks Tom was increasingly worried as Angela tested the developing creation. When finished Caroline intended that two tentacle arms would hold the woman’s arms to her sides, one would fill her mouth with a penis, two would caress her breasts, one would move her panties aside and penetrate her, another might penetrate her ass and the final one would hold her legs apart to give access. The ass-penetration was optional.

The tentacle monster would ask the woman if she wanted her ass involved. If she nodded, it would be. If she shook her head it wouldn’t be. If she didn’t respond he would repeat the question later but at any stage if the woman shook her head, the ass-penetration İstanbul Escort would stop. Of course, if she was wearing a safety ring, and most women did, the whole process would end and she would be released.

What worried Tom was that Angela was enjoying it too intensely. Once she was helpless, restrained by tentacles, she would start a whole series of shattering orgasms as she was stimulated. She was writhing intensely and screaming for “More!” until she was so stimulated that she was reduced to weak groaning. Often they went on for so long that Angela ended up unconscious while the tentacle monster was still penetrating her. Tom had stopped the device several times when it was obvious to him that Angela had had more than she could endure.

Tom was also concerned that Angela would prefer the machine’s attentions more than his timid lovemaking. Angela had to reassure him that while she enjoyed surrendering to an overwhelming experience, she loved and wanted Tom as her partner.

I could understand Tom’s concern. When Caroline was the victim she seemed completely overwhelmed by her own creation and either unable or unwilling to stop it when she seemed exhausted. I wasn’t sure whether she had made a machine to give women a shattering experience, or a machine to rape women beyond their ability to cope.

Caroline wasn’t convinced that we needed to be so worried but at our instance she added some more safety features. As she had originally designed it, the tentacles might grab any woman passing too close. But now she made some changes.

Now, the woman would have to stand in front of the tentacle monster and say “Please?” The machine would answer “Are you sure?”. The woman had to say “Yes.”

The machine would then ask: “Are you wearing a safety ring?” The woman’s response had to be “Yes” to which the machine would respond: “Prove it by pressing the ring twice”. Once that double press had been accepted, and only then, would the machine start to act.

Both Caroline and Andrea thought those checks were an unnecessary addition but they made them Anadolu Yakası Escort because their boyfriends insisted. Once those checks had been tested and proved satisfactory, the tentacle monster was taken to Jerry’s club.

Jane and Teresa tried it out before the club was open to customers. As Tom and I thought, at the end of the machine’s process, both women were exhausted and had to be put to bed to recover. A man might fail to exhaust a woman but it was apparent that the tentacle monster took the average woman to a height of ecstasy that she couldn’t endure easily. When they had recovered, I asked Jane whether she could press the safety ring once her orgasms had started. She was reluctant to try because she was enjoying herself so much. She found, as I had expected, that once she was in a set of spasms, she just couldn’t press the ring. She had to wait until either the machine stopped by itself or until she had ended her orgasms. Almost every time the machine stopped before she was able to press the ring.

That evening, the tentacle monster was available for the first club members to try. There were a number of warning signs that the experience might be overwhelming. They seemed to encourage, not dissuade, users. After the first hour of the club opening there were four women asleep on beds, recovering.

Watching their ordeal seemed to have made the tentacle monster popular. There was a queue of women wanting to experience being penetrated by the tentacle monster. Like Tom and I, many of the boyfriends were horrified at what the machine did to their girlfriends. How could they compete with a machine that penetrated their girlfriend’s mouth, pussy and ass at once?

They needn’t have worried. All the women wanted to make love to their boyfriends when they had recovered from the tentacle monster.

But I was still concerned. The tentacle monster had more impact on every woman who used it much more than any man who used one of Caroline’s other creations. The Lamia was the most draining but every man had walked away from it afterwards. All that evening every woman had to be carried, unconscious, from the tentacle monster. And none of them had said “Never again”. The strongest expression is “Not again this evening”. There was a constant queue of woman until the club’s closing time.

Caroline’s tentacle monster was a success.

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