Carol’s Fateful Decision Ch. 02

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As you may recall:

Jon executed a ‘U’ turn and headed for Walter’s house. As Carol called Walter, to ask if they could go over to use the exercise equipment.

“I just finished up for the day, so come on over. We can order out for dinner, my treat” Walter answered, excitedly.

It was fifteen minutes later, when Jon and Carol arrived at Walter’s house.

The couple parked down the street and Jon called Walter. When he answered the phone, Jon asked.”Walt are you alone?”

“Yes, why?” Walt confirmed, in confusion.

“You will see buddy. You will see! Open your garage door.” Jon directed, mysteriously.

Walter did what was asked, and Jon parked as close as possible to the open door. “You sure about this Carol? You can put on your top and slacks to go into the house, and then you can strip for Walt.”

“No, I want to see his face when I walk in nude.” Carol giggled, as she wanted to use her nudity for shock value, to see their friend’s reaction.

“You may give the guy a heart attack you know.”

“No, I don’t think that will happen. I hope I can at least get a rise out of him though.” Carol laughed.

Jon went around to the passenger side of the car, opened the car door to the sight of his wife’s pussy, which he imagined winked at him and asked. “You ready to make my friends year.”

“Let’s go!” Carol said, as she jumped out of the car, and went to the door that entered the kitchen from the garage.

Carol stood in back of Jon, as Walter opened the door. “Hi Jon, I thought Carol was w–:” He didn’t finish his question, because Carol stepped out from behind her husband. “You’re completely nude! Oh, my, Gad, you’re beautiful!” Walter stated in shock. “What do I owe this wonderful sight to Carol?” Walter jabbered.

The look on Walters face was even more appreciative than Carol had hoped for. “He is looking at me as if I am a nude goddess!” She thought. “Well Walter, I am not completely naked. I have my shoes on.” Carol answered with a chuckle, and then continued. “Let me get into the house, and I will tell you.” Carol stated, as she walked into the kitchen, sat on a bar stool at the breakfast nook, with her legs spread, pussy on display, and then explained to Walter her new job as a medical model.

Walter was mesmerized by his buddies naked wife as she sat with her pussy exposed and there was a moment of silence before, he said. “No shit Carol, you will be totally naked, and they will check you intimately?”

“You got it Walter, but I wanted to let you be one of the first guys that sees me nude, as Jon has been bugging me to be more accommodating. How is this for accommodating, Walt? Besides Dr. Benson said, I have to become used to being nude. Furthermore, I can’t be embarrassed by my nudity or it will embarrass the interns and medical resident’s who will examine me.”

“You can’t be more accommodating than you are at this time Carol, and thank you. Also, you can practice nudity around me anytime you want to, so you can become less inhibited.”

“Thank you, Walter. Now let’s go downstairs and show me how to use your exercise equipment.” Carol said, as Walt led the way to the weight room he has set up.

Jon followed his naked wife. He was amazed at his wife’s adoption of a nude life style in a short time. “If anyone told me a week ago I would be following my naked wife down the stairs in my friends house. I would want to know what they were smoking.” He thought pleasantly, as he adjusted his cock into a more comfortable position.

Carol was proud of herself. “The two men are lusting after me, my husband hasn’t been this interested in me in ages. Walter has adoration in his eyes, as he looks at me. I want to show him everything I have, and with Jon’s consent, I will let him feel my wet pussy.” She thought, as she felt her pussy drip her arousal onto her pussy lips, to cause a slick sensation between her legs.

“I need to keep pinching myself! I don’t believe my fantasy of seeing Carol nude would ever come true. She is more beautiful than I realized. She looks better nude than dressed. That’s saying a lot for a woman over sixty.” Thought Walt, as he popped a boner.

When they walked into the exercise room, Carol stated. “I think I will do fifteen minutes on the treadmill.” She started the machine to begin her exercise.

Both men walked around Carol. They watched her with appreciation of her naked beauty. Her breast bounced as she walked, her backside jiggled alluringly, and they could see hints of her arousal as her pussy lips rubbed together, when she walked fast, on the treadmill. They had lopsided smiles on their faces: as their eyes roamed over the naked ladies exposed body parts. The room filled with her pheromones and this caused the two men to become more aroused. They vigilantly awaited the provocative peeks of her engorged pussy bursa escort lips. Carol had the two men’s, undivided attention and after fifteen minutes, she needed to show them an unobstructed view of her pussy and anus, or she will burst into flames, she was so aroused.

“I want them to explore all my holes” She thought passionately, as she finished the treadmill exercise, and went to the weight bench. “I need a spotter.” Carol said, as she laid on her back, with her legs astride the bench. This gave both men a wonderful view of her engorged vaginal lips, her excitement ran out of her pussy, when she straddled the weight bench. The heady scent of her arousal became stronger also.

Both men had boners, their peckers were so extended that they didn’t have enough skin to close their eyes. They scrambled to stand at the end of the bench to help her. Well in reality, they wanted to gaze at her engorged lady lips. Even Jon whose had the privilege to see his wife naked hundreds of times, and has partaken in the pleasure she can bestow on a man. He looked at his wife in a new light. “She has become a hot wife overnight!” Jon thought, with pride.

Jon was proud that Carol was nude for Walter but asked. “Carol, would you want Walter or me to spot for you?”

“I think I need both of you to spot for me.” She answered, as she didn’t want to have either of her admirers upset with her, if she picked one over the other. Carol was afraid to hurt, either men’s ego.

As she trained with the weights, she tried to converse with the men. She couldn’t keep a straight face, the men babbled on, like idiots as she pumped the weights. “It seems to me you guys have never seen a pussy before the way you’re acting.” She laughed.

“Well, I have never seen a pussy, while a woman is pressing weights.” Walter said, with glee. “You are a beautiful sight to behold, Carol, as you weight train.” He continued with reverence.

“Carol, as you press the weights your pussy looks like it is inviting us to cum in you.” Jon explained, with a play on words.

“Maybe latter, that could happen Jon.” Carol giggled, as Walter looked on with a look of yearning.

The front doorbell rang, after Carol finished with the weight training, but still sat with her legs spread, as the two men looked on. She did this for the benefit of her admirers. As they conversed about daily issues that were dear to all present.

“That must be our food order. I will go up and get it. I will bring it down here we can eat dinner on the bar.” Walter stated.

Carol had other ideas. “Have you ever seen the videos of naked women answering the door when the pizza delivery guys comes to deliver the food?”

“Yeesss Carol.” Jon, stated cautiously.

“Well I want to do that and will drop the money, turn around, and let him see that I am really a woman.” Carol laughed.

“What if the guy knows you, Carol?” Walter asked in amazement. “He could spread it all around that he saw you naked.”

“Who would believe him Walter. They would think he is on crack if he spreads around the rumor that this conservative lady answered the door nude. In fact, I am not even at my house. They will figure I have a twin.” She laughed as she walked up the stairs and to the front door. “You have the money and my nudity will be the tip.” She stated gayly.

“Are we ready guys?” Carol asked as she opened the door.

A young man about twenty had his head down. He looked at a slip in his hand “Are you Wal—–” He looked up to see a naked lady. “Oh, I am sorry!” The embarrassed young man said and turned his back to Carol.

“I don’t get it!” Carol stated to the young man.

“You don’t get what Mam?” The young man turned back but try as he might, he couldn’t keep his eyes off the beautiful mature naked woman.

“I am bare assed and your embarrassed!” She giggled and Carol continued. “If I didn’t want you to see me nude I would have one of the men answer the door.” She stated with a laugh. “How much do we owe you?” She asked.

“Fifty-seven dollars and twenty-seven cents.” The young man stammered.

Walter brought over the money to Carol, and she dropped the money on the floor. “Oops, I am a Clutts.” She said as she turned her back to the stunned young man, spread her legs, and bent at her waist to give him an unobstructed view of her pussy and Hershey highway. She picked up the cash, straightened up, turned, and looked at her young victim. “Here is the money and I gave you the tip, but it looks like you have a rather generous tip in your pants young man. Oh, did I do that to you?” She asked with an innocent expression on her face. “It took me many years, but I finally realized men are easy, show them a little pussy and they are yours” Carol thought with a giggle as she collected their dinner from the young man.

“This has never happened to me before.” The young Doordash delivery man mused, as he watched the nude older woman walk away.

Jon could see the incredulous expression on the young bursa escort bayan man’s face and questioned. “I hope my wife didn’t cause any permanent damage to your young mind?”

“Oh no it has been the highlight of my doordash career, so far. It makes me realize that older women are very sexy.” The young man answered with a blush.

“I was surprised also tonight by my friend’s wife antics.” Walter added his two cents to the conversation.

As if the young delivery man was hit by lightning. “Wait a minute!” The young man looked at Jon. “You let your wife walk around nude in front of your friend?” He asked incredulously.

At this point Carol chimed in. “Actually, I was the one who suggested I needed to do some physical training and Walt has a gym in his basement. I didn’t have my workout clothes, so I decided to work out in the nude because I didn’t want to ruin the clothes I had on.” She explained with a smile, as if a nude workout was the only way without her workout clothes.

Jon looked at the young man and added. “See what you have to look forward to.”

Totally confused the young man looked at the three as Carol stood between the two men and each of the men had their arms around the nude woman. His only comment was as he turned to leave. “You all have fun now!” And walked out of the door.

Carol went to the door and waited until he turned to enter his vehicle and waved to him before she shut the door. “Do you think the tip we gave him was enough?” She asked with glee.

“It looked like he pitched a tent in his pants.” Jon laughed as the group brought their dinner down to the family room to eat.

As the three ate Walter wanted to obtain more information on Carol’s sudden swing into nudity. “Jon with your permission I would like to understand what caused Carol’s decision to become a nudist.”

As the three friends had their dinner, Carol explained. “It was all because the doctor I go to didn’t take our insurance.” She then continued to explain the particulars of her decision.

“And Jon you are okay with Carol’s decision to expose herself to the medical personnel, and be intimately examined?” Walt asked, in amazement that Carol was not coerced into this line of work.

“As long as I go with her yes, she can do this and the pay is excellent also.” Jon explained.

“Now I get it! Carol you’re doing it for the money and Jon you’re letting her for your voyeuristic pleasure.”

“Something like that!” Both Carol and Jon stated.

“Oookkkaaayyy then, moving on! Walt stated in surprise of what he learned about his longtime friends.

The group finished their dinner in light banter. As Walt picked up the remnants of dinner Carol asked. “Would you like some help?”

“No, I got it.” Walt stated as he brought everything upstairs and out of hearing range.

Carol approached her husband grabbed his pecker through his pants and whispered. “Do you think I should get some practice being a medical model and let Walt examine me?” She asked and got her answer when Jon’s pecker twitched and became harder at her comment.

“Yes, I think that would be a great gesture as he let you use his gym equipment and bought dinner.” He said with a moan as Jon was ready to cum in his pants his wife has become so sensual in the past few days.

When Walt finished cleanup Carol Asked. “Walt, would you want to help me? Dr. Benson told me I have to become comfortable with people touching me intimately. I would like you to examine me.”

“You want me to give you an intimate exam?” Walt asked in disbelief. He then asked. “Jon I don’t want to lose you as a friend. Is it okay with you if I do this for Carol?” Walter asked with a look of astonishment on his face that was priceless.

“I was there the doctor stated she needed to become used to breast exams and manual penetration of her vagina, that is one of the prerequisites to become a good medical model. I would rather see you give Carol practice exams than someone that we don’t know.” Jon indicated.

When Walt received the green light from Jon he asked. “What next? How do you want to do this Carol?”

“Well why don’t we start with the breast exam.” Carol stated. She stood and Walt walked up to her and started to massage’ her breasts one hand on each as he tried to excite her.

“That is not the way a doctor examines a breast.” Carol admonished. “You need to use circular motions, to feel for any lumps or bumps.” She explained, as she watched the video she received from the Doctor a few times.

“Is this the way to examine a breast?” Walter asked, as he realized this was important to women’s health, and not playtime for him.

After a half hour of breast manipulation, Carol said. “That is more like it Walt, you did it very well finally. Now we can move forward, to the vaginal exam, and then the rectal.” She announced, in an embarrassed tone of voice. “Do you have a towel we can put on that chair?” Carol asked, as she pointed to a padded living escort bursa room chair, with arms.

“Yes, I have one we can put on the chair.” Walt stated, as he went to the bathroom to retrieve it. He put it on the chair and waited for further instructions.

“Both of you get the hassocks, put one on each side of the chair. Walt, get that stool in the corner to sit on, put it between the hassocks, so you can examine me.” Carol directed the two men.

With preparations complete.

“Well guys, I guess it is annihilation time. My modesty will be gone forever in a few minutes.” Carol lamented, as she sat on the chair, moved her bottom to the end of the chair, and laid back on the cushions, in the chair. She spread her legs wide, to expose her labia to the two men, and put her feet on the two hassocks. She had a moment of regret, but she looked at the joyous expressions on the two men’s faces, and the dark thought left her mind.

“Walt, sit on the stool. Jon, stand in back of Walt and watch as I explain the procedure. Walt put your middle finger into my vagina.

“Like this?” Walter asked.

“Yes, now take your other hand and push down on the side my stomach.” Carol said breathlessly.

“Like this?”

“Yes, now can you feel my ovaries?” She asked in pleasure.

“I feel something there.”

“That is my ovary, there is one on the other side also. Can you feel that one?” Carol moaned as Walter pumped his fingers in the excited woman’s pussy.

“Yes, I can.” Walter said with satisfaction.

Jon was in reach. Carol grabbed her husband by his clothed pecker, pulled him to her as she got up on her knees on the side of the chair. She struggled to uncover his pecker to the shock of both men. Carol pushed her husband’s pants, undergarments included, down to the floor. and stuffed his erection in her mouth. Without any thought of consequences, Carol took her husbands pecker out of her mouth and said. “What are you waiting for Walt, I have another hole you can fill to put the fire out in my box.” This caused Jon’s cock to twitch in Carol’s hand, so she knew there wouldn’t be any negative reaction to her last statement.

The rectal exam was forgotten!

This was the first time that Carol has been airtighted and she liked it. The group only took about three minutes to have the ultimate orgasm. The screams could be heard throughout the neighborhood, if the windows were opened.

Carol was comatose, her orgasm was so powerful. After both men removed the remainder of their clothes. Jon lovingly picked up his wife and brought her to the couch to lay across his lap. He motioned for Walter to come over and sit next to them. She was face down and Jon rubbed her bottom and pussy. Carol’s face was in Walter’s naked crotch. Without the slightest hesitation, she took his member in her mouth. She tasted her excitement on his member, and this spurned her on. Carol swallowed Waters member, until she gagged, she was so excited. Jon was pleased to see his wife service his best friend. The fantasy to see his wife with another guy was realized! The best part of the fantasy was the other guy was his best friend.

Jon was amazed, he had his whole hand in his wife. She had spread for him, and he was now fist fucking her, something that he never even thought to do before tonight. The moans from Carol became more urgent, as she came closer to her orgasm. Walter was on the verge of an orgasm also. Before long he will paint the woman’s throat with his cum. The two orgasms came in unison, their vocal pleasures bounced off the walls.

“AHHHHHHHH, that is the best blowjob I have ever had!” Walt exclaimed.

“Um, gurgle hhhhhuuuummm!” Was all Carol could say with a mouth full of cum that spurted from Walter’s pecker.

Then it was all quiet. The only sound heard, was the squish of Jon’s fingers as he moved them slowly in and out of his wife’s pussy.

She recovered, in due time to find her husband with what looked like a painful boner. “I think I need to fix that for you.” As she jumped astride her husband’s lap reverse cowgirl style. She reached back for her husband’s hands and put them on her boobs. “I need to have by boobie’s played with, while I ride.” She stated with excitement.

Jon held off his orgasm as long as he could, to try to bring off his wife at the same time. He shot his wad deep into his wife’s pussy. Jon painted his wife’s cervix with his cum, and this brought about his wife’s orgasm.

“Ah you are amazing!” Jon screamed.

“You hosed me down to cool my hot box.” Carol moaned.

Walter sat there and took in the unbelievable sight of a couple in the throes of an orgasm in front of him. He has never witnessed the sex act in person before. “The sights and smells of sex are amazing!” He thought, as he unconsciously rubbed his pecker.

When the couple came down from their after sex high, they looked over to see their friend with his boner in his hand. Carol was the first to speak. “We are so sorry we got carried away and left you out.” She said embarrassed because their sex act was witnessed by Walt.

“That was the best show I have ever witnessed, you two are stunning.” Walter said with admiration. “I wish I had a wife as awesome as you, Carol. Jon, you are a lucky man.”

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