Carol’s Story

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


It was a beautiful day Carol could not believe her good fortune. She was 45 years old, with 2 girls ages 18 and 20. Living in this beautiful house and neighborhood, newly married to a wonderful doctor named Howard Williams, who has 2 sons aged 19 and 21. The boys are kind of wild one is just graduating from community college and the other is going into his second year; Howard has talked to them very often about their behavior. It seems to be working because the boys are very polite to her daughters and Carol lately. They have been married 3 months and it has been great.

The doctor came home and Carol had dinner ready for him, they were alone, the boys were at the boys club and the girls were at their friends for the night. Howard was deep in thought.

Carol said. “What is the problem?”

“Well nothing really it is the boys, they have been asking me a lot of questions about girls.” Said Howard the questions they were asking are they wanted to see their stepmother and stepsisters nude.

“Yes and how can I help?” said Carol.

“Well!” he hesitated and said. “No I can’t ask you, never mind.”

“What is it Howard?” Said Carol.

“Well, Carol, I was thinking maybe you and your daughters can help me with their education. They say they want to be doctors.” Said Howard,

“OK,” Carol said. “How can we help your sons become doctors?”

“I would like you and the girls consent to let my son’s examine the three of you.” Blurted Howard.

“WHAT!” Said Carol surprised. “Are you out of your mind?”

Then Howard told Carol why the boys have been so good to them, because the doctor told the boys if they treated the ladies with respect he would ask Carol if they could examine her.

“No way” said Carol, “I will not let the boys examine my girls or myself and that is final.”

Howard said. “Carol, I have a proposal for you. You and the girls let my boys examine all of you when I am around to supervise and I will foot the college bill for the girls any college they want to go to.”

Carol thought about this as she signed a prenuptial agreement that she would have to find the money for the girl’s college and have no access to anything from his estate it will all go to his sons.

“Furthermore, I will place three hundred thousand dollars worth of stocks in your name as you signed off on the stocks also.” Said Howard smiling,

Carol was considering the offer thinking. Well, the girls would have a good education and she will have some retirement money.

She told him. “I will think about it as long as you put 700,000.00 dollars in stock options and 300,000.00 dollars cash my name.” The subject was dropped for the time being.

Nothing else was said about it for about a month. Anne the oldest of Carol’s daughters came home with the scholarship applications for college finishing her two year college and Amy just graduated high school, so she was applying for scholarship also. They were talking about the loans; the girls wished Mom could pay for their schooling. Carol overheard them talking about their education when she thought about the proposition that Howard gave her.

She thought. “Why not run it by the girls?”

The girls came to talk with their mother. “Ma can’t you pay for schooling for us or ask the Doctor for the money.”

“Well girls the Doctor already said to me that he will pay for your schooling, but you have to help with his sons education.” Said Carol.

“Can we go to any school we want to?” said the girls in unison.

“Yes.” Said Carol,

“How can we help them?” Said her daughters.

“Howard wants us to let the boys examine us while he supervises.” Said Carol Blushing slightly.

“WHAT!” Said the girls, “That would be humiliating to have to do that. No way would we let the our step brothers Muğla Escort see us naked.”

“Well girls it is that or start to fill out the forms because there is no way that we will be able to afford your college education without a grant.” Said Carol.

The girls filled out the scholarship forms. After another month the applications came back and the older girl got half the money and the younger was refused altogether. The only options for the young ladies are go to work to pay for college and take out loans or be teaching associates for their step brothers.

The girls went to their mother and asked. “What do we have to do and how often to get our college paid for? Said Amy.

Howard knew it was just a matter of time before the ladies would be coming to see him. Now the three women were seated in the den asking him what was involved. The boys have not come home yet.

Carol stated, but knowing the answer already. “How do you want us to help you with the training of the boys?”

Doctor told them. “Each of you would receive examines and let the boys explore your bodies.”

“What if I let the boys examine me only?” Blushed Carol trying to eliminate her daughters the humiliation of being examined by their step brothers.

“I want my sons to see the difference in the female form between older and younger women that is why I want all of you to participate in the program.” Said the Doctor which was not entirely true,

“How many times will we have to be examined?” Asked the older Daughter,

“As many times as you’re asked and I or your mother is available to supervise the exams a schedule will be set up and each examined in turn.” Said the Doctor.

“My sons cannot ask for only one of you ladies to be examined all the time. We will make a list and rotate the names OK?” Said the Doctor.

Resigned to the fact that they would have to expose themselves to the boys to get a free college education they said. “OK.”

With the negotiations completed and Howard accepting Carols counter proposal he proceeded to prepare a room in the basement as an exam room. He had a partition built with a door on it and then had an old exam table from his office brought down to the room with the cabinets. He filled the cabinets with some equipment needed for exams. Carol was watching all this over the last few weeks and now she went to the room and shuttered as she looked at the exam table in the middle of the floor with the stirrups on it. The girls came home and went down there with their mother. The girls never had a full GYN exam and asked Carol a few question. They were not looking forward to this exam at all.

That night the family was all together and Howard announced. “The exam room is complete the only thing we have to do presently is set up the list. How should we do this?”

The older girl resigned herself to the fact that her step brothers will be seeing her naked if she wanted to go to college said. “Why not put our names in a hat and pick them. The one that is picked last goes first?”

They all agreed. It turns out that the youngest girl’s name was the last in the hat.

She turned white, and looked at her mother saying, “MOM, I have never been to a doctor that will check down here.” With tears in her eyes blushing bright red pointing and to her pubic area,

“I know dear. How about if I go first and the girls can watch then they will know what to do?” Said Carol,

“Great!” Said Howard,

The list was posted Carol first, then Amy and finally Anne. Saturday morning they would start.

It was a nerve racking few days for Carol but the doctor’s sons were excited as they have been mentally to undressing the 3 women that recently came into their lives.

Carol woke Saturday morning and took a shower paying close attention to her pubic area. Howard came in as she was getting out Muğla Escort Bayan of the shower.

“I noticed your pubic hair is very thick. I need to shave you so that your pubic area is totally exposed to see everything better.” He said,

Blushing Carol Put one foot on the side of the tub and let her husband inspect her private parts.

After what was the most embarrassing few minutes of her life the doctor said to her. “Go into the bedroom and I will bring in the scissors and shaver.”

“Howard please let me keep my pubic hair.” Carol said near tears.

Howard has been trying to get Carol to shave her vaginal area since they have been married now he found a way to do this saying. “I need to have my sons get an unobstructed view of your pubic area.”

With her head bowed in humiliation Carol walked naked to the bed and laid down to await the next part of her humiliation having her pubic area naked and very exposed to her step sons. She was hoping that her pubic hair would afford her a little modesty, but Howard will not allow it.

Coming into the bedroom Howard said. “Why don’t you get dressed we will take care of your trim later.”

Carol did not bother to dress. She went to the kitchen to fix breakfast in the short nightie she wore to bed the preceding night, it was almost see through and she did not bother with the panties or a cover up either. Amy and Anne were embarrassed with their mothers outfit, the boys and Howard where overjoyed at Carol’s outfit. She made breakfast for everyone, and cleaned up the kitchen.

Having completed the clean up of the kitchen with help from everyone Carol said to Howard and the boys. “Let’s go get this over with, please!”

They all went to the basement exam room “Do you have an exam gown for us?” Asked Carol hoping for a yes,

“I could give you a gown, but you will have to take if off because I want the boys to see you totally naked.” Said Howard with a smile.

Looking over at the boys they were dancing from one foot to the other they were so excited at the coming unveiling. Carol knew that this was a ploy and their only reason for this exercise is so they could get a good look at her naked body and that of her daughters, but her husband held all the cards, so she will have to appease the men of the house.

With all her willpower she dropped her nightie and got on the exam table. Carol sat on the edge of the table keeping her legs together and putting one arm across her breast. Being that she had large breast her arm did not cover them completely.

Howard told her to put her feet in the stirrups. She complied knowing that her daughters and stepsons will see more of her body than they should. Before continuing Howard waited for the two boys to get over their embarrassment at seeing their stepmother naked. The boys could not believe how beautiful their step- mother was and how wet her pussy was.

The girls got embarrassed because they knew that when it was their turn to be examined they will be completely exposed to their step-father and step- brothers.

Howard had the scissors, shaver and Shaving cream. He started by cutting Carols beautiful Red pubic bush. Then he applied the shaving cream and continued until she had a little hair on her pubic bone in the form of a landing strip. In her minds eye Carol could picture herself as she was when she was about 8 years old. She was humiliated beyond belief because she did not like the looks of her womanhood. Her pussy lips were too large and hanging down now with her hair gone they will be more pronounced. Howard put his fingers in her pussy to stretch her lips to shave them thoroughly. This was exciting Carol she was very wet and on the verge of Cuming.

When Howard started to cut their mothers pubic hair the two girls were stunned. “Are we going to have our area down there shaved also?” Anne Escort Muğla said not really wanting to know the answer.

Howard said. “We will see when it is your turns.”

This relieved the girls for the time being hoping against hope that their pubic area is sparse enough to afford a good view of their labia when it is their time to be examined. Both girls felt sorry for their mother, but knowing that they will be in that humiliating position within the next couple of weeks.

After Howard finished shaving Carol he pushed to stirrups as far apart as they would go and had the boys and girls get around his wife to start to explain the female genitalia. Carol was getting so excited that she could feel moisture running down between her legs. She was hoping that the boys or her daughters did not see this.

The boys examined Carol’s breasts and spent a lot of time examining her flower of life. So much so that they gave their step mother an enormous orgasm she almost passed out. This embarrassed Carol she did not want to have her daughters and stepsons see her have an orgasm let alone having her stepson being the ones that gave her the orgasm.

They had to wait for their stepmother to compose herself before they could give her a rectal exam. Carol got on her knees and spread her legs wide. The girls could not believe how exposed their mother was and their turns were coming up.

After the Saturday exam Carol did not dress for breakfast anymore she came down in her nightie. Walked around the house in just a tee shirt sometimes no panties, even when the boys were around.

Today she was on the couch talking to the older boy and she noticed him looking at her pubic area so she spread her legs more, so he could see her. She was getting very wet doing this. She was not wearing any panties anymore with short skirts and no bra around the house.

It was the following Saturday and the youngest girl’s turn to be examined. She called to her mother and told her she thinks she is going to be sick. Well dear then good reason to go to the doctors. Carol told the girl to go take a shower and put on a long button down blouse and then come down to the basement.

She did as she was told coming down to the basement where the rest of the family was waiting for her. Howard helped her on the table and she was helped into the stirrups by him. They let her keep the top on for the time beings. They examined her pubic area first to see if she had to be shaved. It was decided that her pubic area hair was light enough so that she did not have to be shaved. The boys were shown her hymen. The doctor was surprised that she was still a virgin as it still is in tack. The doctor told his sons to be careful when examining her not to break it. Carol was next to her daughter rubbing her head. The poor girl was very embarrassed. Now they unbuttoned her top and started examining her breasts. It did not take long for the youngest daughter’s exam to be over they didn’t even give her a rectal exam.

The following week the oldest daughter was examined in the same way she was not a virgin. The doctor gave her a prescription for birth control pills. All the woman of the house became very comfortable naked. All the ladies were undressed and walking around the house naked most of the times presently. The boys were very good to their step sisters and step mother this went on until the girls left for school. Carol was the only one that got the exams presently on the days that her stepsons came home from college now that the girls were in an Ivy League college away from home.

Carol with her husband’s consent is naked most of the time at home. She puts on a button down dress when the boys bring home their friends. She sits in the chairs in front of them knowing they are looking at her pussy. Carol was enjoying herself immensely these days being a mature woman that is loved. Now the girls come home during vacations, so their step brothers can brush up on the female anatomy with them as models also.

Carol and Howard are very happy with their life as are all the young people of the house.

This story is fiction but could be true story in some families.

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