Case of Frustrated Analyst Ch. 03

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Three? What Seems to Be the Problem?

Life went on as usual for weeks. Every other night or so Alicia and I would have loving but perfunctory fucks. A little sucking and pussy fucking. Sometimes a finger would slide up her asshole. It was typical married life sex, a little better than most, but, for us, just keeping our hands in and our love alive.

A week or two would go by and we would have a special session. Once in a while I got that third come, scraping her ass walls raw and stretching her sphincter until it was loose on my shaft. Alicia had multiple orgasms during those long sessions and had long ago told me that the pleasure was worth a little pain. In those moments I approached the frenzy I had felt in that tight blonde butt. All in all things were fine.

Oddly enough it was those almost moments that finally started getting to me. I made no attempt to find the young girl again. No one else had caught my attention and I was sure that it had been a one shot deal for me. I’d lived my fantasy and that was a whole lot more than most people ever got. Every time I came close to complete abandon in my wife’s ass I held back. She was my love and I would not go beyond the point where my pleasure would damage her love for me. Yet, my desire for that place of anal abandon grew in me like a cancer and I wondered if I could heal.

Some months later I was in a strange town on business. I had to lay over on the weekend. Saturday I spent shopping for a few things. I got Alicia a present at a sex shop that I thought would give us both a tingle. That night I had dinner, called Alicia, and went to bed.

I spent a restless night. Snatches of pink pussyed, red puckered sex came at me through a fog of desire. I awoke with a massive hard on around two in the morning. For the first time in years I jacked off. Rubbing at the head of my dick with my thumb, sliding up and down the shaft lightly. Grabbing hard and pumping it into my fist. All the time going over every detail of that afternoon of anal rape and delight. When I finally came all over the sheets I knew I was not going to rid myself of the aching need eating at me. Cleaning off the sheets and hoping they would dry before the maid found them in the morning I went back to sleep.

I woke up late and had a bit of breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Back in my room I worked on the business I needed to conduct the next day, but my mind wasn’t on it. I was only killing time, fighting boredom. With no thought of any destination I got in my car early in the afternoon and quickly got lost in this unfamiliar city.

After about an hour I was in a seedy part of town and every once in a while I would see a woman walking down the street or standing in a doorway. They were obviously hookers and I teased myself by cruising around. None of them really did anything for me. But circumstances kind of got to me and last night began to pull at me. I saw a girl with a pretty decent ass and from a distance she looked fair enough. She gave me a look and I pulled up around the corner. As she got closer she looked pretty haggard, but her ass still swung and ground around inside her red hot pants. She got in the car and asked me if I wanted a date. I said maybe. She asked me what I had in mind. I felt shy about coming right out and saying that I wanted to rape her asshole, so I asked her what she did. She said she would suck for $20.00, fuck for $30.00 and do both for $40.00. I asked her if she ever took it up the ass. She gave me a disgusted look and said no. I told her I was sorry but I wasn’t interested. She got out and I drove on.

Now I was really horny. I tried a couple of other average looking whores with no success. A good ass is hard to find. I was getting frustrated and thinking of giving it up when I looked up into the parking lot of a closed car wash. She was medium height, thin, with short dark brown hair. I pulled into a wash bay and she came up to the front of the car and around to the passenger side. She had a passable face, not too weary looking, small tits, and her hip bones showed through the tight blue jeans. She opened the door and slid in. Her ass was thin but just rounded enough to be a turn on. We went through the routine and she wasn’t any more pleased about buttfucking than the rest of them. At this point I didn’t care. We settled on a suck and fuck for $30.00. I drove to her motel room.

We stripped down. She had a ZIGZAG tattoo on her left shoulder. Her tits were small and firm with stand up nipples. She had light brown pussy hair. Her stomach was flat and her hips were bony but graceful. I sat on the bed and she got down on her knees in front of me. She stroked my dick to get it hard, then reached out with her tongue and licked it all over. Slowly she took my dick inside her mouth. The warm, wet feel was great as she got right down to business. Sucking hard and running her mouth up and down my dick, this was all business to her. When I was close to coming I reached out to stop her and took my dick illegal bahis out from between her wet lips. She was disappointed. If I had come in her mouth she wouldn’t have to fuck me. I was going to get my money’s worth.

She lay down on the bed beside me with her legs dangling over the side. I slowly got to my feet, letting the come feel subside. She was giving me hurry up and get it over with signs. I started to get peeved at her attitude. I didn’t know that it was pretty standard for a street hooker. I got between her legs and she reached down and guided my dick into her barely wet pussy. I took my time and worked into her. After getting all the way in, with our hip bones grinding together, I rested a bit. She was telling me to get a move on. So I started to stroke. I pounded into her hard and fast. Her juice started flowing even though she was indifferent to any sensation I might have given her. I wasn’t really getting much out of this and I was nowhere near coming.

She asked me what the problem was and, in a fit of inspiration, I said that I really didn’t like doing it face to face. I asked her to get on her knees and let me take her from the rear. She grimaced but said she would do anything to get this over with. I pulled out of her slick cunt and stood up as she rolled onto her knees with her head resting on her forearms. Her legs spread out and her cheeks split apart and I knew that this was what I needed. With just enough padding in her cheeks to keep a good pounding from being painful I was looking at the perfect shape for ultimate penetration. Controlling my excitement I moved up behind her and rammed my dick home in her gaping pussy. This was more like it. The view, the added pressure of the position, the feel of her ass cheeks in my hands and I was pumping.

It was a short time later that the cum spurted deep into her hot cunt and spilled out past her plump lips to land on the bed. I kept stroking, milking the last drop out and then stroked a little more. I had an idea and was working up the nerve to do it.

She was making restless moves again, knowing that I had shot my load and our bargain was fulfilled. But I wasn’t fulfilled. Not only was that fuck pretty unsatisfactory but her attitude made me want to shock a little life into her. I believe in pleasure for everybody, even a street girl. Without hesitation I made my move. I grabbed her hips, pulled my still hard dick out of her hot cunt, grabbed it with one hand and plowed the tip into her butthole.

She screamed like a banshee and I was afraid the door would come busting in the way I had just busted in her tight puckered hole. I was slick with her juice. Giving her no time to react I grabbed her hip with the hand that held my dick and shoved with all my might. In one stroke I was wedged deep up her hot spasming bowels. She was gasping with shock and pain. I threw my weight forward, collapsing her body full length on the bed and getting even deeper into her squirming butt. She tried to buck me off, grabbing back at me with her hands. I got a hold on her wrists and dragged her hands under her, pulling them down until her arms were straight. While she kept up her fight to dislodge me she was no longer yelling. I lifted my ass into the air, keeping my weight on her back and locking her legs with mine. My hard dick slid back out to the tip and I eased it back in a little, then out a little.

Letting her get used to the feel of me, giving her time for the pain to ease, I kept her down while probing her asshole firmly enough to let her know I meant business. When her sphincter muscles began to relax I shoved my pecker deeper into her and I felt her move up to meet me a little. I was sure this woman had been dicked up her ass before. The shock of my rape was wearing off and she was adjusting to the situation. Knowing that it was only a matter of time before she would be a willing participant, I kept a smooth, steady stroke in her tunnel. I kept hold of her wrists as I slowly lifted up on her stomach so that she rose up to her knees with me still bent over her back. I wanted to see my hard, hot splitter working that tight ass, but I wasn’t ready to trust her not to get away.

I worked my prick in short, hard jabs that only took me a couple of inches out of her ass. She grunted and moved back to meet me. Her sweat slicked cheeks rubbed on my legs. I raised up on my feet still keeping my chest pressed into her back, ready to drop back with my full weight at the first sign of trouble. Suddenly she jerked her hands free, but instead of starting the fight again, I was pleased to see that she put her left arm up by her head and her right hand found her cunt. I could feel her playing with her clit as she slid two fingers into her cunt. My dick was hanging almost straight down while the hole I was stroking was aimed at the wall where it met the ceiling. The angle was really spreading her hole wide and scraping the bottom of my dickhead against the membrane between her cunt and asshole. Her fingers illegal bahis siteleri were rubbing my dick through the skin, so I stopped pumping while she kept her fingers working at her cunt, tickling my dick as they went in and out. I was ready to see what I was doing so I straightened up and stood upright behind her. The sight drew a long, shuddering sigh of contentment from me.

My dick crammed into her tight butthole and at the sound of my pleasure she moved her ass in slow circles. My excitement must have gotten to her because she asked me how it looked. She had started breathing hard, moaning with my thrusts and her fingers playing at her cunt. I told her it was beautiful and then pulled my dick all the way out so that her hole closed with a snap. She shuddered, crying out, and I put the tip of my bung buster back against her tight pucker and gave one fast thrust. Her hole opened like the shutter of a camera and I scraped the whole length past her sphincter ring and slammed hard against her stretched cheeks. Not waiting I pulled out even faster, all the way, then slammed her anus again.

She was working her clit and the smell of pussy juice was filling the tiny room. Again and again I dragged all the way out and slammed deep into her bowels in one stroke. Long after I figured she couldn’t take any more of that fierce pounding she reached back and grabbed my balls. I stopped short, buried so deep in her asshole some of my cock hair had gotten dragged into her along with my dick and I could feel the rough scrape of it on my overly sensitive skin.

With my balls in her hand I was really hoping that she wasn’t about to take revenge for my forcible rape of her bunghole. She took one of my big balls in her hand and gently rubbed it between her cunt lips. My scrotal sack was getting stretched out of shape but the slight pain was nothing compared to the pleasure. She rubbed some more and gently scraped her finger nails along the skin between my balls and my asshole. I was quivering, buried in her ass. Slowly I withdrew. Resting my dick head against her pulsing asshole I reached down and took my ball in my fingers, bringing it up to her cunt lips and sliding it between them.

Letting my dick slide up so that it rested against her crack, I worked my ball into her pussy. It hurt. She had a pretty tight box. She relaxed her cunt muscles making it easier to get my nut up her. Suddenly it popped past her inner cunt lips. She clamped down and I almost screamed with the pain. I bore down and the pain eased. She was rocking her ass back and forth, squeezing lightly on my ball. I reached down to my dick that was sliding around in her ass crack.

She didn’t have enough flesh on her to squeeze together, so my pole wasn’t getting much action. With all my concentration on getting my nut into her cunt my prick had lost some of it’s stiffness. Taking ahold of it toward the head I arched back to get some distance between me and her asshole without dislodging the ball in her pussy. I bent my semi?hard dick so that the tip pressed against her bunghole and started to work it in. With my nut in her that tunnel had closed up almost too tight to penetrate. Also the pressure on my nut was going to be pretty painful. I figured that some things were worth a little hurt and having given her as much pain as I had in pursuit of kicks, I was willing to let her get some thrills at my expense. I gritted my teeth and shoved. Her asshole stretched wider as the bend in my dick started into her. My ball was in agony and my dick wasn’t to happy about being bent like that. All of a sudden everything kind of lined up and the next thing I knew my dick was hard and tightly lodged in her anus. She was shuddering from the double fucking she was getting and I was shuddering from the pain in my nut.

I couldn’t move back and forth much so I twisted my hips, reaming her hole. I pulled back enough to get a couple of fingers around my dick and twisted it around as far as it would go, circling around in her. She was clenching and unclenching her ass muscles, milking my dick. Her anus was hot and slick with juice. Some of it was a brown watery stuff that added it’s own unique odor to the musky air. All of it just fed my desire. The nastier the better. I had to feel her ass walls stroking my dick. I held my breath and jerked backwards. My nut popped out of her cunt with a sharp pain that quickly settled to a dull ache. My dick flew out of bunghole, scattering that brown juice on her ass cheeks and dribbling onto the bed. I asked her if she wanted to see my big rammer pumping into her butt.

There was a mirror above a dressing table pretty close to the side of the bed. I sat on the bed and brought her around in front of me facing the mirror. My dick was bouncing with the thought of spurting in her. I bent her over so that she was leaning against the dressing table with her head on her arms. I began to finger her cunt. I put in another finger and another until all four fingers were sluicing in and canlı bahis siteleri out of her pussy. I bent my hand so that it made a cone shape of the fingers with my thumb inside them. I worked my hand deeper into her stretched out cunt. She was sobbing and rocking with pain but when I asked if she wanted me to stop she moaned a long, shuddering no.

My hand was in up to the third knuckles and straining at her cunt lips. Slowly I drew my fingers up into a fist inside her steaming hole and her cunt walls wrapped tight around every angle and curve like a surgical glove. With a sharp push I was up to my wrist. She screamed and drove herself back on my hand. I twisted my fist around in her and the rubbery lips wrapped around my wrist pulled the hair. She shook and rocked with the force of her orgasm. I was lightly stroking my hard dick to keep it up, but the pure sensual excitement of what we were doing was making it hard to keep from coming. I told her to brace herself and started to pull back on my hand. She lunged forward with her hips and my fist flew out.

Her cunt was so stretched out that I could get three fingers in her without touching. I stood up and ran my dick around inside her cunt, caressing the walls until they relaxed and got some of the elasticity back. Bit by bit she tightened up on my dick and I stroked her gently for a while.

I pulled out of her pussy and sat back on the bed, contemplating the dripping cunt and oozing asshole in front of me. I thought to myself that what was good for the cunt was good for the crapper. I put a finger in her ready asshole and quickly followed with another one. I asked her how many she thought she could take and she said to try and find out. The third finger went in and I spent some time reaming them in and out of her ass. The little finger slid in with the rest and she started moaning, her breath rasping in her throat. I couldn’t believe she could take anymore, but she grunted at me to keep filling her up.

I made the same cone shape as before. As I worked more of that cone into her the skin around her hole was disappearing into her cramping bunghole. Once again I worked my fingers into a fist, scraping my nails along the ass walls. She was bucking against my fist, pushing herself back as I kept up the forward pressure. Inch by inch my fist slid into that amazing hole. Soon her sphincter was wrapped tight around my wrist. She was shaking her head violently and spit flew from her slack lips.

The agony of my fist rammed deep in her was loosening her grip on reality. I stood so that my dick could reach her pussy and put the head into her cunt lips. I spurted everything I had into her. She was coming again with my fist in her ass. I eased my fist out, her whole body following as the sphincter worked to trap me. She stood straight up and thrust her hips forward as I jerked back on my arm. I jumped up behind her and bent her over. Her buttthole was gaping open so I stuck my still dripping dick in. I pulled her back to me and I could tell that she was barely aware of me.

Keeping her tight against me I sat back on the bed. She was on my lap and her ass ring miraculously tightened around my throbbing dick. We sat still for some minutes as she came back to life. Soon she turned, pivoting on my dick in her ass so she was sideways on my lap. She put a hand on the back of my neck and drew me to her waiting lips. We kissed hard, tongues scraping against each other, eyes wide open and staring into each other. She was working hard on her ass muscles, getting them back to normal after the tremendous abuse we had put them through. Soon she was milking my dick, making it throb again.

I grabbed her hips and turned her to face the mirror again. Her eyes glazed with the knowledge of what she was to see. I lay down on the bed and she lay back, resting her hands on the bed to either side of me, so that her weight was on her arms. She brought her knees up and spread her legs as far as she could. I was moving slowly in and out of her once again tight bunghole. With her feet resting on my thighs she lifted her head and looked in the mirror. I worked my dick out so that just the tip was still wedged in her hole. She gasped with delight.

She told me not to move and began moving on her own. Her ass slid down so that my dick was as far up as she could get it, then rocked against my stomach, making the friction on my pole almost unbearable. She raised her ass up and down as fast as she could while our skin got hotter and dryer with the constant rubbing. I knew that I was going to reach that peak again. She made every move her body was able to in that position. She squatted on my legs, resting her head on her knees while I held her hips and slammed her up and down on my dick She lay full out on top of me. Her head was on my chest under my chin and her legs laid the full length on mine. We didn’t move, just lay there with that hard dick burning and throbbing inside her tight, quivering ass.

I knew neither of us could take much more but we would both last long enough for that mind bending third blast. While she lay full on me I rolled her onto her stomach, staying deep in her asshole. She lay with her legs spread and that sweet ass wide open for my deepest thrusts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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