Case of Frustrated Analyst Ch. 08

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A couple of weeks went by and I was getting in the mood, so I called the roommates and made a date for that afternoon.

We went straight to the bedroom when I got there and stripped for action.

The blonde was on her knees on the floor, bent over the edge of the bed and the Oriental was straddled on either side of the blonde, laid over on Rhonda’s back. The contrast of color and size between the two sets of cunt and asshole facing me was getting me hot.

I got down on my knees behind them and put a hand to each of their sex, rubbing my palms around on cunt lips and pussy hair. The girls started to juice up and pushed back against my palms. I took my hand away from Suzy’s sweet smelling pussy and bent down to run my tongue deep into her cunt crack. I flicked her clit with the tip and stabbed deep into her hot pussy. She moaned and worked her hands under the blonde she was laying on in order to grab her tits.

I put my thumb deep into Rhonda’s pussy. She was dripping with slick juice. I pulled out my thumb and got my tongue and thumb into position. Without warning I jammed my tongue and thumb deep into the girls’ tight bungholes. The girls screamed and twisted, bucking against the intrusion while I fought to keep their holes filled. I kept my tongue jabbing into Suzy’s slick, tight hole while twisting and bending my thumb in Rhonda’s sweet, pink pucker. My dick hardened as the erotic sensations fueled my imagination and I planned the next move in the hunt for the ultimate anal satisfaction.

The two beauties under me were panting and groaning with the beginnings of orgasms as pleasure took over from pain and their assholes relaxed to receive my attentions. I jerked my tongue and thumb from their tight shitholes. They groaned and tried to hold me in, their puckers pulsing and twitching as I brought my dick to Rhonda’s rectum and rammed the entire dry length to the hilt in her ass. At the same time I jammed two fingers into the dark, tight bung of the Oriental and quickly followed them with a third. I crammed the fingers in as deep as I could while my dick pulsed and twitched with the spasms overtaking Rhonda as her bowels reacted to my raping prick.

I jerked back and pulled my rock hard dick all the way out of that sucking hole. I did the same with the three fingers in Suzy’s anus and with no hesitation stabbed my dick in where the fingers had been. The dry scraping friction of my dick in her bung intensified as she clenched her rubbery muscles tight while I pushed deeper and harder to fill her with every inch I had. I was finally in to the hilt and I bent over and lifted my right leg to the bed. I reached back and down with my right hand to Rhonda’s asshole and inserted three fingers, one after the other. She arched up and back to take them.

We rested for a moment and my dick throbbed with the tight, hot feel of asshole wrapped around it. The girls panted and their sweat rolled off onto the bed and around my dick and fingers. I pulled out of their holes to pick up some of the lube the sweat would provide then jammed deep into their tight butts again.

With the slick sweat making it easier I started to pound my hard dick as deep as it would go into the tight tunnel sheathing it. My fingers twisted and rammed deep into the pulsing hole of the blonde. I pulled out of the girls as fast as my body would move and repositioned so that my dick was lined up for penetration into Rhonda’s butt and as I rammed home I jammed two fingers into the hole my dick had just left. I followed the two fingers with a third and then started to work my little finger in too. My dick was slammed deep into the ass of the blonde and I pulled back fast until just the head was still in. Taking the base of my dick in hand I twisted it around inside her. I was starting to feel the burn and held still for a moment.

I kept my fingers churning into Suzy’s gaping butthole and stuck my thumb into her spasming cunt. She bucked and screamed and threw herself back to meet my probes. She was causing the girl under her to grunt with the weight banging on her back. I pulled out of both of them. I had them lay on their sides, back to back on the bed, and pull their legs up so that their cunts were opened up to me and their assholes Eryaman Escort were just visible. I grabbed the top leg of each of them and raised them up so that they were straight up in the air. Moving forward and leaning over I stabbed into Suzy’s cunt and rammed home a few times before pulling out and cramming my dick into Rhonda’s cunt. I slammed my hot meat home a few times then pulled out. The girls assholes were lined up at the edge of the bed and the angle to my dick was pretty extreme. I move the head of my dick up to the blonde anus and started to work it into her hole.

My dick was bending sideways with the angle and her hole was stretched out to the point of tearing. I showed no mercy to either of us as I grunted and ground my dick deeper and deeper until I reached the hilt. After resting a second I started back out and stopped halfway before slamming home again. I pulled all the way out and moved over to the Oriental and started shoving my pole into her anus the same way. It was interesting as positions go but difficult to get much action. I twisted her around with my dick still stuffed deep inside her so that she was on her knees with her crack spread wide. I started to move in and out of her tight pucker and felt the load start to build. Rhonda had gotten to her knees beside us and waited spread wide for any attention I wanted to give her. I pulled out of the Suzy’s sucking butt and moved over to ram deep into Rhonda’s pink pussy. The cum was starting to work up my dick so I pulled out and crammed it deep into Rhonda’s shithole and started to pound all the way in and pull all the way out. I gave her a few strokes then went next door to cram deep into Suzy’s back door tunnel. I went in to the hilt then jerked out to shove it deep into her cunt.

One quick thrust then I stuffed Rhonda’s cunt with a fast poke then up and into her asshole. The jiz was leaking out the tip of my rock hard prick and I stroked deeply into her as the pressure built. When the first spurt shot out to splatter into her bowels I grabbed the base of my dick and squeezed tight to keep the rest of my cum inside. I pulled out and slammed Suzy’s ass. As I reached my hand at the base I let go to slap up against her cheeks as my dick went in to the hilt and the pent up cum surged out to sear her spasming bowels. I was in ecstasy as the pressure released and still spurting I jerked out of her. One blast of cum hit the air to land on the bed between the two girls as I moved over to fill the anal tunnel of the blonde and shoot the last of my load into her.

I rested with my dick buried to the base in hot hole as the last cum oozed out the tip. As it started to soften I pulled out with a sucking sound and crawled up between the two girls to lay out on my back. They moved to take my dick in their mouths, each putting their lips lengthwise on each side of my dick so that they were kissing each other with my dick encased between them. They moved up and down in unison, using their tongues on me and working me back into a stiff state again.

Suzy wanted more ass fucking so when I was ready she straddled me facing toward my feet and lowered her hot hole down over my upthrust dick. When I was totally inside her she laid back on my chest so that the angle of penetration was giving us both the maximum friction. I brought my knees up with her feet on my thighs and jerked my ass muscles to stroke in and out of her. Rhonda got down on her knees on the floor and leaned in to start licking Suzy’s cunt. She moved down to lick at my dick as it was exposed from fucking that tight tunnel. The hot touch of her tongue on the underside of my dick as it stroked that vice grip of a hole was the best thing I had ever felt. She moved down to take my balls one at a time into her mouth and suck on them. Then she took her stiff tongue and licked at my asshole, stabbing the tip into my pulsing hole.

I held still, plugging that hot, tight anus as the blonde reamed her tongue into my asshole and lapped at the sensitive skin under my balls. She was busy finger fucking her own cunt with one hand while poking two fingers into the Oriental on top of me. The added pressure on my throbbing dick was wonderful. She Sincan Escort stabbed her stiff tongue deep into my ass and then jerked it back out. I was clenching my muscles to make my dick pulse inside Suzy’s asshole and she was getting off on the double pressure of the reaming fingers stretching her cunt and my meat crammed into her anus.

Rhonda took her tongue out of my ass and quickly stuffed her middle finger as deep as it would go into my throbbing hole. She started rubbing on the prostate and I found myself shaking with the effort of holding back my cum. The pleasure was mounting for all of us but I was not going to be able to wait for the girls as the cum boiled out of my sack to blast shot after shot into Suzy’s steamy bowels. I arched my back and howled as the finger in my ass kept rubbing at the spot that kept juice pumping until the agony was too much and I jerked forward to dislodge her probing finger. As her finger left my hole one more gob of jiz shot out the end of my engorged dick and the Oriental started to shake and scream as her own release took her over the edge. I worked my hips to thrust hard and fast into her asshole until the spasms eased and Rhonda took her hand from Suzy’s cunt.

The blonde sat between my legs and faced me with her legs spread wide under mine. She reached out to pull my still hard dick out of Suzy’s bung and stroked it to keep it up. She pulled my prick forward to rub it between her hot pussy lips and to poke it inside her juicy cunt. My dick ached from the angle and from having just cum so massively, but the cunt caressing it was too good and I not only stayed hard but got harder. She stroked me in and out a few times and groaned with the pleasure. The girl on my chest reached down to play with her own pussy and to stroke my dick where it stuck out of the blonde pink pussy of the girl facing us. I was playing with her firm buds of tits and kissing her neck. Rhonda pulled my dick from her cunt and moved her legs up over the top of ours. She arched her back and moved up to meet my dick with her dry tight bung. She pulled hard on my dick to get it started into her rectum and thrust herself hard to get more penetration. She was grunting with the effort of holding that position while stuffing my dick into her pulsing shithole. My dick was straining with the angle of entry and I reached down with one hand to grab it and cram as much into that dark tunnel as would fit.

Rhonda reached forward and found Suzy’s bung that was oozing my cum and shoved two fingers into it and twisted them around inside. Both girls were shaking with the penetration of their anal passages and I was shaking with the pulsing sensation of my dick clenched in the iron grip of Rhonda’s overheated butt. She rocked up and down and side to side with her ass so my bung splitter worked in and out putting pressure on different sides of her hole.

I was getting to the point where I wanted to take over. I grabbed Rhonda’s legs and used my feet to push against the bed. As we all slid toward the headboard I started to sit up. My prick dug deeper into Rhonda’s tight asshole and each shove with my feet pulled me out while each pull on her legs rammed me home again. When there was enough room at the end of the bed I pulled out of Rhonda’s gaping hole and pushed Suzy forward so that she landed on Rhonda’s chest with her legs still facing towards Rhonda’s head and her ass spread wide. I grabbed Rhonda’s legs and pushed them over so she could grab them and pull them down by her ears. The girls cunts and assholes were gaping open to me and I wasted no time getting my pulsing dick into a ready hole. I started with a quick thrust into Rhonda’s ass then pulled out to ram deep into Suzy’s bung. After one more thrust I took aim and plunged into Suzy’s cunt only to shove deep into Rhonda’s pink pussy. I let my dick rest in her juicy cunt and soak up some of her sweet smelling lube. When I was ready I pulled out and put the tip of my dick against Rhonda’s pink, pulsing asshole. I shoved lightly and entered just the barest bit while she arched up to try to get me deeper. I kept her held down with my weight resting on my hands on Suzy’s back.

After a few seconds I shoved Etlik Escort an inch into her pulsing pucker then pulled it right back out again. Putting my prick back up against her asshole I poked two inches into her and let it rest. I reached down and twisted my dick inside her and put my thumb into her cunt. After a few twists I let go and jerked my thumb out of her pussy and pulled my dick out of her shithole. I pulled up on Suzy so that she got to her knees with her chest still mashing down onto Rhonda’s tits. I got some pillows and lifted up on Rhonda so I could get them under her butt and increase the angle of her asshole. I put my face into Suzy’s crack and licked the length of her sweat streaked butt down into her cunt. I licked back up again to stab my tongue into her butthole. I lapped in and out of her anus for a while then dropped down to give Rhonda’s crack a lick. I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy and brought it out to flick at her clit. She was streaming juice and writhing around on the bed when I dragged my tongue down to push it deep into her asshole. I worked it in and out, keeping it as stiff as I could until the root ached with the effort.

I got up from the bed and pulled the girls around so that their butts were hanging off the edge with the pillows still under Rhonda. With no delay I shoved my hard dick deep into Rhonda’s asshole and began a long stroked, fast fuck in and out of her tight anus. I reached down to stick two fingers into Suzy’s bung and twisted them around a few times. Pulling them out I made my hand into a cone shape and started working all four fingers into her gaping butthole. She screamed and reared back against my hand as more and more of it went sliding past her overworked sphincter. Rhonda was ramming back against my hard thrusts and the three of us were all working up a massive cum. I rammed my hand in and out in time with my dick’s thrusts into Rhonda’s shithole. Harder and faster we worked at each other until the sweat was dripping and our lungs were laboring to keep us going.

I pulled my four fingers out of Suzy’s butt and my dick out of Rhonda’s butt. The girls traded places and I quickly shoved my dick in and out of Rhonda’s pussy a few times then did the same to Suzy’s. I pulled my pulsing pole out and put it against Suzy’s quivering butthole and shoved with all my might. I rammed home to the hilt and jerked back all the way out. I brought my dick up to Rhonda’s asshole and stabbed it all the way in. She cried out and pushed her ass back to me as I reamed in and out of her as fast as I could. After a few minutes I pulled out of her and pounded deep into Suzy’s eager shithole. I started a quick pound at her butt and began stuffing Rhonda’s bung with three fingers. I worked them in to the last knuckle and started reaming them in and out. With each push in my thumb slid into Rhonda’s cunt and she grunted with the penetration of both her hot, slick holes. Suzy was rocking back and forth in a rhythmic timing to my massive thrusts into her butt and I felt the cum begin it’s slow boil out of my sac into the rock hard dick that was getting harder with the tight friction from Suzy’s asshole.

Both girls were crying out with pleasure and pain as I kept an unmerciful pounding into their butts. Rhonda begged me to take my fingers from her asshole and I took out one of them to leave two reaming deep inside her. She shook with the beginning of her orgasm and Suzy grabbed her head and brought it down to start licking at her face and their lips met and their tongues intertwined with each other as Suzy started to shake with her own release. I could feel my jiz working it’s way out and I rammed as deep into Suzy’s butt as I could get. I told her to use her ass muscles on my dick and she clenched down hard on my rock hard prick. She rippled her muscles up and down the length of me, straining with effort. I started to shake with the sensation and the cum boiled out of me to splatter deep into her bowels.

I slipped out of Suzy’s spasming hole and my cum spurted into the air as I took my fingers out of Rhonda and slammed my jerking dick to the hilt in her anus. The last of my jiz leaked out as I rested in her hot hole. She used her muscles to massage my prick as it slowly became flaccid.

Without a word we disentangled and I went into the bathroom for a quick shower. I came out to find the girls sprawled across the bed, asleep in each others arms. I dressed and planted a kiss on each perfect globe before walking out. I was thinking of Alicia when I left the house and suddenly I knew that I would never come back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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