Cassie , Grandad Ch. 10

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It was still dark when Cassie awoke. Granddads arms were around her waist and his naked body hard against her back. She could feel the moisture from their lovemaking between her legs and his flaccid cock nestled between her buttocks. She had never felt so happy and content. The new bed was more comfortable than any bed she had slept in and the man snuggled up behind her was the most amazing lover she had ever had. His cock was huge and satisfied her every time he fucked her. She smiled to herself, thinking how lucky she was to have such an amazing Grandfather. One that loved her.

Slipping out from his grasp Cassie slipped on her robe and tiptoed next door into the bathroom. Looking at herself in the mirror she smiled as she let the robe slip from her shoulders. Her breasts were dimpled with small bruises where Grandad had nibbled on them the night before. As she tenderly touched them a quiver ran through her body as she recalled the lovemaking from the previous evening. Her pussy was wet, warm and inviting as she slipped her fingers between her moist lips. She smirked at her reflection as she stroked her throbbing clitoris. Thinking about Granddads cock in her pussy, filling her to over flowing she quickly came. As she shuddered she caught a glimpse of herself and couldn’t help thinking how much older than her eighteen and half years she looked. There was something mature about her, and if sexual satisfaction did that to a woman then she had her own Grandfather to thank for that.

Deciding to leave Grandad to sleep Cassie slipped a pair of shorts and a tee shirt on and went downstairs to put the coffee on. The aroma of the coffee filled the kitchen and it wasn’t long before Cassie was pouring herself a mug of the strong brew. Deciding to have it outside Cassie makes her way out to the poolside. As she sat down to soak up the early morning rays of sunshine a feeling of nausea hits her. Perspiration seems to soak her body as she leans over and vomits on the grass. As she heaves the coffee up fear grips her. She closes her eyes and wonders if perhaps the inevitable has happened. “Could I be pregnant?” she whispers to herself, as she tenderly strokes her stomach. As the nausea subsides she lies back to think back to the date of her last period.

Cassie had moved in to her Granddads five weeks ago. And they had been having sex every day, sometimes three times a day since. Cassie was on the pill, but she had forgotten to take it more than once over the past five weeks. “God, how do I explain to grandad that I am going to have his baby, his own child will also be his great grandchild”. The thought of her lovers child growing inside her suddenly gave Cassie a feeling of warmth and lust. More than anything she wanted him inside her again, she wanted to feel his seed pumping into her womb. Thinking about being pregnant was also making her feel extremely horny. Heat was building up in her pussy as she ran to the house and up the stairs to the bedroom.

Grandad was still sleeping as she stripped off her clothes and slipped back into the bed. He stirred as she reached for his cock and slowly started to pump life into it. As she felt it growing in her hand she slipped under the covers and licked the swelling head and sucked on it until it was hard and ready for fucking. Grandad moaned and rolled on to his back. Lifting Cassie up from his engorged cock he smiled.

Cassie smiled back as she lifted her pussy over his cock and slipped onto it. Her pussy was wet and inviting as she impaled torbalı escort herself on her Grandads cock. Grabbing at her tender breasts he didn’t need to wait to be told and lifted to meet her. Cassie was like a demented women as she fucked her Grandad. Wanting him more and more with each thrust she bucked up and down on his monster. It was like she couldn’t get enough of him. He was happy to oblige and gave her everything he had. Her body was covered in sweat as she rode him, and he knew she was close to coming when she reached down between her own legs and took his cock to stroke her now large clitoris. Rubbing the head of it against her clit was the most incredible feeling, for both of them. It was like big cock against small clit. The hub of her sexuality being fucked. Cassie screamed as an orgasm hit her, pushing his cock back inside her she ordered him to fuck her hard. Doing as he was told Grandad gripped her by the hips and held her to him and forced his cock deeper up into his granddaughters vibrating pussy. It was enough to push him over the edge, the tightening of her orgasming cunt on his cock made him cum hard. Cassie felt the warmth of his sperm deep in her pussy as she fell into his arms. Completely exhausted neither of them spoke as they held each other.

Stroking Cassies hair Grandad asked, “What did that to you Cassie, You were like a woman on a mission?

“I don’t know Grandad, I just wanted you to fuck me hard” she replied, wondering how she could tell him she might be pregnant. “I have to go into town this morning Grandad, may I borrow your car?”

“You are welcome to take the car anytime you need it Cassie”

“Thanks Grandad” Cassie said, kissing his chest. His nipples looked so inviting and she bent to lick and nibble on them. Cassie couldn’t understand what was happening to her but she wanted him again.

Lying back to enjoy his Granddaughters attention he felt his cock growing hard again.

“I don’t know why Cassie, but you are the horniest woman I have ever met, I love you more and more every day”.

“Just being with you Grandad makes me want you”. Cassie replied as she continued sucking on his nipple.

Without a word he rolled on top of her and slipped back into her waiting pussy. Never had he had so much energy and stamina. His sons daughter was now the love of his life and he was never going to give her up, unless she asked him to. He loved his Granddaughter more than life itself. And it was pure satisfaction every time he fucked her.

“I won’t be late Granddad, and thanks for the car” Cassie called as she slipped in the drivers seat. Backing out of the driveway, Cassie was already making plans for her afternoon. She had made a doctors appointment while Grandad was in the shower, and keeping her fingers crossed she hoped that he would be as happy as she was.

When she arrived at the doctors she was given a clipboard with a form attached. “Fill out the questions and the doctor will be with you soon” the nurse said, smiling at Cassie. “And don’t worry, Doctor North is lovely. “Thankyou” Cassie replied taking the clipboard.

It wasn’t long before Cassie was called into the doctors office. A elderly man with a nice smile ushered her in and closed to door behind her. “Good afternoon, it’s nice to meet you” he said as he indicated for her to sit down. “What can I do for you, Cassie, taking the clipboard from her.

“I think I may be pregnant, and want a check up as well.” she urla escort replied.

“I’ll get a nurse to help you prepare for an examination but you may have to wait a bit, my regular nurse is off sick and the replacement is not familiar with our procedure”. he said smiling at Cassie.

Returning his smile Cassie, said ” If you can’t trust a doctor then who can you trust, I’m happy for you to examine me if the nurse is busy.”

Getting out of his chair he went to the door and directed her into the examination room. “If you would slip out of your clothes and put this gown on I will prepare for your examination then Cassie”, he said smiling handing her a short thin cotton gown.

Cassie felt completely comfortable with the old doctor. In a lot of ways she reminded her of her Grandad. He was perhaps a few years older than Granddad but he made her comfortable. Climbing up on the table she waited for him to return. She couldn’t wait to find out for sure if she was pregnant and waited eagerly for the examination.

The doctor soon returned and brought a trolley with the equipment he needed. Handing her a glass, he said, “This will help you relax Cassie. Sometimes your first check up can be a bit uncomfortable, it will help you relax..” Doing as she was told Cassie took the glass and drank the contents at the same time telling him she was relaxed. “Just in case” he said as he stroked her thigh. Cassie could feel the effects almost immediately as he gently pushed her back on the bed.

“Now Cassie I need to feel your breasts for any lumps, he said as he untied the gown exposing her breasts. Alright”

“Mmm” was all Cassie could manage. The doctors hands gently massaged her breasts and she could see him eyeing her body openly. Her nipples hardened under his fingers as he continued flicking and squeezing them. Cassie closed her eyes and let the waves of pleasure rose in her. Without opening her eyes, she moaned as she felt the moisture of the saliva from his tongue drip on to her nipple. And the suction his lips formed as he sucked her waiting engorged nipple. “Your nipples are perfect for feeding a baby, he said as he stretched to take the second breast in his hand and nipple into his mouth” The material of his white coat rubbing roughly over her erect nipple. “No problem with inverted nipples” he smiled as he sucked harder and harder on her. What ever he had given her to drink was doing it’s job and Cassie couldn’t remember a time when she was completely relaxed and comfortable in the expert hands of the old doctor.

When he finished examining her breasts he turned to the chart and wrote his finding down. Then turning back he asked her to open her legs. Cassie could feel the warmth of her pussy and knew it was wet from the doctors suckling. But she didn’t care as he scooted down and positioned himself at the end of the examination table. “Cassie, I need to put your ankles in these stirrups, are you comfortable about me doing that” “Mmm” was all Cassie could again say as he lifted her ankles into the stirrups opening her pussy like a flower. With a remote control the doctor lifted her buttocks from the bed and had Cassie completely exposed to him. “For your comfort Cassie, I will put a pillow beneath you, Ok” “I need to examine your puss.. I mean vagina”. This may be a bit uncomfortable and I will be as gentle as I can”.

As much as she shouldn’t be enjoying his examination, she was. She wanted to feel his fingers probing her, even buca escort his tongue would be nice she thought. Whatever he had given he it was certainly relaxing her.

“Your vagina is swollen Cassie, and that can be a sign of pregnancy” he said admiring her hairless vulva. “And I am taken with you shaved pussy Cassie, it is very inviting”.

“Then eat me Doc”, Cassie said without realising what she was saying. It was as if her thoughts were coming straight out of her mouth. Then she stiffened as he found her engorged clitoris and sucked as if he was sucking her nipple, and his fingers entering her wet inviting pussy. Cassie couldn’t help but push against his face as he finger fucked her and ate her at the same time. She heard herself begging him for more as she encouraged him to invade her. Not that he needed encouragement, it had been years since he had be game enough to abuse his position and drug a patient. Once he finished with her she wouldn’t remember what he had done and if she wasn’t pregnant now, she would be once he pumped his fertile sperm into her. And once she was coming back for regular checkups he would be able to check out her lovely pussy personally. He smiled when he realised the drug had taken full effect and she was sleeping peacefully. His tongue had done its job and now it was time to give her what he hadn’t given anyone for a long time. His cock. He quickly unzipped his pants and withdrew his hardened cock. Climbing onto her ready pussy he eased himself into her and thrust . Cassie moaned and was thinking Grandad was fucking her whispered words that shouldn’t have been heard by anyone but the ears they were intended for “fuck me harder Grandad”.

The old doctor couldn’t believe what he had heard, did he hear right, did Cassie think her Grandfather was fucking her, was Eric indeed fucking his own Granddaughter? Questions, so many questions, he would find out but at the moment was intent on fucking this lovely piece of ass. And if by chance his suspicions were right, the next time he fucked her she would be willing because he was going to bribe her, smiling to himself he shot his load into he young patient.

When Cassie woke, the old doctor was writing on the clipboard. He had cleaned himself and Cassie up and had reorganised everything. Nobody would ever guess what had gone on, especially Cassie. “I must have fell asleep, while you examined me Doctor North” “You did Cassie, and I finished my examination and are sorry to tell you that it is too early to tell if you are definitely pregnant, you will have to come back in next week and I will be able to be sure”. “You may be in the early days of pregnancy, another few days and we will probably get a clearer result”. So if I make an appointment for you to see me next Friday evening at seven o’clock, is that ok.”

“Ok Doctor” said as she climbed off the table, rather disappointed at the result of her examination.

“Don’t be disappointed Cassie, next week we will have a better picture, go home and carry on as you have been and I will see you here next week. Would you like to bring your partner with you” he asked.

“No” he doesn’t know I might be pregnant, it is going to be a hell of a surprise for him Doctor, I better wait until I’m sure before I tell him”

Doctor North smiled to himself and told Cassie to dress. As he opened the door to his outer office he looked back and thought about his next appointment with Cassie.

Grandad was in the garden when Cassie arrived home. “Did you get every thing done in town Cassie” he asked as she kissed his cheek.

“Yes Grandad, I did, she said rubbing her tummy. Another week and I will be able to tell him what I did while I was in town. But unbeknown to Cassie, she would see Dr North before the week was out.

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