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Cat, short for Catalina, stood by the bed, gazing down at the man laying in it. What a sucker she thought. His name was Bill or Jim, whichever she could not remember. One night stands were her thing for a couple of years now. When she needed sex, she would go out and get it, well that when her toys were not enough. And she would always leave before the man she had slept with woke up. Gathering her things, she laid her usual note on the pillow beside the sleeping man.

The note said, “thank you for last night, have a wonderful life.”

Riding down the elevator, she leaned back against the wall, no man could resist her; she was a rare beauty. Long red hair, perfect wide green eyes, the most perfect set of lips red as roses, full 36 B breasts, and 5 foot 8 length of a body. Never had a man turn her down, even her bedroom skills were magnificent, she always proved to be the best. At 15 she was making men drool over her and now at 25, they wanted her even more. Thank god it was a Sunday; she would go home, have a shower and work a little on her editing. Home, she sighed, her empty home, her refuge, her haven, her own world within her world.


He growled as he walked into his new work office, he had just been moved to this new department as executive manager. He’d been with The Daily Star for 7 yrs now and was already a manager. When he came to them at the age of 27, he proved himself worthy, working long hours, working hard, working ruthlessly. Andrew Williams, looked around, well at least all his stuff was here, but his damned secretary was no where to be found, and he needed to arrange his office as soon as possible. He poked his head outside his office door, to check if she was there yet, and he saw her, a beauty walking towards him, he was mesmerized, shocked and alarmed. Quickly he shut his door with a slam and began arranging his things. Mad at himself, he never had office relationships and just looking at that woman had sent his blood rushing. This is not good, not good at all he thought. And slammed one of his drawers closed.

She saw him poke his head out of his office door, oh my God he was a sight, but he looked past her and slammed his door, he was probably looking for Mandy who was not yet at her desk. Dam she had to drop off the papers for review before taking them down to printing. Where the hell was Mandy she thought? New boss and Mandy was late, this was not good for Mandy at all.

“Cat!” she heard a scream behind her and turned. “I am so late, my car had a flat on the way here; god is he here yet, what is he going to think of me?” came Mandy’s exhausted panting.

Obviously she had been rushing to get here

“Oh! You are late, alright. And it seems like he is in a bad mood. I just wanted to give you the reviews and of course wish you good luck, as I wont be seeing him till he is done reading them.” Cat laughed.

She left Mandy there, in a rush, dumping her stuff on her table and quickly knocking on her new boss’s door, clutching Cat’s review papers in her hands.

Her phone buzzed about 30 minutes before closing time, picking up the receiver, it was Mandy, and he was ready to see her she explained. “And oh my God Cat, he is so handsome.”

When she arrived at Mandy’s desk, Mandy was packing to leave. “Good luck Cat, I’ll see u tomorrow.” she giggled.

“Tomorrow honey.” she said as she knocked on his door.

Come in was a sharp reply behind the door. Cat guessed he was having a bad day.

He was shocked when she walked in. that was her, the beauty he had seen this morning, and her name was Catalina. He did not expect her to be walking into his office; he had expected some scrawny woman with thick glasses and short. But Cat simply amazed him, “Beauty and brains a rare mix. very rare,” he thought.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Williams.” she simply purred out.

“Good afternoon Catalina, please have a seat.”

He could not stop looking at her, he had just seen her this morning and all day he been thinking about her and what she would look like naked bent over his desk. And all day he’d reminded himself that he was her boss and that it was not possible to fraternize with her.

“Your report is ready, almanbahis giriş I don’t see any flaws and you can take it to publishing.” he said.

“And that is all Miss Catalina, you may leave.” he added.

She just looked at him, stunned her eyebrow hiked up, and that is all. Who the hell does he think I am? Who does he think he is?

Suddenly she stood up quickly, snatching her papers, her eyes wide with flame, she saluted him and said, “yes sir” with that she turned walked out and slammed the door shut.

He just sat there jaw dropped and shocked. Little miss proper Catalina had a little outburst. He knew it wasn’t her fault for he had been sharp. But he couldn’t help it, he wanted her so badly, even as she was sitting in front of him she had a hard on that could kill. He sat back and grinned, well we shall test her patience tomorrow.


She woke up with a damned headache; she was unable to sleep all night thinking of him. She knew she saw it in his eyes, the arousal, yet he was so sharp and mad, and treated her badly.

“Ugh!” she muttered as she got out of bed and quickly slipped into the shower. Better not be late she thought.

He arrived about an hour before working hours, a lot of things needed to be organized. Flipping through his papers he could not get her out of his mind. She was in there like glue and it was driving him nuts. Then he heard it, a sweet humming sound outside. Slowly he rose and went to the door, inched it open and peeked out. He saw her, standing there, papers in her hand arranging some papers by the copy machine. His heart thumped. What was she doing here so early; didn’t this woman have someone at home to keep her warm?

She saw him from the corner of her eyes, and a nasty thought ran through her as a rush of heat ran over her body. She kept singing and arranging the morning papers; these had been edited a week ago and needed printing.

Suddenly she turned and looked straight at him. “Good morning sir, enjoying your morning show?”

“Um, um, good morning Catalina, I, I’m sorry but I heard a voice and peeked out to see who it was” he added.

“Well it’s me, unless you have a problem with it being me sir.” she added.

“No problem at all Catalina, not at all.” he replied as he closed his office door.

Suddenly she could not take it any longer. She left the printer running and walked to his office, swung the door open and said, “you know it’s not going to be better unless we fuck?”

He just stood there unable to speak, “umm, fuck?”

“Don’t tell me I need to spell it out for you Mr. Williams?” she said.

“No, you don’t have to but.” he couldn’t think, he was shocked.

Then she just walked over to him and slid her body against his, pulled his head down and kissed his lips with force and yet such tenderness like he had never felt before. His hands immediately came around her waist and held her against him.

She pulled back and said, “I think now you get the picture, fuck, sleep together, mate anything, just get into my damn pants.”

Then without warning he lifted her off the floor and carried her towards the couch, laying her there he slid his hands under her skirt and felt her smooth skin, his lips touching her flesh gently as his hands felt her up. She was aching for this man so badly and she wanted him now, dammit he was taking his sweet time, she tried to reach out to him. He saw that coming his hands quickly moving to hers and holding them above her head, he used one hand to take off his tie and unexpectedly tied her hands together behind her head.

“wha…..” was all she was able to say for his lips suddenly covered hers and he silenced her.

He then lifted her skirt and resumed his attack upon her delicate thighs, hands, lips were kissing feeling touching, driving her mad. She moaned as he would run his finger above her undies and yet not touch her, she was moist she was in heat.

He then looked up at her and said, “so you like to take matters into your own hands Cat? Well not this time.”

Her whole body shook with anticipation as his words swept through her mind, she was being dominated, something that had never happened before, she almanbahis was always the one in control the one who held the reins. Now someone else held the reins.

She felt it then, his finger sweep inside her undies, caressing her clit gently, rubbing, teasing. Then his lips, she felt those warm lips touch her, sucking ever so gently, tasting, Cat began to beg softly.

Suddenly all was gone, he sat back and looked at her saying, “I don’t do office fucks Cat, I’ll only take a woman like you in bed and nowhere else, I have to enjoy my time with you, so my sweet lady if you enjoyed what you just experienced, my address will be forwarded to you today, meet me there tonight at 9 sharp.” with that he kissed her lips and undid her hands.

She stood back gaping at him, damn it she wanted this man so badly it hurt. Then she leaned down towards him and kissed his lips, saying, “my dear, I shall be there, just be ready.” and with that she turned away and walked out of his office smiling.

The forwarded address was mailed to Cat as promised, she wrote it down on a piece of paper and without looking twice behind her strolled out of the office as the day ended, she had much preparing to do, he would regret turning her down for later..

Tuesday 9 pm

Andrew heard the doorbell ring, he walked slowly to the door taking his time, yet deep inside he wanted to run, but he had to control himself he wanted to break her so badly.

The door was opened and the site that Cat beheld was amazing, he was standing there in black pants and a white silk shirt unbuttoned to his mid chest, his hair wet and a little ruffled and a huge knee weakening smile on his face.

“Good evening Catalina, please come in.”

He was glad he was able to control his reactions for she stood there smiling dressed in a black mini outfit, snug and sexy, outlining every contour of her body. She looked extremely sexy and beautiful and when she spoke back in that enticing voice saying “good evening” then she did the unexpected, as she stepped in past him she turned back to face him and placed a long lingering kiss upon his lips, then stepped back and proceeded into the room.

He closed the door firmly behind him and walked behind her, watching her sexy little ass wiggle as she moved, his pants getting a little tighter, but his control still safe.

Cat was smiling deep down she knew what she wanted and she wanted him, slowly she sat down on the couch looking up at him as he moved in to stand before her.

“Aren’t you going to join me Andrew?” she asked as she patted the couch beside her.

“I’d rather be here.” he said, as he slowly knelt on the floor before her, his hands then touching her silky thighs.

She gasped at the feeling of his touch.. Then his lips touched her knees, kissing them as his hands slid up and down from her thighs to her ankles, teasing her slowly.

Cat’s mind was racing with pure pleasure and the thought of how she was going to make him pay for refusing her this morning. Composing herself she placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed him back against the smooth carpet, her body following his to the floor.

Andrew knew she was trying to gain control, he would let her have her way for a little time..

Her lips touched his and her whole body moved against him, then down to his jaw she kissed, his neck, his chest, unbuttoning one button at a time her lips trailed lower and lower till she reached his navel and circled it with her tongue teasingly. Her nails lightly scratching his chest, then one hand reaches down to his pants and slowly unbuttons it, and sneaks inside, finding him hard and erect she strokes him gently.

Andrew begins to moan as her fingers touch his engorged flesh, her lips affecting him more than he had expected.

Cat is now feeling the flames rush through her and she knows she is wet as hell, she needed him now and now she wanted to have him, he was hers for the taking.

Suddenly she was pushed back off him, his strong hands catching hers and in one swift second she was on her back on the floor with him towering above her.

“My dear Cat, You are good, but I am better.” he chuckled.

With one hand almanbahis giriş he holds her hands above her head as his second hand slips down to lift the hem of her dress higher, till it is about her waist. His fingers ran gently on her skin as they tease her gently. He feels the heat radiating from her crotch and he knows she is ready, one touch and he would have her begging. His fingers then expertly play gently above her undies, the moistness seeping through, as she gets damper and damper. His lips descend upon hers and he shifts the undies aside and his fingers find her swollen clit.

Cat moans and gasps yet nothing is heard, his lips and tongue silencing her as he strokes and teases her, she lifts her hips her whole body in need. She tries to free her hands to touch him, yet he holds onto her more firmly. She can feel his huge erection against her thigh as he moves gently atop her. Her world is spinning.

He slips two fingers deep into her and finds her g-spot as he continues to torment her, he can feel her walls tightening around his fingers and he knows her first climax is near. Releasing her lips, the pressure of his fingers intensifies and below him is a goddess panting and trembling.

She’s going to cum, “Oh my god!!!” she screams out…”Andrew, Andrew.” as the pleasure of her release rips through her.

Looking up she sees a smiling Andrew, his eyes filled with lust and his panting slow.

Leaning down he kisses her lips once more, then releases her hands and gently begins to relieve her of her clothes, his lips touching her trembling body as he undresses her slowly. As she lays there naked, his eyes roam her flesh taking in every inch of her magnificent body. Sitting back he then rises and undresses in haste, not wanting to miss a minute of feeling himself deep inside this beauty before him.

Kneeling down once more at her feet his lips once again trail her flesh, he hands now caressing his shoulders, he parts her legs and kisses between her thighs, inhaling the scent of her fresh juice. His lips reaching her pussy he licks slowly tasting her, wanting more.

New feelings begin to rush through Cat once more, her hands at his shoulders kneading him with more pressure.

“Andrew.” she barely whispers, “I need you inside me now please.”

He lifts his head and looks up at her and says, “beg me Cat, beg me to take you again and again, say that I have won.”

“Andrew I beg of you; please Andrew, you have won, take me. I need you inside me now, God! Please Andrew” she pleaded.

Slowly he rose above her, his sleek body between hers, her hand impatiently grabs him, gently stroking him, feeling his length, her body aching.

“Now.” she pleads.

He slowly guides himself to her opening his penis head nudging gently, sliding in ever so slowly; he just wants to take her, hard and fast. Then he feels her moving beneath him whimpering and that was all he needed, his control snapped.

Grabbing hold of her waist he sits back on his legs and drives into her faster, her whole body shaking beneath him as he pounds into her, her wetness engulfing him, her tightness amazing him. Their moans growing louder, their panting faster, as her head shakes left and right as pure bliss rushes through her. She screams as her second climax washes over her and suddenly she feels empty, but not for long, she is aware of herself being turned and set on all fours, and him behind her. She then feels it again with one dive he is within her again filling her.

He reaches for her clit as one hand holds her waist firmly, he can’t stop himself he is too aroused to think of going slow, faster and faster, harder and harder he pounds into her as his finger strokes her clit. He can feel her pushing back against him her screams of pleasure echoing in his ears as he goes on.

Then again he feels her tighten around him sucking him in deeper as her climax nears, he can’t control his no longer and together they explode, his warm juice filling her deep within.

They both collapse to the floor exhausted, panting unable to speak. He then gathers her in his arms and kisses her shoulders.

“Cat, are you ok?” he asks.

“Oh my God! I’m great.” she whispers

She turns round to face him and he looks into those beautiful green eyes, then the unexpected is said , “get ready for round two” she laughs out…and leans forward to kiss his lips as her hand reaches for his soft penis.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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