Catching Jason

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It would happen that day. You know those days. You walk around all day and every time your attention wanders, even just for a second, you realize you’re horny – really horny. I swear, all day long. My nipples kept getting hard, my vulva felt swollen and it seemed like I always was a little wet, and there was never a chance to do anything about it.

Normally on those days I just find a nice quiet bathroom in some corner of campus and masturbate real fast. I have a nice little orgasm and then it stops bothering me. But that day I could never find a moment to myself. And, of course, that was the day it had to happen.

I walked in on my housemate, Jason, when he was masturbating.

I shared a house with two other grad students, Jason and Frank. We were all pretty respectful of each other, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t aware of each other. The guys had been nice and let me take the bedroom with its own bathroom. And none of us wandered around naked or anything, but it wasn’t unusual to see us just in our underwear or robes, either. And they’d seen me sunbathing with my top unfastened a few times. We’d all caught glimpses of each other, but that was pretty much the beginning and end of it…just a glimpse now and then when a robe opened up a little, or quick view of a backside when one of the guys was going back to his room from the bathroom they shared.

Frank is a pretty nice guy – about six feet tall and a pretty nice body. He’s dark and has a nice, hairy chest and has that sexy line of hair going down from his belly button and disappearing into his pants. Jason’s not as tall, and his body’s not as good, but he’s the kind of guy that you know when you meet him that you’d be willing to sleep with if the opportunity every came up. At least for me, anyway. There’s just something about him – he’s sweet and nice and while I’d never spend much time thinking about having sex with him, I always knew that I would if the time were right.

Frank was out of town visiting his parents that weekend, and when I got home from work that Friday night Jason hadn’t come home yet. Anyway, I decided to have a little night to myself. I wasn’t seeing a guy back then, and Meg, my friend who fooled around with me when we were both in a mood to do something without a man, was out of town, too. So it was just me making love with myself. At least that was the plan.

I went up to my room and stripped out of my waitress clothes – a white polo shirt with the restaurant’s logo over my left breast, shorts, white socks and sneakers. I wore sensible underwear with them, just a plain beige padded bra (it shows less under the cheap shirts they make us wear) and a pair of pink cotton bikini panties. When you’re lugging food and drinks all day the last thing you want is a lacy thong rubbing in your butt and a skimpy bra that lets you bounce all over the place.

I threw my clothes in the hamper and went into the bathroom and started the shower. I used the toilet and when I was done the water was nice and hot. I got in and let the water stream all over me and wash the tension of the day away. Since I was having a “special” night I shaved all over – armpits, legs and between my legs too. When I was done the only hair that was left on me was the stuff on top of my head.

I got out of the shower and dried off and went back into my room. I pulled the covers down on the bed, lit a few candles, and got a little lube out of my bedside table. I was all set; except for one thing…I needed a little more stimulation.

None of us were shy about the fact that we liked erotica, and we traded books around between us. I knew exactly what I wanted. There was this scene in one book where a man and a woman end up watching a porn video together and masturbating under a very specific blanket they go out and find earlier. It always makes me hot and I wanted it for my session tonight. I knew it was in Jason’s room, so I threw my robe around my shoulders and walked across the hall to his room. The door was closed, but I thought I was home by myself, so I just opened up the door and walked in.

Jason was on the bed, naked, his cock in Escort Sefaköy one hand and the book I was looking for in the other. A bottle of lube was lying on the bed next to him and I could tell from how shiny his cock was that Jason had used a good helping.

“Oh shit,” he said and dropped his cock and the book and rolled over. He’s got a really nice butt, too.

“Don’t stop,” I said, “That’s really sexy, and I’m really horny, and, and,” I started stammering because I was really nervous, but somehow I just knew I had to do what I was about to do. “And,” I finally said, “I want to watch you come and have you watch me come, right now.”

I walked across the room, turned his desk chair so it faced the bed, pulled open my robe and sat down in the chair. I was blushing bright red the whole time I did it, and I felt bad about interrupting him. But I wasn’t ever going to get this chance again, and well, he was really sexy with his nice hard cock and the minute I saw it I’d felt myself get really wet, so I just had to.

Jason’s bed was really a futon, and it was on one of those racks that kept it pretty close to the floor, so me sitting in the chair, and spreading my legs a bit, gave him a good view of my freshly shaved crotch. I ran a finger up between my labia, and shuddered a little bit.

“What are you doing?” Jason asked me. He looked a little shocked.

“I’m going to masturbate. I’m looking at your sexy naked body and I’m rubbing my breasts” I said as I let my robe fall off my shoulders and started pinching my nipples. I never talk like this – at least out loud. I do to myself sometimes. But I had to say it to him. He was so sexy and it felt good to look at him and start touching myself.

“Roll over so I can see you,” I said to him. “Play with yourself and I’ll play with myself and we’ll both have orgasms and it will be fun.”

“Claire, are you sure you want to be doing this?” he asked.

“Yes, I’ve been horny all day and I came home and decided to masturbate and this is even better. Look at me and rub yourself for me. I want to see your nice hard cock and your hand moving up and down and I want to see you come real hard.”

Well, he finally rolled over and his cock wasn’t so hard as it was, but it still looked nice. It’s not too long, but it’s kind of thick – you know, the kind that stretches you out just a little bit more than some and it feels really good sliding in and out of you. One of those. I just kept rubbing and tugging on my breasts. They aren’t real big, just 34b’s, but they had Jason’s attention.

“You look really sexy,” he said to me.

“So do you,” I said. “I really like your eyes. They’re really blue tonight.” I did, too. He has sexy eyes and they were darker blue than I’d ever seen them.

“Can I have a little of that lube?” I asked. It always helps if I can put a little lube around my clit when I masturbate. I just rub it in a little and the hood and my fingers and everything slides around it better. I stood up and reached out to him.

“Sure,” he said, and handed it to me. I held onto his hand a little as he was doing it – and he blushed. I was being a lot more aggressive than I usually am, but I had to – if I didn’t I’d run away to my bedroom in a heartbeat. But I really wanted to see Jason masturbate.

I shrugged off my robe and let if fall into the chair. I was totally naked in front of him. Jason just stared as I posed for a minute. I wanted to show him everything, so I slowly turned around. When I’d made the complete turn I noticed his cock was nice and hard again and his hand was on it.

I sat down on the chair with my legs spread a bit so he could see my crotch real well. I set the lube down next to me and then reached between my legs with both hands and pulled myself open for him.

“See, I’m wet and ready,” I said. “I’m nice and pink and horny looking at you and your hard cock. Can you see my vagina? How it’s all nice and slippery? And this is my clit,” I said as I pulled back the hood so he could see it. I shuddered a little when I did because it felt really good. “Do you like it? Do Yenibosna escort bayan you like looking at my pink little clitoris and my shaved vulva? Am I making you horny, too?”

“Geez, Claire,” Jason said, “When did you get like this? I always thought you were kind of, well, kind of shy…”

“I’m horny and I’ve always been like this,” I replied, “at least in my head, anyway. And I walked in on you and knew that this would probably be my only chance to do something like this with you and so I’m going for it. I’m going to masturbate for you and watch you masturbate and I’m going to have an orgasm and watch you spurt all over yourself. And it’s going to feel good. Like this does.”

I picked up the lube and let a little dribble over my clitoris and onto the middle and index fingers on my right hand. Then I started rubbing myself. Just around in circles, like I always do. I was nice and slippery and Jason just stared as I did it. There’s nothing real special about how I masturbate – just the two fingers around and around. And once in a while I push them up into myself to get them wetter and to rub around inside a little.

“C’mon Jason,” I said. “You’re watching me rub myself, so rub yourself for me to watch.”

He leaned back on the bed a bit and started moving his hand up and down his cock. It was still slippery from the lube and he’d slide it all the way up over the top of it and then down again. Jason just slowly stroked it up and down and I could just imagine what it would feel like going in and out of me. That’s when I put both fingers deep up inside of me and started pushing them in and out.

“Ohhh, yeah…” Jason moaned.

“Do you like that?” I asked him, “Do you like me pushing my fingers deep inside me? I’m thinking of you when I do it…I’m thinking of how your nice, hard, fat cock would feel sliding inside me.”

“Jeez, Claire,” he gasped. “When did you learn to talk dirty? It’s so much not like you.”

“I talk dirty in my head when I masturbate,” I told him. “Now I’m just saying it out loud. It’s kind of hard to, but it feels right.”

“Well, you’re turning me on, that’s for sure,” he said. “It’s wild that you’re here and naked and rubbing yourself in front of me. And that you’re shaved. It’s like something from a fantasy.”

“Do you fantasize about me?” I asked, pulling my fingers out of my vagina and going back to rubbing myself. His hand kept moving up and down his cock.

“Yesss,” he moaned. His hand started moving a little quicker. So did mine.

“Well this is real,” I said. “This is me, horny and wet and watching you. I’m rubbing and rubbing and getting closer and closer. Are you close?”

“Yesssss,” he moaned. It looked like he was squeezing himself really hard and going faster and faster. It usually takes me awhile to get past the introductory stuff…to get up on that plateau where touching yourself feels really good and you know you can orgasm pretty much when you want to if you just push a little harder or slide some fingers inside or whatever. But I can stay on that plateau for a long time if I want…sometimes I just push right up to the edge, and then back down, and do it over and over again. Sometimes I count…my best is 16 times…I know that’s weird, but sometimes.

“Look at me,” I said to him. “Look at my hard little nipples. They ache. See how swollen and red I am between my legs. It feels really good. I’m rubbing myself because you look so sexy with your hand moving up and down your fat cock that I know would stretch me out just right. I’m really close, and if you’ll come for me I know it will push me over the edge. I want to see you come, Jason. Please, come for me so I can come, too.”

I rubbed harder and faster…my fingers were just going around and around and my clit ached and I was all swollen and wet and really close.

There wasn’t much more to say, really. We both were watching each other. His hand was going up and down and the tip of his cock was all purple. My fingers were going round and round. We were both panting a little and making little sounds. I kept rubbing, Halkalı escort and getting closer and closer. I got myself up to that point…you know, that point where you know if you press just a little harder or rub a little faster your orgasm will come, but it feels really, really good so you keep yourself there, backing off a little now and then but then pushing yourself closer. You know you can come when you want to, but you just stay there, on that edge. I was waiting for Jason to spurt. I wanted to see him squirt his semen out of his cock and all over himself. Then I would let myself come, but not until then.

I just kept rubbing myself and whimpering a little now and then because even though I can keep myself on that edge I really didn’t want to but it really did feel good. Jason was staring at me and his hand moved faster and faster and, finally, it happened.

Jason’s face scrunched all up and his hips rose up off the futon and then he moaned “Oh, god. I’m coming…”

His hand didn’t stop moving and he squirted really hard. A big gob of semen jetted out of the tip of his cock and went all over his navel and belly. He kind of arched up a little more, and his face relaxed a little and a he spurted a few more times and it was really, really sexy.

I kept rubbing myself, and kind of waited for him to calm down a little so he could watch me come like I was watching him. My fingers slowed down a little, but my left breast really ached, so I reached up with my right hand and started rubbing it while I kept rubbing myself with my left hand.

Well, after a while Jason relaxed back down onto the bed and his eyes opened and I could tell he was watching me again. It was time.

“I’m going to come for you,” I told him. “I’m right on the edge and watching you has me right there and I’m ready. I’m going to rub a little harder now. Watch me, Jason, watch me come for you.”

I was so close, and so horny, and I reached down with the hand that had been kneading my breasts and used two fingers to pull myself wide open. I pulled the hood back from my clit one more time so Jason could see how hard and red and swollen it was, and I trembled real hard as I did and I almost came, but not quite.

Jason sat up and got pretty close to me, and I held myself open a little longer, but I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I let the hood slide back over my clit because it was really too sensitive to rub directly on it, and then I just rubbed around and around and around. It didn’t take long then.

Right before I come I start panting real fast, and that’s what happened. Just huh, huh, huh, huh…over and over again and my hand moved faster and faster and pushed down a little and then…well then I came.

“Cummmmmmmmmminnngggggggg,” I moaned, and everything that was all tense and scrunched up and full just let go, and this one was like waves crashing over and over (sometimes it’s little explosions, sometimes its just one big whoomph, and sometimes it’s waves. This one was waves.) I was kind of pushing up off the chair, and Jason was right there in front of me, staring at the contractions running through my crotch. They went on for a while…it was a really good orgasm, one with the little kind of after orgasms afterwards…where you just twitch a little, kind of remembering how the big one felt.

Just like Jason, it took a while before I finally calmed down. When I was finished, and calm again, I looked up at Jason and I knew I was blushing bright red because I could feel how hot my face was. God, I’d just watched a guy masturbate for me and I masturbated for him and I wasn’t in love with him or anything – it was just hot and horny and kind of wonderful and nice all at the same time. Jason was kind of grinning at me, and I know I had one of those stupid looks on my face, too.

I’ll let you imagine what went on for the rest of the weekend. Let’s just say the only time either of us were dressed was when the pizza guy came to the door Saturday night, and then it was just Jason in sweats and a t-shirt, and part of the guy’s tip was seeing me, totally naked and probably blushing bright red from top to toe, walk up behind Jason while he was paying the guy. Nothing ever happened between Jason and me after that weekend, but, to this day, I still get hot whenever I think about what we did, and when I want to have a really sexy weekend with my husband I just sit down in front of him and masturbate.

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