Cathy, Gloria and Me

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It started out as a joke and then things kind of got out of hand. Not that I’m complaining mind you, because as far as I’m concerned it all worked out.

I had gone through a rough stretch, losing my job and my fianc‚e within two weeks of each other. I was down on life and I was down on women. I’d had a great job, one that I actually enjoyed getting up in the morning and going to. Everything was great right up to the morning I showed up for work, found the door locked and a notice taped to the window that said the IRS had seized the place for non payment of taxes. The owner of the company disappeared owing all of the employee’s wages and it was three weeks before I could even get into the building to get my personal possessions. Even then I had to prove to the IRS that the stuff was mine and not the company’s.

I took the second hit nine days later when Karen, my fianc‚e, told me during dinner at Mike’s Chop House that she was going to postpone the wedding.

“I’ve decided that it just wouldn’t be fair to you to marry you right now,” was how she put it, “Maybe later, but not now.”

Naturally I was a little upset what with the wedding being only two months away and I pressed for a reason and she had them. Four of them in fact.

“I love you Rob, I honestly do and I know that you love me, but I guess the truth of the matter is that I’m not ready to settle down. I keep meeting interesting guys and wanting to get to know them better. On nights you’ve worked late or been out of town I’ve dated.”

When I pressed for a more detailed explanation I got much, much more than I wanted. Joe, a guy she worked with, kept trying to get her to go out with him. She finally did and she enjoyed herself and so she went out with him again. On the sixth date he managed to get her in bed.

“It was a disaster Rob. He wasn’t anywhere as good as you and when it was over I never went out with him again.

But Joe was followed by Alan who was followed by Tom who was followed by Jim. She swore that none of them were any good in bed and that none of them made her feel like I did.

“The bottom line Rob is that I’m still curious and just yesterday this really cute guy asked me for a date and I said yes. We need to postpone the wedding until I get this curiousness out of my system.”

I asked her the time frame during which she was climbing into all these beds and she told me that it had been in the last two months. While we were planning the wedding and the honeymoon she had been bed hopping. I thanked her for telling me and then said that postponing the wedding was not the way to go; we should just cancel the wedding altogether and then I got up from the table.

“Where are you going?”

“Away from you Karen. You are apparently a round heeled slut and I don’t need one of those in my life – now or ever.”

She was crying when I walked away from her and whether it was from the knowledge that I never wanted to see her again or that I stuck her with the check I would never know.


I started looking for another job. I was having lunch with my sister Cathy one day and she told me that they had openings where she worked.

“I thought that they had a policy of not hiring relatives of current employees.”

“They do, but no one knows that you are my brother. My married name is different than yours so if you put down “no” in the section that asks if you have relatives working there they will never know.”

“That’s all fine and dandy Cathy, but we can’t hide the fact that we are close.”

“We don’t have to hide it. If you get the job on your first day I’ll act surprised as hell and then let everyone know that you are an ex lover that I had let get away, but that I had never gotten completely over. That should cover any affection that people might see. It will be fun. I have a reputation as a ‘goody two-shoes’ and it will set some of the women on their ear, especially the gossipy ones, when the married lady takes long lunches with her ex lover.”

“A goody two shoes? You?”

“Yeah, me. I won’t stop with the crew after work for drinks because the first time I did every guy in the office was trying to get me to go out to the parking lot with them and play the ‘back seat bounce.’ I don’t care for that kind of stuff so I never stopped again.”

“But as my ex lover you will stop if I stop, is that what you are saying?”

“Probably. We might even give the gossips some good stuff to work with.”

“How’s that?”

“Imagine if you and I were to go out to the parking lot and then came back in later.”

“Oh Cathy, you are indeed evil.”


I did apply and I did get the job and things did pretty much go the way Cathy had outlined. We had lunch two or three times a week and we did stop about twice a week with the gang after work. There were at least half a dozen good looking women in the group and I had already picked one out, but when I mentioned it to almanbahis Cathy she would have none of it.

“You’re mine honey, at least until I’ve stood this group on their ear. After that you can spread as much pollen as you like, but not until I’ve had my fun.”

The first night we stopped with the group she made sure she sat next to me at the table and when I made no move to get her out on the dance floor she grabbed my hand and drug me out there. After a couple of minutes she maneuvered so her back was too the table and she asked me if the group was watching. I looked over her shoulder and saw that most of them were.

“Kiss me” she said.


“Kiss me. You are an ex lover who is still hot for me.”

I went to kiss her on the cheek and she said, “Don’t you dare! You’re hot for me; make it look right.”

You have any idea how weird it is to have your sister’s tongue down your throat? To have her rubbing her body up against yours? How about when that rubbing gives you a woodie and your sister giggles and says:

“Wow, that gives a whole new meaning to “big brother.”

When the music stopped she wouldn’t let me go back to the table. “You need to get rid of that blush little brother and stop being so flustered before we go back. I’m a married woman who is still hot for an ex lover and you are supposed to be still hot for me, not embarrassed.”

Cathy had me put some more money in the jukebox and we stayed out for three more songs before heading back to the table. I saw the ladies at the table eyeing the tent in my trousers and I was wishing like hell that one of them could take care of it.


We repeated that scenario the next two times we stopped after work and Cathy always managed to make it look like she was chasing me. Once at work, in front of three girls, she pulled me into a supply closet and then she kissed me to smear lipstick on me for the girls to see when we came out.

Cathy was having a ball, but I was suffering big time. She might have been my big sister, but she was still a good looking sexy woman. Being my sister didn’t make her tits any less real when she rubbed them against me. Being related to me didn’t make the pussy she kept rubbing against my leg or erection a fake one. Oh yes, she was giving the gossips a field day, but she was sending me home with a severe case of blue balls.

It all came to a head one Friday night when we stopped after work for drinks with the crew. We were on the dance floor and Cathy was up tight against me rubbing her tits against my chest and her crotch against my leg (and erection) and she whispered in my ear:

“Tonight’s the night little brother. When we finish this dance we will make the trip to the parking lot. By this time tomorrow my ‘goody two-shoes’ reputation will be toast.”

“I still don’t understand why you are doing this. Why do you want your co-workers thinking you are a married slut?”

“Just being perverse little brother. They labeled me without knowing anything about me so I feel the need to stick it to them.”

The music stopped and she led me back to the table where she said:

“You guys watch my purse, okay?” and then she led me out the door and into the parking lot.

“Now what?”

“We get in the back seat of your car and wait the proper amount of time and then go back inside.”

We got in the back of my car and the door had just barely closed when Cathy said, “Oh shit!”


“Harriet must not have believed her eyes. She followed us out and she’s hiding behind a car watching us. Kiss me.”


“Kiss me damn it” and she grabbed my head and shoved her tongue down my throat. I just kind of sat there and Cathy said, “Come on Rob, help me out here, make it look good” and she kissed me again. “Come on Rob, make it look real” and so I kissed her back.

While we swapped tongues Cathy kept looking over my shoulder at where Harriet was hiding. Cathy broke the kiss long enough to mutter, “Stupid fucking bitch! Why doesn’t she go back inside” and she went back to frenching me. A minute later she grabbed my left hand and put it on her breasts.

“Come on Robbie, we’re hot for each other remember? Give her a good show.”

So there I was on the back seat of my car pawing my sister’s tit and she’s frenching the hell out of me and suddenly Cathy decides that it isn’t enough. She decides that Harriet needs to see us fucking. She broke the kiss, pulled her skirt to her waist and then lay down on the seat. She put her right leg over the front seat back and had her left up in the air and she said:

“Get down here Rob and pretend you’re doing me.”

I’m looking down at her and my eyes are locked onto her pussy. She had a little itty bitty thong on and her pussy hairs are curling out beyond the edges of the material. Cathy reached up, grabbed my shirt and pulled me down.

“Come on Rob, move your butt. Make it look like you’re doing me.”

She had pulled almanbahis giriş me down so that my erection was right against her mound. She kept after me to move my butt so I did and my hard cock was rubbing against her cunt. I don’t know if it was doing anything to her, but I was about to lose it in my pants.

“Just one more minute Robbie, just one more minute.”

Over my shoulder she saw Harriet at the window actually looking into the car and she wrapped her legs around me and started pushing her panty covered pussy up at my pants covered cock and her hands pulled my face down and she shoved her tongue in my mouth again.

There is a point where a man can be so sexually charged up that he stops thinking, or stops thinking clearly anyway. I was at that point. Three weeks of play acting with Cathy and constantly going home with blue balls; the nights dancing, the frenching, Cathy’s putting my hands on her tits and the fake sex on the back seat with my hard cock rubbing Cathy’s pussy finally got me to the point where I lost it. It didn’t matter to me any more that she was my sister. She was a pussy all ready spread out on my back seat and all that was between my cock and what it wanted was a zipper and an easily pushed aside thong.

I pulled my zipper down and worked my cock out of my pants. I hooked a finger under the thong and pulled it aside and suddenly Cathy pulled her tongue out of my mouth and looked at me wide eyed.

“What are you doing? Stop that Rob, stop that right now.”

My cock was poking at her pussy, trying to find a way in, and Cathy was struggling to get out from under me.

“Stop it Rob, stop it! Harriet is gone.”

Then she slapped my face and hissed, “Get off me damn it.” The blow caused me to shake my head which cleared it some and I got up from Cathy and sat on the seat with my hard cock sticking up out of my fly. Cathy sat up and screamed at me:

“Just what the fuck were you going to do? What kind of a pervert are you anyway? I’m your sister for God’s sake. Just what kind of an asshole would try and take advantage of his sister.”

I was sitting there, hard cock still standing straight up, as she verbally abused me and called me every rotten name she could think of and then I totally lost it.

“Me? I’m a fucking pervert? Just whose idea was it to play these stupid fucking games?”

I pointed at my hard cock, “You think I just willed that to get hard? You’re the one rubbing your tits all over me, putting my hands on them and telling me to make it look good. You’re the one who has been rubbing your pussy against my cock for three fucking weeks now. You are the one who was just humping your pussy up at my cock a minute ago so don’t be calling me names.”

“Listen you fucking assh…” and she didn’t finish what she was going to say because I reached and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head down. She opened her mouth to protest and I shoved my cock into the open hole and held her head in a death grip. I hunched up fucking her face a half dozen strokes and shot my wad. She had to gulp and swallow because I wouldn’t let go of her head. As my cock started to go soft I woke up to the fact that I had just fucked up big time.

I dropped my hands and my cock fell out of Cathy’s mouth. She jerked her head up and looked at me with hatred and disgust flaming from her eyes.

“You bastard! You dirty fucking bastard!” she snarled as she scrambled to get out of the car. I watched her walk into the bar and less than two minutes later she came out with her purse, got in her car and drove off. I sat in my back seat and stared after her until her taillights disappeared.


I don’t know why I lost it and did what I did. All I knew is that it was wrong and that I had fucked up. Would Cathy go home and tell her husband Stan and would he come looking for me with a gun? Worse, would she tell our folks? She couldn’t do anything at work except scowl at me or ignore me. She couldn’t cost me my job without putting her own job at risk. After all, she was the one who spread the ex lover story even though I was her brother. I didn’t think that the powers that be in the company would take kindly to her trying to pull the wool over their eyes. No, all I had to sweat was mom, dad and Stan. And of course Cathy. She might even come after me with a gun.

It being the beginning of the weekend I decided that my best bet was to get out of Dodge. I drove home, packed a bag and headed for the beach. I checked into a motel and then spent Saturday and Sunday lying on the sand, soaking up sun and trying hard not to worry about what might be waiting for me when I home.


It was late Sunday when I got home and no one was sitting on my doorstep waiting for me and I took that as a good sign. No flashing light on the telephone answering machine either – another good sign. What wasn’t good was trying to sleep that night knowing that I would be going almanbahis yeni giriş into work in the morning and seeing Cathy. In the end that turned out to be a non-event. She ignored me.

For the next two weeks it was as if I did not exist as far as Cathy was concerned. If we were in the lunchroom at the same time she sat as far across the room as she could get and usually with her back to me. Wednesday of the second week I was in the lunchroom looking at Cathy’s back when Darla sat down across from me. She saw where I was looking and she said:

“Trouble in paradise? A cooling of the relationship?”

Even though Cathy and I were not talking I still had to play the role. “She wants it both ways; she wants to be married to Stan, but still play with me. She got pissed when I told her I wasn’t going to buy into that.”

“Is the relationship going to heal?”

“It never should have started in the first place. When I came to work on my first day and saw her I should have just turned around and gone back to job hunting.”

“Well, if she’s history it might interest you to know that there are a couple of girls here who are interested in you. You should stop with the gang after work more often.”

“It would be awkward with Cathy there.”

“Shouldn’t be a problem. She never stopped before you came to work here. If you’ve split I doubt that she will stop.”

“Is this your way of saying that you are interested?”

“No, I’m spoken for, but because I’m neutral I can try and be a matchmaker. So, you going to stop tonight?”

“Don’t know. I’ll think on it.”


I did stop that night and I did have a good time dancing with the women there. I stopped again on Friday night and had such a good time that I asked Gloria to have dinner with me on Saturday and she said yes. Saturday’s date led to a Tuesday date which in turn led me to spending most of my time dancing with Gloria when we stopped at the bar after work.

That Friday I was in the lunchroom at the same time Cathy was, but his time she didn’t sit with her back to me and she watched me the entire time I sat there. In fact, she never took her eyes off of me. Ten minutes after lunch my phone rang. The read-out on the panel said the call was internal from extension 127. I27 was Cathy’s extension. I stared at the phone and debated on pretending I wasn’t at my desk and just let it keep ringing, but then I decided that I had to talk to her sooner or later and I might as well get it over with.


“Why are you doing this to me?”

“Why am I doing what to you?”

“Making me into a laughing stock/”

“And just how am I doing that?”

“By going out with that bitch Gloria.”

“Just how in the hell is that making you a laughing stock?”

“You are supposed to be my lover. Going out with her has everyone snickering at me behind my back.”

“Have you forgotten that you are married Cathy? And that I am your brother? You got what you wanted. No one thinks of you as Miss Purity any more. Besides, our office romance had to end sometime. Everyone in the office has seen how cool you have been toward me lately and they all think that you came to your senses and decided not to risk your marriage over me.”

“You know full well why I have been cool toward you.”

“Yes I do and I am sorry. I don’t know what made me do what I did and I am ashamed of myself. I truly regret it and I’ll be apologizing for my behavior for years to come, but at the same time I’m not going to forget who led me to the edge and helped push me over it. It had to end and it has.”

“But it didn’t end the way it was supposed too. I was supposed to drop you in a way that let everyone know it was me letting you go, but now everyone is laughing at me because they think that Gloria took you away from me.”

“Cathy, get a grip on yourself” and I hung up on her. The phone rang several more times and the panel showed that the calls were from extension 127 so I didn’t pick up.


I was surprised to see Cathy at the bar when I stopped that night. As usual the crew had put three tables together to make one long table and Gloria was sitting at one end and Cathy was sitting at the other. I immediately knew I was in trouble. If I sat near Cathy I could kiss my burgeoning relationship with Gloria goodbye and if I sat with Gloria only God knew what Cathy might do. The third choice was to sit in the center well away from both of them, but that would just tell everybody I was a coward.

As I approached the table it dawned on me just how stupid I was being. Why was I even thinking about choices? On the one hand there was a woman I wanted to get to know better and on the other was my sister who was playing games. I sat down on the seat next to Gloria and I saw Cathy’s jaw tighten. I ordered a drink and then I led Gloria out onto the dance floor.

As I took her in my arms and started dancing she said, “I wondered what you would do.”

“It was a no brainer. A choice between a girl I want to get to know better and a married woman looking for a thrill is really no choice at all.”

“Oh? And just how much better do you want to know me?”

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