Cathy My 19Y/O Daughter

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It started on a Friday night. I was going to go out to a strip club. The guys that were going to go with me backed out. All alone I thought I would put on my panties, garterbelt and stockings and go to one of the clubs that let you use a booth for a lap dance. As you can tell I’m a somewhat CD. I love to have someone watch me jack/off. And if I can let them see me wearing panties all the better. Off I go.

I got to the club at about 8:00pm. The lot had about 25 cars in it. Not to bad. The sign out front said that they had 10 dancers tonight. I paid my $10. to get in. Walked in and got a cup of coffee. The next one would be $1. plus a tip.

The girl on the stage was down to her panties and she was dancing in front of a young kid. Me being 55 almost everyone else would have to be younger. I got a seat about half way back. It was so dark that I had to stand for about 2 minutes before I could see. I sat down and was watching this one on the stage. She pulled her panties off and all I could see was hair.

Damn…. I hate pussy with hair all over. I like the shaved look. Smooth and clean. This girl was not to bad. But my cock was still soft and I would have to wait for a different dancer. I had all night and they still had 9 to go.

The next three were okay. One had big tits and long hair. The only good thing was that she did cut her pussy hair. If only some. The next one had tits that made my wife look flat. A nice face, but to much make-up. The last one was a dog. Big in the legs and a pussy that I thought would suck the first guy into it when he looked to close. As they danced around the stage a few girls walked around. They always ask if you would like a $1. dance. They will pull their top down or up and let you see there tits. They ask if you would like a lap dance or a show. We all know what that is.

I was looking at one girl. She must have been about 22 or 23. Nice small tits. just the way I like them. She had on a black lace bra and panties. When she came over I thought this is the one. But first I was going to see the others. I’m glad I did.

“Tonight… We have back a new girl. She has been gone for a few weeks. She had told us she was taking care of her mother. But tonight she is back. Give it up for KINKY NURSE CATHY. “

She came out and was in all white. Bra, garter, stockings and panties. Lace panties. Good God was she hot looking. She had nice silivri escort size tits. I would say about 34/36b. All I could do was look at her tits. When I got to her face I saw a face that made my heart stop. A doll. That is all I could think of. Not to much make-up but then her lips were red. Very red. She had long black hair. My breathing got shorter. Now this was the one.

As she danced I watched. I could not take my eyes off her body. As she took things off I just looked at them. First came her bra. Nice nipples. They did look like they had a ring in them. I looked closer and yes thay did. Next came her garter. Damn her stockings stayed up, thigh highs. Fuck I love those. The way they hold on to her legs. Near the end she pulled her panties off. Fuck. All I could see was skin. She shaved. Now I know I have to have her dance for me. She danced one more song and left the stage.

“If you like KINKY CATHY can now dance for you. Ask our waitress and she will get her for you. “

I got up to go to the bathroom, and get the waitress. Before I went in I told my waitress to send over the “NURSE, ” I was sick and needed help. I came out and I went back to my table. No nurse. She must be busy. My waitress came over and told me that she would be right out.

Out she came. Fuck this lady was a doll. Still dressed as a nurse, she walked towards me. I thought I knew her but then she was walking out of the lights and I still could not see her that great. She kept walking and soon stood in front of me.

“Hello, I’m Nurse Cathy. Can I help you get you heart started”?

I still could not see her all that much. And I knew that she could not see me that great. I was still sitting in the dark and now the light was to low to see.

“Yes, you can. I have a thing for nurses. I think I need to be jump started. My heart has stopped. Can you help”?

“Would you like a lap dance? That is $35 for the house and $35 for me… Each song. I get nude for you. I can rub but you can not touch me. You also have to leave. You know what alone. We also have booth dance. That way you can. You know take care of. And as she said that her hand went to my upper leg. That is $35 to the house and $50 to me. She looked around. We or I should say I know of a place that we can be closer. If you know what I’m saying. That is $50 for the house, or room bakırköy escort and $100 for me, how about it?

“Are you a Kinky Nurse? I have this kink I like. “

“I know what you are saying, Are you wearing”? “Yes. Should I give you the money”?

“No. Give the waitress the $50 and she will tell you what door to go to. That way no on see me and you going to the same room. I’ll be inside, getting ready. “

I got up walked to the waitress and gave her the $50. All she did was smile and hand it to the lady looking at me. I walked to the door she told me to go to and walked in.

As I walked in I saw Nurse Cathy from the back. In this light I could see that she was a lot younger then I thought. She must be about 19 or 20 years old. Nice ass. I could see more now then in the dark. I heard her voice. She still had ber back to me. I have been in this room before. And I knew that I could touch her and she would touch me. No sex so to speak. But she might jack-me off.

“So you like to wear panties and have a nurse jack-you. “…… She had turn around and for the first time I got a real good look. A REAL GOO LOOK.

“What the fuck…. I…. Its… Cathy. ” Now I saw it. It was my daughter. She was standing in front of me with only her garter and stockings on.

“DAD….. You…. I had no way of knowing. “

I could not move. She was looking for her things when the door open. They heard her and walked in. “NO NO… it’s okay I just hit my head on the door. You can go. ” Cathy just looked at me. She had dropped her things when the door open.

“We need to talk. ” I looked at her once more and thought fuck it. Why not. I’m an old man she is a dancer and this might be the only time I get to.

“Cathy. First lets get this out of the way. ” I would take the first step. I started to pull my zipper down.

“I will never tell anyone, as long as you never tell anyone. Deal”?

“Deal. Now take you pnats off so Nurse Cathy can jump start you. Is that okay with you?…. Daddy. “

“Yes it is. ” My pants fell to the floor. I took them off and soon I was standing in front of Nurse Cathy…. My daughter. All I had on was a garterbelt stocking and panties. Almost what she had on.

“Can I help the sick daddy get better? Let me see if I can. I’ll just see if you have a. ” That is all she said. She halkalı escort reached out with her hands.

I felt her grab my cock. I still had the panties on and she was pulling it.

“I love a man in panties. They look so sexy on you. Does….. “?

“No. Just keep doing that for me. Help me and I’ll help you. Would you”?

“Yes I can. But I have to turn off the lights. They know but they never say anything. “

I thought of my daughter doing this to other guys. But then when I felt her mouth I forget it all. She was kneeling in front of me. I could just see her and she was looking up at me. Her mouth went down a few times and then I felt her release my cock. She stood.

“For you…. no condom…. I know your safe. Is that okay with you”?

“The Nurse knows best. But you know what is going to happen”?

“Yes I do and I love it. Now just you lie on this table and let Nurse Cathy get you started. “

I laid down and I felt her go back to my cock. Damn she was ten times better then her mother ever was. And one of the best I have had. Up and down. Up and down. Not only her mouth but her hand. I could feel my balls starting to let one go. She pull her face off my cock, still jacking-me off. Licked my balls and then looked at me.

“When I get home tonight I’m going to fuck you till you die. Now cum in Nurse Cathy’s mouth. “

She went back to sucking me. This time she was making love to my cock, not just sucking it. I could feel her hand still jacking-me off. I then felt a finger from her other hand work it’s way up my ass. This little fucker knows how to please a man.

“Yes…. Now I’m going to……. ” I looked down and I could see her mouth. She had stopped and just the tip of my cock was in her mouth. As her finger screwed into my ass a few times more I let go. I looked into her eyes and her eyes locked onto my eyes. She fucked my ass as she jacked-me off into her mouth.

I could not move. Our eyes locked together. My cock still in my daughters mouth. Her finger still in my ass and my cum in her mouth. She pulled my cock out and then swallowed.

“I have never done that before. You are the first. And the first to cum in my mouth. And when I get home, you are going to be the first to fuck me. Not my pussy, I lost that years ago. Would you like to be the first man to fuck my ass”?

“Yes I would like that. Your mother is going to be asleep so we will have most of the night. Would you like for me to stay and take you home”?

“Yes that would be nice….. DADDY…. I get off in 4 hours. ” A smile came to her face. “And I’ll be getting off when I get home too. “

I’ll write later when I see what happens when Cathy and I get home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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