Cat’s Confession Ch. 01

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Catherine and I had been friends since grade school, and it was in our teenage years that I had become aware of my growing sexual feelings for her. She had blossomed from a freckle-faced lanky child into a beauty, the drop-dead looker that men gaped at and women eyed warily. She was blonde with beautiful green eyes and tawny skin. She was about 5’5’’ with an hourglass figure, a round ass and firm, pendulous breasts. I was cute in an athletic, tomboy kind of way. Though I did possess the long legs and slim hips that were considered enviable I was not the beauty. However, I didn’t mind: I was in love.

Catherine had many boyfriends, and was always the center of male attention. She was smart and gentle. A quiet, good girl. She seemed oblivious to both the raucous ogling of the boys at school and my festering erotic urges. I hungrily anticipated our moments after gym class when I would be able to steal furtive glances at her ripe body. But what I looked forward to most were our Saturday night sleepovers. After going out with our group of friends, we would alternate staying over at one another’s house. Though we would lie in bed giggling over the boys we had crushes on, I would be secretly and agonizingly fantasizing about the things I wanted to do to her body. After she fell asleep I would lie watching her, slowly teasing my wet pussy. The yearning would get too much and I would have to go into the bathroom where I would masturbate furiously, watching in the mirror as my hand lewdly worked my slick cunt.

It got to the point where I decided I would have to stop seeing her or I would burst. After university (where she excelled and I failed miserably), we sort of went our separate ways. She married, Rick an engineering student, and worked as a counsellor on campus. I went from boy to boy, never really committing, as it was lesbian sex that I truly craved but was too afraid to pursue. I became an avid surfer of lesbian websites but it was images of Catherine that fed my dirtiest fantasies.

I was quite surprised when she called me up, out of the blue, one Friday night not too long ago. She was abrupt and sounded a little tipsy. Rick was out of town for the weekend; she asked if I would mind coming to spend the night as she wasn’t comfortable alone. It would be a pleasure, I said.

It was the first time I had seen her in over a year, and though she still looked as gorgeous as ever, there was an edge to her. She was wearing a fitted green blouse and tight jeans that showed off her firm, round ass. We ordered in pizza and drank a bottle of wine while reminiscing about old times. After polishing up the first bottle, she suggested that we move into the family room, onto the couch. I could tell that something had been bugging her since the moment I arrived. She seemed preoccupied, a little tense. Almost distant. I thought she was missing Rick, he’d been away for a few days now and perhaps she was lonely. And though I was concerned for her, as her closest friend, I couldn’t help but be mesmorized by her deep cleavage and the intoxicating, musky scent I had almost forgotten. casino siteleri Always sexy, she seemed especially hot this evening.

“You okay,” I asked her

“Yeah, yeah,” she sucked back the wine, “everything’s good.”

“Missing Rick, I guess?” I asked tentatively.

She laughed and gazed evenly at me, “I guess…as much as anyone could miss Rick…they’re a few lightbulbs I wouldn’t mind him changing.” She slugged back some more wine and looked out the window. When she looked back at me I felt her eyes momentarily fall to my breasts. “And you, everything’s okay with you?”


“No new men.”

“No new men,no old men,” I laughed.

“You’re not missing anything.”

“Cat, what’s wrong…c’mon, this isn’t like you?”

She hung her head for a moment and breathed deeply. “I don’t know what to say…how to say it…I’m so un–,” she stopped for a moment and bit her lip, “Chris, I’m so unsatisfied.” With that she hung her head and began to sob. I put my arm around her and slowly rubbed her back.

“It’s okay…it’s just a little thing you’re going through.”

“It’s not a little thing, Chris…it’s…” And then she told me: she wasn’t attracted to her husband, never had been. It had all been a sham. She had done what she was expected to do, marry the right man In the beginning it had been okay; she was so caught up in the desire to be in love and married that it had carried her through the early years of her relationship. But not anymore. She could barely stand being in the same room with him, let alone sleeping with him.

“Cat,” I whispered as I rubbed her back. I could feel her breasts softly undulating against me and her breath was hot in my ear. God, I was getting turned on. I wanted to reach down and caress her breast, tongue her nipples. I could feel my pussy moistening but I knew I couldn’t do this. No matter how much I had fantasized about it and how much I wanted it. I just couldn’t; it would wreck our friendship and throw everything out of kilter. “Maybe you need to meet a new man, have an affair—”

“You don’t get it,” she sobbed. “It’s not a man I need – it’s—forget it.” She pulled herself away from me and wiped her eyes on the edge of her blouse. “I’d better go to bed.’Night Chris.”

“Goodnight,” I said, watching her firm ass as she walked away, aching inside.

I slowly washed myself and got ready for bed, but I was in no mood to sleep. I was once again overcome with a burning desire to fuck my best friend. I had felt this way many times before…but this was different. Had she propositioned me or was I imagining things? Had I lost the one chance to realize my most delicious fantasy. My mind retraced her soft breasts and warm breath, wondering what it would be like to ride her puss, to finger her, to tongue her hole. I was getting wet. I laid in the bed and slowly began to explore myself, running my fingers through my tawny bush. Ohhh. Very wet. I ran my fingers up and down the length of my slit, from my asshole to my clit. Ohhh I loved that. I began to circle my hard little nub, imagining canlı casino that it was Cat’s fingers, wondering how she’d do me. It was all too much. I slowly got out of bed and walked toward her room.

I could see light coming through the bottom of her door and could hear the muffled sound of the television, the door was open a crack so I peeked inside. God. Cat was seated on the bed, leaning against the headboard. She was naked, her legs splayed and her hand was playing furiously on her pussy. Her voice was gutteral, muttering obscenities. I slowly creeped in to hear what she was saying.

“That’s it fuck her…fuck her tight cunt. Oh yeah…fuck me you bitch.” She was transfixed, staring ahead, and as I got closer I could make out the images on the television screen. It was an older woman with her hand between a younger woman’s legs, fingering her furiously. Both were in ecstasy. Oh, God I could feel myself creaming. I had never heard my gentle friend Cat so excited, so dirty, so completely wanton. I must have made a noise because she suddenly stopped and looked guiltily at me. I sat down beside her on the bed. She looked frightened.

“It’s okay, baby, it’s okay,” I reassured her moving her hair out of her face. “Do you like that, Cat” I asked, my hand slowly caressing her arm. She was staring at me, eyes soaked with desire. She nodded slowly. “It’s okay to like women, Cat. You like watching women, don’t you baby,” She nodded again, “I know you do. I do too. I love watching women fuck. Is that what you were trying to tell me tonight, that you wanted to fuck me?’ I was softly caressing her face with my other hand, running my finger over her lips. As if on cue, she opened her mouth and began to suck on my finger. I leaned in closer and began to kiss her face, planting small kisses and then I began to whisper in her ear. “It gets you all hot…watching lezzie sex…it’s so hot, isn’t it baby.”

“Yes,” she moaned, “I love it.”

“What do you love, baby?” Her breath was ragged, I was leaning into her now, my mouth in her ear, alternately talking and licking her inner ear, “Tell me how much you love lezzie sex, Cat. Tell me what a dirty girl you are. I took my finger from her mouth and began to trace it down her neck, to her large breasts. She had large pink aerolas crowned with bright nipples, hard as bullets. “Tell me,” I whispered, looking into her eyes, “tell me what a dirty girl you are. Tell me how much you want lezzie sex.”

“Oh…I want it…want….I want –”

“You wanna be a lezzie whore don’t you,” I asked, my voice low and seductive, “You wanna be my lezzie whore, don’t you darling? You fanatsize about it don’t you, hmm? What do you think about when your husband fucks you?” I was now tweaking her nipples and her hips were undulating off the bed. I could see her pussy, bald and glistening with her witness, writhing up in desire. But it was too soon to touch her there, there were other things I wanted to do. “Tell me, baby, tell me what you think about…”

“Oh…oh…Chris…I think about…oh….I think about girls. I can’t tell you… Oh, Chris I feel kaçak casino so dirty…I wanna be such a dirty whore.” Her voice was ragged and plaintive, her hands were clasped behind her head. “Yes, ohhhh, this is so hot,” she whispered. I had slowly moved my body so that my wet pussy was stradling her leg. I began to gently saw my pussy on her hard thigh. My hands circled her breasts slowly and my tongue rimmed her ear, nibbled at her neck.

“Mmmmm….does it feel good, baby,” I whispered “I wanna make you feel real good….I need you to tell me how good it makes you feel”

“Oh yeah,” she moaned, “it makes me feel so good.”

“Am I making your pussy wet”

“Yeah,” her eyes were heavily lidded, gazing at me with a mixture of trepidation and lust.

“Say it” I breathed, “tell me how wet your pussy is getting.”

“My pussy is getting so wet, Chris, so wet…”

“Is your clit hard…can you feel how hard your clit is getting?”

“Oh yes…yes, it’s so hard…my clit is so hard.”

I began to saw a little harder. “It feels so good when I rub my pussy against you, baby” I whispered, “I can’t wait to feel your cunt against me…would you like that baby? Would you like to feel my lil bush against you. Feel my clit.” Her breathing was ragged and she began to moan deeply as I gently rolled her hard nipples.

“Oh, I love it, love it…so good….fuck…harummm,” my left knee was now jammed against her cunt, and she was pushing up against me as I pushed down on her. We were building a steady rhythm, pushing, fucking. Our breath coming hard. I pushed in closer so we were now pussy to, legs intertwined.

“That’s it…that’s it baby…keep fucking my cunt…keep fucking my pussy,” I moaned.

“Yes…yes…fuck me,” her voice ragged, I was working her nipples hard now, pinching them and staring into her debauched-driven eyes. I had pulled my nightie off and she took my breasts into her hands and began to sqeeze them, gently at first and then harder as the tension in our pussies began to reach a peak. We were banging each other now, hard, cunt against cunt, legs clenching. I could feel the wetness between our centers, sweat and pussy juice, trickle down my leg. Her face was swarthy from exertion. Eyes lolling in the back of her head, mouth agape. Frenzied.

“Harder, harder…yes, yes…Chris” I could feel her leg tensing under mine as she began to writhe. I began to pound furiously as she muttered obscenities, “fuck my cunt, fuck it good, fuck it you lezzie…fuck my lezzie cunt.” I was writhing now too, I could feel my clit jostling between her lips as she pushed up into a violent orgasm.

“Feel my clit, baby…feel it,” I moaned helplessly as I pushed up again, clenching my teeth, writhing, as my own orgasm began to rack my body. She pulled aside from me slightly and took her finger, rapidly moving it against my clit, “Yes…yes… uhmmmphmph …oh yeah.” And then I exploded.

We lay entwined, breathing deeply against eachother. For a long time we didn’t talk, just basked in the sweat of our lovemaking.

“I loved that,” she finally said, almost shyly. “You know, we have another two days before Rick comes home.”

“Cat, baby, that was just the beginning…now tell me about those fantasies of yours…”I said as my hand drifted slowly down her back and began to knead the ripe cheeks of her ass.

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