Caught in Mid Fuck

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Lisa Collins was a very lonely housewife and mother of two. Her husband was always away on some job which took him all over the country and left her to do as she pleased. Lisa was 39 years old and 5 feet eight with blonde locks down to her shoulder blades and the deepest blue eyes you ever saw. She has 38dd boobs and a slender figure and a killer ass as she used the gym that was built into the basement of their home every day. Her two kids, Jason who was nineteen and stood at six feet tall and had short sandy hair and the same deep blue eyes like his mom and his sister Jessica who was eighteen, 5 feet seven and also had a body like her mom apart from her boobs which were a 36d. She had emerald green eyes and red hair just like her dad.

Both kids used the gym almost as much as their mom did. Sometimes at the same time and other times on their own and today would no exception or so she thought with hubby gone god knows where and for how long. Lisa headed toward the gym in the basement like she always did first thing in the morning. Today however things would be a little different. Instead of walking in to see Jason and Jessica using the gym like they usually all did together they were nowhere to be seen. Lisa thought this unusual as they were always in the gym at this time in the morning. Now Lisa wondered where they could be so she went upstairs to their bedrooms to see if they were maybe still asleep. When Lisa got to Jason’s bedroom door she could hear noises coming from inside so he was still in there but what the hell he was doing she thought until she heard a female voice that sounded very familiar to her.

Lisa went to her daughters room but her door was open and no one was inside and it was then that she knew who’s the female voice was in her son’s bedroom, it was her daughter Jessica’s voice she heard. As Lisa moved back to her son’s bedroom door and pressed her ear against it she could hear laughter and noises that could only be one thing…they were having sex! Lisa couldn’t believe what she was hearing it couldn’t be her own two kids in there fucking it just couldn’t be. Lisa cracked the bedroom door open just a little Antep Escort Bayan to make sure it was not Jessica in there with Jason but when she looked it was her daughter and she was on all fours with her brother behind her fucking her doggy style. Lisa almost collapsed on the spot she just couldn’t believe Jason and Jessica had been fucking under her nose and she never knew anything about it until now.

Lisa stumbled a little which made the door creak open and both her kids froze in mid fuck and stared at their mom stood there with her mouth agape and her eyes almost popping out of her head like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. There was nothing Jessica and Jason could say that would explain how they came to be on his bed fucking like dogs in heat they just froze and waited for what their mom was going to unleash on them.

“What the fuck…” Was all that Lisa got out.

“How, how long have you two…” She stopped herself in mid-sentence.

The tears began to run down Lisa’s beautiful face and she fled from Jason’s room to her own and slammed her bedroom door shut and could be heard crying uncontrollably. How could they, her own son and daughter there on the bed with his big cock fucking in and out of her stunning daughter and her telling him to fuck her harder. Lisa just couldn’t get the scene out of her head her son’s ass pumping that cock of his into his sister’s pussy. By the time Jason and Jessica had got off his bed put their robes on and ran to their mom’s bedroom and opened her door she was crying her eyes out in front of them.

“Mom we’re sorry we didn’t think you would ever find out like the way you did this morning.” Jason said to her.

Jessica moved to her mom’s bedside and tried to comfort her but Lisa just pushed her away and sat up with tears flooding her face still.

“How could you both be having sex with each other didn’t I bring you both up properly?” She asked them both.

“I’m sorry mom we didn’t plan for it to happen it just happened.” Was all that Jason said to his mom.

“Oh come on Jason I am sure you can come up with a better excuse than that.” Lisa replied wiping her face on her bedclothes.

“It’s true mom it was an accident the first time.” Jessica said with tears now flooding her face too.

“The first time?” Lisa shouted at them both.

“How long has this been going on for god’s sake?” She asked them both waiting on a reply as both Jason and Jessica looked at each other.

“Jason put some clothes on and make some coffee and let me tell mom” His sister told him.

Jason did as his sister asked of him and left her alone with their mom as Jessica put her arms around her mom and hugged her. Jessica and her mom had been really close with each other and told each other everything well almost everything she certainly didn’t tell her about what she and her brother Jason were up to.

“Mom I’m so sorry I didn’t mean for you to find out the way you did I just didn’t know how to tell you as I knew you wouldn’t understand so I kept it from you.” Jessica said to her mom as she hugged her tight.

“Jessie I can’t believe it you and your brother isn’t there any other boys out there you could be having sex with not your brother?” Lisa asked her daughter as she stopped crying and stared at her daughters face.

Jessica let go of her mom and sat beside her on the bed and shook her head and tried to think how she was going to tell her mom that she and Jason had been fucking each other for the past six months. Should she lie and only say that this was the first time they had done anything like this? Probably not cause Jason would probably blab and tell her mom the truth.

“Ok mom Jason and I have been doing this for the last six months when you and dad were not home.” Jessica said waiting for the backlash to come her way.

To her surprise her mom didn’t lash out at her or raise her voice to her she just sat there and listened to her daughter as she explained how it all happened one day six months ago in of all places the gym in the basement. How she had walked in on Jason fucking his girlfriend on the mat and how she stood there watching and getting turned on and playing with herself as she watched his tight ass pounding his big cock into her girlfriends wet pussy.

“You watched your brother fuck his girlfriend in our gym?” Lisa asked.

“Yes mom I did and I loved what I was watching and before I knew it I was standing next to them fingering my wet pussy as they fucked.” Jessica said calmly.

“O M G Jessie how could you watch your brother fucking his girlfriend and how come he was fucking her in our gym?” Lisa asked her daughter again.

“Mom Jason’s cock is so big and I just couldn’t help myself I wanted it in me I wanted my brother fucking me with that hard throbbing cock of his.” The words just tumbled out of Jessica’s mouth before she could stop herself from saying them.

Jessica had always been very curious about her brother and the size of his cock after over hearing two girls talking about him in the local library. So one day she decided to have a sneaky peak for herself when he was in the shower as he never locked the bathroom door and anyone could just walk in on him. The day Jessica did she watched as he jerked off in the shower and spurted his cum all over the shower wall and she wished he has spurted it deep inside of her warm wet and inviting pussy. She told her mother everything that morning as Jason he made himself scarce for most of the day.

Lisa couldn’t believe the things that were coming out of her daughters mouth that morning and blushed as her daughter told her how she lusted after her brother and how that day in the shower was they day they became more than just brother and sister. So much so that she now had her mom wondering about her son’s big cock and what it looked like when she caught them both fucking on his bed. She now wondered what it would be like if that had been her on his bed instead of her daughter. Her hubby was never around to give Lisa a good seeing to and when he was it was just a wham bam thank you ma’am and then he would turn over and go to sleep whether she had an orgasm or not. Now she wondered if her son and his big cock could give her that orgasm that she wanted. Her daughter had told her how his big cock filled her pussy and had her begging him to fuck her harder as she heard when she walked in on them when they were in mid-fuck.

Now it was a case of would he fuck his mom too?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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