Chance Encounter Ch. 02a

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I was whistling the entire way up the steps to the front door of my apartment. I slid the key in the lock and turned the door opened and I reached around and flicked on the overhead light. My jaw dropped when I looked and saw the condition of my apartment. I suddenly realized that besides being a geek, sadly I was also a slob. I stepped in and closed the door behind me and did a quick walk thru it was worse than I feared the whole place was a wreck! There was no way in hell I could by myself put this place back together again. I needed help and now, and in a panic I reached for the phone and starting dialing my mom’s number then stopped. In my alarm I had completely forgotten she was five years dead. I had to think straight, my sister, she would help, I hope. I picked up the receiver and dialed her number, please be home! It was a Friday night and the chances that she would be there were nil and, “Hello?”

“KarenohmygodIneedyourhelpthereisa girlcomingoverandmyplaceisawreck!”

“David, David is that you? Calm down what’s the matter?” I took a deep breath and spoke coherently this time.

“I have a date coming over and my place is a wreck please I need your help!” There was silence on the other end of the line. “Karen?”

“My older brother has a date?” Silence. “It is my sworn duty to help you out, are you still at the same address?”

“Yep, the door will be open.” Click, she was gone. I put the phone down and overwhelmed had no idea where to begin. With no better idea I grabbed a box of trash bags and proceeded to pick up the boxes and various containers of take out food scattered all about the place. By the time I heard the car door outside I had collected seven bags of garbage and they were taken out. The door opened and five women stepped in my sister and four lovely strangers. She looked about and nodded, “Let’s get started girls. Tanya you take the kitchen. Sarah you and Corinne take the living room here. Megan you take the bathroom. Now brother you and I will take the bedroom. The rest will be here shortly.”

“Rest, who are these women?”

“My sorority sisters, I told them your predicament and they all offered to pitch in.” She smiled a secret little smile. “And I told them you have a Huge Cock.” I was stunned, embarrassed with a pinch of mortification. Then I looked at the clock and panicked, “she’ll be here in less than three hours!”

“Then we better get going, hurry up.” We stripped the bed and replaced with a clean sheet and pillowcases. My dirty laundry was collected and appropriate clothing was set out. “You better shower…” A scream came from the bathroom, “that was Megan!” All the girls assembled at the bathroom door where Megan stood pale faced and shaking. My sister took her in her arms, “Megan what’s wrong?” She couldn’t speak she just pointed at the toilet. My sister nodded and ushered everyone out then shut the door five minutes later there was series of flushes and she opened the door sweating and looked me dead in the eye. “We need to talk, later, that was…” she closed her eyes took a deep breath of fresh air snapped back to attention, “later.” Sis walked into the kitchen, “Damn fine job!” She slapped Tanya on the ass who yipped in a pleasant sort of way. “We are ready for the food to arrive. Could you set up the table please?” Then she turned to the living room and whistled, “Nice, very nice job, the carpet is fucked but nothing we can do about that. Why don’t you ladies help my brother into the shower?” Soon I was pulled/pushed into the bathroom which was immaculate. The tiles shone, I had forgotten they were white, then my shirt was being pulled off and my jeans undone and tugged down. My underwear soon followed and my socks were dragged off last of all. I stood there in the buff as the girls crowded in starting my water and ogling me. Whispers of ‘she was right’ and ‘oh my look at that thing’ and ‘I wonder what it tastes like?’

A voice called out, “Water is ready!” and I was guided into the stream of the falling water and the sliding door mercifully closed behind me. I am not used to that sort of attention. I stuck my head under the water and let it wash away the funk and fear. Those girls were ready to eat me alive, a nice way to go that. My dick started to swell at the thought of being shared by so many. But there was no way that was gong to happen so I turned with my back to the water and grabbed my soap and got all nice and lathered up. I was soaping up my dick just as the sliding door opened and Tanya, quite naked, stepped in.

“Your sis wanted you to know that the food arrived.” My eyes were roaming over her slim body, her tits were sorta small but her legs went on forever. She never spoke another word she took my cock in hand and helped me soap it up. I groaned as she squeezed me now and again. Smiling devilishly she then turned me around and ran her fingers over it as the water washed the soap away. Then her hands turned me around and she kneeled and took me into her mouth. Bayan Escort I watched as this petit leggy brunette slid half my cock down her throat then started swirling her tongue along the length. She made a happy humming noise all the while that I more felt than heard. Her head moved forward and back taking more and more of me in her mouth with each pass.

“Tanya, you are needed in the kitchen!” My dick popped out of her mouth.

“Just a minute!” She yelled, sounding loud in the confines of the shower.

“No! Now young lady.” My sister had them under her thumb. Not surprising really she had me under it most of my life.

“Damnitalltohell!” She muttered and planted a final kiss on the head as she rose winked at me and left.

I stood there shaking my cock iron hard and the surreal feeling settling in. ‘What the fuck was going on?’ This was the strangest day of my life. I turned back to the water and ducked my head in and wetted my hair. I turned around and grabbed the shampoo and plopped a half dollar sized blob of shampoo in my palm and started working it into my hair. I closed my eyes and tried to relax but couldn’t keep Jesse out of my mind. Her mind-blowing tits and ass and brrrr I shivered as a draft of cold air hit me. I returned to the list of things I was going to do to her. Suddenly a warm hand wrapped around my cock and wet lips surrounded me and involuntarily my hips rocked just a bit forward and back fucking her mouth, whoever it was. The mouth worked in perfect timing with my hips the tongue working hot magic over the sensitive underside. I groaned loudly as her hand came into play stroking lightly milking me nicely. I was rocking pretty far when,

Beep…beep…beep, my pager went off my head spun around and suddenly then there was a burning in my left eye. “Shit!” I cried out, “I got soap in my eyes, hold on let me rinse and you can…” I quickly turned around and rinsed the shampoo from my head and eye. I turned back but whoever it was had left. “Fuck!” I shouted, whoever it was, was a wonderful cocksucker. I was in lust with that mouth. I cursed and looked down at my swollen dick. I needed release before Jesse got here; it isn’t like I can meet her at the door like this. So I did what any man does at that time, I took matters into my own hands, literally. I closed my eyes and imagined Jesse on her knees in the shower with me, he breasts swinging just a little as she lowered herself. Then my hand became her hand lightly stroking the length, saw her licking her lips wanting me in her mouth. Then the feeling of her mouth and tongue working over my length moving faster and faster still. My fist was a blur as I got myself off. I groaned just a bit as I felt myself nearly ready to blow. The door to the shower opened and my sister stuck her head in just as…

“Hey are you going to be in here…” I covered her face and shirt with my cum. I would have laughed if I weren’t so embarrassed. It reminded me of the old movies and the pie fights. She licked her lips and then smacked them together and without missing a beat. “I take it you ready now?” My dick shrunk but remained semi-hard; there was something disturbingly erotic about her licking my sperm off her face. I grabbed a towel and raced to the bedroom to dress leaving my sister in the bathroom to clean up.

Dressed and ready my sister made her appearance after the ‘bathroom incident’ with a smile and a chuckle. “Ok ladies last minute inspection and then we are out of here.” I followed her as she inspected the bedroom she nodded, then the living room another nod and finally the kitchen, “everything appears in good order. Let’s move those vehicles and give lover boy here some privacy.” The girls all said their quick farewells and left my sister was the last out the door.

“Thanks,” I said, “for everything. You are a miracle worker.” I noticed my sperm staining her shirt. “Do want another shirt to wear, I mean…” She looked down and giggled again.

“Nahhh! I’ll just keep it as a reminder.” I blinked a lot, but before I could respond she continued, “as the day my big brother became a man.” Relief flooded me for a long moment there was an awkward silence then with a peck on the cheek she was gone. She made the sidewalk quickly and then disappeared around the corner I shook my head clear of cobwebs and walked around my transformed apartment. There were hand towels hanging in the bathroom and every surface was clean and shiny. The kitchen was transformed, the lighting was dimmed and two unlit candles sitting in brass holders were on the kitchen table. And there were clean dishes drying by the sink and two pots simmering on the stove. I inspected their contents one was pasta of some sort and the other contained a meat sauce that made my mouth water. I found a note from Tanya sitting next to the dishes.

‘Keep the heat under the pots for another five minutes or as you are reading this, turn them off!’ She had scrawled a cute smiley face then the note continued. “There is a box of wine in the fridge, don’t forget to toast before you start eating. A girl loves a romantic toast. If this doesn’t work out, here’s my number.’ Lo and behold there was a phone number followed by two others in hurried handwriting. I turned the burners off on the stove and placed the note in my pocket when the doorbell rang. My heart skipped in my chest and I took a nice long breath and walked calmly to the door. Jesse was there but transformed, gone were the baggy clothes and hair pinned into place. Her hair cascaded down well past her shoulders and framed her heart shaped face nicely. The sweatshirt was replaced by a lace up top of silky black material and painted on her were a pair hip hugging bell bottoms that appeared like a second skin.

“Please come in.” My mouth was dry as I stepped aside and watched her walk in. Her butt did this kind of sashay thing when she moved. I closed the door, “I hope you’re hungry I fixed a little dinner.” Her face lit up and I motioned for her towards the kitchen my eyes followed every step of hers, damn but her walk was sexy! “Why don’t you have a seat and I’ll pour us some wine and dish it out.” Silently she found a seat at the table while I got two nice glasses from the cabinet that the girls must have brought, fluted crystal that glittered like ice in the subdued lighting. I found a note over a plastic container. ‘Chilled broccoli, serve with dinner.’ I thanked my sister again as I set the container out filled the glasses with the white zinfandel from the box and turned to see her sitting at the table. Her eyes were focused on me with an emotion I could only decipher as worship. “You look so beautiful.” I handed her a glass and noticed the two candles on the table unlit. I reached down for the lighter sitting at the foot of one of the candleholders.

Jesse looked angelic under candlelight the flickering radiance transformed her into an otherworldly beauty. I swallowed hard as I raised my glass for a toast. She came to her feet quickly glass in hand her cheeks burning red with color. “To my student, may her teacher never disappoint her.” Our glasses rang with a single perfect note and I sipped my wine never breaking eye contact with her. She sipped and then set her glass down and took mine right out of my hand. She leaned in and kissed me, her lips were wet and my breath was stolen during that eternal moment of our first embrace. Her body molded to me and our tongues dueled frenetically as I gasped for breath drowning in her kiss. I took a step back breathless and my heart pounding in my chest. I swallowed and croaked, “um dinner?”

“Yes please I am very hungry.” The fevered look in her eye speaking more than food, I was on the menu tonight. I staggered over to the dishes and took two plates and place a bed of pasta covered with the sauce and ringed by the broccoli on each. Silverware was already set out along with napkins Tanya didn’t miss a thing. We ate in silence I filled my glass and hers twice before the meal was done. I am not a wine drinker and I think both of us were a bit tipsy when we rose and staggered to the couch. I wasn’t exactly slurring or anything but I was surely feeling no pain.

“Where do we start?” she asked as I leaned over for another kiss. Again that electric contact as our lips touched and my arms circled her and drew her closer to me. I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest the smell of her, vanilla mixed with something more sublime. When we came up for air we were both gasping and hungry for more. I was absolutely rock hard and just from a kiss oh yes the evening looked quite interesting indeed. “What next?” she panted as I took her hands and placed then in her lap. I untied the bow in her top and began loosening the criss cross of strings so I could remove it. I dragged it out and saw her bite her lip in anticipation.

“This my dear is called teasing.” Her hands left her lap and began roaming over mine. Her fingers deftly traced the outline of my cock.

“You mean like this?” She was a quick learner. I nodded and she continued to trace and rub on me while I hurried to get her top off and start feasting on her nipples. Finally with a bit of help her top was on the floor and my lips and tongue were teasing her breasts. I licked and sucked her nipples while she moaned and gasped and whispered in my ear, “I like that!” and, “Oh yes!” Her hands continued to tease me but at some point her desires reached a new point and I felt her nimble little fingers find my zipper and down it went then she fished around and gently freed me. Her hands felt so cool against my warm flesh, I groaned as she began to stroke me. I broke away long enough to remove my shirt and pull her against me flesh against flesh. Her hardened nipples felt great rubbing along my chest.

“Can you teach me to give head now?” I blinked never having met such an eager young girl before. I nodded and stood up, kicked off my shoes and shed pants and underwear. I sat back down on the couch and took a deep breath, here goes.

“Do you want to just give head or do you want to swallow too?” Jesse thought it over for a long moment.

“Well how about we take it one thing at a time?”

“Good answer, no reason to rush.” I rubbed my hands together, “now why don’t you kneel down in front here, yes very nice view.” There was something about her kneeling there so eager to please me. I took my cock in hand and pointed to parts and described what I liked as far as treatment. “But the key is take your time and enjoy yourself.” She nodded and looked down and lowered her head to my hardened flesh. I could feel her breath on me and I gasped as her tongue flickered out to tease the head. Then like a lollipop she ran her tongue up and down the length, her eyes were closed and a slight smile on her face. After a few minutes and feeling braver she placed just the tip in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it tasting the precum now oozing from the tip. She lapped at it and smacked her lips and continued to suck and lick the head. My toes were beginning to bury themselves into the carpet. Then she put the second inch of me in her mouth and bobbed her head just a bit getting used to the feeling. I groaned loudly as she did this alternating between that and panting. Another inch disappeared and she was in a nice groove as she alternated between things I suggested and other things as well. She sucked hard and continued to bob her head a bit faster now. Then she returned to licking all the length getting it nice and wet. My breathing was becoming erratic as my orgasm built. Jesse looked up into my eyes as she took me in her mouth again. Then inch-by-inch all of me disappeared down her throat, her eyes twinkled as she began to deep throat me. Her head bobbed up and down faster and faster as her hand joined the mix. I was panting and groaning as my cock swelled, “I’m gonna…” I never finished it as my orgasm ripped through me and I shot into her waiting mouth, she swallowed twice but then couldn’t keep up and spat up on the rug.

“I am so sorry.” She just waved me off until the spell had passed. When she could speak again she was smiling.

“No I wanted to try and see if I could do it. I didn’t expect so much that’s all.” I got up and refilled our wine glasses. When I returned she had shed her pants and was bent over grabbing her ankles. My cock stirred at this inviting sight.

“Oh my! What brought that on?” I asked.

“I figured turn about was fair play.” She wiggled for me and I couldn’t help but oblige her. I walked up and stood behind her and let my fingertips trace patterns across her butt. “More teasing?” She asked as I touched everywhere but between her lovely cheeks. I nodded and ran my nails next in circling patterns over her and the scent of vanilla mingled with the feminine scent of her sex. She moaned softly for me begging me in her way for my hands to move down. I stood back and looked at the sight once more. Her panty clad bottom and the shapely legs that supported it were very enticing indeed. I returned and took her panties by the waistband and slowly drew them off watching as her pussy was revealed centimeter by centimeter. I blew on it as I knelt behind her dragging the underwear down to her ankles.

“Don’t move.” I whispered and she kept the position as I placed my face near her sex and lightly blew on it sending shivers all over. I wet a finger with my tongue and traced her lips with it followed by a deep female groan. Jesse’s sex was drenched from sucking me; then there was all the teasing she had received, good I say. I inserted a finger up to the first digit and moved it up and down getting a most satisfactory moan from the young lady. She was rocking a bit trying to get my finger deeper in her. “If you are not good we stop.” Her movement ceased immediately and she waited patiently. “That’s better.” While I teased her it gave me time to recoup from that toe curling blowjob. “Now where was I?” I paused and licked two fingers this time and teased her lips and opening with those. “Oh yes now I remember!” I inserted both up to the second knuckle and listened to her breath catch and watched her body stiffen. I began to move them in and out and allowed her to rock with the motion burying them. Jesse began to pant and groan this brought new life to my cock as I imagined myself buried deep in her. “Do you want me inside of you?” She could only nod and try to entice me by whimpering. “Then tell me.” I whispered as I leaned in and licked her clit as my fingers continued their work. When my tongue flickered her tiny nub of flesh Jesse’s head shot up and she squealed and cried out.

“Yessss, lick me, oh yeah I like that!” I nuzzled and nibbled her flesh my fingers going from damp to soaked in seconds flat. I moved them slower now in and out mesmerized by her scent and her noises that she made. Every whimper and each grunt of desire fed my lust and made me that much harder.

“Are you ready for the next step?” I took her hand and steadied her to her feet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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