Changing Directions Ch. 02

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It was the Friday before the Columbus Day holiday and Steve was excited. Brandon, his neighbor’s son, was coming home from college for the weekend. Steve had his first, and only, homosexual experience when he drove Brandon to college in August. Staying in a motel with only a king sized bed, the two found passion with each other.

Julie, Brandon’s mother, invited Cheryl and Steve over Friday night to celebrate Brandon’s first homecoming since going off to college. Brandon was coming home with a friend. Since it was an eight hour drive, they skipped classes on Friday to make it a long weekend. The friend concerned Steve a little. Was he a boyfriend? Would he destroy any chances of Steve and Brandon being alone together?

Julie and my wife were close friends and Julie told Cheryl everything but, honestly, she had no idea of what kind of relationship Brandon and his friend had. She didn’t even know the boy’s name, only that he lived in the same city and had his own pickup. It was possible that the friend was merely giving Brandon a ride.

At ten minutes to seven Cheryl and Steve walked across the street to their friend’s house. An old blue Ford pickup was parked out front. Brandon and his friend were sitting at the kitchen table talking about college. Brandon gave Cheryl a hug and peck on the cheek and shook Steve’s hand.

Brandon’s friend also shook Steve’s hand. “Hi, I’m David.”

David looked to be a couple years older than Brandon, around 20 or 21. He was six feet tall with a stocky but muscular build with light brown hair, handsome with deep blue eyes. He was the type of guy that women swooned over and Julie and Cheryl had already started, both obviously checking him out and grinning at each other.

At dinner there was no sign of affection between Brandon and David. Since Brandon was openly gay, there would be no reason to hide a relationship.

Julie, who was always direct, apparently also sensed that they were not a couple and asked , “So David, do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?”

David was quick to let everyone know he was straight. “I have a few girlfriends,” he joked. “No one really permanent though.”

They found out that David played football for the college team and that he and Brandon had met through a mutual friend. Since David had a truck and he and Brandon lived in the same town, he gave Brandon a ride home. Steve was happy that their friendship was just platonic, or at least it seemed that way.

Steve invested in real estate and oftentimes had a property that needed work. That was the perfect excuse to get Brandon alone.

“If you don’t have any plans tomorrow,” Steve said to Brandon, “I bought a house on the east side and the yard is a real mess. I could use some help picking up trash and junk and hauling it to the dump. I’ll pay you, of course.”

“Sure, I’d love to help,” Brandon said. “Maybe David could come help to.”

Brandon must have seen the disappointed look on Steve’s face. “Believe me, you won’t be sorry. David is a really hard worker.”

The slight smirk on Brandon’s face told Steve they were of the same mindset. “So what do you think David, would you like to make some cash?”

“Why not,” David responded. “I live on the east side so I can meet you guys there.”

Julie chimed in, “Well if David is going, I might just come and watch.”

“Mom!” Brandon was embarrassed by his mother’s shameless flirting.

“Well, you’re not leaving me out,” retorted Cheryl.

Cheryl and Julie were clearly smitten with David.

Steve wasn’t sure if they were joking or not. “Well you ladies are welcome to come if you want to work, but there will be no spectators.”

“Do I look like I do manual labor?” Julie laughed. “Okay, you can have your boys day out.”

That was a close call, Steve thought. So the plan was set. If he read Brandon correctly, tomorrow would be a hot time. There was work to do at the house but Steve had laborers he employed occasionally for that sort of thing. He had no intention of wasting any time with Brandon and David.

For the rest of the night, Steve was preoccupied with thoughts of the next day. He had only had one sexual experience with another man, that was with Brandon two months earlier. Was he really going to have a threesome with two young college boys?

Back at home after dinner, Steve decided to go for a run, something he often did in the evening. Stretching in the front yard he saw that David’s truck was still in front of Brandon’s house. As he started his run he noticed the lights on in a side window gaziantep escort of the basement and he remembered that Brandon’s bedroom was in the basement.

Steve couldn’t stop thinking about the next day with Brandon and David. Were they together in the basement now? His curiosity got the best of him. Steve crossed the street looking around for anyone who might see him. The side window had it’s shade down and Steve saw nothing more than the light shining around the sides. Maybe there were back windows that he could peek into. He jumped a small chain-link fence and went around the corner to the back of the house. The first window he came to was on the ground level and looked like it was Julie’s bedroom. The curtains were closed but they were sheer and Steve could see movement inside.

He moved close to the window peering in from the side, careful to stay concealed. Julie had just come out of the shower. Her hair was wet and she was wearing a long bath robe. Steve watched as she sat at a vanity and brushed her hair. Her back was to the window but Steve could see her face in the mirror. Julie was in great shape for a women in her 40’s. She had long blonde hair and a full set of breasts. She must have been at least a D-cup.

Steve thought about what Brandon and David might be doing but, despite his newfound desire for man-on-man sex, he still loved looking at women. He waited in hopes he might see the treasures hidden under the terrycloth robe. He didn’t have to wait long. Julie stood and turned towards the bed and dropped her robe on the floor. For a brief moment Steve glimpsed her nude body. Her breasts hung low but appeared firm. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed and showed she wasn’t a true blonde. A second later she was under the bed covers and she reached over and turned out the lamp on the nightstand. Steve moved to the side, knowing that he would be easier to see from inside with the lights out.

With the peep show of Julie being over, Steve remembered why he was there and ducked under Julie’s window towards the basement window a few feet away. Steve couldn’t believe his luck; there were blinds on the window but they were opened just enough and angled so he could see perfectly into the basement bedroom. He saw movement to the right and kneeled down to get a better look at David and Brandon on the bed. Brandon was on his hands and knees and David was on his knees behind him, hands on Brandon’s hips. Both were completely nude. David was pounding away against Brandon’s ass at a rapid pace. Steve could barely make out grunts coming from the two of them. Brandon was clearly enjoying being fucked and, from the expression on his face, David was close to orgasm. After a few minutes, David stopped with a look of ecstasy on his face and then pumped two more times, emptying his seed into Brandon.

David pulled out and lay back on the bed as Brandon collapsed face down. Then Steve saw it. It was amazing. David’s cock must have been eight inches long and five or six inches around. How did he get that into Brandon’s tight ass? David lay there for a minute with his magnificent cock standing straight up. Steve couldn’t help himself. His running shorts were down to his knees and he was stroking his own cock. Soon David was up and getting dressed. Steve moved to the side of the window and finished masturbating until he came on the ground.

Steve hadn’t been gone more than twenty minutes but decided to skip his run. He went home and got right into the shower. With the hot water running over his body he ran the images of Julie and Brandon and David through his mind. It was going to be a long night thinking about the rendezvous that awaited him the next day.

After his shower, Steve found Cheryl in bed but still awake.

“I’m glad you weren’t gone to long,” she said as she lifted the covers for him.

Steve could see Cheryl was nude, a clear sign she was in the mood. He dropped his towel and climbed in bed, threw the covers off, and took her in his arms. Skipping the usual foreplay, Steve moved over her and kissed her hard as he spread her legs apart with his knees. Cheryl reached between their legs and grabbed his already hard cock, guiding it to its target. She was wet and ready even before Steve came out of the shower and he slipped his rod into her in one smooth stroke.

Steve didn’t know what brought on Cheryl’s unusual passion and he didn’t care. He was normally a considerate love maker but tonight it was all about Steve. He wasn’t making love to Cheryl, he was fucking her. Cheryl didn’t seem to mind. She wrapped her legs around his back as he fucked her like a piston.

Having just come, Steve had no problem maintaining his stamina. He closed his eyes and thought about Julie; her succulent breasts and tanned skin and her inviting cunt. Suddenly, he stopped and flipped Cheryl over and positioned her in a doggy position. Entering her from behind, he continued the assault on her pussy.

Cheryl was enjoying the ride. Steve rarely lasted so long and the extra time with his hot dick going in and out of her was bringing her close to orgasm. Usually, it took some work from Steve’s masterful tongue to get her off. Steve was close to coming himself, picturing David plunging his enormous cock into Brandon and then remembering his own cock pumping into Brandon two months earlier.

Steve couldn’t hold off any longer, crying out as he shot his hot seed deep inside her, triggering Cheryl’s own orgasm. They collapsed with Steve still inside her, both breathing heavily. Neither could remember the last time they had come together. Finally, Cheryl moved to her side and Steve’s limp cock slid out from inside her.

“So,” Cheryl broke the silence, “what did you think of David?”

“Wow,” he laughed, “that’s a funny thing to hear from your wife after making love.”

“I guess the timing wasn’t great,” she responded, “but I have to admit he is kind of a hunk.”

Well, I don’t know about that, Julie’s more my type,” Steve teased.

“Oh, is that right? Do you ever fantasize about her?”

Steve knew he better answer carefully. “I’d be lying if I said I never thought of her that way, but you know your the only one for me babe.”

Steve’s thoughts went back to the brief glimpse of Julie’s naked body.

Then Cheryl whispered in Steve’s ear, “Tell me your wildest fantasy.”

“Do you really want to know?” Steve asked.

“Yes,” she whispered as she started to stroke his hardening cock.

Steve couldn’t tell her what he was really thinking; a threesome with her and Brandon or David. Or on second thought, why not a foursome.

Steve rolled over and kissed Cheryl’s breast. This was a new side to her. They had never talked about fulfilling fantasies before.

“Well, if you really want to know, I’ve thought about a menage-a-trois with you and Julie.”

“That would be nice,” she responded, then she kissed him and pulled him on top of her.

They hadn’t made love twice in the same night since they were newlyweds. His cock was rock hard again but he had already come twice. Steve wasn’t sure if he was up to coming a third time. Over the next forty minutes, he fucked her in every position he could think of, all the while thinking about what the next day would bring with Brandon and David. Cheryl was enjoying the extra long attention her pussy was getting and orgasmed again.

Thinking about sex with two college boys while making love to his wife was exhilarating for Steve and finally, he emptied his last drops of semen into her. Exhausted, they both fell asleep.

Steve woke early the next morning. He was tired but too anxious to sleep. He went outside at 8:00 just as Brandon was coming across the street to meet him. Brandon had a mischievous grin on his face. They made small talk on the ten minute drive to the house that Steve had bought. Brandon was happy to hear that they were not really planning to do any work.

David’s truck was already out front when they arrived at the house. After pleasantries, Steve unlocked the front door and was followed in by the two young college boys. The house was a foreclosure and the previous owners left a few pieces of furniture, including an old couch.

The scene was awkward at first but David broke the ice by saying he wanted to just watch first. Brandon took the cue and turned to Steve and started to unbutton his shirt. Steve in turn lifted Brandon’s T-shirt over his head and they both removed their own pants and underwear. Steve had been hard since they arrived and Brandon was also fully erect. His cock was only about five and a half inches but proportionate to his five foot, seven inch thin frame and was straight as an arrow. His pubic hairs were light and blond adding to his youthful appearance.

Brandon took control and pushed Steve down on the couch and then dropped to his knees. He kissed the crown of Steve’s cock and pumped it a few times until a drop of pre-cum presented itself. Brandon tasted the droplets before licking Steve’s shaft from base to crown, starting a long blowjob. Steve closed his eyes and took in the sensation. Cheryl gave great head but it didn’t compare to what Brandon was doing to him.

David had shed his clothes by then and was stroking his own cock. After only a few minutes he couldn’t stand being the spectator anymore. Steve felt something warm on his cheek and opened his eyes to find David’s huge cock staring him in the face. David put one knee on the arm of the couch to get closer.

“Suck it,” he ordered.

Steve was taken back a little by the dominant tone in David’s voice but he didn’t let that stop him. He knew he would never get the whole thing in his mouth but he was determined to take in as much as possible. He opened wide and started sucking the crown at first, not sure if he could stretch his mouth much more. David grabbed the back of his head and forced more of his thick shaft into Steve’s mouth.

“Oh yeah,” he moaned, “that’s a good cock sucker.”

David moved up further with one knee on the back of the couch and proceeded to fuck Steve’s face. Steve gagged a little with the head hitting the back of his throat. The massive thing was only about halfway in his mouth so Steve wrapped one hand around the base and caressed David’s balls with the other. They hung low and were heavy.

The sensation of sucking David’s huge tool and getting his own sucked was too much and Steve couldn’t hold back any longer. He gushed several spurts of cum into Brandon’s mouth as Brandon did his best to swallow every drop.

Suddenly, David pulled his dick from Steve’s mouth and told him to get on his hands and knees. At first he thought that David just wanted him to suck his dick from a different position, but when he saw David pull a tube of lubricant from his bag, he knew what he had in mind.

Steve couldn’t deny how much he loved sucking cock and how much he loved fucking Brandon, but getting fucked himself was something he hadn’t ever considered. Having a man’s cock in his own ass was crossing a line he wasn’t sure he was prepared for.

“Whoa, David, I’m not sure about this. Wouldn’t you rather come in my mouth.”

“What I want is to fuck your ass,” David responded.

As much as he wanted to, Steve couldn’t manage to say no. David clearly had authority over him and was going to do what he wanted.

Brandon, apparently sensing Steve’s apprehension, was beside him trying to keep him calm.

“Don’t worry, it will hurt a little at first but you’ll get used to it,” Brandon whispered.

The lubricant felt cold on the crack of Steve’s ass. David rubbed it into his love hole forcing it open with one finger. His finger felt huge and Steve wondered how he was ever going to take that monster cock.

“I really don’t know about this,” Steve said. “I don’t think it’s going to fit.”

“You know you love my cock,” David laughed. “Tell me you don’t love it and I’ll stop.”

Steve wanted him to stop but he couldn’t bring himself to say the words. He wasn’t sure that David would actually stop anyway.

Steve tensed as he felt the cock head pushing against his anus. Brandon had his arm around his shoulder and told him to relax. After two hard thrusts, Steve was sure it wasn’t going to penetrate its target but on the third try, his sphincter gave way with a sharp pain and the crown made its way inside. Without hesitation, David continued his assault, going deeper with each thrust until his full eight inches were deep in Steve’s bowels.

The cock inside him felt enormous and Steve was surprised at how easily it slid in and out as David started fucking him. The pleasure increased with each stroke. Steve became aware of Brandon again, who still had his arm around Steve. He suddenly had the need for two cocks inside of him at once.

“Let me suck your cock Brandon.”

Brandon, who had waited patiently for his turn, didn’t hesitate. He sat on the arm of the couch and let Steve fellate him while David pounded Steve’s ass. Steve had a difficult time balancing as each shove from behind pushed him forward onto Brandon’s dick. Eventually, the three got into a rhythm as David’s cock controlled the motion of Brandon’s cock moving in and out of Steve’s mouth. David came first, dumping copious amounts of semen deep inside Steve. Brandon was next and Steve accepted his sweet semen, savoring the taste on his tongue before swallowing every drop.

After resting, the three continued with their tryst. David, being the “straight” one didn’t suck anyone or allow anyone to fuck him. He fucked Brandon and then jacked-off on Steve’s face. Steve fucked Brandon and then, his favorite, gave him a slow blowjob.

That was last time Steve had sex with two men at the same time but he had memories that would last a life time.

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