Changing Room Etiquette

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Caprice opened her wardrobe door, she needed to find something extra special to wear to this party. It was her friend, Zobia’s thirtieth birthday party. Caprice sighed as she went through her clothes. She had lost weight since her break up with Toby, and nothing was going to fit her anymore. She had gone from a voluptuous size 14 to a firm and toned size 12. She knew that she had needed to lose some weight, but this was not they way to do it, she had taken their break up very badly. Caprice was glad, however, she had not lost any weight in her breasts, they had stayed firm. Toby had loved to touch her nipples and drive her wild, he had loved her breasts.

Toby, where did it all go so wrong she thought. Well of course she knew, he had been driving her crazy about a threesome and she had always refused, although she had fantasised about touching a woman, doing it was another thing entirely. She could not really get her head around it. However, she was very attracted to Zobia, and had often fantasised about how she would love to kiss, touch and caress her. She often visualised her naked, and it turned her on immensely. Zobia was a very sexy girl, she had long legs to die for, full breasts, and her face was really pretty. However, Caprice knew she would jeopardise their friendship if anything happened, and she would never want to do that.

Caprice recalled she had been sent home early from work, she had tried to carry on with her meetings, but her summer cold was getting the better of her, she just wanted to get into bed with her magazines and sleep it off. She knew Toby was at work, so it would just be her and her cats, bliss she thought.

As she approached the front door of their flat, she was sure she heard giggling. Maybe Toby had left the radio on, how many times had she told him about that? How she wished it were true, for as she went into the lounge, she found Toby naked on the sofa, being serviced by two glamorous women. Both women were wearing nothing but stockings and suspenders, one of them was sucking his cock and the other one was rubbing her tits in his face. What was worse, she thought afterwards, that the women were very sexy with amazing bodies. Caprice was horrified, and a nasty scene ensued. Of course, she never saw Toby again after that, but much to her annoyance, the vision of the two women turned her on.

Enough of these thoughts, she said to herself, I really will have to go shopping, and in her lunch hour she found herself in the back streets of Soho. It was not her normal shopping haunt, but she wanted something really sexy for Zobia’s party. She had heard that Toby was going to be there, and wanted to show him what he missed out on. Of course, she had heard he was now seeing someone else, but she was going to knock them dead at the party.

She had been eyeing up the leather dress for over a week now. It was a low cut halter neck, in black of course, and very short. She had passed the shop every day last week, and knew she had to have it, it was almost as though the dress was saying “pick me, pick me”.

Once inside the shop she began looking at the dress on the Casibom mannequin. It really was very revealing and quite slutty, but for once Caprice decided to throw caution to the wind, and asked the sales assistant if they had it in a size 10.

Zena was glad of a customer, she was so bored. She had thought working in an erotic dress shop would be exciting, but all she had seemed to attract were middle aged men, on the pretence that they were looking for an outfit for their wives. Zena had her suspicions that was not entirely true. For she saw the way they looked her up and down with that leering look when they came into the shop. Some of them even had the cheek to ask her to model the outfits! As if she would be interested in them, she laughed to herself, for she was 26, let them dream, she thought. However, sometimes she used her feminine persuasion to get them to part with their money. She had enticed one man to buy a very sexy outfit which she knew his wife would never see, let alone wear. She had persuaded him into buying it, by breaking her own golden rule of not modelling any of the clothes. The man’s face was a picture as Zena came out of the changing room in a tight revealing see-through maid’s outfit. Zena really tried her best not to stare, but the man had such a massive erection trying to break free of his trousers, it was hard not to. Oh well, a sale is a sale, she laughed to herself.

It was nice to have a female customer for a change, Zena thought. And as she helped showed Caprice the dress, she took note of how attractive Caprice was. She had long blonde hair, full and wavy and large baby blue eyes. Her figure was full, Zena took note that her large breasts seem to be straining under her blouse

Caprice stood in the changing room in her bra and panties, she was waiting for the sales assistant to bring the dress through. Zena had just gone into the back to get one that had not been in the window. Caprice was admiring herself in the mirror, she really had lost weight, she thought to herself, and it suited her. Her curves were more extenuated, her waist more defined and her breasts looked amazing, almost spilling out of her new bra. It was quite cold in the changing room and Caprice noticed her nipples were standing out like stalks. She ran her hands on the outside of her bra, she could feel her large hard nipples under her palms. For a moment, she had a fleeting image of herself sucking another woman’s nipples, and the thought made her panties slightly damp.

Zena entered the changing room. Caprice was standing there in her underwear, from the way Caprice jumped, Zena was sure that she had been touching herself. She certainly did have a very sexy body Zena thought. As Zena handed Caprice the dress, her hand accidentally brushed her breasts, and for a second her hand came into contact with Caprice’s rock hard nipple.

Caprice wondered whether it had been a total accident, had Zena touched her on purpose? The two women locked eyes and before she could stop herself, Caprice leant in to kiss Zena. Her mouth was so soft, nothing like Toby, her tongue felt so right in her mouth. Casibom Giriş So this was what it was like Caprice thought, no wonder women preferred women. Caprice’s heart was beating so loudly, as she began to unzip Zena’s dress. The dress fell to the floor, leaving Zena exposed in her underwear. Caprice slipped Zena’s bra down past her shoulders revealing her full tits. Zena was gorgeous, her tits were magnificent full and round, and as the women carried on kissing, Caprice took off her own bra and the pair began rubbing their hard red nipples together.

Zena was so wet, she really wanted Caprice to touch her pussy, she was totally carried away, she had left the shop unmanned and anyone could walk in and find them. That just heightened her excitement even more.

Zena turned Caprice around so that Caprice was standing in front of the mirror and with Zena behind her, she began inching her fingers down into Caprice’s panties. Caprice watched Zena’s hands in the mirror, she gasped as she saw her hands pull down her panties, and expose her womanhood. She was totally naked, and she watched in the mirror as Zena began rubbing her clit. Caprice moaned, this was so so gorgeous, this was her biggest fantasy and it had come true, and the mere fact that it was being played out in front of a mirror, was a massive turn on. Zena kissed Caprice’s neck, slow butterfly kisses as she carried on rubbing her clit. Caprice watched in the mirror as the kisses moved down to her shoulders, upper body and breasts. Both Zena’s hands were playing with Caprice’s tits now, she was rolling the nipples in her fingers and tweaking them gently. Zena moved to the front of Caprice and began playfully biting and sucking her nipples. Caprice watched in awe in the mirror as Zena moved down until her mouth was facing Caprice’s pussy.

Zena opened Caprice’s pussy lips and darted her tongue inside, how sweet Caprice tasted, she ran her tongue around her clit, she could tell from the way that Caprice was writing and moaning that she absolutely adored it. Zena loved going down on women, there had only been a few, but each experience had been mind blowing, and totally unforgettable.

Caprice was taken aback, she could not believe how much she was enjoying this, if Toby could see her now, she smiled to herself. The irony of the situation was as much as she had been against it, she was really turned on. And when Zena slipped her tongue deep inside her, Caprice began to quiver. She felt her own juices flowing down her legs, and she was even sure she had spurted. She really wanted to come on Zena’s face, right in the mirror. She could just about see Zena’s tongue entering her in the reflection. It was that sight that pushed her over her boundaries, and she came, really hard and strong.

In the aftermath of her climax she was shaking, it had been so beautiful, her first experience with a woman, and watching herself being teased to distraction was absolute ecstasy.

Zena stood up slowly and wiped Caprice’s juices from her mouth. She reached up to the shelf, and felt around for her new toy. It wasn’t even on the market Casibom Güncel Giriş yet, but this vibrator really promised to deliver. Very slowly she ushered Caprice down the on to the floor, so she was on all fours and still in full view of the mirror, she inserted the vibrator into Caprice’s wet pussy.

Caprice watched herself; Zena was sliding the vibrator in and out of her wet pussy. Zena was really getting into it and Caprice realised the moans were hers. Of course she had had a vibrator before, but never had she had one inside her that fulfilled her so much. And because it was thick and slightly ribbed, it fitted her contours perfectly. Watching herself being fucked by another woman was a massive turn on for her, and she watched as Zena’s fingers moved their way round so they were rubbing her clit again.

Caprice began moving her backside further and further towards Zena so that the vibrator would go in deep and hard, and it certainly did. Caprice loved the way that Zena’s fingers were rubbing her clit, this woman knew just how to tease, and before she knew it Caprice was coming again, this time even harder than before, she was wetter than ever this time.

As the two women lay there after the event, Caprice felt really embarrassed, had she really been screwed by another woman, had another woman’s tongue in her pussy? She went to open her mouth, but as though she could read her mind, Zena put a finger to her lips, and motioned her to shhh. Zena then took Caprice’s hands and put them inside her panties. Caprice sought out her clit, and twiddled and played with it, and then, she bent down her head, and much to her own surprise began licking Zena’s wet pussy. Zena tasted wonderful, Caprice loved the way she was moaning and groaning, she deliberately licked Zena’s clit over and over again until she felt Zena coming…Now she really had gone and done it she thought, I have tasted a woman.

As he entered the shop, Mr. Phillips looked around for Zena. How many times had he told her not to leave the till, still she could not be far. He heard laughter from the changing room, and when he peeked through the curtain, he could not believe his eyes, his sales assistant; Zena was totally naked being given oral sex by a busty blonde.

Mr. Phillips said nothing and moved back, he retreated to the back of the shop and waited until Caprice had gone. He always had a thing for Zena, he really wanted her, but she was way out of his league. Unfortunately, for her he was on good terms with her husband, and Zena had always professed to having a good marriage. Surely, she would not want this little encounter to come to light?

Zena scrambled around for her clothes, got dressed really quickly and went back to the till. She noticed the vibrator she had been using on the counter. She saw Mr. Phillips approaching out of the corner of her eye. “Good afternoon Zena, I see you have been testing the goods again”. ” We can keep this between us if you like”, he said.. From the glint in his eye, Zena knew exactly what he meant, and as she felt his hand slide down towards her arse, she knew that he had seen. Sometimes in life you have to pay a price for your pleasures she sighed…but then she realised the laugh was on Mr. Phillips, he must had forgotten that today was her last day at the shop.. Better luck next time, she smiled to herself…

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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