Chapstick Ch. 02

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Just to reintroduce myself, call me Kris and this is part 2 of mine and Marcy’s story. We had just had our first round of amazing discoveries when Marcy’s cousin decided to come to bed!

We laid there in the dark, in silence, on opposite ends of the bed, hiding far under the covers, listening to Lisa get settled into bed. My mind was still racing a hundred miles an hour and before I knew it we could hear Lisa’s heavy breathing drifting from the bunk above us.

I rolled towards Marcy and let my hand rest on her stomach, my heart was racing and my nerves were raw. Everything that had just happened had been in the heat of the moments, now we lay in silence unable (unwilling?) to talk. I had no idea what she was thinking, was she regretting what we had done, did she feel like it was just two horny teens, did she feel even an ounce of the love I had for her? Finally I opened my eyes as she took my hand and led it up to her breasts. I closed my eyes as tears welled, she was enjoying it obviously and I was ok with that. Still didn’t know where she stood with her feelings, but hey at that moment nothing mattered.

I traced around her breasts, both of them, outlining them perfectly. I gently cupped one and took the nipple into my mouth. I softly caressed the other while gently sucking on that one. I could feel her squirming beneath me, her breathing deepened and quickened. She jerked wildly when I lightly bit the nub. I leaned over and took the other nipple into my mouth, letting my free hand slide slowly down her belly. This time there was no stalling, I slipped my hand straight below her panties and into her sopping slit. I flicked the clit a couple times and then explored around her triangle some more. I enjoyed teasing her clit, tracing my finger around the hairline and then dipping my finger towards her engorged clit. One time my finger slipped too much and slightly went inside her hole. She gasped and I knew I had found a new weapon. I slowly put pressure on the hole, pushing my finger in, filling her tight virgin hole. I could see her biting her lip so I took her mouth with mine. Kissing her deeply as I slowly and gently explored her deep insides. We had no rhythm, her hips were uncontrolled and my hand was shaky to say the least. Nonetheless I felt her walls tighten around my finger, her body going ridged and a sudden rush of fluid down my hand. It was the most exciting, exhilarating moment in all my life, thus far.

I let her breathing return to normal and staring straight into her blue eyes I plunged my finger deep inside her again. Her hips bucked up, her eyes rolled back and she let out this beautiful slow moan. My pussy pounded! Oh the control I had was beyond any feeling I had ever had in my life. This time instead of just finger fucking her hole I massaged the inside of her walls. She squirmed side to side and grabbed the back of my neck, placing her hot mouth on top of mine. Again I felt her tighten and again I felt that release and I knew at that moment I was addicted. By this time though my arm hurt so I pulled out and laid back to relax.

I heard her breathing return to normal once again and suddenly she was all over me. Kissing my neck, my ear, playing with my nipples, I was in complete bliss. Her finger parted my fold and found my clit. It took only a few flicks until I felt that wonderful release of fluid. With that done we were exhausted and passed out, waking up very late in the morning.

All we could think about was continuing our adventures together and my parents were gone for the whole day. So it was off to my house as soon as we could ditch her cousin! The walk to my house was more of a jog! We didn’t talk about anything that had transpired the night before, or where we stood regarding our feelings. As soon as we entered my house we were all over each other. Kissing and exploring each others mouths, tearing at our clothes until we fell on the bed, our shirts and bras scattered on the floor, her pants in a pile at the end of the bed. My hand quickly found her nipples, tweaking them and causing jolts to ripple through her body. Her hands were all over me, down my back, in my hair, pulling me tight against her. Finally my hand found her heated pussy and carefully massaged her clit. She tore her mouth away from mine and I got to listen to the pleasure coursing through her body. The moaning and groaning, the sighs, sent shockwaves through my body! God I loved pleasing this woman! My finger teased her hole, gently pushing in and slowly pulling out. When she was good and soaked I plunged all the way and the moan that escaped her mouth almost sent me cascading over the edge. She grabbed the bars of my head board and ground her pussy into my hand. I pushed my finger in and out slowly, going in as far as I could reach, gently massaging the inside of her wall on every in stroke. Quickening the pace I watched as her face contorted and she went ridged and I felt that wonder flow of juices again!

Now at bursa escort bayan this point in time let me point out some facts. She still had yet to fuck me, we still had not performed any sort of oral and we were still uncertain of our ‘relationship’. Basically for the next couple weeks it was non stop sex whenever we could. Ditching friends, hiding, practicing our ‘quiet’ skills. We had not had any type of ‘talk’ but I was just so happy to be fucking my best friend! We dared not tell a soul in our small town and we especially hid from the parental units.

So after a couple of weeks we were down in her bedroom listening to music a slow one came on and I asked her to dance with me. Holding each other close we swayed in place, lost in each others eyes (I know how cheesy eh) and she says to me “you’ve never asked me out.” I was shocked and filled with extreme glee. Seriously the only word I can use to describe it is ‘glee’. I laughed, swept her bangs from her eyes and said “would you like to go steady with me?” She kissed me, so deep and so passionately that 10 years later I can still feel it!

We ended up down on her bed, her on top of me, her hand under my shirt kneading my breasts. Suddenly my shirt was off (she was so much better at that then me) and her mouth was on my nipple, sucking and nipping at it. My panties were thoroughly soaked. She rolled on to the side and while still sucking at my nipple, slid her hand down to my pussy. I felt her finger on my clit and the rubbing commenced. My hips tracing her slow rhythm, sending electric shocks from my toes to my finger tips. Suddenly I felt her inside me and I was the one gasping for air, my eyes rolling to the back of my head and my fists balling the sheets up. I came harder than I had ever come before, grunting and nearly screaming.

Never the one to be out done I flipped her onto her back and tore her shirt off, nuzzling my head between her breasts, licking every inch of skin I could. I traced underneath her breast, quickly licking her nipple and then blowing cool air on it making her whole body tremble! I kissed and licked up her neck, biting at the base of her ear I whispered “I’m going to make love to my girl friend”. Our mouths met with such fire, we just kissed forever. Finally I broke away and continued licking down the other side of her. This time teasing her nipple even more, gently biting and blowing on it. I licked down to her belly ring and took that into my mouth and I felt her hips jump up. I moved the ring around in my mouth as her groans increased. That’s when her sweet aroma hit me and I knew right away what my next move would be.

I licked around her belly button, nipped at the outer ring and then kissed down to her curly bush. Without a seconds hesitation I buried my tongue into her slit, reaching my arms up towards her breasts. I tongued around her slit, tasting every tiny bit, sliding my tongue over her clit as I massaged her breasts. I flicked her clit at a nice leisurely pace and her juices dripped down my chin. I picked up the pace, firmly grabbed her plump ass cheeks and met her bouncing hips. Her hands tangled through my hair, her hips bucking wildly into my mouth. I slowed her back down, backing off her clit and began tonguing around her hole. I dipped my tongue in as deep as I could and I felt her hands tighten around my head. So I tongue fucked her the best I could (first time and all). Again her body went ridged as I got to taste the juices that squirted down her slit.

I wiped my mouth and laid next her as she slowly came back down to earth. Next thing I knew I was uttering words I didn’t even think I knew ” I love you.” I got no reply, perhaps in the heat of the moment she never heard me, perhaps the love wasn’t there, perhaps I was just being used as a horny teenage girls fuck toy. Meh, I was fucking her and that’s all I cared about I guess.

As time wore on though some of our closer friends began to wonder and question, well mine did anyway. I told a couple and after some awkwardness they became our biggest salvation. Kids in school found out, there were some drunken pictures, there was razzing and torture, you all know how it goes. But together we were indestructible. As for the parents there were some very close calls.

Like this one time when we were having a sleep over at my house. The evening began pretty weirdly. I scored us a cheap bottle of wine and my parents just left us alone. It wasn’t anything strong, a cheap bottle of wine. We hung out in my room and played cards and drank until my parents were fast asleep. Of course the alcohol fuelled the fire in our pussies. So what began as a make out session on the bed soon progressed to a no clothes romp on the bed.

For the very first time in our relationship we were completely naked together. Normally before we’d get completely naked we’d be fucking and there was really no need for us both to be naked, I guess. Basically what I am trying to point gorukle escort out here is that this sex session had become way more sensual. Instead of a quickened pace of licking and kissing we had slowed things down quite a bit.

Our hands gently stroked each others skin, causing goose bumps to develop up and down our naked bodies. I was on my back and she was leaning over top of me, bending down to kiss me and then she slowly nibbled my lip and I loved it! I was soaking in the beauty of her naked body in the candle light, made my heart flutter (really it did!). Her body tilted and her knee was pressing lightly against my pussy so I sat my knee up and she ground against my knee as I ground against her. We rocked back and forth for ever, slowly and gently. I could feel the wetness growing on my knee and that just turned me on even more. Understandably our knees grew tired and I’m not sure which one put theirs down first but some one did and life got even better. She climbed on top of me. Her legs straddling my torso and her hot juicy pussy resting on top of mine. She leaned down and we were kissing right away. Our breasts mashing together, our pussies grinding together, our bodies totally together. I could literally feel her juices flowing from her pussy down into my pussy. She broke away from my mouth and sat up, applying way more pressure to both of our clits. We moved in complete sync, our hips grinding up and down, our pussies never wanting to break away from each other. I reached my hands up to her breasts and softly rubbed her nipples as she gripped my breasts and continued riding me. Our breathing deepened together and we carried on together, in perfect harmony and as the time came closer we ground together more deeply. Holding off the flood for as long as we could, I for sure didn’t want this feeling to end. I felt amazing. Every touch, every slight breath on my body sent a ripple of pleasure that rocked my very being. And without much warning we came together, hard. I felt her juices soak my bush and our juices ended up in a puddle underneath me. She collapsed on top of me, resting her head between my breasts. That’s when my dad chose to knock on my door to tell me that Marcy’s mother had called because Marcy had never called her when she was supposed to. I don’t know why she was supposed to call her, she was just weird like that. To this day I figure he truly knew what was going on because he had never knocked before and he never even opened my door that night.

Of course as time progressed things got worse for us. My mom ended up finding some love notes that we were passing to each other, that pretty much ended our sleepovers. And then the kicker happened. Marcy’s mom found us. I was in the middle of fingering her, thank god we weren’t naked. But yah the woman walked in and then walked right out. It was a horrible day, followed by very hellish months. Like I said though we had a strong foundation of close friends that stood by us. Of course there are always those few that weren’t truly your friends and you find that out the hard way of course. Of course in my mind there will always be that night that I went to pick Marcy up from her house.

You see we had decided to move out on our own. Kinda stupid still in school and all, believe me. So my buddy took me over to her house to pick her up. I walked up to the door and knocked, my whole body shaking with anticipation. Her mother and her mothers best friend Tanya answered the door. I asked for Marcy and they told me to go away, I was a horrible influence, on and on slandering my very being. I just kept asking for Marcy, determined. Finally she showed up at the door, her eyes red and for lack of better words, they looked dead, hollow.

“Come with me” I pleaded “I love you more than words can describe.”

The mother and friend laughed and told me to leave or they’d phone the police.

“Please just come with me.” I cried again, getting nothing but cloudy eyes and sheer disappointment staring back at me. “At least tell me you love me, tell me this was something.”

“It was nothing but an abomination.” came the reply from the mother. “Turn your sorry ass around and get out, this is your last warning.”

Staring Marcy straight in the eye, never wavering I slowly said “I love you.”

I turned around and walked back to the vehicle. The tears flowed as soon as we left the driveway. Back at my wasted apartment I cried and I cried and cried even when I thought I had no more tears to cry. My body hurt from sobbing and just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, there came a knock on the door. It was the police. I was arrested for trespassing, I was told that Marcy had denounced anything we had ever done and worse yet I was told to never go near her again. My whole world stopped.

I became very angry with the world. At school the teasing/harassment got worse and Marcy, well she was nowhere to be seen. Her dad took her bursa merkez escort bayan away on a trip. I was left taking the brunt of everything. I had gone from being the person that got along with all the clicks to the person that all the clicks made fun of.

When Marcy finally returned eventually our friends got us talking. Ok I yelled, a lot. I was hurt and frustrated. She explained how she had crumbled under the pressure of her mother and the friend and how truly sorry she was and how much she truly did love me. Now I know what you are thinking, how could I possibly forgive her? Well I didn’t, right away. It took me years to finally fully and truthfully forgive her. Eventually though I did and it truly was the best decision of my life. This was only first bump in our road to being together but we did overcome it. Eventually our families began to accept us. My family came first, slowly getting used to the fact that Marcy was apart of my life and theirs as well. Her family on the other hand is another story. Her parents divorced, her mother moved far away and didn’t have to deal with it anymore. I know she wouldn’t agree with me when I say this but it helped our relationship.

I hope you can understand why I had to put this part in. It was what melded ‘us’ together. It strengthened our relationship and our souls. It made us into who we are today. So here we sit 10 years later, happier than I ever thought we could be. Surrounded by family that loves us and friends that still support and care for us. We continue to meet every bump with our heads held high and our hands firmly clasped together. We also continue to explore new experiences together. I asked her to marry me 2 years ago. Something I thought I would never do. Marriage was never in any of my plans, neither are kids and yet I still find myself sometimes (only sometimes) wondering what having a child together would be like. Even still surprisingly discovering new firsts in our sex life.

A few weeks ago sex started as usual. We were laying on our sides, her facing the wall and me facing her back. This is one of her favourite positions. I was nuzzled in her neck, kissing and nibbling on her ear, my hands still (after all these years) exploring her body. Softly touching and tickling every inch of her that I could. I traced my finger down her side, down her legs and I softly teased her nipples with my other hand. I pulled her as close to me as I could, pressing my pussy against her ass and my breast into her back, she pushed back. My finger slid between her legs and traced around her lips, slowly folding back the lips and slipping inside. I teased her clit slowly, making her moan softly. I pulled away and continued my touching and kissing. I gently traced around her ass, firmly cupping her ass cheeks. She moaned loudly and rolled over a tiny bit, allowing me access to her pussy from behind. I teased her ass some more, rotating between cupping it and tickling it. Slowly I slid two fingers in to her sopping wet fold and slowly slid them out again, spreading her juices around. She was in pure ecstasy, moaning and groaning and grinding. I kept teasing her hole, in and out, in and out, kissing at her neck, nibbling at her ear, running my other fingers over her engorged nipples. Then taking one finger I gently pushed it into her ass and she let out a moan that mirrored the very first time I ever fucked her pussy. Gently I pushed further in, gathering more juices as I slid in and out of her ass.

As I was readjusting myself she rolled over onto her stomach and lifted her ass into the air. Now seriously she has the most gorgeous ass I have ever seen, its round and perfectly shaped so that my hands perfectly cup each cheek. So with it staring me in the face like that I just had to kiss it. I kissed all over it, licking it and nipping at her ass. I reached around the front and gently flicked her clit as I repositioned my finger back into her ass. She pushed back and my finger was all the way in her ass. I began to stroke the inside while I moved my other fingers from her clit to her pussy, slowly and gently pushing two fingers inside her soaked pussy hole. She was near screaming by this time and I knew she couldn’t take much more, I could feel her pussy walls tightening as she fought off the orgasm for as long as she could. I pumped her pussy and her ass at a moderate pace wanting her to experience this for as long as she could, can’t say I wasn’t loving every second of her glorious moans. All too soon it came to an end as I felt her anus tighten and her pussy tighten and the juices pouring down my hand. Exhausted I collapsed next her.

“That was amazing.” I told her

“No you’re amazing.” was her gasping reply.

I wrapped my arms around her and we lay there cuddling in the dark until she came back down to earth. Then she climbed on top of me and rode my pussy till I was gasping for air. She got off and plunged into my slit, two fingers straight into my hole and her thumb rubbing my clit. Fuck this girl knows how to make me cum hard and fast. It didn’t take long for me to fully release all over her fingers.

So that my readers is our story, a lot shorter, a lot less sex and not nearly as much tears. Hopefully I will also eventually share our other firsts!

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