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Ok I know there are tons of first time stories out there and a lot of them are just like mine but I don’t care and obviously if you’re reading this you don’t either so here it goes. My name is Kristina, call me Kris. I’m 25 now but back then I was 18 and youthful, I mean I’m still young but there is just something about 18 that is so much better. I was an average girl, brown hair, brown eyes, average build, average height, my boobs were a little above average and truthfully so was my ass. Basically though I was pretty average, I roamed all the groups and was accepted by everyone, I was the funny girl. I had this friend Marcy who was beautiful and sexy as hell. She was blond and blue eyed and big tits and was pretty damn popular with the guys and guess who had a crush on her!! Yah that’s right me and I was pretty torn up about it.

Our history goes back to the sixth grade when we met and became instant best friends. We had this ritual where we would watch horror movies all night, eat munchies and then by the end I would be snuggling up with her because she was afraid. Looking back I now understand what was going on but back then, I thought it was pretty normal. I remember the tingling sensation I would get every time I got to hold her and I also remember how wet I would get. I never acted on anything, can’t say I really knew or understood what to do and what was happening. Sadly though our friendship ended in a sudden and bitter fight that lasted most of grade eight and by grade nine I had moved on and had stopped trying to get her attention. By the middle grade ten though things were different, Marcy had started hanging around my main group of friends more and more and we were beginning to talk and hang out more. Our friendship blossomed again and those feelings were awakened only this time I knew what was going on.

The summer before grade 12, just as after my 18th, I went to England and stayed with my relatives for a whole month. It was great and horrible all at the same time, I was so horribly homesick. There weren’t many of my relatives that were my age so I spent a lot of my time alone and a lot of my time thinking. As the month wore on my loneliness got deeper. My first true awakening came one morning, I’ll never forget it. I woke up suddenly and sat up, I had been dreaming. In my dream I was laying naked on top of Marcy and kissing her deeply, caressing her soft white skin. At that very moment I realized everything, not only was I gay but I was also in love my ‘straight’ best friend. Oh it was both wonderful and frightening, to understand the thoughts and feelings but also the sadness of knowing what could never be. I phoned her that day just to hear her voice, ended up being 5am there when I called but her voice got me through the rest of my time there.

I was so happy when I got home, to see her and to see my family. We ended up going out with her parents, don’t really remember where but I remember this moment clear as day. We were walking into her parents house, they were already inside, she was in front of me and she stopped waiting for them to get out of the entrance. I suddenly stopped, I had been staring at her ass and without a thought in my head I place my hand gently on bursa eve gelen eskort bayan her hip. She whipped around and scolded me to never do that again. I was like a puppy being scolded for peeing on the carpet, I bent my head down to hide the tears that were forming in my eyes. I cursed myself for doing that, for even testing the waters. I was risking a great friendship because if I couldn’t have her as my love then being her friend would have to do.

A week later we were hanging out in her room, sitting on her bed just chatting and again for reasons that I could not really comprehend I decided to try something. I took the phone, which was a cordless with an antennae and traced up and down her thighs. She stopped talking and just kind of watched me, not giving anything away in the way she looked at me but she didn’t make me stop. Next I slowly undid her belt and her button on her jeans and she shot me a look so I stopped and went back to running the antennae up and down her thigh. She laid back and just enjoyed it, believe me I was enjoying it too, I was getting so wet. Her breathing changed and I put the phone down and used my finger. Slowly I traced up her inner thigh, past her knee and very gently grazed over her mound. I saw her shiver. I started at her other knee and traced up her inner thigh again, grazing her triangle again only this time I went for her zipper. Just at that very moment the damn phone rang and it was her father. Mood shifted and that was that. Again I was cursing myself but obviously she wasn’t hating it. So I kept on trying, we did this a few more times. With me trying to get into her pants, it turned into a sort of game.

In between all this we just pretended nothing was happening, life moved on around us and we never spoke of it to each other nor anyone around us. She was killing me though. As all this was going on she had me trying to set her up with one of her ex boyfriends, she told me she loved him. I fought with myself over this subject. Here I was in complete love with her and I had to fix her boy problems but I wanted to see her happy. The only bonus came whenever there was a bump in the road of getting them back together she would be upset and I would get to console her. Hey any touch or hug was enough to get me by.

Just before school started for the year I went on an adventure with her, her mom, her moms friend and her cousin. We were going to saran wrap her moms friends car who lived about an hour away from town. It was kind of stupid but fun nonetheless. It was pretty late by the time we were done and we were all pretty tired and it wasn’t very warm in the car on the way home. So in the backseat were Marcy in the middle and me and her cousin beside each door. Marcy had covered herself with a big jacket to warm herself up and had dosed off. I needed some chapstick and Marcy always kept three different kinds attached to her belt loop, yah I know it was weird. So I reached very slowly under the jacket to grab one and accidentally brushed her pussy, she kind of moaned and laid her head on my shoulder. I took that as a sign that she enjoyed the brush so I added a little more pressure, she opened bursa eskort bayanlar her legs even farther for me. I laid my head the other way to make it appear I was snoozing as well and let my hand rest on her mound, pushing down on it every once in a while. We carried on that way all the way home.

We pulled into the driveway and I thought all was over. Marcy looked at her mom and said “we’re tired and going to bed.”

I was shocked to say the least, my head was swimming and butterflies were beating at the sides of my stomach. My head was full of thoughts, what to do next? Is this really happening? Where do we go from here? Is this really happening? Without so much as a word we headed into the basement and into her room.

Quietly we changed into our pyjamas and crawled into bed together. The room was thick with anticipation and nerves. After what felt like hours I rolled over to face her and for lack of knowing anything else started tracing up and down her thighs again. She was wearing these thin little boxers and I could see her pussy and I could smell her pussy. It was an intoxicating scent and the more I touched her the stronger the smell got and I remember my whole body pulsing at the mere thought of what was going to happen. I worked up the courage and stopped on her pussy and began to rub up and down. I watched her reaction as she moaned and splayed her legs further apart, she closed her eyes and I saw her nibble on her lip. I almost came right then and there. Just knowing that at my slight touch I could do that to a person was intense to say the very least. I slid my hand under her boxers and commenced rubbing her again. There was only a very thin piece of fabric laying between me and my goal and believe me that was not stopping me. I kept on rubbing in slow circles just watching her facial expressions, watching the joy spread throughout her body. Her panties were soaked and the air was filled with her sweet scent. I slowly slid my fingers under her panties and into her soaked bush. I parted her sopping slit and found her hard and engorged clit. I was so excited all I wanted to do was make this girl cum. I took a deep breath and centred myself. Slowly I traced around her clit, exploring every little crease and crevice. I focused in on her clit and gently flicked it. Her body exploded into shivers. I kept on flicking it, slowly and gently, watching her as she shook and shivered. I quickened the pace just a little and pushed her past her edge. Her whole body went ridged and her hips thrust up into the palm of my hand, her eyes rolled back and she bit hard on her lip. I felt her warm liquid flowing down my hand.

It was at this point that I leaned in and kissed her, deeply. My tongue exploring her mouth as her pussy pulsed under my finger. Once the pulsing stopped I started over. I sucked gently on her ear lobe, tracing my hand very slowly up her body. I wanted to know every inch of her, I especially wanted to remember every tiny detail of the events unfolding right in front of my eyes! My lips moved down her neck, licking and sucking very gently and very slowly, savouring the sweet taste of her white skin. My hand finally gathering enough görükle escort bayanlar courage to lightly cup her breast and her low moan let me know it was enjoyed. Still kissing her neck I nipped at it gently and her whole body squirmed.

I broke away and very awkwardly tried convincing her to remove her shirt.

“If I remove mine you have to remove yours.” was her exact response. Needless to say mine was off before she could even finish the sentence. I helped as best as I could take hers off, hey this was my first encounter and still to this day I really haven’t got the knack of ripping a shirt off!

My embarrassing moment over I was suddenly exposed to her beautiful breasts. They were just a little over a hand full, with medium buds poking up. The only thought in my mind at that time was how badly I wanted to get those in my mouth. I wondered how they would taste and how badly it would make her squirm. Bringing me back to reality was a wonderful tingling sensation coming from my own nipple. She was gently squeezing it between her fingers. I almost came again, leaking another gallon of fluid into my panties.

Sitting up on my knees I let her explore my boobs, she teased each nipple and gently cupped each breast in turn. I mirrored her actions, watching again the pleasure spread across her face both from my moaning and from my hands. I leaned in and we kissed again, hurriedly and full of passion. My hand squeezing and releasing her breast as I worked my way back down her neck, tracing a trail down. My tongue found its way to her nipple, tracing around. She squirmed every time my lip brushed against it. Not being able to contain myself I sucked her nipple into my mouth, rolling it back and forth on my lips. She let out this low deep moan that vibrated my whole body, all the way down to my dripping pussy. God I loved making this girl moan.

I repositioned myself towards her other favourite obsession of mine, only this time I was able to control myself a little more. I kissed around the nipple and licked and gently bit at the sides. Running my lips gently over the nipple every once in awhile, inspiring a thrust upwards from her chest. I teased the underneath with my tongue and finally focused in on the nipple. Sliding my tongue over the nub time and time again. I put my mouth around it and gently sucked it in and I felt her hand on the back of neck pushing my head harder into her chest. I sucked on her nipple and let my hand slide down her body again. Her legs parted and I found her clit yet again. This time she came quickly, almost as soon as my finger touched her.

Laying back I let her catch her breath and I took a moment to catch mine. I couldn’t believe the feelings coursing through my body, the joy, the pleasure, the passion. I wanted to fuck her, wanted to be inside her more than anything in this world. My pussy was pulsing and suddenly her mouth was on mine and her hand was between my legs. Quickly she went under my panties and found herself inside my slit. Only correcting her once she soon had a quick rhythm and it didn’t take long before I was moaning and squirming. Even quicker than her I came, my whole body quivered and my pussy pounded! I opened my eyes and saw her looking at me. Those beautiful blue eyes staring straight at me, full of wonder and joy. It was at that moment that I knew I would love this girl forever!

It was also at that moment that her cousin chose to come to bed! Damn those bunkbeds, damn her cousin for spending the night and damn her for interrupting the greatest moments of my life!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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