Charlie’s Triangle

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Huge Strapon

Charlie was late. Already he received a phone call from Natalie. Damn that girl was insatiable. Ever since she went away to college she’d been tightening the invisible string she held around his dick. His wife was starting to get suspicious. The rain poured down over the windshield of his 1978 Mustang. Still in the original orange with racing stripe, Charlie sped down Lackawana Avenue. His pants grew tighter and tighter as he found himself pressing harder on the accelerator. Abstract, low-light flashes of Natalie beckoning him to her rose from the ground. Her D-size breasts bouncing imperceptibly as she reached for his cock and they fell on the bed. He wiped the sweat from his brow and turned on the air conditioning. The windshield began to fog and he cursed, changing the settings to clear his view.

Natalie’s long brown hair curled away from her face as she slowly sucked his cock, gently licking the tip, his cum spurting onto her chin. He made a left onto Tremont. Goddamn, he thought, am I there yet?

Finally he pulled into the row of parking spots outside her dorm. Racing up the stairs he caught the door as two coeds exited. He preferred the stairs; the elevator would give him a coronary from waiting. Counting room numbers, as he strode the hallway of tope walls and ancient linoleum. The florescent light made everything grey and distant as he searched for his oasis. Suddenly there it was room two twenty-three.

He knocked.

The door opened. There stood his vision, Natalie. She wore a silk blouse, golden yellow, with no bra. The blouse tied into a sash at her hips, no slanted to one side by her stance. Her brown, flower-patterned skirt covered her knees, barely flirting.

“‘Bout time.” she said.

With one arm she grabbed his brown sweater and firmly pulled him inside. The hallway was deserted and he was thankful as backed him to the desk and wrapped her legs around him.

“Close the door.” she commanded.

He hurriedly complied and scampered back to her. Without waiting she turned around, dropped her pink-rimmed panties to just above her ankles, and gripped the back edge of the light wood desk, hard.

“My roommate will be back in thirty minutes. I want you in my ass. Now!!” she whispered loudly.

Charlie could barely free his erection before it would rip through his pants. Soft light came through the ends of the blinds illuminating her soft ass, poised for his entry. Natalie’s eyes were closed in anticipation. He pushed his pants down to his ankles and spit on his hand. Moistening his cock he thrust it into Natalie’s ass. Her eyes went wide as he went to the hilt of his cock into her. Not stopping he withdrew and thrust again. The feeling was beyond anticipation. The tightness of her ass, the smell of her wet pussy rising off her. Her left hand reached low and grabbed his ass pulling it towards hers. He went wild, thrusting faster and faster, sending drips bursa escort of her pussy flying everywhere. He latched his left hand onto her hip and pulled tighter. Feeling his bicep nearly rip from the motion he just wanted to make her scream and feel the same burn. His right hand came down and smacked Natalie’s ass hard. She let out a growl and looked back at him.

She propped herself up. He was fucking her wildly and not stopping. Natalie panted as she let go of his ass, reaching back and grabbed his neck. Her fingers moved among the sweaty hairs at the base of his neck, scratching lightly. Her mouth and tongue reached for his and found them welcome. Charlie arched his back and kept fucking her.

“Rip my shirt open, Charlie.” she said.

He obeyed. Ripping her shirt open to reveal her perfect breast with the monstrous areola. Natalie pinched her nipple.

“Cum, Charlie.” she said.

“I’m going to cum in your ass, baby.” he said.

“Oh yea. Fill up my ass. Fill, it, UP!!” she commanded.

Charlie couldn’t hold it any longer. The tight grip she had on his cock was compounded as she stuck two fingers in her pussy. He could feel the wiggle, hear her breath quicken. The little noises she made got higher in pitch. He could see her moving frantically beneath him. His orgasm rose and he came in her ass. His cock pulsed over and over, taking in complete control over the situation.

“I’m cumming too!” she screamed.

Natalie’s hand worked her pussy and it squirted onto his thighs. He’d long since stopped thrusting but she kept pushing against him, moving his cock, which was still hard, in and out of her. The energy in the air cleared and both realized the briefest silence that their needs were met and they shared a smile, touching foreheads.

She pieced her outfit back together and he buckled his pants. The smell of sex hung in the air and Natalie lit some incense that smelled like sweaty marijuana. Charlie recognized it as sage. Not a word was spoken; they just looked at each other.

“See ya around.” he said.

“Yea. See ya.” she replied.

“Have you talked to your sister?” he asked.

“Nope.” she replied.

Charlie heard the door hiss then click as he left the room. Vicky, Natalie’s sister, had been their housekeeper up until last month. Vicky was seven months pregnant and working her way through her third year of college. Charlie and his wife needed some light housework done and had hired Vicky. Even though Vicky would never discuss the father of her baby she did everything she was supposed to. That is until Natalie had caught her sister fucking Charlie, reverse cowgirl on the couch. Natalie only talked about it once. She came into the room of dark wood, floral-patterned drapes with matching couch and there was Vicky. It had been a sight, she later told Charlie. Her pregnant sister, milk-engorged breasts bouncing. Her swollen belly bursa escort swallowing Charlie’s huge eight-inch cock. Charlie had mistakenly thought they would be undisturbed and so they were fully unclothed. Afterwards it was decided that Vicky shouldn’t work for Charlie and his wife any longer. Natalie’s only condition was that Charlie “service” her as he had her sister. Charlie had agreed, but had kept one thing secret from the agreement – he kept fucking Vicky.

Fourteen thirty-five Maple Avenue was where Vicky had become a nanny to two small children. Fortunately for her, and Charlie, they were away in Switzerland for the summer. The family owned a two story colonial in Eastwick and everything in the house was white, to match the outside. Chandeliers, drapes, sconces, dishes, trim, even the dogs were white. The sun came out and the dogwood tree with its white blossoms shone brightly against the clear blue sky. He vaguely heard the automatic pool cleaning robot making small waves in the backyard. Charlie slowly clicked the latched. He knew the routine, which had been practiced for the last two months. Traveling the white carpet road up the stairs to the master bedroom, Charlie could smell Vicky’s one habit – baby powder. She’d used it as a kind of magic dust to keep her baby safe. The scent of it was always with her and also prevented chafing.

He entered the white bedroom, with white comforter, dust ruffle and duvet. Dressers and tables of white wood had been strategically placed around the room. White-tipped, flame-shaped lights were off, sunshine pressing hard against white drapes demanding entrance. And there, laying, half-sunken in the white goose feathered bed spread was Vicky completely naked. Her belly more swollen than he had ever seen it. She held one hand to her labia, an egg vibrator delivering continuous pleasure. Charlie stopped at the edge of the bed and stood there silent. Vicky made the motion as another orgasm washed over her. Her eyes flickered impatiently and Charlie unzipped his pants. She licked her middle finger and ran it along his growing shaft. Just before putting it back in her mouth she stopped.

“Seen my sister today?” she asked.

“No.” he replied.

Vicky licked her middle finger.

“Liar.” she said.

He moved closer to her. Vicky shifted her position, craning her neck craning towards his dick, her mouth opening. She began to lick the tip of his cock. Vicky did not look like her sister. She was shorter, more petite, even though she was older. She dyed her hair blonde and had the perkiest little Double B-cup breasts. When she sucked his cock, her tits would conduct a symphony he often found his head following. Brought back to reality by Vicky nearly swallowing his penis whole, the girl had a way with oral, Charlie gasped. She was like a vacuum. Sucking and rolling her tongue around his shaft. Back and forth she’d pump her bursa eskort hand. It was as if she craved the length of his cock. She said to him once that the sensation of cum on her chin was something she couldn’t help but want. That she must’ve had an overabundance of nerve endings in her chin because the sensation was unbelievable. He saw another orgasm ripple through her, compliments of the egg. She pounded on his cock now, cupped his balls and then let go entirely. Vicky then tickled just under his balls. Charlie was going to cum soon. He’d held off this long, but despite fucking her sister less than an hour ago, he felt that familiar fire in his balls building. She swirl her finger and sucked hard. She tried swallowing his penis whole, partially gagging herself and then licking underneath his shaft. The sensation was incredible.

“Ready?” he asked.

There was no reply as he shot his load down Vicky’s throat. Thicker consistency and lesser amount, Charlie twitched three times before going soft. He attributed the amount to the finger she’d pushed up his ass at the last minute. Oh what a sensation.

“You’re a nasty girl,” he said.

“Why would you ever think that?” she asked.

Vicky smacked Charlie’s soaked cocked against her cheek.

“Not sure,” he replied.

“Ok. You can leave now. I’m going to stay here and have some fun. Sure you can stay for an encore?” she asked.

“Nope sorry. Wife is expecting me for dinner.” He replied. Charlie felt several drops of cum drip off the end of his penis and run down his leg.

Charlie casually drove home. It had been a good day, he thought. He pulled into the driveway. The green garage door greeted him. Walking into the house, he announced himself, a smile in his voice.

“I’m in the sunroom,” Doris replied.

“How was your day, dear?” he asked.

“Oh, not nearly as good as yours I imagine.” She replied.

“Nothing special, eh?” he asked.

“Let me see it.” she said.

Charlie’s smile melted and then was resurrected as a smirk. He unbuckled his pants and let his cock, now deflated, tumble forth.

Doris looked at the cock and licked it in several places. First the tip, then the shaft and finally just underneath his sack.

“Saw the girls today, did you?” she asked.

“How can you always tell?” he asked.

“A mother knows her girls.” She responded.

“But how?” he asked.

“I have to know these things. Ever since you knocked up Vicky, I’ve had to keep a closer eye on you. Thank goodness you and Natalie have been only doing anal. She’s got a bright future ahead of her and doesn’t need any detours. Now, are you going to come over here and share what the girls gave you?” she asked.

“You know it, baby.” he replied.

Charlie was relieved. His wife was not in the least bit suspicious that he was knocking up their younger daughter, Natalie. That plan would have to wait, perhaps a few months after Vicky had her baby. He didn’t want the girls getting jealous of each other. Besides, when Vicky had hers, Natalie would want one of her own. Charlie would give Doris everything she wanted and more. Details and some cum to go with it.

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