Chloris Pt. 02

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Introduction: Sister Suzie didn’t sew shirts for sailors, she showed me sorts of sexy satisfaction. These were reported in Chloris (Part 1). Chloris (Part 2) continues my early sexual experience and chronicles the involvement of Iris, the mother of us girls, Suzie and Norma.

I should begin by saying that Iris was in no sense neglectful of our welfare and development. She was a loving mother, and had instructed us in female physiology long since, so that the menarche was no mystery, and we knew all about sexual intercourse, pregnancy, child-birth and conventional heterosexual customs and activities.

We knew, too, since she had no secrets from us, that she occasionally welcomed men to her bed, and that she had had a long affair with one of the dentists she worked for, a married woman who obviously relished loving sex with Iris. We were reassured, then, that women might have sex with women as well as men. That probably defused some of any anxiety we might have had about our own love-making, even if we retained a doubt about its being incestuous. Such doubt was quite soon allayed.

Came the night when our bedroom door opened and Iris, in her sheer nightie, looked in. We were resting after a delightful bout of mutual cunnilingus, and for a moment we feared our dear mother might be disapproving of our shenanigans. But she was smiling a little, and said, ‘So, my darlings, did you think mummy didn’t know about your pussy-play? You’ve made enough noise with it to tell the neighbours.

We relaxed, said nothing, and waited for further comment. Iris came into the room and sat on the edge of the bed we were lying on head to tail. She reached behind her to pat our bottoms, and said, ‘No need for me to give you any further sex education, then. And I’ve been enjoying your enjoyment through the wall, so to speak.’

We sat up and positioned ourselves on either side of her. She put an arm round each of us and hugged us to her. Thus, further reassured, Suzie asked, ‘Do other sisters do it?’

She said, ‘I don’t know, darling, but I’d guess that some do. Were you worried I might think it wrong?’

‘We were, a little,’ Suzie said.

‘Some people might disapprove,’ Iris said, ‘But I can’t see any problems. You’re not harming anyone, or each other, and you’re learning about sex without strain or inhibition. That must be good. Sooner or later you’ll probably be able to use your knowledge with other people, and then you’ll be glad of the knowledge.’

I felt emboldened to ask, ‘Do you specially like sex with women?’

‘Well, yes I do,’ she said. ‘As you know I do have men sometimes, when the mood takes me, but nowadays I certainly prefer it with women. I loved Catherine, but it was such a strain keeping it from her husband, and she didn’t want to leave him because of the children. I do miss her terribly.’

As she was wearing just her near-transparent nightie and we were very close, we could see that her nipples were standing to attention like little sentries. Then Suzie pointed into her lap and said, ‘You were excited by us just now, weren’t you? Look at you, your pussy is wet, and your nipples are rigid.’

‘Yes, darling, I must confess that when I heard you it made me almost jealous, and I thought of making love with Catherine, and of course, I was turned on.’

‘You know, you izmir escort needn’t go looking for another Catherine just now, darling,’ Suzie said. ‘We’ve always loved and admired your body, your beautiful breasts and your sumptuous bum. We hoped to grow up to be just like you.’

‘And you did, my sweet girls, you did. Look at your lovely tits, so firm and bouncy, and your bottoms are charming. I’m so proud of you.’

‘Look at us all in a row,’ Suzie said. ‘So alike, and so glad to be as we are. Why don’t we take off that nightie and admire you properly?’

‘Where is this going, Suzie girl? Are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?’

‘Oh yes, dear gorgeous mother, you beautiful, sexy, woman. Don’t you think it’s a great idea, Norma J?’

‘Goodness, yes,’ I said. I suddenly realised how exciting the idea was. My love for Iris readily included making love to her.

‘But, sweet girls, that really would be incest, wouldn’t it?’ Iris said.

‘Yes, sort of,’ Suzie said, ‘But so what? We’d not be harming anyone, or each other.’

‘But you can’t want me, surely? My breasts are sagging and my bottom is flabby, and I am your mother, after all.’

‘That makes it better,’ I said. ‘We love you so much, and it would be wonderful to show you our love.’

‘And you’re not saggy or flabby, just mature, and all the better. Come on, get that nightie off and let us show you how much we love and admire you.’

Between us, Suzie and I pulled the nightie over her head. For a moment she looked awkward, putting a hand over her pussy. But Suzie gently pulled it away. Then she bent her head and clamped her mouth over Iris’s right breast. Taking the hint, I also lowered my head and sucked at the left breast. Iris shuddered and let out a little snort of surprised pleasure.

‘Lie back,’ commanded Suzie, and we all three lay back, Iris sandwiched between us, with us turned inward to continue our ministrations to those voluptuous bosoms.

Iris reached out her hands to cup our breasts, but Suzie stopped nipple-sucking and said, ‘Just lie still, darling. We’re going to give you our love. Just enjoy it.’

She reached for Iris’s mound and slid her finger into her slot, seeking her clit. ‘There she is,’ she said. ‘Chloris, the nymph. Oh, she’s so big!’ Then she resumed lipping the nipple.

An idea came to me. I slipped my hand under Suzie’s and felt for the vagina. It was open and waiting and I slid in two fingers, then three and stroked the walls.

We lay like that a long time, conscious of each other, aware of every shift of feeling and physical movement. My fingers made a little squelching sound in Iris’s vagina and Suzie was panting a little through her nose as she gulped at the nipple. A rich aroma of aroused cunt suffused the atmosphere, and not just from Iris. We were all three shiny with sweat and its scent was blending with the cunt odour.

‘Oh, that’s so lovely,’ Iris said eventually. ‘Do you want me to come? I can come any time. Just tell me when.’

‘Yes!’ we both shouted. ‘Come, come for us, come now!’

And she did, her whole body writhing and racked with the flood of ecstasy. I felt her vagina spasm round my fingers and her breast swelling under my mouth. It was tremendous. My other hand went to my pussy alsancak escort and my forefinger and thumb bracketed an eager Chloris, so that I, too, came, as if swept away on the undertow of Iris’s spring-tidal climax. Suzie, too, had triggered herself and I heard her cries of pleasure, muffled by Iris’s other tit.

For a while we lay, clenched together, conscious of each other’s bodies, discharged of all tension, utterly at peace, basking in relish of each other’s beauty and joy.

Eventually Iris murmured, ‘If that’s incest, let me have more of it. I haven’t come like that since Cathy. Thank you, you sweet girls, you’re brilliant. Any women who are lucky enough to make love with you will be in paradise.’

I withdrew my fingers from her vagina, sniffed and licked them. I said, ‘How strange that I came out of there, and now I can thank her and show my love. I can feel she’s bigger than mine and Suze’s, probably because she’s had us two passing through.’

‘Her Chloris is bigger than ours, too, Normy,’ said Suzie. ‘Is that because she’s had so many years of stroking, swelling and coming?’

‘I don’t know, Suzie,’ said Iris, ‘That might be it. Perhaps I’ll feel yours and see if I think it’s smaller. Would you like that?’

‘It would be wonderful. What could be better than a mother giving her daughter the ultimate pleasure, showing her love?’

‘And you, Norma, would you like that?’

‘Oh yes, please. Who better to make love to us than you, our lovely mum?’

‘Can you come again tonight, girls? I think I’m spent, but if you fancy your old mum fondling your pussy and Chloris, we could go to my room, with the double-bed, and be comfier. Then I could find out all about my sweet girls’ cunnies and clitties.’

Needless to say, we were soon lying on Iris’s bed, with her standing beside and looking down at us, her breasts still a little swollen from her orgasm. She said, ‘Turn over, my loves, I want to see your botts. I’ve always had this thing about women’s bottoms. They’re so beautiful they make me want to cry sometimes. And, oh yes, yours are lovely, and so alike.”Not surprising,’ said Suzie. ‘They look like yours.’

Iris knelt between us and said, ‘I’m going to enjoy them.’ And she began to stroke us, left hand for me and right for Suzie. She smoothed, ran her nails gently up and down, slid a thumb between buttocks and finger-tipped our anuses. If a bum cheek could erect, ours would have soon been tumescent. They certainly felt as if they were. We murmured our enjoyment, appreciating the attentions of a skilled bottomaniac.

Then she bade us turn over and began to work on our breasts. One mouth and two hands can, it turned out, work wonders on four tits. In a few minutes our nipples were rigid, sensitised to the sense that they might ejaculate any moment. We kept looking across at each other, fascinated and excited yet more by each other’s excitement and by watching our beloved Iris caressing, nibbling, sucking, murmuring lovingly, ‘Such sweet nips you have, so ready to sit up for mummy… I could swear they’re lactating honey…and those ripe titties, soft and firm, firm and soft…delicious against my cheeks.’

Then she said, ‘Now I’m going to check out Chloris, as you call her. Two Chlorises. Are they different? I buca escort want to find out.’

She stroked her way down our tummies and paused at the top of our vulval creases. She said, ‘You have lovely pussy-fuzz, so dark, shiny, crinkly. Like mine, of course. I’ve always liked mine. Never shaved it. Catherine love it, too. Suzie’s is a little longer, I think, but Norma’s is thicker, but not by much.’

She slid her forefingers into the creases. ‘There they are, the little chickens. They feel the same, but I’m going to look in a minute. Let’s get them up first.’ She circled the finger-tips round our buds, sometimes hooking them gently into our vulvae just below the clit-tip and giving a little trig. Sometimes she brushed her nail along the length of Chloris’s body. The glowing, tingling, in-going warmth spread into and up our vaginas, reaching into our bottoms.

Then she used both hands, briefly leaving me, to ease open Suzie’s labia and study Chloris. Suzie said, ‘She likes that, to be open to you, to be seen.’

Iris bent to kiss Chloris and Suzie shuddered. I felt it through the bed. She said, ‘One lick and I’ll come. Go to Normy first, though.’

Iris’s fingers pulled my labia apart and she gazed down. She said, ‘Yours is a fraction bigger, darling, and Chloris is showing a little more of her head, but it’s fractional only. Could you come, too, sweetheart?’

‘Oh yes,’ I said. ‘But make Suze come first, then I can enjoy her coming.’

Iris kept a finger on my Chloris and used her other finger and thumb to part Suzie’s lips. Then she bent to lap her tongue along the slippery nubbin. Suzie shuddered again and shouted, ‘Oh yes! I’m coming. I’m coming…’ And her voice went into a long shriek of joy.

I was almost coming myself in empathy, and Iris quickly prized open my slit and slurped the eager Chloris, and I came with a whoosh as the breath left me a moment and then came back in a long, whistling inhalation, through which I muttered, ‘Coming, oh so much coming, coming, coming.’

Iris lay down between us on her back, and we clasped her tight, bracketing our dearest come-giver, while the orgasm faded slowly.

Then Iris said, ‘That was so beautiful, my darlings, so moving. So exciting I want to come again. I’m going to Chloris…’

‘No,’ Suzie said, ‘We’re going to come you. Both of us together, like this.’ She wriggled down the bed and laid her cheek on Iris’s groin, and I realised I must do the same on her other side. So that very quickly we were in position, mouths close to and either side of her pussy. Then, with a hand either side of her vulva crevice we drew its lips apart and extended our tongues to reach her Chloris, which was a firm ridge within its hood, its glans peeping forth, glistening and pink.

Our tongue-tips met, joined, squirmed together all over Chloris, up and down the vulva, and Iris pressed our heads onto her and held them while her pelvis heaved up and down in a cataclysmic orgasm. She screamed, ‘Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…’

Suzie and I lifted our heads and edged them onto Iris’s pussy to achieve a long, probing kiss, sharing our mother’s salty-sweet juices. Then we lay still, our lips touching and tongues sliding along them, cushioned on the maternal mons.

After a while, Iris said, ‘That was amazing, devastating, beautiful. I can’t remember three women coming like that in a minute or two. Not even when Catherine and I had another woman occasionally.’

‘There is something more for us,’ said Suzie. ‘I want my tongue in your cunts, and yours in mine.’

‘Oh, we can do that,’ said Iris. ‘Save it for another time.’

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