Christening the Couch Ch. 02

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Tye woke up late in the morning with Trey’s head resting on his shoulder, arm wrapped around his chest. He had to look twice to make sure he wasn’t dreaming; he had really fucked Trey last night. It had been so hot…and yet now there was something else. As he looked at Trey’s sleeping face, looking so sweet and childlike as he slept, he felt something stir inside him. He mulled over his thoughts, idly stroking Trey’s spine, staring up at the ceiling.

Trey slowly began to surface out of sleep; he felt Tye’s hand stroking his back and everything that had happened the night before came rushing back to him. Shocked, he laid there, still, not letting Tye know he was awake, coming to terms with what he had done. He was straight dammit; he liked—loved—girls. So what had happened?

Slowly, he came to the realization that it had been something he had secretly wanted, a secret he’d kept even from himself. It felt right and good to be there in Tye’s arms, better than he’d ever felt with a girl. Lifting his head up off Tye’s shoulder, he looked at Tye’s profile, seeing his roommate in a new light: the strong jaw line and sensuously full lips and bright green eyes turned full toward him as Tye turned his head to return the look. “Hi,” Trey said shyly.

“Hi.” Tye awkwardly returned, “How are you feeling?”

“My ass is as sore as hell but other than that I’m ok,” he smiled wryly. The smile vanished and they just stared into each other’s eyes for several seconds when Tye leaned down and pressed his lips to Trey’s in a soft kiss. Checking Trey’s eyes İstanbul Escort for any amount of reservation and finding none, he leaned in again, kissing softly, letting his tongue trace Trey’s lips, asking for an invitation in. Trey parted his lips, granting passage to Tye’s tongue as it tentatively forayed into his mouth. Trey touched his tongue to Tye’s and the kiss became passionate rather than sweet; tongues dueling hands running over each other’s torsos. Cupping the sides of Tye’s face, Trey broke the kiss, saying, “It’s time I returned the favor from last night,” before sliding down, trailing kisses down Tye’s neck.

He spent a little time on Tye’s nipples; sucking and nibbling on them until Tye was panting and writhing on the bed. Straddling Tye’s hips, he left little sucking kisses down the center of his belly, tongue dipping into his navel, eliciting a gasp. Looking up into Tye’s eyes, Trey smiled an erotically evil smile that made his cock twitch.

Trey swirled his tongue around the head, this fist running up and down the length of the shaft; Tye arched up, trying to thrust his cock into Trey’s mouth, but Trey was having none of that. Teasingly, he pulled back each time Tye made an attempt. Finally fed up, Tye grabbed a fistful of Trey’s hair and impaled his mouth with his dick. Trey made a gasping yelp of surprise. Quickly, however, he recovered and began bobbing his head up and down as he sucked. He took as much in as he could, though there were a few inches left to go before Tye’s dick was all the way down his throat. Bayan Escort He reluctantly pulled all the way off Tye’s dick and told Tye to force his head to the base of the shaft; he wanted it all. Immediately, his lips re-engulfed the purple cock and Tye slowly forced his shaft into Trey’s throat, always going forward—never back.

Tye lay on the bed panting heavily as his shaft disappeared into Trey’s mouth. It was so hot to watch; his mouth was watering with the thought of what he was about to do next. Sitting up, he leant forward and told Trey to swing around so that he could suck him too. Trey resettled above him and Tye went to work, sucking Trey’s cock deep into his throat, setting up a rhythm that matched Trey’s.

Getting close, Tye rolled them over so that he was now on top thrusting his cock down Trey’s throat as he sucked his dick. Trey was much happier with Tye in control; he was so strong and well…dominant that it made him feel better being dominated by his lover. Tye thrust faster, sucking as he thrusted, until he came with a loud groan, shooting his jizz down Trey’s throat and eagerly accepting Trey’s seconds later.

Coming together on the bed, they kissed again, sharing their cum with each other. Looking into Trey’s eyes, Tye ran his hands down Trey’s flanks, lifting his legs up over his hips and spreading his cheeks. After coating his dick with spit, Tye pushed forward, entering his lover’s ass, staring into each others’ eyes the whole time. Unlike last night, this time was slower, less hurried as they traveled Eskort the road to ecstasy together.

Tye saw every arch, heard every moan and every emotion that flashed through Trey’s eyes as Trey saw and heard the same. Each knew what the other wanted without speaking. Trey wanted harder and a little faster, Tye gave it to him. Tye wanted to feel Trey’s hands on him and it was done. Trey’s hands were everywhere as Tye continued to fuck him; he tweaked Tye’s nipples and traced his lips with his thumb, gasping when Tye sucked it into his mouth and nibbled on it as he fucked Trey’s ass.

Feeling the tension coil low in his belly, Trey pulled Tye’s head down and kissed him deeply, begging for it faster. Their tongues wrestled as Tye slammed Trey’s ass with hard, deep strokes, earning whimpers of rapture from Trey with each thrust. Breaking the kiss, Trey arched high and let out a long, loud cry as he came, his spunk shooting all over himself and Tye as Tye kept thrusting, but the feel of Trey’s ass contracting hard around his cock was just too much and he fired his load deep into his ass.

Hot, sweaty, and exhausted, the two boys rolled onto their sides and kissed softly as they recovered. “Ummm…I think I love you Trey. I have for a long time now, I just didn’t know how to tell you without losing you,” Tye said timidly with hope that it would be returned in his eyes.

Trey smiled big. “I love you too,” seeing the elation in Tye’s eyes and feeling his heart swell with the love he was feeling, “I don’t know when or how but I do,” and the two boys hugged and kissed each other contemplating their new relationship. Suddenly, Trey said, “Whatever happens though, we are never getting rid of that couch.” Tye busted out laughing at this and got Trey in a headlock and gave him a noogie.

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