Christie’s Homeless Friend Pt. 08

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His reaction mostly stems from his selfless nature; being happy to see that the ladies help doesn’t just pertain to him. It also comes from understanding Kacie’s mindset; to power through her situation and make the best of it, only to receive such a gift on top of her efforts. While the two have drastically different circumstances at the moment, the help they both receive from the ladies is nothing short of a miracle, and that’s what gets to him.

Although he tries to hold in his tears, he really can’t hide anything from Christie. Her gift picks up on his thoughts of worthiness, or lack thereof – as in the more he thinks about it, he feels Kacie is more worthy of their help than he is because she is still trying despite what she’s been through.

In an effort to break his focus on that destructive perception, Christie taps his leg with her foot and smiles at him when he looks up at her. Holding her hand out over the table, she quietly comforts him as he takes hold of it. It’s a small gesture, but she can feel it bringing him back into a positive mindset.

Kacie notices them holding hands, and although Brian has a decent grin on his face by this point, she can still see the redness in his eyes that suggests he was on the verge of tears as well. “Hey,” acknowledging him as she leans over the table, “what’s all this about?” reaching out towards his eyes and cheeks.

“I’m happy for you, that’s all,” he says lightly grasping her hand.

She glances at Christie for confirmation, and after receiving a nod in agreement, she scoots off Cindy’s lap and goes to hug him. “Thank you.” Speaking to the group, “I wish I could sit and chat longer. It’s been so wonderful seeing all of you again!”

“Well you certainly know where to find us,” Cindy says as she gets up from her seat and helps Kacie back to her feet.

“For sure! And you have to keep me posted on your new place! I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished!”

“Absolutely!” Christie says as she and Brian slide out from their seats and each give Kacie one more tight hug.

The girls walk with their arms linked back to Kacie’s station near the door, sharing small details about their plans for the house as the hostess finalizes their receipt. Brian catches an interesting detail about the floor itself where parts of it will be able to sink down slightly into the subflooring, in turn making him, or whoever else happens to be on it, become flush with the actual floor level – literally taking the term “human floor” to the next level.

Kacie recalls how she hasn’t walked on anyone since around the time the ladies left on their trip. “I loved doing it with you three because you all made it seem so natural. Then you two left on business, and he disappeared, so it was never the same. I remember bringing it up on several dates with Amber and Ariel, like double and triple dates, and the guys we were with – they just didn’t get it.”

“Hmm, sounds like we have some catching up to do,” Christie smiles as she playfully rubs Brian’s stomach.

“I’m sure they would be glad to hear that,” she says to Christie. Then to Brian, “We hoped you would come around again to help keep that spirit alive, but when we didn’t hear from you, the standing thing came up less and less.”

“I…I’m sorry I let you down,” he quietly responds.

“Hey you two, we’re going to fix this,” Christie says trying to keep their morale up. “In fact, I spoke to Amber today and yes, she would be more than happy to catch up too!”

“You did?! Where?” Kacie smiles.

“She works at the bank! She’s who I talked to about our home loan.”

“Oh how neat! I can’t wait to see her again! I haven’t seen her or Ariel in months!”

“Well don’t you worry, I’ll make it happen! We’ll get our squishy mat here back into shape, and we’ll all have a tramplin’ reunion,” Christie cheers, shaking Brian about.

Kacie’s face lights up, “I’m game if he is!”

“Yeah, definitely,” Brian replies, “although at the moment it’s unclear how well I can do under more than one person, and how long I can go.”

“Oh? Why’s that?”

Brian hovers his hand down the length of his torso in a display fashion, “my stamina isn’t what it used to be, and they are holding off on getting on together until I get some weight back.”

“Well that’s understandable. They do care about you after all, and so do I. Don’t sweat it though, even if we can’t stand on you for long, there’s no reason why we can’t simply chill on the couch and rest our feet on you like we have before!”

Christie and Cindy get big smiles on their faces from Kacie’s suggestion, making Brian blush a little.

“But hey, I have to get back to my tables, so we will catch up again soon!” Kacie says giving everyone one more hug. “I will miss you my lovelies! And Brian, until next time?”

He smiles, “Until next time.”

Kacie smiles with a cute little wave as she turns to head back into the dining room.

“Looks like we need to practice jumping on you again in the next few days since that’s what bursa escort she likes to do,” Christie says as the three of them head out the door.

“I’m willing to bet she still feels like a feather,” Brian mentions on the way to the car, recalling from observation that Kacie really hasn’t changed physically. “I won’t need that much practice to be ready for her.”

“He’s right,” confirms Cindy, “she was barely noticeable when she was on my lap.”

Christie hugs Brian from behind as she syncs her footsteps with his, “I know, it’s just something I wanted to do, and I was using that as an excuse.”

“You aren’t worried about hurting him?” Cindy asks as she unlocks the car doors.

“I didn’t say I was going to do it today, but we’re going to be squishing him lots anyway, so in a few days we can see how he does with actual jumps.”

“I’m sure I can handle you jumping on me now, you don’t need to wait days,” he persists with the mindset that he can handle more than the ladies give him credit for.

“Yeah, maybe only one time,” Cindy points out with mild concern, “especially if I give you a good hit.”

“Can’t be any worse than your hit in there,” he sasses at her about striking him between the legs.

Christie busts up laughing again, releasing her hug on him and taking her seat in the car. Cindy takes her seat with a thought-provoking smirk, and Brian hops in the back.

“You two have both walked on me with no problems today-“

Christie cuts him off, “Uh excuse me Mister! Did you forget about not being able to walk earlier?”

Brian sighs from correction, “Ok, you walked on me with a few problems, but they came after you walked on me, not during, and you’ve seen how quickly I’ve recovered, so I’m challenging you to challenge me.”

“Ohhh, I really don’t think that’s a good idea right now babe,” Cindy says.

“Why not?”

“You would most certainly lose that challenge in minutes with the way you are!”

Brian sighs heavily and slumps back in his seat.

Christie turns back to face him, “Sweetie, I know how much you want to be your old self again, and trust me, I would love to walk on you the same way as we always have, but you just won’t last as long and there’s a good chance you would have problems walking again if we got too rough right away.”

“Then let me deal with that on my own terms.”

The girls share a concerned look between each other.

Brian continues, “When we first met, you didn’t hesitate to bring me to my limits.”

“Yeah, because we knew you could handle it then,” Christie replies trying to reason with him, “we went over this earlier, you are very different now, and I know that you would be disappointed in yourself for as long as you’d last, and I don’t want you to be disappointed.”

“I’ve had my fair share of disappointment in myself for the past year and a half, I think I can manage losing a challenge to you two. My body may be different, but my will power is still the same, and that’s something I know you know too.”

Christie smiles sweetly at him with puppy eyes as she leans her cheek against the seat, holding his hand in hers. “Why don’t you want us to simply be gentle with you for now?”

“That’s not something you should have to ask about,” Brian says knowing she can pick up his thoughts with her gift.

“No, but I want to hear you say it this time.”

Brian doesn’t know how to say it right away and even looks to Cindy briefly out of slight confusion. Christie usually doesn’t hesitate to let her gift seek the answers she wants, so the fact that she would rather wait to hear it is somewhat off-putting for him as he tends to not be good with his words when he’s put on the spot.

He keeps quiet and attempts to put his thoughts out, but when Christie doesn’t respond in her usual manner, he knows she’s serious about wanting to hear him utter the words vocally, even though he doesn’t fully understand what the difference is.

With another heavy sigh, he finally speaks up. “I don’t know…I guess I just don’t see myself the way you two do.”

“Go on,” Christie presses him.

Brian pauses for a bit, unsure of what to say. Looking down at her hand in his, “you two seem to have this impression of me based on my looks that I guess I don’t want to accept as me. I want to believe I’m as strong as I’ve always been.”

“We know this,” Christie patiently responds, “but why don’t you want to wait to let your body catch up with your thoughts? You know we will test your limits again eventually, there’s no doubts about that, but there’s something else behind your reasoning for wanting rough treatment so soon, and that’s what has me…well, both of us, worried.”

Brian looks out the window at the restaurant, “I know you can get your answer now if you really wanted to, but if I must say it…” looking back down, but unable to even look at her hand out of shame, “it’s ultimately what I feel I deserve right now.”

It breaks both ladies hearts to hear that, but Christie bursa escort bayan still asks, “Why?”

“Because I really let everyone down. Kacie pointed that out in there.”


“Being homeless was my choice because I gave up on myself, and I’m enduring the mental repercussions of that. But that choice also hurt others…and therefore I’m really not worthy of the help I’m receiving now. I feel like the only way I can truly say thanks is by letting my body take some pain too.” The girls are shocked into silence. “It’s all I have to give in return. I will take anything from you two – from Kacie, from Amber, from anyone, anything to say I’m sorry for letting you all down, because I said I wouldn’t on that first day, and I didn’t keep my promise.”

For once, Christie breaks her focus on him and stares blankly towards the other seat before looking back at Cindy who has her lips sealed shut. If it weren’t for the jokes and plucky attitudes they were all passing around moments earlier, they would be borderline in tears right now.

“Please, just let me have this one,” Brian pleads.

Looking back to him, “Sweetie…I…we…,” glancing to Cindy again briefly and then back, “that’s not a promise you need to take to that extent. I understand where your feelings are coming from, but I need you to understand that that’s a hard request to fulfill under those circumstances.”

Brian loosens his grip on her hand, “yeah, I know. I just don’t have anything else to give to show my appreciation.”

“You have your heart, your love; that’s really all we want from you.”

“Preferably in your chest and beating,” Cindy adds.

Christie sighs with a smile, rolling her eyes at her, “Yes, of course.”

Brian barely cracks a smile as well, “You two will always have my love. That’s a promise I couldn’t break, ever. But this feeling, this request, is for me. I know it’s a hard one for you two, but it would complete me to know I tried to give you everything while I was at my lowest.”

“Awwww~ You are just too much!” Christie says pulling him into a kiss.

Cindy turns and gives him a peck on the cheek while Christie has him held forward by the hand.

“How about we meet you halfway and agree to bounce on you tonight?” Christie bargains.

“Can I have you stand on me together then?”

Christie smiles big, “I think we can manage that!”

“I won’t lie, I’m gonna be worried sick about you while doing it,” Cindy tells him.

“I’ll help you not be,” Brian replies stroking her cheek with his finger.

“Oh yeah? How so?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see,” he teases.

Cindy smiles as he kisses her back on the cheek.

“We need to stop by the office first before heading home, so let’s head that way,” Christie perks up with a soft tap on Cindy’s arm.

“Same office as before?” Brian wonders.

“Yep, still the same office, but it’ll be a part of our new place once it’s done!”

“Oh cool.”

“Yes, very much so!”

Since they are already in town, the office is a short drive away. Once they park, Christie hops out with excitement and goes to unlock the back door to the building. She waves Cindy and Brian to come in with her.

As they exit the car, “You didn’t think I was going to pass up this opportunity now did you?” Christie says to Brian.

“Well, you didn’t exactly say what you were coming here to do, and it couldn’t be JUST to walk on me.”

“Why not?” she playfully teases.

“Well did you?”

“Well, not just to walk on you, but you’re here so I will while I’m doing my other stuff.”

“Ok then.” Brian says confirming that he’s right.

Once inside, Christie habitually kicks her shoes off next to her desk, but instead of waiting for Brian to lie down in his usual spot, she heads for a file cabinet in the other room right away. He takes his spot on the floor next to Christie’s chair, lying parallel to her desk.

Having followed him to his spot, Cindy rests her right foot on his chest with her shoe still on, and smiles down at him as she presses her foot in random spots over his torso. Pausing at his stomach, she reminds him of their concerns, “If these start to hurt, you had better let me know.”

“Deal,” he quietly replies as he rubs the top of her foot.

Maintaining a gentle mindset, Cindy lightly braces the desk as she steps onto him. For the time being, his shirt is between her shoes and his skin and therefore guarding him from being marked up by the firm edges as she shifts her weight about.

Christie returns to her seat moments later, swinging it around and stopping the momentum by placing her feet on her guy’s shoulders. She smiles at Cindy after noticing that she still has her shoes on, and without a word, she rests her nyloned feet on Brian’s face and rubs them about as she turns her attention to her paperwork.

He instantly moans in pleasure from the feeling. His body starts to relax as he inhales the sweet scent of bursa merkez escort her soles.

Cindy can feel herself sinking into him more, but tries not to concern herself with that too much as it’s something he always does when Christie has her feet in his face. However, as expected, it’s hard for her to get past that thought due to his size. She tries to distract herself from it by watching what Christie’s doing, as boring as filling in dates and applying signatures to work forms is, while keeping an eye on Brian as she slowly walks up and down his torso. It’s really just the fact that she’s in her shoes that’s preventing her from relaxing into him like she did in the fitting room earlier. “How are you feeling down there,” she asks.

Christie automatically moves her foot from his mouth to his cheek so he can respond clearly, “Doing fine hun. Loving every second of this as always.”

The ladies hear a slight struggle in his voice, but not enough to warrant concern yet. It still brings smiles to their pretty faces to hear him enjoying himself though.

Noticing that Christie is nearing the end of her task, Cindy steps onto Brian’s chest and lifts her left foot up onto her lady’s thigh. The two quietly acknowledge each other, and after signing the last line, Christie turns her attention to Cindy’s shoe, and effortlessly removes it for her.

Christie applies a soft kiss to Cindy’s toes as they look each other in the eyes. Since they know no one else is in the building, they don’t have a second thought about warming each other up. Christie takes her time kissing the ball of that foot before releasing it and awaiting the arrival of the second one. She still has her feet covering Brian’s face, but he knows something’s going on when he feels Cindy’s bare foot on his chest.

Now that she has her shoes out of the way, Cindy can really let her weight sink into him, and it seems to shift the mindset of both ladies from concern to flirtation; something that is certainly not uncommon to happen between them. Using the desk as leverage, Cindy watches intently as Christie removes her other shoe, and taps her playfully on the tip of her nose – getting a quick peck in response before doing the same light pressing action down Christie’s body, pushing her gently back against the chair without making it roll away.

They can both sense that Cindy won’t be able to do the same movement going back up without ill consequences, so it’s no surprise when she pulls her leg back and plants both feet on Brian again.

Not long afterwards, Christie sets her feet back on the floor on either side of Brian’s head and stands up. Again with the gentle mindset, Cindy steps off as Christie takes her place on his chest, but continues taking baby steps down his body and stops at his waist.

“Do these still hurt my dear,” Christie asks as she rubs her toes over his man bits.

Brian inhales in delight, “they’re fine,” rubbing his hands along her legs.

Both ladies smile as Christie steps down between his legs, only to turn around and slide her foot back up under his shirt. Rather than stand on him right away, the girls tag team his buttons with their toes from bottom to top – with Christie eventually stepping back onto him once his stomach is exposed so she can reach the buttons on his chest easier.

Since Cindy was the one popping the buttons loose while Christie held his shirt down, it’s her foot that ends up caressing his jawline. Brian takes a hold of her foot as she dangles it over his lips and kisses her toes and sole for a bit before asking if she’ll join Christie in standing on him.

The look of concern returns to the girls as they weren’t planning to do this so soon, but rather wait until they got home. However, since he’s at their feet and asking for it now, they reluctantly decide to give him the benefit of the doubt. Christie backs up and centers herself on his stomach as Cindy rests one foot on his chest, bracing the desk as she did before and voicing her concerns to him once more.

It makes for a strange change of pace as Cindy steps onto him this time; her concern for his well-being is so prominent that he can feel her shaking as she gets on. She has never taken so long to get on him like this, especially while eyeing him the whole way.

To add to the strangeness, it’s Brian who asks if she’s alright after seeing her struggle to do something that has hardly ever been an after-thought for her.

“I’m ok. Are you?” Cindy asks, still clearly shaking.

“I’m totally fine hun, just like I said I would be,” Brian replies, now rubbing her legs to calm her down. “I feel like I’m back in my element now, however, you feel like a stone compared to how you were just a minute ago.”

Christie giggles in relief, resting her head against Cindy’s shoulder, but ultimately decides to have both of them step down for a moment to help Cindy relax again.

“Are you sure you’re ok my love?” Christie asks Cindy while gently bracing her lady’s head in her hands.

“See? Look, I’m good,” Brian says as he stands back up with the girls and kisses Cindy on the forehead.

Cindy gives him a tight hug, kissing him back along his neck and cheek and finally on the lips.

“Well hello to you too,” Brian says in mild shock from her actions. “What was that all about hun?”

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