Christina and the Pool Guy

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For Women

As Christina lay in her recliner chair in the warm midafternoon sunshine, she thought about her phone call to the pool cleaning company. A man had answered, and at the first sound of his words, her pussy moistened, her clit twitched and became slightly engorged. She was horny before she made the call – now her pussy was positively screaming for some attention.

Her pool was overdue for some attention, as was her neglected pussy.It had been some time since she had had a decent fuck with her husband. He was always working and claimed to be too tired.

“Yes of course, darling, I’m sure you’re not too tired to fool around with your damn secretary. I’ve seen those legs and tits of hers”, she thought.

So while she had listened to the man’s voice purring in her ear, she slipped her hand down to graze her pussy lips and brushed her tingling clit.

Indeed, she could see the possibilities for some relief, because the man told her that he “personally would come DO your…pool.”

She almost came at that point, at the thought of a man saying he would come and “do her”…”personally.”

But did he really pause in that sentence? Or did she just imagine that he said he’d “come and ‘do her’ “? Maybe she wasn’t imagining. After all, the conversation was a business one, but it had been a flirtatious one too. She loved to flirt, and it sounded like he enjoyed it too.

She wondered what he looked like. If he looked as good as he sounded, then she was in for a treat that afternoon.

She even wondered if he was getting hard as they talked. Maybe he was even stroking his cock while they chatted. “That would be nice to know”, she thought.

She continued to ponder all that, as she lay on the chair, the sun beating down on her, making her feel so warm, and even more horny, as she waited for the guy to show up. He was due any minute. He promised he’d be there at 2.30 and it was almost that time now. “Where was he?” she thought, and “Oh God, I am so fucking horny I might jump him as soon as he comes in. Fuck the pool, fuck me instead!”…and she giggled.

She wondered what he’d wearing. Shorts of course, and tight, so his bulge would be very visible. A Tshirt – no – a muscle shirt? Oh I do hope so! And her clit twitched at the thought of his biceps and how she would love to stroke his arm muscles with her elegantly manicured, freshly crimson painted nails.

She wondered, then, how she might greet him.

Naked? No, she might have gotten him all wrong. And that would make her look foolish and embarrassed.

Bikini? Her tiny teal bikini. That was more like it.She knew it looked sexy on her. The way the tiny scraps of material barely covered her big tits and pussy. If it was wet, as if she had just gotten out of the water, it’d be see through as well. Mmmmmmmmmm I think he would enjoy THAT sight! Her hard nipples showing through and her sexy camel toe lips, outlined so clearly for his eyes to devour. She looked down, pleased to see her pair of pencil eraser tipped nipples, nicely visible.

And she could pretend she was sunbathing when she answered the door to him.

How about a compromise? Naked under a robe? Hmmmmm that sounds good. Then if it turned out in the way she wanted it to turn out, then she could tease him a little. Bend over and let him see down her cleavage. Let a breast become uncovered, or she could let it fall completely open accidentally and let him have a good long hard look at her body.

I am sure he’d enjoy that. She knew she would.

Looking him directly, defiantly, into his eyes, daring him to do something, anything, begging him to take her, push that robe off her shoulders, hungrily attack her neck with his mouth, planting kisses over her as she submitted to him.

She could feel his hot tongue licking her, slithering up and down her throat, down between her cleavage, licking under her breast, along the side, then the other, the same thing, then starting on her nipples, now hardened and erect, big and tasty looking for his mouth, waiting for him to bite, suck, kiss, lick, engulf entirely with his mouth and suck in. Feeling his teeth grazing over them, and licking, oh my god, I love that…

Christina’s hand by now had crept between her parted thighs and was happily absorbed in fingering her pussy and clit; her other hand roaming over her breasts and nipples, when she heard the doorbell. Oh. How long had it been ringing, she wondered. She had been totally lost in the intensity of her daydream.

She got up and slipped on her robe, immediately realizing that her plan – of being naked under that robe to greet him – was falling into place.

She was ready, if a little nervous, for she still had to see what he looked like, and whether he was going to be willing, at least, to flirt with her, if not be offered and take up, the chance to fuck with her.

“Coming!” she called. “I’m coming”, laughing to herself at what she had just said. Oh yes, she thought, she certainly hoped to be calling out “I’m cumming” later, with him.

She could see white shorts istanbul escort through the frosted glass fronted door and she could see he was tall. “Mmmmmm so far so good”, she thought, and her pussy clenched and unclenched.

After a brief check of her look in the hall mirror, and a quick lick of her lips to moisten them appealingly, she opened the door to a handsome smiling man. He was slim, a little older than she expected, about 50, but had nice suntanned muscles poking out of his Tshirt sleeves. He worked out obviously. He had no hair on top, but had shaved his grey hair on each side. Baldness suited him really well. It made him look sexy, and, like the actor Ben Kingsley, a bit ‘dangerous’ looking as well. Which really made her excited!

And she couldn’t help but let her eyes wander over his body, down his flat stomach, to his tanned legs, to the brown leather sandals on his bare feet.

And she couldn’t help stare at his crotch! His ‘package’ looked pretty damn fine. She wondered what it would be like, to unfurl his cock, to free him from his underwear, feel him, caress him,get down on her knees and take him into her mouth, looking up at him to see the look of pleasure on his face as she sucked him expertly, running her tongue round the head, flicking into his pee hole, then running up and down that long hard shaft from his balls to his knob, then engulfing him once again, sliding her mouth up and down fucking his cock with her wet warm mouth, feeling his wonderful manhood sliding down her throat, feeling it push against her tonsils, almost gagging, but taking it all so effortlessly.

Hearing him moan, groan as she continued to orally fuck his cock. She knew she gave great blowjobs! And this was no exception.

She thought of this as she welcomed him in. Her pussy becoming wetter, her nipples becoming as hard as her doorbell button, and just as long.

She longed for him to be pressing HER button!

“Afternoon ma’am, sorry I am running late”, he apologised.

“No problem”, she answered, “I am happy to see you, I’m glad you found the time to come at such short notice.”

“Well, I don’t want any unsatisfied customers ma’am”, he said.

“I am so glad to hear that!” she said, hoping he would pick up on what she had meant about not having any ‘unsatisfied’ customers.

She smiled. He smiled back.

“Oh God”, she thought, “If he smiles at me like that again I’m going to melt!”

“So, where is your pool ma’am? Through here?”

“Yes,and please call me Christina. Ma’am makes me feel so old.”

“Ok, ma’a…Christina. Thank you.”

“Please, follow me..what did you say your name was?”

“I didn’t, but it’s Mark.”

“Ok, Mark, it’s through these doors.”

“You have a beautiful house, Christina.”

“Thank you Mark”..but what she wanted to say was “and you have a beautiful body honey”, as she again glanced at his bulge.

She was one hundred percent sure he caught her gazing at his cock.

As she walked through the house she felt his eyes on her swinging hips under the robe.She thought about suddenly stopping and letting him run into her from behind, to feel his bulging cock touch the cleft in her arse.

And thought about his murmured apologies as he backed away. But in her imagination, she felt him immediately running his hands down her hips, pulling her arse closer to him and letting her feel just how hard she was making him.

Allowing him to place his hand on her heaving breasts, finding each nipple growing hard and gently tweaking them with his fingers and thumbs. Could feel his hot breath on her neck and in her ear, whispering “Oh God, I want to fuck you, Christina!”

Strangely, though, she had a problem opening the sliding door to the poolside area, and she fumbled with the catch. And Mark had indeed continued on and bumped into her. He had been admiring a painting on the wall and hadn’t realised she had stopped.

And she did feel something against her arse. Could it have been his cock, she thought? It had to be. Was he aroused too? She certainly hoped so.

“Oh, ma’am, I am so sorry, I was looking at your painting, and I didn’t see you had stopped.”

“Christina, please, Mark, not ma’am.”

“Yes, of course, Christina, and I really am sorry.”

“No harm done. It was an accident. Now can you help me open this door? It’s kinda stuck.”


She stood close to him as he worked, and swayed a little, to brush against his arm.

He looked at her and smiled…and glanced down the top of her open robe. She knew he was looking at her cleavage, and if she moved slightly, her robe would open just a little more and a nipple would become visible.

And she hoped he would notice.

He did, of course, and licked his lips, looking her directly in the eyes. He knew now, what she wanted.”Hmmmm if she wants to play, then I am going to let her play”, Mark thought.

So now, both of them realised they both knew the score. A fuck was inevitable. But a seduction was a lot of fun too. It heightened escort bayan the fuck.Made it more exciting. And both of them were becoming very excited. The hungry looks between them told that story. But there was no rush. Just let the tension mount.

“She isn’t going to run away”, Mark thought.

Meanwhile, Christina thought, “He has a job to do to keep his customers ‘satisfied’.”

“There, that’s got it”, as he slid the door open.

“Lovely, thank you. It’s never been jammed before.”

They stepped through the doorway and stood on the shaded deck.

“Lovely pool, Christina.”

“Yes, we had it installed last year. It was a lot of money, but it has been worth it. I can swim privately here, and sunbake beside it, just like being at the beach!”

“We? Your husband? Is he at home now?”

“No, he is away on business this week. He is often away. I get very lonely sometimes.”

“Yes, I guess you must”, Mark said, and, to Christina, it seemed he was thinking about that. And the possibilities of easing her loneliness??

“Anyway, the pool is there”, she laughed, stating the obvious.

“Yes, it is”, Mark said, laughing back. “I’ll get to work then.”

“Ok, and I will go back to lying in the sun. Don’t mind me.”

She walked to her towel, disrobing on the way and lay down on her back.

She quickly glanced at Mark, who stood transfixed, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down as he watched her.He gulped, then turned on his heel to go to the side gate. His van was parked just outside. He needed his equipment.

“I need to open this gate to get to my van”, he called.

“Ok, do whatever you have to do Mark.”

And at the same time she thought “what I WANT you to do Mark is come back and fuck me. Hard. I want that big cock of yours deep inside my cunt, fucking it, fucking it, fucking it, screwing it, round and round, deep inside me. I want you to ram that fucking dick of yours right up my hungry pussy. Right up to your balls. I want to feel your balls slapping, slapping, slapping on my arse.I want you to fill me up with that meat of yours, that gorgeous fuckstick! I want it. NOW! I want it hard and fast! I want YOU Mark! NOW baby! NOW! My sexy pool man.”

And she felt a wave flowing through her, as her fantasies took hold.

She knew she wanted him badly. And she guessed he wanted her just as much too.

So….what WILL happen when Mark comes back with his ‘equipment’?

Will he get into cleaning Christina’s pool. Or does he have a more urgent job to do, satisfying Christina, the lonely horny housewife, who he is sure is cockteasing him.

Maybe he is thinking how to proceed. He can’t be entirely sure it is safe. He doesnt want to be up on a rape charge. He would lose his business, a business he had worked hard to build up. He had many valuable customers. If he fucked Christina, would he lose all he had worked for?

God she has a body, he thought. Gorgeous tits (and he stroked his cock through his pants) as he thinks of his last look at them, and her arse..what would I give to fuck that arse. Delicious!!

He decided!

Carrying his equipment, Mark reentered the side gate, closing it after him.

Christina was still on her stomach, and talking on her cell phone.

Still naked, and uncaring that Mark, the pool cleaner was in her back garden.

“Yes, dear…no dear..Of course”, she was saying, loud enough for Mark to hear.

She covered the mouth piece and explained, “My husband!” she whispered loudly and went back to her conversation.

Mark nodded, and prepared his equipment.

She watched him, admiring his broad shoulders and his long legs.

“Yes, dear. I understand, You have to extend your trip because business is good there. Another week? Yes..yes..OK. You want to tell me something? ok..what is it?”

She listened, and rolled her eyes at Mark, who grinned back and shook his head.

The next time Mark looked over, she had a tube of suncream in her hand and was beckoning him to come over to her.

He put down the long pool scoop he was carrying, and walked over.

He felt her eyes burning through his shorts as she stared at the bulge of his cock.

She continued to listen, occasionally interjecting, with a question or signs of her agreement with what he was saying.

Mark took the tube, and knelt down beside her.

Squeezing out a big dollop of cream, he let it drop on to her bare back. She flinched, but smiled at him. It felt cool on her hot skin.

With his strong hands, he applied the cream, spreading it out over her back, thinking what a sexy back she had, and those gorgeous curves.

Swirling his hands over her, rubbing the cream deeply into her skin.Over and round, this was turning into a massage, a very erotic massage. Caressing the sides of her midsection, crossing his hands over and over, round and round across and back and forth over her glistening body.

His hands moved up to gently smear some cream into the curving sides of her breasts, and she escort istanbul moaned slightly, disguising it as a murmur of assent to her husband on the phone.

One hand curved down to sweep over her hips, the other followed.

Then the other hip.

And he watched as she clenched her arse cheeks together in obvious delight.

Her lower back was next, moving closer and closer to that sexy arse, how he wanted to rub those cheeks, move his hand round and round on them.

But he moved back up to her shoulders, applying more cream there, massaging it in well, feeling her body become more relaxed, the muscles in her shoulders and neck feeling more and more calm and tension free.She was visibly loosening up. “And I bet her pussy is so wet right now, and her clit is tingling, throbbing, twitching”, he thought. “Well, it won’t be long now, you horny fucking slutty dirty CHEATING housewife!”

Still she had the phone to her ear. And a satisfied smile on her lips.

And it would be an understatement to say that Mark started to get a little excited about the situation. It was dangerous having her husband able to listen to the noises of his hands on her, and he knew he had to be careful. But, he felt his cock getting stiffer and stiffer, and he flexed it, pulsed it, wanting to be free of his shorts, so he could sit astride the backs of her thighs and let his big hard cock rest on the crack of her arse, only inches from her delicious cunt.

Wanting to plunge his cock inside that waiting gash, that hungry, lonely pussy, that wants, needs, aches for cock ..HIS fucking cock…so badly.

He did her legs next. Starting with her toes, massaging each one, then her heels, pulling and stretching them, her soles, pressing at the pressure points there. Up her calves, round and round her legs, twisting his hands round each leg, gradually parting her thighs, wider, wider so that he could look at her opening and closing lips. And he wanted so much to bury his tongue in those folds, those beautiful lips of that tight looking glistening pussy.

Then his hands moved up to the inside of her thighs, spreading his palms wide, using his thumbs to spread her arse cheeks, wide. Seeing her puckered arsehole, wishing he could slip a finger into that waiting winking orifice.

She turned then, knowing where he was, sensing what he wanted to do, and nodded at him.

He knew she wanted him now.

And he wanted her.So fucking badly he wanted her!

Placing his greasy finger on her arsehole, he gently ran it round and round.

Getting it ready for his finger’s entry.

His pointer finger twisted gently as he entered her, moving it round and round, and she gasped as he went in deeper.

And STILL she was listening to her husband. “Man that guy can talk!If only he KNEW what I was doing to his wife while he is going on and on”..Mark thought, and chuckled to himself, while giving a searing look of lust to the woman he was finger fucking. Mouthing the words “fuck you” and “slut”, “whore”, and she nodding her head each time.

His middle finger slipped easily into her slick pussy.

And he finger fucked both her slippery love holes.

Making her wetter and wetter, feeling her cunt and arse muscles gripping his fingers as she began to cum. Still he fucked her with his fingers, still she clenched them.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”, he frowned at her, and made a silent “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh” with his mouth.

She answered his moans with quiet mouthings, trying hard too, to keep the truth from the guy on the other end of the phone, who was still droning on, that someone other than him, was pleasuring his wife so fucking well.

Keeping his fingers in her, Mark expertly rolled her over on to her back, legs apart and up. Leaning in, he licked up her inner thighs,his tongue moving in circles, big and small. Kissing that soft patch of skin where her crotch meets her inner thigh, right beside the base of her pussy lips, where he knows it feels extra good.

He kissed that skin deeply, sucking and gently biting it. She squirmed against his insistent mouth.

And she almost let out a cry that time, as her passion reached a new height, but managed to stifle it in time.

Now Mark concentrated on her pussy lips, roaming his tongue from side to side, up and down, doing figures of eight, and other designs, as he tried to please her. Tried to keep her up on that mountain of blissful lust, or lustful bliss. Whichever, it was a great place to be.

Tongue fucking her clit was the highlight, one of the main events, and he loved to lick clits. He was an expert, he knew. He knew all the tricks. He knew that with his velvet tongue he could make a woman cum, over and over and over again just by teasing her clit.

And he never got tired; he could lick for hours if she wanted him to.Once, when he was younger, his jaw ached, but not now; he had the technique down pat.

And he knew now that what he was doing to her was some of the best tongue fucking she was ever going to get. Maybe that is boasting, but it was the truth!

He got up, and peeled off his Tshirt, then rubbed his cock area for her and she gave an approving smile. And her tongue flicked out to give her stawberry colored lipsticked lips a lusty lick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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