Christmas Play

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Happy holidays! This is a tale of lesbian incest, specifically mother/daughter; no men involved. Everyone is, of course, at least 18. With that out of the way, I hope you enjoy Christmas Play!

Hi, I’m Jane and I have the best Mom in the world! There hasn’t been a single moment in my life where I doubted that she loves and supports me completely. When our world fell apart a couple of years ago, she held everything together, even though she was shattered most of all.

Up until two years ago, my Mom was, in addition to the best Mom on Earth, the best wife a man could hope for. She’s kind, sweet, beautiful and she never, ever said no to my dad. Still, he decided that he needed a newer model, and left her for a girl he met at a used car lot of all places. Mom was devastated, but she managed to hold things together for me.

Originally, Mom thought that dad had left because she wasn’t a good enough wife. My grandmother convinced her otherwise, by reassuring her that she made June Cleaver look like a nagging bitch. My grandma’s words exactly! Honestly, I didn’t believe she was physically capable of saying such words.

Then Mom decided she must not have been pretty enough. That’s absolutely ludicrous! She’s got a beautiful face, emerald green eyes and long, raven black hair. Sure, there’s a little gray in her hair, but it just serves to make her look more distinguished. Oh, and she has a perfect hourglass figure. You know what, just imagine Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, with her hair a little shorter and you’ve got a pretty good approximation of my Mom. I tried to convince Mom that she’s gorgeous, but it just didn’t work. It took Heather to convince her of that.

Heather’s a nurse who worked on the same floor as my Mom. She’s really pretty, bubbly she makes sure that they know it’s not a monogamous relationship. Most of the women that Mom dates are OK with that. They’re together for a while, have some fun, then eventually move on. Most of the relationships seem to involve genuine care, though. They legitimately seem to like each other and spend time together like friends, too.

For Mom’s birthday, I bought her a really nice bra and matching thong for her trips to the bar. I called them her “prowlin’ panties”. Mom blushed, I laughed, it was a pretty good gift! Unfortunately, it also left me without an idea for what to get her for Christmas, since I didn’t want to do a repeat. So, I broke down and read Mom’s journal. Yeah, a physical book like a diary; her generation’s still holding on to some odd habits.

Anyway, I perused her journal, looking for some idea of what to get her. There were lots of entries that weren’t useful, topics like the hot new nurse on the floor, or the doctor who is an arrogant ass. Also lots of entries about how proud she is of my grades, my announcement that I want to be a nurse like her, and just in general the woman that I’ve grown up to be. Those made me feel all warm inside, but they didn’t give me any ideas. I read every entry for the past year and there wasn’t a single thing that she wanted that could be bought. There was something she wanted to do, but was afraid to try to make it happen. What she really wanted to do was… me. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “she must have misread it, or misunderstood it, or read into it something that wasn’t there.” Makes sense; I’d think the same thing if I hadn’t read it. Here are a few of the relevant entries so you can decide if I misread Mom’s intentions.

Rose mentioned that she thinks Jane is sexy. I hadn’t really thought about it, but I have to admit that she’s right. Jane’s beautiful, with that flawless skin and lovely auburn hair. And that body. Damn.

Hearing that Rose and Mom both think I’m hot was one hell of an ego boost. Rose was Mom’s goth girlfriend. The first time that I met her was at my 18th birthday party, and they broke up a couple of weeks later, so this must’ve been right after I turned 18. That seems to be when Mom’s fantasies started.

This one was from this summer:

Jane washed the car today in those skin-tight short denim shorts and a t-shirt tied at the waist. It’s a good thing there wasn’t any traffic, because I don’t think anyone would be able to keep their eyes on the road with that view. If I wasn’t her Mom, I’d be doing my best to get into those shorts. I shouldn’t be thinking thoughts like this about my daughter, but fuck, that could’ve been a photo shoot for a men’s magazine.

And a couple bursa escort of weeks later:

Jane was out sunbathing, today. Asked me to rub some lotion on her back. I did, don’t want my baby to get burned after all, but damn that was an exercise in self control. She has such a sexy body, and her skin is so soft and smooth. I had to go inside afterwards for some “me” time, or I was going to go insane.

From Mom’s birthday:

Jane bought me a lovely set of lingerie for my birthday. It’s a black semi-sheer bra and a thong that sits really high up on the waist. She called them “prowlin’ panties”, implying that I should wear them when I go to the bar. All I could think of, though, was modeling them for her and having her tear them off me.

And this one was from last week:

We were running a bit late this morning, so Jane took her shower while I finished getting ready. Thanks to the frosted glass, all I could see was her silhouette, but even that would make a blind man stop and stare. God, that girl has no idea what she does to me, or what I’d like to do to her. Watching her shower made me so horny I had to pull off beside the road and get myself off just to concentrate on driving.

This is driving me fucking crazy. I wish I could just open up to her about it, but I’m afraid she’d decide I’m some sicko perv and never talk to me again. I don’t think I could take that.

Before I read those, I had never thought of Mom sexually. I mean, I knew she was incredibly sexy and I knew she had sex, but she was always Mom, and that was never something that I even considered possible. Knowing that having sex with me was not only something that Mom would consider, but something that she actively wanted changed everything!

I’d have to play this smart, though. If I just walked up to Mom and said, “Hey Mom! Wanna fuck?” she’d get cold feet and it’d never happen, leaving us both unsatisfied. To make sure Mom didn’t back out, I’d tease her daily, slowly turning up the heat until she’d rather fuck me than breathe. Then, when the time was right, I’d offer my body to Mom and hope that lust would overwhelm her concerns.

I put my plans into motion a few days before Christmas by hanging mistletoe in a frequently used doorway. I made sure to run into Mom underneath it at least once a day. The first time that I stopped her, she was a bit confused, until I pointed up at it. The first time was just a light brush of the lips, though held a heartbeat longer than normal for a mother and daughter. Each time, I increased the sensuality of the kiss and held it a little longer. By Christmas Eve, the kissing had gotten pretty passionate, and Mom was taking the initiative to catch me under the mistletoe. Right before we went to bed on Christmas Eve night, I made sure we were under the mistletoe one final time, and I squeezed Mom’s ass and slipped her a little tongue. Not tonsil-hockey level tongue, just lightly licking her lips. When I finally broke the kiss, I whispered in her ear, “goodnight, Mommy. Sweet dreams.” then went to my room and closed the door.

The next day was Christmas morning and, as was our tradition, we met up at the Christmas tree with our coffee. Mom was wearing a pair of sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt. I had on a comfy pair of slippers and a nice, silk robe that Mom had gotten for me the year before. Between the robe and slippers, I was covered from neck to toes.

We started opening our presents and Mom let me open one of mine first. She got me a beautiful choker, with a rose at the front and a small ruby dangling from it. It was breathtaking, and I put it on immediately; Mom didn’t know it yet, but it matched what I was wearing perfectly.

“Mom, it’s breathtaking! I love it!”

“I’m glad you like it, baby”

I gave Mom her first present and she opened it to find a green set of lingerie; bra, panties, stockings and garter.

“Well, go ahead, Mom! Try it on. I bet it’ll look amazing on you!”

“OK, I’ll be right back”, Mom said as she got up to go change.

“Where are you going? You can change here, it’s just us girls.”

“Well… OK.”

Mom turned her back to me to change. My breath caught in my throat when she stripped off her t-shirt, revealing her sexy, toned back and just a hint of side-boob. When Mom bent over to take off her sweatpants, I got a nice clear view of the treasure waiting for me between her legs. My body decided to reallocate all of its moisture, as my mouth got really dry and bursa escort bayan my pussy got really wet.

When Mom had the entire set on, she twirled and did a little modeling.

“Damn, Mom! That looks even sexier than I had imagined!” I stood up and untied my robe, letting it fall to the ground to reveal a matching set of lingerie, in a bright red color. “And look! We have complementary Christmas colors! We should take some selfies!”

The first picture that we took was standing side-by-side, with an arm around each other’s waist, my head on Mom’s shoulders and wide smiles all around. It was very sweet; the kind of photo we’d post on social media if we weren’t so scantily clad. For the next photo, we embraced tightly, pressing our bodies together and turning our heads to the side to present our best pout to the camera. Mom had to have felt my heart hammering in my chest, because I certainly felt hers. Our last photo followed directly from that one. We turned to kiss lightly and as soon as she snapped the photo, Mom said, somewhat breathlessly, “OK, that’s enough of that. Let’s get back to the presents!” If she thought that would give her a break from the rising sexual tension, though, she was sorely mistaken.

I opened another present from Mom. It was a pair of sneakers. Cute, but professional and, though I wouldn’t know this for a couple more days, unbelievably comfortable. They’re definitely my favorites and whenever this pair wears out, I will rush to buy another.

Then, Mom opened her gift and it was a DVD. Specifically a porn DVD. More specifically, lesbian incest. Mom’s jaw almost hit the floor! I spent a good bit of time picking out this particular movie, because it had to meet two criteria. First, it had to be mother/daughter incest. Second, the actress playing the mother needed to have at least a passing resemblance to my Mom.

“Well, what is it, Mom?”

“It’s a movie. A, um, an adult movie.”

“Oh, let’s watch it together!”

“I don’t know about that, baby.”

“Aw, c’mon, Mom. I’m an adult. It’ll be fun!”

“Well, OK, but it’s a bit chilly in here. Will you get the blanket?”

I had planned this day very carefully and it was most certainly not chilly. It was warm enough for us to be comfortable without a stitch of clothing on. No, Mom wasn’t cold; she wanted some privacy to be able to slip her hand down her panties and give herself some relief. As much as I’d love to watch that, I wanted Mom as hot and bothered as possible and letting her get herself off would prevent that.

I put the movie in and got it started, then draped the blanket over Mom. Then I curled up on the sofa with my head in her lap to keep her hands out of it. When the lady playing the mother came out, I said, “Wow, she’s beautiful! She looks a lot like you, Mom. Except your boobs are a lot nicer. Bigger and natural.”

“You’re just trying to flatter me. Age is catching up to me and I’m sagging.”

I rolled over onto my back, which had the delightful side-effect of placing Mom’s boobs directly in my face, and asked “Are you kidding me?” I reached up to fondle Mom’s breasts and said, “These are fantastic! I hope my boobs are as nice as yours when I get older.”

Then I rolled back onto my side to continue watching the movie. The movie didn’t exactly spend a lot of time meandering about, developing characters and exploring plot. It wasn’t long before the younger actress was on the dining room table, her legs spread in the air with the older actress’ face buried in her crotch. “Oh wow, Mom, look! She’s eating her daughter’s pussy. That’s so hot! If it was just two beautiful women, that’d be hot, but the taboo makes it so much hotter!” We enjoyed another half-hour or so of watching the actresses fucking each other in every position imaginable. And by “enjoyed”, of course, I mean we were tormented, getting hornier and hornier, dying for some relief, until the movie ended.

“OK, Mom, I have one more present for you, but you need to close your eyes first.” When Mom’s eyes were closed, I got up and pulled a sash out from the cabinet. The sash was white with a big red bow and gift tag that read, “To Mommy, with love.” I told Mom to put the blanket on the couch and stand up. After she did that, I told her to open her eyes.

Mom stood there, staring at me silently, until I asked, “So, Mommy, do you want to unwrap your Christmas present, or do you want your Christmas present to unwrap you?”

“Baby, are escort bursa you sure about this?”

“Mom, I have never been this sure about anything in my life.”

“Well, then, come over here and let’s get those clothes off of you. I have been dying to eat my beautiful daughter’s sweet little pussy.”

Before I knew it, Mom was kneeling, my panties were on the floor, Mom had a mouthful of my pussy, and I was learning the true meaning of pleasure.

“Oh, god, Mommy! Your mouth feels so good on my pussy!”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it, baby, because you taste so damn good I’m going to want to do this all the time!”

Mom kept licking and sucking at my pussy until she had me screaming.

“Fuck, Mommy! That’s it, right there! Oh god, you’re going to make me cum!”

“That’s it, baby. Let go and enjoy Mommy worshiping your beautiful little pussy. Cum for me baby, cum for Mommy!”

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

I collapsed on the sofa, gasping for air, my legs jelly. Damn, Mom eats pussy like you would not believe! By the time I could see straight, Mom was beside me on the sofa, stroking my face. When I was able to make eye contact, she leaned over and started kissing me. It started off soft and gentle, but very quickly became so passionate that it made my toes curl. Mom broke the kiss and leaned back, saying, “You know, I haven’t finished unwrapping my gift yet. Let’s get that sash and bra off of you, so I can see those amazing breasts of yours.” Mom finished undressing me, then held my breasts in her hands, feeling their weight and staring at them before leaning over to gently suck on my nipples.

“Mommy, may I take your bra off? I’d love to see your boobs!”

“Of course, baby.”

I took Mom’s bra off, unveiling her glorious breasts. Words can’t do justice to how fantastic Mom’s boobs are. The best I can do is to say that they’re big, delightfully full with a nice pear shape. Now that we were both topless, Mom and I started kissing again; this time with the added joy of fondling each other’s breasts. It was absolutely heaven, having Mom’s boobs in my hands, her lips against mine, and her tongue in my mouth, but I was greedy; I still wanted more!

“You know, Mom, you haven’t tried all of the features of your Christmas gift yet. For example, it has a pussy-licking feature that I think you’ll really enjoy.”

“Ooh, I’m intrigued! How do we activate that?”

“We just need to get these panties off of you, and it’ll happen automatically.”

Kneeling in the floor, I ran my hands up Mom’s thighs. My hands were trembling slightly, in anticipation of finally eating my Mommy’s pussy. I slid Mom’s panties down and off, enjoying the view unfolding before me. Mom was already dripping wet and I couldn’t wait to get my tongue in that juicy pussy.

“Oh, Mommy, your pussy is so pretty.”

“Thank you, baby. I hope the taste doesn’t disappoint.”

I slipped my tongue into the bottom of Mom’s slit, and curled the tip and edges up to form a spoon, before licking slowly all the way up to her clit. I pulled my tongue back in and took a moment to savor Mom’s juices.

“Your pussy is delicious, Mommy! I could happily eat you all day.”

“Oh, baby girl, as good as your tongue feels, I may just hold you to that!”

What I lacked in experience, I made up for with eagerness. I ate Mommy’s pussy like it was my sole reason for existing, the highest honor to which one could aspire, and the greatest gift of which one could dream. Her pleasure defined my world. Soon, her hands were on the back of my head, pulling me into her pussy as her hips bucked uncontrollably.

“Oh, fuck, baby girl, you’re going to make Mommy cum!”

Mom’s thighs added to the pressure, as they squeezed my head.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming! Mommy’s cumming so fucking hard, baby girl!”

The bucking turned to twitches and Mom’s opened her thighs, lightly pushing back on my head.

“Oh, baby girl, that was so amazing. I can’t believe how hard you made Mommy cum. I just need a minute, baby. Mommy’s pussy is too sensitive to be touched right now.”

I got back up on the sofa to cuddle with Mom and make out with her some more. Once Mom was ready to go again, she took her present under the tree. We spent the entire rest of the day playing; fondling breasts, eating pussies, fingering each other. It was the best Christmas ever, and it was the gift that keeps on giving. We start nearly every day by having breakfast in bed.

And that’s how Mommy and I became lovers. I hope your holiday season is filled with as much love and happiness as mine. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I hear my Mommy calling, and I plan on making sure we’re both on Santa’s very, very naughty list.

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