Christy Ch. 07

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Christy 7: The Intervention

“Han says I just made him feel like a dirty old man,” Christy said as she hung up the phone. “It freaked him out that he’s fucked me and Mom and

we were both teenagers when he did it.”

“Looks like he’s always been a dirty mofo,” Tina said. “But what did he say about those movies.”

“Well,” Christy said, “first off Han says Mom was a great lay. He couldn’t believe it when I told her she’s been an uptight church lady for as

long as I can remember. Han remembers Mom the same was as Dad described her. She was a wild child ready to do almost anything. He said there are a lot more loops with Mom in them. The ones he put on that DVD were the ones where she was the star performer. There are a lot of orgy scenes where she’s just one of the girls. Han says that what he sent was pretty representative.”

“Ok,” Tina blurted impatiently. “But what about that last loop? What happened after the film melted?”

“Han’s not sure,” Tina said. “He doesn’t have a complete version of that one. He said he put that on just to freak me out. He had no idea how

freaky it was going to be for me. Anyway, he only has fragments of that loop. The Brazilian girl definitely does it with the pony. He didn’t see any footage of Mom doing it, but he can’t be sure.”

“So what do we do now?” Tina whined.

“We ask Mom.” Dad said flatly.

Things had been weird around the homestead ever since they’d seen Mom’s 70’s sex tapes. Dad was in a funk because it brought back memories of

when he’d been married to the hottest piece of ass on two continents. Christy and Tina were still trying to make sense of it. The mom they knew was an uptight, repressed church lady who never wore anything sexy and gave them shit about just about everything they did that wasn’t prim and proper. That image lay in waste after Dad’s revelations that he and Mom had been swingers and Han’s DVD proving that Mom had done pornos while she was an exchange student in Germany. It was all too much for them to take in.

“You know,” Dad said, “I’ve put up with this long enough. It’s time we found out what made Mom turn into a prude. I’m tired of sneaking off to

hookers when I absolutely have to get laid.”

“What about us!” Tina pouted. “Don’t we count?”

“I’m not proud of that,” Dad said. “A man really shouldn’t be fucking his own daughters.”

“We don’t mind,” Christy said evenly. “We’re both legally adults now. izmir escort It’s not like you’re forcing yourself on little girls. So we like fucking

our Daddy. Is that so horrible?”

“Some would think so,” Dad muttered.

“Then piss on them,” Tina laughed. “Better yet, piss on me! I like it.”

“Me too,” Christy giggled. “But seriously, what are we going to do about Mom?”

“When she gets home, I’ll show her the movie and see what she does,” Dad said. “It may be the end of this marriage, but so be it. I really can’t

go on like this.”

The house was dark when Mom came home. She planned it that way. She was hoping to avoid any confrontation with her family. She was hoping not

to have to see any of her family. This whole crisis with Christy was just too much for her. She’s tried so hard to make amends for her evil way. She’d tried so hard to make sure her children hadn’t succumbed to the same demons

that lead her astray as a youth. She’d tried to enforce modesty and chastity. She’s taken them to church every Sunday, more often when she

could get them to go. It had been getting harder and harder as they got older. The girls seemed hell bent on running to the devil with open

arms and open legs. And then this abomination of Christy’s from Europe. She knew she should have sent her off for a semester with missionaries!

The children were bad. What was worse still, her husband was supporting the children! He threw her wicked past in her face as if it justified her

children’s sin. It was all too much. She went to Mother’s house in San Diego for support. Mother prayed with her all weekend, but told her God

was punishing her for her evil past. God was punishing her by making her see her children turn into Satan’s strumpets. “How much suffering?” she

wondered. “How much atonement would satisfy God?”

She crept into the bedroom hoping her husband had fallen asleep down in his little den of vice. The room was dark, but there was a dark shape in

the chair in the corner. The lights flashed on momentarily blinding her. She heard her husband say gravely, “We have to talk.”

“Are you ready to repent your wicked ways?” she said haughtily.

Dad winced at the tone of her voice. He shook his head sadly and said, “no.” I want to talk about you. I want you to watch a little movie I just

found. Then I want you to tell me what’s really alsancak escort going on. I really don’t think you’ve been truthful with me in fifteen years!”

“I told you,” she said defensively. “I found Jesus and he saved me. I’ve.been…”

“Bullshit! I don’t buy it,” Dad snapped. “At least not completely. There’s something else going on here.” He pushed the play button on the remote and the TV screen flashed to life. The Danish DVD started playing the door to door

salesgirl loop. “When I met you, you believed in God and went to church and it didn’t stop you from doing this. Something else is going on.”

Mom felt like she’s been sucker punched by Mike Tyson. A wave a dread rolled over her like a cold damp fog. The room went fuzzy, except for

that long ago image on the TV screen. She felt tears roll down her face and heard a hideous sobbing coming from far, far away. Her twenty year old ghosts had finally caught up to her. Surely God would strike her down now!

Words dimly penetrated her consciousness. “That’s Han,” Dad’s voice filtered through the sobbing. He was holding he shoulders firmly. She

vaguely realized she was trying to smash her head against the wall and he was preventing her. “Remember the three ways we had with him? What happened to the girl I married?”

Mom tried to break free. All she could think of doing was throwing herself in front of a train. The evil was back. All the prayer and all the

denial of her sinful urges, all the sacrifices were for nothing. Her sin was playing back to her and it was too much. “I killed him! I killed him!” she screamed. “God has cursed me because I killed him with my wickedness!”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Dad asked, his voice gentle now, trying to calm his hysterical wife.

“My wickedness killed him,” she sobbed ollapsing. The fight suddenly left her. She would just collapse here and die.

“Killed who?” Dad asked. “What wickedness? Talk to me.”

“Daddy,” she sobbed. “I killed Daddy.”

“Your father had a heart attack,” she heard her husband saying. “He smoked four packs of cigarettes a day, drank like a fish and wasn’t in good shape.”

“He found out about the movies!” Mom sobbed. ” Momma told me one of his VFW buddies told him about the movies and the shock killed him. Momma said. “God punished me for my evil ways!”

“What the fuck?” Tina blurted from the doorway.

“That’s buca escort whack!” Christy chimed in.

“We’re talking about your Father?” Dad said. “Your Mother convinced you that seeing these movies killed him? You believed that?

“My sinful ways killed him,” Mom sobbed. “Momma and the Reverend confronted me when I went down after the funeral. They told me that my

Daddy had been mortified. They told me that the through of me whoring on film killed him.”

“That’s utter bullshit!” Dad blurted in a sudden rage. “That dried up old cunt’s been filling your head with lies. How well did you know your old man? Did you really ever know the man?”

“He was a good, god fearing man,” Mom sniffed.

“When your Momma was around,” Dad snorted. “When we were dating, he’d take me out to the garage to show me his stash of porn. He had a regular

arcade out there with film projectors and magazines and autographed 8 X 10’s of porn stars. You’re Dad was a dog.”

“But if he knew I was doing that…” Mom began.

“He’d have been proud,” Dad cut her off. “He was always telling me what a fine piece of ass you were. He told me he wished he wasn’t your father

so he could do you himself!”

“What!” Mom shrieked.

“The only way seeing you in a porn loop would have killed your old man is if he got too big of a hardon,” Dad shouted.

“You mean if the Hindenburg crashed?” Christy giggled.

“What!” Mom and Dad cried in unison turning to look at Christy for the first time since this confrontation began.

“Yeah,” Christy said blushing. “When I was little, Grampa used to play this game with me. He’d have me rub him and his tattoo of the Hindenburg would get bigger and bigger until it popped.” Christy paused as the full impact

of what she was saying sunk in. Then she continued in a whisper. “Oh shit. Grampa had me jack him off.”

Now it was Christy’s turn to swoon. The memories of those innocent games came flooding back to her, only now they weren’t so innocent. She’d

never really thought of those games as sexual. They were the secret fun time she shared with Grampa. Now she realized that Grampa was a fucking freak.

“There, there,” Mom cooed, the maternal instinct overriding guilt, shame, confusion and fear. “It’s not your fault. You were only a little girl. You didn’t know what you were doing.”

“Your Father wasn’t a saint.” Dad said softly. “Nothing you could have done would have killed him.”

Mom was rocking back and forth with Christy in her arms. She was stroking her hair, muttering, “it’s alright” and kissing her daughter’s forehead.

“Um,” Tina said. “I don’t mean to be … How do you know Christy is telling the truth?

“I remember the Hindenburg,” Mom said.

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